Number Switzerland 30 km speed limit zone "explosive" growth of Yin Zhengyi

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Lilan] According to the Swiss News quoted March 19 Switzerland "Sunday Outlook" report, over the past decade, the number of Swiss 30 km speed limit zone explosive growth slow。 There is no official data, but the "Sunday Outlook newspaper" collect some information from several states。
  In the canton of St. Gallen, except for the state capital city of St. Gallen, a total of 92 slow zones (30 kilometers per hour or less), of which 72 are new for nearly 10 years。 Friborg slow existing 172 area, 2007 there were only 56。
  "Sunday Outlook" also revealed that, in recent years, an increase of Lucerne slow District 234。 But slowly the fastest growing area was undoubtedly the canton of Bern, and now has reached 493, of which during the years 2007-2017 by mid added 356。   "Sunday Outlook" pointed out, the rapidly growing problem of slow zones controversial in Switzerland。
The newspaper quoted Swiss Automobile Club president Thomas Hurth (ThomasHurter) said that under the pretext of the fight against noise, driving becomes offensive thing。 But the president of Switzerland transportation and environmental associations Kristen Tan Man (ChristineSteinmann) said that increasing the slow zone is in favor of a better quality of life, particularly endorsed the safety and coexistence on the streets。