Have as one people, live this life

Cut through a period of time, to pick up if water at a time。You grind a touch of incense text。With one finger the cool downtown write a remote hamlet, the clear shallow words, only for sustenance bright sadness is that I finally met a fate inside, and stained with an Acacia, provoked Xianchou I,。——Wen: fences sparsely covered a land of Acacia, the bustling dying this season, for whom writing a picture of life, for whom waiting dream curtain of life, for whom this world locked Love。He is a romantic city, this flat city, into your country, I live in the city。Restricting my life for you, a sad Acacia lapel, run to the bustling world, dash infatuated。    If you meet is God, then I am willing to safely fill of all the joys and sorrows, pains and rebirth in this fate in!I would like the whole life time to miss as the warp and weft to make love, you weave the story of my life in the Red。    This life, I fell in love with writing, pouring Acacia woman, Yan Ya pool of ink, show a piece of paper Su Jian, write pondered, fill in a tie Acacia word, searching in graceful elegant, sky blue waiting for rain, I'm just waiting for you meet a Review of the crowd, there is a similar past, you and I are each other that poured Weak。You are destined to be I could not reach the end of the world, but you passionate eyes, has led me all the way to turning back, Xiaofeng moon at where you want to, bit by bit, I fall between the lines。    I said: You will be my legend it?You say: We have in writing legend。I said: You will be my passing you, you say: end of the story for me to write。III owe you love, then, into a linger Xiao Yin。A light, such as beans, burn years of vanity, a ray of Acacia, dense Cheng pulls dream, this tie down Acacia Love Poems, how do Hen melancholy ode?    This life, you and me with the truth of this Golden Age lit fireworks, is not want to forget can not forget; this life, I will tirelessly with the text line by line, pierce the hearts of obsession, just want you to know, even if washed away Magnificence, looks old, you still my heart indelible care and love, if there is an afterlife, I will remember you said, I will in the next life waiting for you, waiting for you to find me, I am willing to homes I III downtown, in exchange for your next life dependent。    Time wound at your fingertips, in a haughty attitude and sped away, but did not leave even a hint of smoke giving recourse。Just five years, cut the wick for a burn, put a hearty Chi Chan。The wick also double。    I could not say how many displaced situation, beautiful look back frequently for that quarter。The dust knotted heart, if you can say goodbye to this cycle of Spring?Past Meet the dream, only in your hands broken memories of the night choking with。Brewing for a few world of worry, and finally turned into, not the depths of winter to stay in a hurry Yela, sprinkled with a new injury desolate place, covered the vagaries of the mundane。Cheng pulls repair, drunk edge of life on earth, you Looking back, my reincarnation, for you to quietly spread melancholy, if you have thoughts?    I entered your Red, you embedded itself in my life, in numerous listening blossom season, crushing the reunion in memory of each of our encounter site, many piles thoughts, always in the end how far?Very afraid, this turn, this life is the distant horizon, since then the political arena!In fact, love is, it is only one thing, love or no love, can only end their nothing to do with others。However, the so-called strong, the end is arrived, but between the fingertips, supporting, and I related to you all the memories and warmth, when thoughts occupied the pit of the stomach, that figure soul to clear up a little bit, so I think warm, let me happy, unconsciously became the collection mouth edge。    Standing on the other side of the shore mouth, staring Wife。A hear the wind, light singing Qingyin, flowers falling Canhong, splash filled bleak。Fingers intertwined, still single person。Distant sea, the situation led fiber。Looking to the horizon, the heart has been owned by。Jun Ming also, Yizhi king。King of love, and Qing heart。The final song, swaying hearts, were scattered, hazy tears。Smile is Allure, floating away in tears Yang dust。I prefer to use the memory as you build a warm city, Xu Jun I smile Allure。    I would have been so quietly like you, do not seek this life can come together, work together often only willing to dream。Guarding my love, with you, I do not know how long you'll like this, I hope I can Sansei fireworks, in exchange for your love I,。If you never betray, dependent life and death I will。III fireworks too, love it, how much I need to pay in exchange for the feelings of love。    Red a drunk, willing to have a heart。Fireworks husband and wife, the first white phase from the。Jun I remember the moment I read the half-jun。Weak water three thousand, I just take a spoonful drink。Roots goes by, leave you not abandon Iraq。Each other, hold hands grow old。This life immortal, live Qing    。