Meteor journey.I want the same youth.Beautiful dazzling, like, like fleeting youth, like you and me.Deep faint.I come from a distant Mongolia.I come from the far north.I come from a carefree childhood.I come from autumn sadness.  I do not know.I’m not sure who I was in the end.Which in the end is my home.Perhaps this may be where, just sad melody.Sad bird.I have no fixed abode, I was in drifting drifts, swimming.Wandering everywhere.With the wind, the wind flow.He wrote numerous articles.Pay homage to those people, those years.Those simple but persistent years.  Train grumbling, rolling on the ground.Zai Zai lengthy walk.The breath of the north wind blowing Mongolia.Mongolia blowing sorrow.Here there blew blown.Lead to blowing straight people Xinrudaojiao.  Flapping in the wind heart.Wind flapping in the wind.Our family had returned to the original starting point, back to the place where dreams begin.For this place, I do not have much of an early impression, when my mind is a little bit header.Despite the unfamiliar, although reluctantly.  Drifting boat will one day stop.It will reach the other side.Circle of Life one after the change.Gives a great impact caused by heart, I still wonder how I was accepted here.Maybe people here might plants and trees right here.  Here I met all sorts of people.Meet weird thing.Those who still remember the cute ah.Always give my heart to leave marks.Different things to different people.Different feeling.I finally gave Fengyun restless heart a tranquilizer.  Those things, I’m not sure now whether I will meet, whether it can be felt.This is the dirty reality barrier.Only let me let you touch the surface of Xu Xu phoney.  Just remember the time back home.Always uncomfortable.Feel helpless.Here are all of the people and things strange feeling.This strangeness there are still points to remember.At that time, I always felt that the heart was pinching.Always with preparedness.When those people got to know each.I will put down.  Youth is the way memories is the way to go as early as the late.People will be so memorable.Such as wine.Fragrant lips and teeth.