REVIEW foreigners who have evaluated China, saying Chinese people too focused on feelings.As everyone knows, many Chinese people have become reality, and the reality as well as to forget the existence of feelings.  Encountered in the hospital a couple of times, seventy years old, came from the countryside to see a doctor.  Is sick old man, said to be chest tightness, severe nausea, sometimes with sputum are Xuemo, three days working in the fields when it had a halo.  Then is a routine inspection.  Heart disease, myocardial infarction.Blood pressure 210/160.There is no doubt in hospital.  Very stubborn old man, have some medicine home rule.No way, we had to do the work of the old lady, after repeatedly stressed the seriousness of the disease of old man, old woman sighed, looked calmly an old man, “it would be a few days.”The old lady ran to the hospital all day, to the old man with a meal – lunch, dinner.Sometimes buns, steamed bread and pickles more often, there is water in the hospital.Do not eat breakfast, old man.Every afternoon she was sitting on the bed of the old man with him, sit for three hours, then left for dinner and then go home.  We know now after the old lady chat, their home from the hospital a dozen kilometers, the old lady will not ride, every day walking back and forth between the hospital and home.Family raised chicken and pig dog, inseparable from the people wait.The old lady has no daughter, only three sons.The eldest son and second son died on the battlefield, upstairs fell Ten years ago young son working in the city down, intelligence is affected, legs paralyzed, and now can only sit on a homemade wheelchair giggle.At that time the foreman gave five hundred money decamp.  The old man had been a soldier before, the old Red Army, but never so many years did not receive a penny over the country.Good strong old man, a good face, refused to discuss the country’s relief.His illness is not one or two days, there will be a few years ago, I fainted several times.  They will stay in hospital for a total of ten days.Ten days later the old man on the discharge requirements, saying that his illness out of the way.In fact, we all know that he is reluctant to spend money again.Ten days later, even though we have to help him as much as possible to save money, even though the hospital has been taken care of, but the cost of two thousand yuan is enough to make him feel bad for a long time.  When I went to the hospital to send them to the front of the hospital I gave them a taxi, the old man is not life and death on the train.”More than 30 years, far we go back like.So anyway, we are approaching.”” Yes ah, not far, I have to go every day, while on the home.”The old lady echoed.Then magically come up with two hot buns handed me, “Nothing good thing, which is home made, you taste.”Then the old man went straight away and helped.The taxi driver took one hundred dollars back to me, looked at my hands two still steaming buns, looked at the two elderly stooped back, sighed also gone.  I took two buns, I feel very heavy very heavy, pressing his chest like a big stone breathless.Two buns, not to my appetite for even half full enough, but I simply could not eat.  Then I met a patient, forty years old, very fat, but also myocardial infarction.Accompany him there is a person, a very sexy woman, said to be his wife.  Middle-aged disease is not heavy, shot, two days of rest basically all right.He can rely on the life and death do not go the hospital, the hospital for observation for some time and then have to.During which people keep gifts.He told us, “What medicine is good despite the open, not made in China, to import, I must take the cure, I have money, you may rest assured.”He stayed in the hospital for two weeks, gave his wife to call every day, there is not to say that is in the cards in their hair, in short, did not come off hospital.Two weeks later she definitely has a lot of gifts with a smile and he drove off.  Not long ago I went to Zhengzhou to see a friend, entered the station he heard a loud voice in the curse.  The curse is a seventy-year-old Father, a well-dressed, with glasses, looks very elegant temperament identity.  ”I was the old Red Army, he did not carry guns when your mother born then!I come here by car that you think highly of you, I even had to buy a ticket?”After asking understand, Father had to go by car, but because people did not buy a ticket on the train ticket staff to keep, Father took out a red books ticket to several staff criticizes discredited by a few.Who is already having to ask to see a disdainful look everyone is very clear.  Old revolution, once the backbone of China, now has also been distorted.  For revolutionaries, our hearts have always been admired, but from that day on, my view had changed.  The backbone of the Chinese people, maybe not those corroded old revolutionary, nor those business people to promote economic development, but those people are still suffering in the countryside.  Honest, upright, strong, kind-hearted.Our Chinese virtues of our ancestors left behind, only to find it in their body?!  Community development, progress in the world, but it civilization?  Everywhere we are talking about a child learning from Lei Feng, learning Trainin.Then someone said, what is missing shout, we learn why they advocate.Now rarely heard these slogans, but do not cry does not mean not missing, but has been forgotten.An individual is not forgotten, but forgotten by society.Forgotten is a spirit, forgotten, we are the backbone of China.  The day before yesterday afternoon in a client’s home for dinner, Father sixty-four this year, in good spirits, a drink, the more words.  He said he had three sons, two daughters.Five children, only the youngest son of the best.Dr. youngest son, working in the field, gave him a month to remit one thousand dollars.Eldest son a few years ago Fortunately, in recent years the business to lose money, just give him three hundred dollars a month.Two sons and two daughters are farmers, although in wait around, but no one filial.  Remember, the elderly do not measure children filial filial standard is based on emotion, take a look at the most concerned about their children, often to take care of themselves.But now, although his ideas represent only part of the elderly, but does not measure children filial filial standards have been simplified to direct the yuan.  Not long ago a very enthusiastic friend said to me about a girl, I have to go meet.  Good girl, about one meter on June, oval face, hair shawl, red jacket slim figure, small white boots.But her first words were, “You do have a house in the local?There are more than six figures on the passbook deposit it?There are elderly people to take care of it?”Friend was very embarrassed, I feel very depressed.The results broke up.  Couples, should be based on emotion-based bar?Even to talk about friends, she is not concerned with this man you how, but how much, and how such a person can make you rest assured that your wealth and burdens?In many people’s eyes, marriage, love, the original is to be bought.But Happiness?  There was a foreigner evaluation of Chinese people, said Chinese people too focused on feelings.As everyone knows, many Chinese people have become reality, and the reality as well as to forget the existence of feelings.  The backbone of the Chinese people, once the whole world was shocked.Had countless suffering, our parents, grandparents, by virtue of a solid backbone to carry a common past, now settled in exchange for the rich.But now, if a big misery again, we can carry over yet?  Pampered, materialistic, we are a little bit of backbone corrosion.  Take a look around your friends.If you lose everything down and out, then there are a few people in?  To touch your heart, if you put aside the interests, put aside money, you really dated for a few friends?  Do not be scared’s not your fault.The world is changing.  Not believe it?You just go knocking on a building housing other people do not know, look at people’s attitude towards it!Then you then knocked on a farmer in rural areas where the door to see if other people have the same anti-Fangzei with you?  Chinese people’s stubborn, arrogant Chinese people, Chinese people’s kindness, Chinese people’s feelings.Work together to build the backbone of the Chinese people, the backbone of many Chinese people to build the backbone of China.If you realize what you and I all work together, at least, can not let the backbone of China collapsed in our generation!