Apple peel can strengthen muscles to control blood sugar

Apple peel can strengthen muscles to control blood sugar

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

“The medical profession has repeatedly demonstrated this proverb with facts, but experts have recently reminded those who like to peel apple peels: losing apple peels makes you lose a lot of nutrition.

The ursolic acid contained in apple peel not only strengthens muscles and helps lose weight, but also effectively controls plasma and blood sugar levels.

  With the emergence of other diseases and age, muscle atrophy also occurs, and the incidence is high.

Patients with muscular dystrophy need to stay in the hospital for treatment for a long time. In addition to being unable to return home, they also have to bear huge medical expenses.

In order to actively prevent muscle atrophy, Dr. Christopher Adam, an expert on the effects of hormones on the body at the University of Iowa in the United States, set out to develop a drug that can strengthen muscles and help older people reduce the risk of fractures.

He studied 1300 compounds in detail, and based on the principle of gene changes during muscle atrophy, he expected to find a compound that fights muscle atrophy. As a result, he accidentally discovered this “very interesting compound”-bearberryacid.

  Researchers added a small amount of ursolic acid to the daily diet of experimental mice and changed them to conduct a series of health assessments. The results showed that their muscles became stronger and stronger, while plasma levels and other blood lipid levels (Hyperlipidemia can lead to arterial hypertension and heart damage), and even weight loss.

Experts explain that ursolic acid enhances the efficacy of insulin and insulin-like growth factor 1, and these two hormones are just the key to making muscles strong.

In an article published in the well-known international medical journal Cell Metabolism, Adam said: “In the imperfect muscle atrophy treatment method, we believe that ursolic acid is a potentially effective therapeutic substance that can treat muscle andMuscle atrophy caused by age can also treat obesity and diabetes.

“In addition to apple peel, cranberry, prune and other foods also contain ursolic acid, but the highest concentration is in apple peel.

Adam said: “If your diet is healthy, you can pass this substance; but if you eat junk food, you definitely won’t get it.

“Other recent studies on Apple have found that an apple can live continuously for one day.

Experiments conducted on fruit flies have found that the fruit flies that have absorbed apple extract have increased their life span by 10%, become more flexible and physically fit when they are old.

Researchers’ survey of women’s daily diet found that people who regularly eat apples daily have a 20% lower risk of heart disease and stroke.