Meridian Health Meridian physiotherapy key points

Meridian physiotherapy critical point, and now more and more city people understand the health, meridian therapy which is a lot of female friends love to do, then Meridian physiotherapy key points which have together and go and see small series!Meridian physiotherapy key points 1, Meridian 1 physiotherapy key point, the key point: the tip of your little finger Meridian: Hand Shao Yin Heart Sutra method: often rub, pressing the tip of the little finger a heart-healthy, chest tightness, palpitation ,, seasick heavy force when the little finger pinch cutting-edge, can quickly relieve symptoms。
2, the key point: the tip of your thumb Meridian: Hand lunar lung health care methods: frequent friction, has the effect of pressing the tip of the thumb Xuanfei, Lee lung, help maintain respiratory health。 Especially in autumn and winter, hand lunar lung meridians run, it is the best time to respiratory health。
In addition, heavy exertion pinch the tip of the thumb, but also to relieve cough symptoms。
3, the key point: the central meridian therapy palm critical point belongs Meridian: Pericardium by health care methods: squeeze often with the index finger knuckle palm center can promote blood circulation, have a certain effect on conditioning, color。 In addition, there are heart-healthy。
4, the key points: Jianwo belongs meridian: Hand Shaoyang triple burner。