Frequent hair loss?

It’s possible that you washed your hair wrong

Frequent hair loss?
It’s possible that you washed your hair wrong

Long-haired sister paper is found on wood. Sometimes when combing the hair, the hair will be cut off by one hand. On the ground, on the clothes, the hair is pasted everywhere. It feels that the hair is getting scarce.I started to panic, worrying about whether the hair loss is a health problem. In fact, you don’t know that hair loss may be caused by improper washing of your hair.

Today I made two common shampooing mistakes twice.

Take a look and don’t make this mistake again.

  Mistake 1: Piling your hair on top of your head and rubbing and illiterating: Scrubbing your hair from top to bottom. Do n’t notice to me how gentle you are when washing your hair, because just rubbing your hair is not appropriate.

Keep in mind that washing your hair from top to bottom, the hair scales have no chance to be upset.

This effect is immediate, and the softness of the wash is comparable to the use of conditioner!

When washing, open your hands first, into the shape of a dragon claw, and then insert it into the hair from top to bottom.

After trying this trick, according to feedback from many people, the hair is not as tangled as before.

  Mistake 2: Foaming on the hair when shampooing. Literacy: The shampoo must foam on the palm of the hand. The mistake is big, just like using a facial cleanser. It is best to rub out the rich foam on the palm of the hand first.Good to dissolve dirt, shampoo is also a reason.

Squeeze on your hair and rub, first at the root of your scalp.

In fact, foam is used to block hair friction, how to protect it by rubbing hair?

If the foam is not good enough, drip a few drops of water and rub your hands quickly in the hollow.

It is really difficult to make a foam in the palm of the hand, and hit it at the end of the hair and then over the scalp. In addition, try to dry clean as little as possible.

  Mistake 3: If you wash your scalp less, your hair will be less literate: If you rub your scalp with more force than usual, you will feel hepatic tremor when you look at the clumps of hair.Much easier.

In fact, they have been replaced when the hair is dry, and the lubrication of the conditioner falls off.

For hair loss, you should clean your scalp, especially the oily scalp, and thoroughly clean the hair follicles before you can develop a new and stronger hair.

Massage more with your fingers and belly, pushing the scalp instead of scratching.

With these three wrong shampooing methods, do n’t blame if you do n’t lose your hair!