Achieving water-oil balance

Achieve water-oil balance

Summer is a very unpleasant season for the skin. The skin’s oil secretion is getting stronger and stronger, and the face is like a big grain.

However, the greasy appearance will make the inner layer of the skin drier, and the thirst of the skin will become more serious.

As many people have said, if you want to really polish the internal Diabolo, you must achieve a water-oil balance and get your robbed dry muscles.

  1: Mild skin thirst manifestation: The skin surface does not appear to have dry lines, and there is no obvious tightness after washing the face, but it begins to feel uncomfortable with the original skin care products and becomes more and more dull.

  Pursuit at the Source: In order to pursue the feeling of refreshing skin, it has replaced products with stronger oil control functions, increased the frequency of cleansing, avoided hydrating products, and made the skin look fresh, but it is in a dangerous situation of dehydration.

  Moisturizing plan: When the skin is dehydrated, the skin sends a signal of self-protection, causing the pores to expand, releasing more oil, and the skin becoming rough.

  Solution: Using a cleansing mask or scrub is a very effective method. Adding an extra step to daily skin care can help aging keratin replacement.

  2: Skin craving for moderate thirst: rough skin, fine lines easily appear after applying foundation; after removing makeup and washing the face, the face is prone to redness, long-lasting, and tingling; in places with bad air, the cheek orItchy eyes easily.

  Pursuit at the Source: Due to the lack of water in the skin tissue, it will be damaged, and it will be hurt if it encounters irritating substances.

Tracing to the root cause, the lack of water on the skin surface causes gaps in the keratin and loosens, reducing the ability to resist external stimuli.

  Moisturizing plan: Help skin cells increase skin volume and rearrange skin cells in an orderly manner. It is an alternative method to reverse skin dryness, dry lines, and delay aging.

  Solution: Lotion and moisturizing essence can achieve a very good effect. Lotion can help the ribs to condition the skin lines and improve the absorption of subsequent skin care products. The moisturizing ingredients contained in the essence can maximize the effect in a short time.Improve skin’s ability to absorb and retain water.

  3: Severe skin craving performance: rough skin, large pores on the nose and both toes. Even without any expression, the fine lines on the forehead and the corners of the eyes are more and more obvious, and the facial skin is often red.

  Pursuit at the source: There are usually two reasons for the severe and severe water shortage: First, the natural water-carrying factors in the body cause the skin’s moisturizing function to decrease significantly. If people with dry skin are not properly maintained, this can easily occur earlyQuestion: The second aspect is the consequences of poor sun protection habits.

  Moisturizing plan: Appropriate use of some essential oil products can alleviate sudden skin dryness problems, such as olive oil or jojoba oil. Use as a base oil for moisturizing masks once a week.

  Solution: Not only to hydrate the skin, but also to improve the skin’s water storage capacity.

The skin’s water storage capacity is also related to collagen, and lack of collagen can cause obstacles to the skin’s water storage capacity and metabolism.

  4: The skin is extremely craving. Performance: With all the above problems, the skin will appear peeling, stinging, etc., and serious rash will develop.

  Pursuit at the Source: Once your skin is allowed to reach this stage, it is necessary to remind you that in addition to dryness and premature aging, sensitivity may also entangle you.

  Moisturizing plan: Creams, essences, and masks with high-performance moisturizing effect are used at the same time to quickly rehydrate.

  Solution: Before the skin’s water storage capacity is restored, add another layer of vaseline to the cream to seal the skin’s surface moisture and prevent skin allergies.

  Skin Moisturizing Baby Link: Opal Balanced Toner: Balanced toner, which softens the horny skin and replenishes moisture, making the skin fully moisturized and shiny.

It melts with the skin and allows water to penetrate deep into the stratum corneum quickly, so that the skin can continue to maintain a clear and moisturizing.

  L’Oreal Brightening Mask: Contains ginseng fruit extract, snow lotus extract, hyaluronic acid, plant antioxidant factors, etc.

It has 4 kinds of effects: moisturizing and hydrating, acne repair, whitening and yellowing, and blackening and whitening.