[How to detoxify after eating spoiled meat]_What to do_Characteristics

[How to detoxify after eating spoiled meat]_What to do_Characteristics

Many families now prefer to buy more meat at a time, then put it in the refrigerator and eat it slowly. This habit is very bad. It often leads to the deterioration of the meat. When the meat goes bad, you ca n’t eatAfter eating the deteriorated meat, it will cause some damage to the body. Once you eat the deteriorated meat without paying attention, you should promptly induce vomiting. If the situation is more serious, you must go to the hospital for treatment.

One, vomiting if taken for 1 hour?
Within 2 hours, you can use the method of vomiting.

Immediately take 20g of table salt and 200ml of boiling water to dissolve. Drink it once after cooling. If you don’t vomit, drink it once more to promote vomiting quickly.

You can also mash it with 100g of fresh ginger and take it in 200ml warm water.

If you eat spoiled ravioli, take ten drops of water to promote rapid vomiting.

Some patients can also use chopsticks, fingers or goose feathers to stimulate the throat and cause vomiting.

Second, catharsis, if the patient takes less time to take food, it has generally exceeded 2?
3 hours, and the spirit is better, you can take some laxatives and gradually poison the food as soon as possible to replace the body.

Generally, 30 g of rhubarb is used for one-time decoction, and elderly patients can optionally use 20 g of Yuanming powder and rinse with boiling water to relieve diarrhea.

For the elderly who are better, you can also use 15g of senna leaves for a single decoction, or use boiling water to flush them, which can also achieve catharsis.

How spoiled meat can tell the surface is sticky.

The appearance of fresh meat is slightly dry or moist, and the cut surface is slightly short. It feels oily but not sticky when it is touched. After the meat is spoiled, due to the large number of microorganisms breeding, it will produce sticky metabolites, causing the surface of the meat to become sticky or even appearBrushed.

Tackiness of the meat’s surface is a sign of the onset of decay.

Poor elasticity.

The thin slices of fresh meat are tight and elastic and will recover immediately after being inserted into the depression with your fingers.

The longer the protein is stored, the smaller the protein in the meat will be gradually degraded by enzymes, and the muscle fibers will be destroyed, so the meat will lose the elasticity of reconstruction, and the depression after finger pressure cannot be completely recovered, and even traces will remain.


Fresh meat has a normal meat taste, while spoiled meat is broken down by microorganisms with protein, traces, and impurities, which can produce various amines, indole, acids, ketones and other substances, so it has a clear rancid smell.