Hong Kong female taxi drivers drove fear of being robbed possession of guns and knives was arrested helmet

Hong Kong female taxi drivers drove fear of being robbed helmet hidden guns and knives was arrested || Figure: Gun pregnant female taxi drivers were black pieces of cloth head away。
Source: Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" report, circulated on the Internet last month, a Hong Kong taxi driver wearing a helmet woman driver photo of the New Territories taxis, caused by Internet users lively discussion, the name of the driver yesterday (3 May) morning suspected " strengthen equipment ", equipped with special air gun and driving a fruit knife, was arrested in Tuen Mun, once drew police alert, the situation is tense。 It is said that the driver was arrested suspect for fear of being robbed while wearing a "heavily armed" driving, the police are further investigating。   × Fang Shen arrested the driver (57 years old), five days last month, Internet users in the media upload a helmet, armor photo of female taxi drivers, according to Like attracts more than a thousand Internet users, multiple media outlets, Internet users talk one after another, the driver "overnight", there are Internet users said with a smile that race drivers more adequate equipment。   Police received a report yesterday morning nearly nine o'clock, a woman pregnant with a pistol while driving New Territories taxis, taxis reaching No. 45 Lung Mun Road, Tuen Mun, were police officers stopped and searched the car the driver really pistol wrapped around the chest, police have members engine immediately alert the gun, stop drinking all of its actions, and then slowly approached, the solution to their pistols and frisk。 During the seizure edged fruit knife, then submitted the alleged "possession of firearms without a license" and "possession of offensive weapons" to the arrest。 Police confirmed the investigation, the branch is suspected pistol airgun, the fourth case to the Criminal Investigation Team, Tuen Mun。   The taxi belongs to a garage, car dealers surnamed Feng official, began to pick up the car after Shen Xing Nvzai Lunar New Year in February, only to return one or two days per week, most Saturdays and Sundays do more for driver, four in the morning when half to half past four p.m., daily rental 330 yuan (HK $, the same below)。 Feng and other experts are not familiar with her, but strangely deep impression on her attire, including helmets, tactical vest, her foot while wearing equipment called a "personal safety" to Von, Von verbal exchanges with her, I believe she no mental problems, so she continued to Car。 Experts have discovered the day before yesterday, sinking to his chest hung a pistol, although the look is known to be a toy, but still persuade kindness。
Surnamed Feng, head refers to her behavior no harm, PDI "corporate management", but if the rent again taxis, must first "disarmament"。
  It is said that Shen Xing Nvzai early years with family, Tuen Mun Chi Lok Fa, many years ago because of all the home per capita suicide or other causes of death, now living alone, it is unknown whether resulting in weird costumes to wear。 Another means heavy Xing Nvzai was a piano teacher, piano early complaints too noisy, they did not and then heard the sound of the piano。
There are neighbors describe her eyes empty, without warning, dress weird, but no other abnormal behavior。   Female taxi driver was charged with one count of "possession of firearms without a license" and a "possession of offensive weapons," today appear in Tuen Mun Magistracy。