Four kinds of soup to solve the sore throat

Four kinds of soup to solve the sore throat

Ingredients: Soy beans, black powder, green bamboo shoots, ginger, garlic cloves, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, green onion, coriander, salad oil, pepper oil, milk soup

  Measures: 1. Remove the impurities from the soy beans, soak them in warm water, cook them in a soup pot, drain them, simmer them in water, drain the water, peel the green bamboo shoots, and cut them for later use.

  2. When the wok is set on fire, add salad oil for 50% heat, fry the ginger, garlic cloves and fry the soy beans, add the milk soup, stir-fry the boil, skim the floating foam, cook for a few minutes,Add the seasonings such as refined salt, spring onion, etc., and finally add the green bamboo shoots to boil, and add the pepper oil to the table.

  Features: beautiful color, fresh and smooth soup, tender and thin thickness, soup dishes for four seasons.

  Tips: Soy beans should be soaked, cut green bamboo shoots thinly, do not overcook the flour.