Five ministries issued a document to further deepen the financial service of small and micro enterprises to increase efforts to support monetary policy

People's Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission silver, the Commission, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance have jointly issued "," from monetary policy, regulatory assessment, internal management, tax incentives, improve the environment and other aspects of 23 short-term precision force, tackling the problem of long-term specific measures to supervise and guide financial institutions to increase financial support for small and micro enterprises, to ease the financing difficulties of small micro-enterprise financing more expensive, and effectively reduce business costs and promote economic restructuring and upgrading and conversion of kinetic energy of old and new。(Recommended reading) to increase monetary policy to support efforts to guide financial institutions to focus single-family credit 5 million and the small micro-enterprise credit。"Opinions", firstly, to increase support small agriculture refinancing and rediscount quota total 150 billion yuan, down a small branch refinancing 0.5 points。Second, improve the small micro-enterprise financial bonds that are issued to support the banking financial institutions to issue loans to small and micro enterprises asset-backed securities, credit resources to make an inventory of more than 100 billion yuan。Third, the single-family credit 5 million and below the small micro-enterprise loans included in the medium-term lending convenient (MLF) of eligible collateral。Improved macro-prudential assessment system, increase the small micro-enterprise loans to re-examine the right。  Increase the fiscal policy incentives to improve the financial institutions supporting small initiative。"Opinions" First, from September to the end of 2020 1, 2018, will meet the requirements of small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households loan interest income exempt from VAT credit line limit single-family, increase from $ 1 million to 5 million yuan。Second, strengthen the supervision of the national financing guarantee fund to support the financing guarantee company, to support small and micro enterprise finance guarantee amount accounted for not less than 80%, of which 5 million yuan to support single-family credit and the small micro-enterprise loans and individual industrial and commercial households, guarantee amount accounted for small and micro business owners business loans of not less than 50%, due to lower guarantee rate and counter-guarantee requirements。  Cost loans and loans to strengthen monitoring of assessment, encourage enterprises to significantly lower costs。"Opinions" stressed, one banking financial institutions should strive to achieve the total single-family credit and 10 million yuan less year on year growth of small micro-enterprise loans is higher than the loan growth year on year, higher than the number of households have outstanding loans of the same period last year Level。Second, to further reduce the financing chain, cleaning up unnecessary "channel" and "bridge" links, prohibit commitment fee charged to small micro-enterprise loans, fund management fees, financial advisers charge a strict limit fees, consulting fees。The third is to improve the credit policy impact assessment, and strive to improve the accuracy of financial institutions to support small and micro enterprises。  Sound inclusive financial organization system, improve the capacity and level of service small and micro businesses。"Opinions" require, first, large banks must continue to deepen financial Pratt & Whitney division construction, extension of inclusive financial services network to the grassroots; encourage the establishment of non-bank financial Pratt & Whitney Division of Community, small and micro Branch。The second is to promote the normalization of the establishment of private banks, to guide local corporate banking financial institutions continue to sink management and service focus。Third, the banking financial institutions should strengthen their internal motivation, internal and medium-sized banks to increase financial support。Deepen the implementation of small micro-enterprise credit exemption due diligence measures。The fourth is to use modern financial technology and other means to promote small and micro enterprises accounts receivable financing special action, play to the insurance function to enhance trust for risk, small and micro enterprises to improve the availability of financial services。  Vigorously broaden the diversification of financing channels, optimize the business environment, Piandai cheat up to crack down on illegal activities such as。"Opinions" First, to support the development of venture capital and angel investors, improve the venture capital, angel investment exit mechanism; continue to deepen the new three-tiered board, transaction system reform, improve the issuance differentiated and information disclosure system。Regulate the development of regional equity markets。Second is to guide small and micro enterprises main business focus, a sound financial system, law-abiding integrity management, enhance their level of credit。The third is to promote the establishment of joint incentive and disciplinary mechanisms to investigate and punish in accordance with regulations of small and micro enterprises and financial institutions collusion, fraud, cheat up Piandai and other illegal activities, to ensure that policies really benefit small and micro enterprises。  Related reports