Do not dream of Taishan

A road leading to the dream of countless reproduce here in my mind.The distance of the road is a mountain, the summit has not yet melted snow accumulation. – Inscription of Taishan has always been a fascinating place, and how many people you once cherished?Unspoken you like a fairy, seemed so dim, shy, quietly waiting for me over and over again pay homage.Looking at your forceful stalwart grace, your perseverance, your magic, your spectacular, without reservation presented under the blue sky and white clouds, in front of the world.Affectionate with you, looking in, my heart has begun to devour the shadow of the earth, shivering souls in the bear ice.If the same body as the soul can not be imprisoned, my Tree of Life is bound to flourish unprecedented.And that strength has come from the heart of longing and love.Today, I want to place this in the heart of Broken Dreams sink, looking once splashed dream.Traveled Tarzan, staring vast sea of clouds, the moment, he had been transported into one, with its billowing changes.However, under the clouds is the hustle and bustle of the city, is an inhabitant of our lives, rocks, vegetation and forests; silent carrier is full of desire.The original dream and reality separated by only a thin layer of air, when the wind off the desire, they can be converted twinkling of an eye, just like the human mind generally fragile fickle.Tarzan really touched me for only a few seconds, but that’s what I want.Like I love a person, for a moment of happiness, willing lonely life.  Quietly sitting on the bluestone, away thinking sunrise attraction, perhaps too tired, unconsciously with weariness, mind trance, as if back to that night a decade ago.That night, I met up elderly grandmother named Tarzan, that is, that night I promise this wish, to be successful in today.I’m still thinking about, and suddenly the familiar voice echoed in my ears: “You can not promise a decade ago, I am willing to come to Mount?You do not want to listen to the sounds of nature from time immemorial it?You do not want it out of the mundane world to visit Wonderland?Today you come, then have a look at it!He will promise all your requirements.You see, Nantianmen not yet been opened for you, you can not miss a good chance of a lifetime!”I quickly replied: Yes, yes!While I was wiping away tears, while constantly answer.I know, to this day, I have been waiting for a decade, life can have a few years ah?Maybe wait another ten years, I really.At this point, I heard that familiar voice, “he wants to heal all your pain, he will take away your tears savings of half a lifetime, do not you feel it?”People said I was an indescribable shiver of emotion appeal, he can not help but get up, drew a big heart on a piece of bluestone, that red red heart, I leaned over and was touching.When I want to face close to that heart, I was awakened by the sound of the familiar.At this point Yuhuangding, it has been shrouded in rain and fog in the vast.Whistling mountain kept hitting the cliff, rain increased.Visitors looking for a sheltered place along the ladder.And I was still stuck in just dreams.Rain is still falling, the rain kept dripping hair along the side of the cheek, wet clothes close to the body, cool, and fell.Gazing look back to a parting of sorrow and grief welled.Tarzan, I dream soul led around Mount Tai, I put all my love for you, and yet you love to the earth, to the night sky, to the winter, to me was a look of helpless smile.Your landscape, your rain, splashing my pure dream, splashed the tenderness of my heart.Ten years, waiting for a few world reunion, only with a kiss that you are in a hurry, a ten round my dream, but you have turned into a crazy drip tears.If all Jieru God, let me stream it, stream it!My tears have accumulated half outflow Come!Tarzan flow, flow in the unfinished Xuan, in the days of street flow, to stay in Yuhuangding.Postscript: four seasons blossom, whether initial or final, Taishan trip sown to sprout, will be the best memories of my life.Those people, those things, those beautiful scenery, slowly flows through those times, will be accompanied by the beating of my heart, carve into your pattern.2010.10.20 2011 year “walk the world · First National Geography essay contest” finalists