The reason they do not avoid the emission of semen

Cold bath once a day, every night before going to sleep or rinse with cold water 2?3 minutes, so that the nerve can reduce the degree of excitement。
Hua Jing diet 1, Gorgon Gorgon powdered walnut porridge 50 grams of walnuts (on slow fire pot Chaojiao powdered) 30G, lotus seeds and meat 30 grams (soaked with warm water 20 minutes), the big 10 (born enucleated)。 First with cold water to the top grade, walnut powder hit paste, lotus seeds meat, red dates cooked, the flour paste into the boiling soup in, away from the fire, until the temperature after taking a small amount of sugar。
Spleen and kidney, leaving only the solid fine effect for spleen and kidney deficiency caused by。
2, lotus seed lotus pot bellies 100G, pig stomach 250 g。
First lotus split, go lotus heart。 Pork bellies cut into small pieces add water soup, add a little salt, monosodium glutamate seasoning take。
Pork bellies stomach and spleen, the spleen and stomach can be used, moisture is not based, damp nocturnal emission。
3, three sub-emission Yangjing reasons laevigata porridge, 30 grams, 15G, 50G。 Boil the three drugs 15?20 minutes, to slag juice, with a concoction cooked rice into porridge。
Take every night before bed, even for a month。
Astringent solid fine effect for kidney fine off no emission of solid。 4, Cordyceps dates turtle stew turtle a live party (500 grams), the 10g, jujube 20 g。
First turtle killed, scalded with boiling water, to the skin section, digging organs, wash the turtle chop 6, when the water in the fish and then into six mature boil, put cold water immersed float 10 minutes。 Cordyceps washed with water, soaked with water fish jujube。
A fish soup will be put in place on Cordyceps, dates, wine, salt, onion, ginger, garlic, MSG and chicken, capped steam for 2 hours after removing meat Decoction。 There invigorating kidney, Yin solid fine effect。
Suitable for kidney qi caused by emission。 For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。