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  Cheetah mobile cash loan business carried out for over a year。 In addition to cheetah speed can apply for the loan, the loan-APP cheetah speed is also on the line of credit supermarkets, offer diversion services for more cash credit products。
User feedback, cheetah speed-prime lending rate as high as%。   Source | Financial News Research Center Internet | Zhang "money do not wait 3 seconds borrowers speed for 1 minute to complete……"Faced with the temptation of huge profits, Cheetah Mobile also launched its own cash mortgage loans platform cheetah speed。   Recently, some users complained that the Internet financial news center, cheetah speed the loan collection staff in their domicile Post Bar exposure of personal information and friends, interfere with normal life。   It is understood that the loan cheetah speed in mid-2017 launched in February。 The platform claims that its network provides consumer loans for the cheetah's a platform for loans to individuals to help。
Users can submit identity information, authorized operators and sesame credit and other information to complete the application。
  Cheetah speed up the loan interest rate% APP display, if the user fails the audit, is intended for application in January after which the user is also referred to as "30 big gifts"。 Many users said in the forum, audit quit when logging denied again, the audit show more than 30 minutes, will be rejected, then we need to re-apply after 30 days before。
  A screenshot of Internet financial news center obtained shows cheetah speed mortgage loan interest rate as high as%。
Users on August 3, 2017 at cheetah speed the loan application 4,000 yuan loan, the repayment agreement within three months, the monthly payment yuan, the total to be paid yuan。
  Loans due after the discovery cheetah speed loan interest rates and high management costs, which the user wishes to request a refund application, but failed to obtain customer consent, said customer service is also required to pay interest on the prepayment。 Ultimately, the user according to the contract, on the date of loan repayment yuan。
  April 2017, issued by the Office of the P2P network lending risk rectification work leading group "to inform business activity rectification work," "to carry out" cash loans it clear that there are three problems some of the cash credit platform, one extremely high interest rates the second is almost zero risk control, high default rate, to cover the risk of relying on profits, the third is compound interest allows borrowers into debt crisis。
  The current portion of the platform to take the concept of daily interest, such as monthly interest rate to attract borrowers, while the actual annual interest rate of more than 36%, resulting in part of the borrower's debt accretion。
According to "Provisions on Several Issues Concerning the Trial of Cases private lending applicable law" Supreme People's Court Article 26 "Both sides agreed borrowing rate does not exceed 24% per annum, lenders request the borrower to pay interest at the agreed rate, the people's court should be supported, "" the two sides agreed lending rates more than 36% per annum, interest on the excess of the agreement invalid。
The borrower has requested the return of the lender to pay more than 36% per annum interest on the part of the people's court shall support。
"The cheetah speed-prime lending rate up to%, far exceeding the specified upper limit of the Supreme Court, or face compliance risks。
  Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Finance, Renmin University of China Chongyang Dong Ximiao has said, in a rapid growth in "cash loan", there is a big potential risks。
If left to their barbaric growth, and thus may have a greater impact on social stability to financial stability。   Cheetah Mobile Data show was put on ice, formerly known as Jinshan cheetah mobile network, listed on the NYSE in 2014, mid-2017 independence from Gold Peak Group, the main business tools and mobile entertainment, which is the core tool。
Cheetah Mobile 2017 third quarter results, cheetah tool operating margin increased to 32% from 24% last year; to hand travel and an increase of 44% for the core of mobile entertainment revenue。   Although the cheetah mobile cash loan business carried out more than a year, but has not disclosed the cheetah moving through rate, loan size and other data, nor does it promote cheetah speed in loans in public。 Cheetah Mobile's official website product service area nor did it reflect the cash-prime products。   It is understood that, in addition to cheetah speed can apply for the loan, the loan-APP cheetah speed is also on the line of credit supermarkets, offer diversion services for more cash credit products, approved by the corresponding platform to control。
Related Pages showed a 35% annual interest rate loan, the borrower has successfully million users。
  However, the customer service center told the Internet financial news, cheetah speed loans recently were unable to get approval, "system maintenance upgrades, the repayment can be made only channel through the line and then fed back to the repayment of the mail inside information。
"Said customer service, to apply for loans, need at least 10 days before applying for。   Business Information display, cheetah moved in August 2017 to set up a very Jingdezhen gold leopard dress Information Services Limited to carry out financial services, and has applied for money leopard, gold leopard dress very, very leopard and other trademarks, but the Internet financial news was not retrieved center line on the site associated with the trademark。   December 1, 2017, Leading Group Office of Internet financial risks rectification work leading group office of credit risk rectification P2P network and jointly issued "business", "on regulating rectify" cash loans (the "Notice"), clear the establishment of financial institutions engaged in financial activities, must accept the access management according to law。
Without obtaining the legally qualified business lending business, any organization or individual may engage in lending business。   Public information display, 2017 to carry out a cash loan business loans did not have the speed of a cheetah small loan license, however, Cheetah Mobile's Wuhan City, Kingsoft Internet microfinance Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Gold Mountain small loans" under) had in 2017 10 May get to build qualifications, but as of now, has not officially opened。
  November 21, 2017, the Internet financial risks rectification work leading group office to do the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) issued a regulation Express files "on the network immediately suspend batch set small loan companies," which requires all levels of small loans company With immediate effect the regulatory authorities are not allowed to set up a new batch of network (Internet) small loan companies, small loan companies prohibit cross-regional business, this also means that, Kingsoft small loan or license also will be affected。
  In fact, in addition to mobile cheetah carry cash loan business loans by cheetah speed, its former controlling shareholder of Kingsoft office software WPS Group has also set up a loan by means of a supermarket, cash loans product diversion。   Lei Jun millet worked in the company's annual meeting in mid-2017, said, "In the future, all business leaders are Internet companies, financial companies are also。 "However, Lei Jun was March 13 resigned as chairman of cheetah movement, but the cheetah mobile financial services still quietly moving forward。