Confused, we have to choose departure

About confusion, like in college it will be like this.Graduate, will not the.Because I know in this life what way to go.More importantly, I know, no matter what kind of way to go, we must strive to make into a thing. And also, I understand, and that is even confused when we have to choose departure.Starting as early as the early arrival. That it can not find the direction of friends, friends want to start, these days back to work, but to work and began to ask me.Last night we talked, he always said, he was in the end how to do, in the end how to make money. I said, each direction can make money, mainly because we do not.Also, when you pick a confused. Maybe a lot of people say that I was in this perfunctory him, perhaps he will find himself. But I’m talking about really is my truth.This also I have been told in their own words. Confused when you jump to a do, because we ourselves are confused, so might as well just choose a.For the group of Azeri, I tell them to find 20 out directions, or ask, or how, then select a. Choose, just do it.Because at any time in the group asked, as long as there is to do, certainly we can do together. Why we certainly can do together.Because this is what I always say, when confused, but also select departure. Because if we do not choose to start, where confusion can only continue, if selected, click on the up. A friend, a girl, she was at home with children, very boring day.I remember that when I was writing articles online literature.She told me that she wanted to write articles, like to see the text, every day to see, but it is never written. I do not know what to write good.I said, you can just write and see what other people write, what you write, to write. At that time I was writing prose, she said, good.Then she also wrote prose. I forget the back of this thing, but I did not expect to see her a few years later, she’s a fan of a lot more than me. Out of several books, all about prose.As well as her own growth, but also know a lot of people. Now we want next, if she had not started to learn.So he is now impossible to know so many people. The same token, if she wants to change industry, for example, suddenly said, do not write prose, and poetry to make money, go write poetry.Then he will also be able to write about the.Because he has a base there.So what can it. Many times we just, did not write, but also confused I do not know how to write.So there have not been written. So many of us are confused for a lifetime.Unless it is life force us to change, but this is difficult. We have a village, this is what I always say. Someone lazy, his father’s cattle and sell them, sell motorcycle.And made his father to find someone else to borrow cattle farming. The man behind the village having failed to make.Therefore, he went to the county. In the county, with a passenger on his motorcycle.In the back, a few people scrape together some money, bought a house, one of them a. Back then, to buy their own house.Now, there are 2 house, a lot of people are going directly to his town. This is the first part of his departure, rather than where the confusion, then that is always, always do not want to finally let himself very faint.But the choice of starting, then one by one thought to get things done. In fact, his character, his cattle we sell we know.Bo will, and will go in front of others to. But we are new times, it was the Internet age.We can not be like him so rich, we must first learn, to grow. Think of this, I thought of a friend said, to think clearly in one direction is more important than earn 100,000.At the same time, he said a word, not even half a year to go to work, want a clear direction but also the value.So from here in terms of.Direction is really important. But from my personal perspective, I generally agree with him like this approach, while they do not agree. Why agree with it, because, in this direction is really important, why they do not agree, I do not want to see another departure. Life is to depart early, of course, the departure time is that we want to say one thing to do. All the way west, we know for sure, Journey to the West.Tang Tang departure if it does not, he certainly will not touch the Monkey King, also not touch the Pig.If in the beginning, it is hard to think of this addition.That certainly probably would not choose this path. But he is walked, then I found a way like this. When not traveling, who do not know how long to go, who do not know which way to go, do not know which way more difficult. We do a lot of the group Ali, Taobao is also.They could have been in this industry do not do.But then, they are also thinking about progress.They are also trying very hard before.So, what can be done well. Why did it do it well, is they have a foundation, they had the type of personality that is struggling. The group had to make a hosted, opened three hosting company, but he was not mean-hosted want.Our group is to learn to do Ali.Ali then open shop.But is open for a long time, he’s on the house often out of stock. He has got no temper temper and made a mad, do it directly hosting.He also did hosting, make a lot of. There is also a friend, used to be a shop, a store, do wholesale, directly from the factory.But also the production of goods factory every day out.He finally got himself to open a factory.In the end, he also would not open a store. So, our people’s life, it is hard to think clearly, what we have to do a lifetime.But we certainly can not stop there motionless.We go out, we must first learn to learn, we have to think of a thing to do. Because in the process of doing that thing, we will see a lot of scenery, we have a lot of new directions. If before we, not our personality, our bad temper.We are still very immature. Even no matter how good the project, we are also do not up. But if we do it, we have the strength, ordinary items, we can do good.The good people. So we must first go.After take one thing well, choose a. Life, our life is a process of growing.If we have not done there, we ourselves will not grow up.But if we have been doing, we have also been growing. Our own growth, and we will drive our project, our profession, our other growth. For example, we have often said Ma, he just the beginning, but also business many times, five times all fail.It puts behind Ali.But for all his veins, all influence the original financing are the first five times it failed to bring. So, we can not think, what we come up with a big company out, unrealistic. But also with Ali, only Taobao, Alipay only, now have many, many, many financing. So we do, anyway, be sure to set off.Learn while looking for, we will find a lot of road. Perhaps this way we can not bring success, but nothing in this road, we will see a lot of scenery, most notably, perhaps a turn is a surprise.Our own growth, and network of contacts, experience, resources have.Achieve happiness Road, near the. My QQ / micro-channel: 838 504 315, welcome to add.