In my wisdom tooth root dormant for many years, this year, it calmly, slowly began to stretch, squeeze the muscles around the roots crowded red and swollen, so that the owner insipid meal。But still it is here, is part of my body, one life, I have to go beyond their own bottom line unconditional acceptance。  Before the paragraph, it bursts there is no sign of inflammation, a downtown on a Sunday, not open mouth, eat well。  The doctor told me mentally prepared to do tooth extraction。  Think a bone removed from the meat, then horror, feeling like helpless before falling out of love, but must make that decision。Friend said to me:“Do not be afraid!Pull, like!”After a fierce ideological struggle, bravely went to the hospital。  along with“Kacha”A sound, teeth pulled, heart, dead。  Yes!Heart really cool thoroughly, and teeth did not, but where you, in your heart?That will be my life waiting for you Cupid?  You perhaps a wisdom tooth in my life, easy come, easy go。This should not come into my world, you come, have no desire to stay, such as dandelion love, only to drift in the wind, looking……I do not know where you will stay, at least, I'm not your fate。  Not all feelings are not breaking up, and sometimes the face is not his own love, good helpless, deeply in love with, but time and again to be hurting, not for their own Bijiang stay?  Indeed, pull, like!What philosophical words。  in case.This love does not belong to you, then you let go of your hand.I love to pain, and pain to cry, so he chose to let go。Letting go is a kind of helpless despair that broke our hearts。When people have cherished as life is about to meet a stranger, suddenly realized: the original, once thought of permanence, they are actually meet by chance。Once I thought that this may be holding hands all the way, but let go and we have to understand that everything is just a fortuitous intersection of two parallel lines, when all have vanished, still parallel to parallel, even if far apart, each person has a horizon。Brave the cost of their first down, admit defeat and accept frustration, gently sigh, bless his future happiness, from the heart if the seal, hard turmoil。The feeling of happiness may only moments, moments later, is a wonderful person。  Goodbye, my loved ones teeth!Goodbye, my love helpless!