Early internal reference: the central enterprises in the first half CSIC understand debut moved into Hebei

Zhang Gaoli: development in Beijing, Tianjin and collaborative work to promote the meeting stressed that the capital of non-functional and orderly ease Beijing to speed up the Beijing urban sub-center building in high standard to promote a high level of planning and construction。  Department of Commerce: China and Myanmar is willing to meet with leaders of the two countries as an opportunity to further promote bilateral economic and trade pragmatic cooperation。Promote cooperation on large projects enterprises of both sides at the port, industrial parks, transportation infrastructure, energy, health, agriculture and other areas have made positive progress, strengthen bilateral trade and investment cooperation and promote bilateral economic and trade relations sustained, healthy and stable development。  CBRC Yu Xuejun: monetary expansion created a huge bubble, it is recommended to control monetary aggregates credit。Meanwhile, the development of good policy in favor of financial support for industrial development。For example, if the funds into the manufacturing sector, consider giving some preferential tax policies。  Beijing, Tianjin and joint development advisory committee of experts: the overall plan are not yet available。District plan in consultation with a special focus on low-carbon green: green ratio reached three percent forty basically rail。Members of Lu Pu said that to avoid a repeat of the "modern urban disease" of mistakes, male security New top-level design should be well integrated transport system, construction of green intelligent transportation system。In the new state will reform pilot hung Ann New, can find a development, but also to control prices, the need for more housing to ensure people have room to live, a suitable entrepreneur, real estate reform and economic development of the city's new road。  Shipbuilding Industry: Shipbuilding Heavy Industries, according to the official micro-signal message, April 5, after the long holiday first day of work, the CSIC party group to convene an enlarged meeting of the Party Group, study, understand, study and implement the CPC Central Committee, State Council on the establishment of Hebei male security New deployment requirements, the China Shipbuilding Industry Board 6 am, to further study the deployment of related work。Party secretary, Hu Wenming, chairman of the board at the meeting stressed the need to strengthen the "four consciousness", focusing on the general pattern, into the grand strategy, accelerate the construction of safe male butt District, Beijing, Tianjin and actively participate in the joint development of the national strategy, as the initiative , to become the vanguard, pioneer, and make new contributions to building a moderately prosperous society。  Ministry of Finance: Revision of Accounting Standards, including the transfer of financial assets, Financial Instruments Recognition and Measurement。In domestic and overseas-listed companies since 2018 implemented, other domestic listed companies since 2019 implementation。  : China March new financial services PMI52.2, before the value 52.As shown in Figure 6, the trend is away from the official services PMI; China March new fiscal comprehensive PMI52.As shown, the previous value 521.6。  Central Bank: do not carry out reverse repo operations for the 9th consecutive suspended open market operations; because there are 10 billion yuan reverse repurchase expires, to achieve a net return of 10 billion yuan the day, a total of 29 net return of 4200 one hundred million。  The Shibor: 2 overnight Shibor newspaper.5370%, up 5.02 basis points; a month Shibor declined in eight trading days to 4.1783%, the highest for over a three-week low, down more than 7 basis points, continued its biggest one-day drop in nearly a year and a half; three-month Shibor also fallen for 28 to 4.3183%, also hit more than three-week low。  Industry News Department of Commerce: that trade protectionism in EU side expressed great concern the steel sector; China urges the EU as soon as possible to correct the erroneous practice, will take measures to safeguard the interests of Chinese enterprises; China is willing to communicate with the EU exchanges, and properly solve the steel industry the problem we are facing。(The EU had previously announced that China hot rolled coil take the final anti-dumping measures, high tariff plan), Ministry of Education: 6 announced "high school education universal relief program (2017 to 2020)," proposed that by 2020, the national universal high school education, junior high school graduates to adapt to receive a good high school education needs。  MIIT: Xin Guobin, deputy minister wants to build national additive manufacturing innovation center into a model of manufacturing innovation center。In R & D direction, to focus, focus on key generic technologies industry。  Industry research firm Analysys International: fourth quarter of 2016, China Mobile third-party payment market reached 12.8146000000000000 yuan, growth of 41.72%。Market share, the share of Alipay and TenPay were 54.1% and 37.02%, both of which add up to 91.12% have occupied the absolute dominance。  MEP: decided to launch a year-long supervision to strengthen air pollution control, environmental law enforcement officers involved in 5600, is the largest in the history of environmental action at the national level to start。  Cat's Eye Data: As of April 4, the film market to achieve 142 this year.6.1 billion yuan at the box office, compared with 151 a year earlier.9.9 billion yuan fell 6.17%。  Data Center Alliance Big Data Development Promotion Committee: As of the end of January 2017, a total of 37 Chinese provinces, municipalities issued a special development plan or similar large data files。2020 has identified a large industrial scale data of the target sum of 14 provinces and cities planning has reached 2.84 trillion yuan, far exceeding the target of the government's overall plan。  Surging: According to the 2016 Annual Report, five state-owned firms and the capital adequacy level of short-term worries, but ,,,, core tier one capital adequacy ratio fell below 9%。  National Bureau of Statistics: late March across the country coal prices steady rise。Coking coal, anthracite prices were flat with the previous period。Large mixed Shanxi, Shanxi excellent mix of Datong mixed coal and other varieties of over 1% price increase over the previous period。  MIIT: to promote the healthy development of China's industry, the next phase of related industrial promotion policy will address two key issues: first, to promote the robotics industry towards high-end development, and second, standardize the market order, prevent the disorderly development of the robotics industry。  Taking Stock Xinhua News Agency: comment article said that recently, the dividends of listed companies announced plans to gradually。Most companies actively participating, but there are some companies by dividend of the machine, to create "high turn send" and so Bo eye, took the opportunity to profit reduction。This behavior should be limited。  Association for the base: published "lost to private institutions and an update on the proposed public announcement concerning the thirteenth installment lost to private institutions" to show Beijing thick stone Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., 76 agencies can not get in touch。  Securities Deng: China's stock market last week, 47 new investors.090,000, the former value of 51.990,000, a decrease of 9.42%。  Commission: Gold Science and Technology, Zhejiang Aoxiang medicine, valves, system Changzhou, Jiangyin Hengrun Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. will be starting over。  Commission: Redgate Technology Co., KTK Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Agricultural Reclamation Development Co., Ltd., Sichuan Liwu Copper Company Limited, Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shou Sentani pharmaceutical Co. first application will be on April 10。  Surging News: Zhuhai City, the Bureau released the latest registration information display, Zhuhai Silver Long Limited March 31 has just updated the list of shareholders。As of March 31, Zhuhai Silver Lung total of 24 shareholders。Among them, Guangdong JETCO Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. holding 25.98%, the largest shareholder; Dong Pearl personal stake 17.46%, the second largest shareholder。  Fiscal: data show that as of the end of 2016, raised funds hold a total market value of A 1.58 trillion yuan, relative to the same period in Shanghai and Shenzhen 39.Share market capitalization of 34 trillion yuan of only 4.02%, the proportion of over 80% compared with a decline at the end of 2007。This industry Pingjiapogao, which means that the public offering Zhuanggu will tend to die out, the market will be more standardized and transparent。  Private Gangster Yawei: As of April 5, the company disclosed in 2016 annual report, there are five companies before the top ten in circulation Yawei management products Yun Feng figure appeared in the list of shareholders: ,,,,, hold the number of shares are as follows: 3561.01 million shares, 700.00 million shares, 292.00 million shares, 161.09 million and 130.00 million shares。  : Purchase and April 7, Xinfengming purchase code 732225; Ruisikangda subscription code 732 803。  Winning numbers: in the ballot numbers released, a total of 40,000, each ballot number to subscribe for 500 shares only。End "4" digits: 5644; end of the "5" digit: 18613,68613,27360; end of the "6" digit: 924014,124014,324014,524014,724014,597320,097320; end of the "7" digit: 1818291,3818291,5818291,7818291,9818291; end of the "8" digit: 14469632,34469632,54469632,74469632,94469632,17518035,67518035; end of the "9" digits: 275 256 195。  Winning number: Number released in the ballot, the end of "four" digits 8733; end of the "5" digit 03491,53491,44428; end of the "6" digit 786346,036346,286346,536346; end of the "7" digit 2831657,5331657 , 7831657,0331657; end of the "9" digit 078090543,110028819。  Data at a glance Shanghai and Shenzhen stock: Thursday, stock index continued rising trend shock, and ultimately closed up slightly 0.33% of the end of the day's trading to close at 3281.00 points, the highest intraday rose 3286.67 points, hit a new high this year, Japan?Line to close the three Yang。The two cities combined turnover of 553 billion yuan, the industry sector were mixed。  Hong Kong: report 24273.72 points, or 0.52%; newspaper 10276.41 points, or 0.86%; 4002 report.21:00, up 0.49%。Turnover 809.2.4 billion。  Shanghai and Shenzhen-Hong Kong: -0.1.7 billion balance of the day 130.1.7 billion yuan; net inflow through the deep femoral 1.$ 6.6 billion balance of the day 128.3.4 billion yuan; day net inflow of funds to the North 1.4.9 billion yuan。Tong Hong Kong (Shanghai) inflows 9.4.5 billion yuan, the date of the balance 95.5.5 billion yuan; Hong Kong stocks through (deep) net inflow of 5.1.9 billion balance of the day 99.8.1 billion yuan; south to the capital the same day net inflow of 14.6.4 billion yuan。  : As of April 5, 5387 reported that the Shanghai Stock Exchange financing balance.1.1 billion, an increase of 30.1.1 billion yuan; financing the balance of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange reported 3844.4.2 billion yuan, an increase of 21.1.7 billion yuan; two cities combined 9231.5.3 billion yuan, an increase of 51.2.8 billion yuan。  Plate Nuggets: As the first batch of six pilot to change the mix of central enterprises the only telecommunications company, to improve the degree of mixing of concern。Continue to follow the seven areas of the central enterprises to improve the mix exhibition, attention is expected to enter the central enterprises listed on the second batch of mixed platform to change the list of pilot's central rate as well as good quality mix of both state-owned enterprise reform is expected to place。  It proposes a focus on the subject: ,,,,,,,,。  Military plates: mid-2017 external uncertainty increased, with a number of events for the military sector of irritation will increase substantially, the military sector in mid-2017 will have overall investment opportunities, the proposed attention inside and outside the range of the year driven by military sector investment opportunities, especially in the integrity of opportunity。  Recommendations concern: ,,,,。  Lithium battery industry: With the release of subsequent directory uncertainties normalized, local government subsidies ground overlay, the overall industry production and sales for the high speed growth worth the wait。Car sales return to high growth, the lithium battery industry chain, huge elasticity。  Related benefit shares: ,,,,。  Robotics industry: a few days ago from a number of authoritative sources that, in order to promote the healthy development of China's robot industry, the Ministry and other ministries will be gradually introduced a series of follow-up measures to promote industrial development。  Recommendations concern: robot,,,, and other enterprises。  The newsletter: slight increase in net profit last year, it is 10 to switch 16 to send 2。  : Two original shareholders holdings clearance 9.61% shares of the company。  Zhong Rong: a share offering application materials have been accepted by the SFC。  : Equity free transfer approval, the controlling shareholder of change in the aircraft industry to fly。  : Pre-losing first quarter, to be 10 to switch 10 to send 3 yuan。  : 2016 net profit by more than 2 times, be 10 to switch 12 to send 0.5 yuan。  : 2016 net profit by about 4 percent, Hengda New Life into the third-largest shareholder。  : 2016 performance year on year increase of over 600 percent, intends to transfer 5 to send 10 to send 5 1.25。  : Be 10 to switch 15 to send 1, Gaosongzhuan been Inquirer。  2016 net profit of 1.3.9 billion yuan, to be 10 to send 30 yuan。  Property observation Xinhua News Agency: Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli require strict control of security male New large-scale real estate development。  Department of Housing, the Department of Homeland: an announcement, adhere to the "house used to live, not for speculation," this position, strengthen and improve the supply of housing and land management, improve housing supply and demand, stabilize market expectations, to promote stable real estate market healthy growth。Destocking heavy task of city to reduce and suspend the supply of residential land。  Beijing, Tianjin and co-development expert advisory committee: deputy head Wu He Quan said that the country will be safe in male New pilot new real estate reform。In addition to the traditional model, there are a lot of real estate development ideas。An initial male district about 100 million people may be, the development of good words may reach 200 million -300 million。  Anxin County Propaganda Department: As of now, the new county were seized real estate development enterprise sales department 25, 9 real estate agencies, real estate dismantle billboards 38 and found no real estate transactions。  Fujian Pingtan: housing provident fund policy adjustment date, down payment of not less than 30%; secondary application should be used (including two years) to apply again after settlement of the first housing provident fund loans for 2 years, apply for down payment of not less than 40 %。  Baoding building housing the Bureau: real estate development, construction and sales is a market behavior, owners purchase real estate belonging to the category of economic life。As people do not listen to advice purchase "Five Card incomplete" real estate, there should be follow-up questions and disputes resolved according to the law in accordance with the rules of the market, the government does not bear any financial compensation。  Wuhan City Housing Authority: market regulation temporarily not be upgraded this year to increase housing supply 40,000 sets。  Xinhua News Agency: Recently, this reporter visited the center of Beijing, Tianjin,, and found that many of the property market, the Government is all over the main responsibility for the effective implementation of market regulation, do everything possible to achieve "home prices do not grow", developers have begun to "let flesh" in the new house prices open space, while buyers wait and see mood increasingly strong。  Beijing: Construction Committee, People's Business Management Department, China Banking Regulatory Commission Beijing Office jointly issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the commercial, office class project management", commercial office projects will be allowed to change the purpose of residence, etc.。  Guangzhou: room on the 6th World Media Center to monitor statistics released in March, Guangzhou transactions 18, the amount of 19,534,860,000 yuan, up 837 percent rise in March last year, up 323 percent ring than in February of this year。The highest floor price hit a new high, reaching 5.50,000 yuan / square meter。  An International Perspective European Central Bank Meeting Minutes: March deleting members believe that downside bias is too early。Members believe that still need to be very loose monetary policy。Members agreed to maintain the forward guidance unchanged。  United States: April 1 when the weekly initial claims for unemployment benefits 23.40000, expected 250,000, the former value of 25.80000。  Fed minutes: Members will support a gradual rate hikes, some members think this year may raise interest rates more than three times。Fiscal policy on the economy constitute upside risks。Some Fed officials think the stock price "quite high"。US MBS and investment policies should be re-adjust the content。Later this year have reason to adjust the reinvestment policy。Shrink their balance sheets are planned for later in mid-2017。  Harris Poll: Make Hong to win the French presidential election; in the first round of the French presidential election, the support rate Make Hong is expected to be 25 percent, Le Pen's support rate is estimated at 24% support rate Fillon is expected to be 18 %; in the second round of the French presidential election, Make Hong will be 62% to 38% of the vote to defeat Le Pen。  IDG: due to the complex production process, a new generation of mobile phones iPhone8 this year is likely to be postponed until October, and even on the market in November。As long as the reason for the delay was "technical problem", iPhone8 production process more complicated, for example, the lamination process curved OLED panels still need to improve, and the use of three-dimensional sensing some technical challenges brought about by the front camera。  : JanHatziu chief economist, said the release of the Fed's balance sheet to reduce signal or Yin Yelun term ends in early 2018。  Fitch: The current is still at a low level, not enough to balance the government budget for the Gulf States。  India's central bank: the repurchase maintained at 6.25% unchanged, the reverse repo rate by 25 basis points to 6 percent, narrowing the interest rate corridor monetary policy。  RMB foreign exchange broadcast: onshore renminbi against the dollar at 16:30 on April 6, closed at 6.9010, compared with the previous day down 95 points。The central parity of RMB against the US dollar reported 6.8930 yuan, down 24 points。  USD: As of press time 04:00 GMT, the dollar index rose 0.20% reported 100.7287; the euro fell against the dollar 0.26% reported 1.0641; GBPUSD down 0.20% reported 1.2465; US dollar against the yen rose 0.25% reported 110.7940; US dollar against the Canadian dollar down 0.15% reported 1.3416; US dollar against the yuan rose 0.05%, reported 6.8954。  Domestic futures market: As of April at 6 pm closing, the futures markets closed mostly gains across the board, Black showed obvious strong steel weak pattern of coal, coke, coking coal rose over 2%, rebar fell over 2%; chemicals generally higher, methanol , rose over 2% plastic, bitumen, up over 1% polypropylene; narrow range, Shanghai tin rose over 2%, copper up over 1%; most slightly rosy, palm up over 1%。  Gold: At the close, COMEX6月黄金期货涨 4.US $ 80, or 0.4% reported 1253.30 US dollars / ounce。  Crude oil: At the close, the US WTI crude oil futures rose in May 0.$ 55 or 1.08%, report 51.US $ 70 / barrel。June Brent crude futures rose 0.US $ 53, or 0.97%, 54 reported.US $ 89 / barrel。    Stocks: closing, the Dow rose 14.80 points, or 0.07%, reported 20662.95 points; Nasdaq Composite rose 14.47 points, or 0.25% reported 5878.95 points; index rose 4.54 points, or 0.19 percent reported 2357.49 points。  European shares: At the close, the pan-os the Trafigura 600 index edged up 0.20% reported 380.77 points; Germany DAX30 index rose 0.11% reported 12230.89 points; the French CAC40 index rose 0.58% reported 5121.44 points; the UK FTSE 100 index fell 0.39% reported 7303.20:00。  Asia: Nikkei 225 index closed down 1.40% reported 18597.06 points, its lowest close since early December; Japan's TOPIX index closed down 1.63% reported 1480.18:00。Seoul Composite Index closed down 0.53% reported 2152.75 points。