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Intestinal Detox Yoga Conditioning Limbs

Guide: Summer temperature is high, toxin concentration in the body cannot be ruled out, prone to fatigue, mental sheriff, poor appetite and other phenomena. At this time, it does not hinder practicing the intestinal detoxification yoga recommended by the following editors, which can avoid the pain of hot and dryClean up the toxin waste accumulated in the body to help you adjust your body to the best state.

  Skyscrapers stand upright with your feet and shoulders wide. When you inhale, you twist and slowly lift your head up and straighten, your hands are crossed, your wrists are turned and your palms are up.

When exhaling, the high blood pressure drives the upper body to slowly bend down until the body is parallel to the ground . Adjustment effect: The upper body and waist and abdomen are fully relaxed, and the toxins in the body are cleared between the reconciliation of breathing.

  Tip: Require the body to have a feeling of stretching and opening, and adjust the breathing reasonably.

  Intestinal clearance index: ★★ Wind blowing trees stand upright, feet are close to each other, arms are placed in front of and behind the body, when inhaling, slowly raise your hands over your head, close the palms at the top of your head, and lift the heels of your feet at the same time; when exhaling, the upper body is bent from the waist, To the right of the trend.

Hold it for a few seconds, repeat this action on the other side . Adjust the effect: Promote blood circulation in the body, through the left and right yoga exercises, adjust the long-term accumulation of toxins in the body.

  Tip: Put your legs together, lift your toes, and fully expand both left and right.

  Intestinal clearance index: ★ ★ ★ Rotate the waist upright, separate your feet, inhale, raise your arms over your head, and cross your hands; turn your wrists, palms up; exhale, let your body slowly bend down with your upper body until the body and the groundparallel.

  Breathing effect: While doing the action, adjust the rhythm through reasonable breathing to promote tibia peristalsis.

  Tip: When the upper body is tilted downward, do not bend the legs with it. If the upper body cannot be all parallel to the ground, do your best to do it. Do not force yourself too much during the initial training.

  Intestinal clearance index: ★★★ The snake twists down on the ground, palms on the ground, flat on the front of the chest, inhale, lift the body with both hands until the arms are completely straightened; exhale, drive the body to turn left,, Eyes look at the heel, hold it for a few seconds, repeat this action on the other side . Practicing effect: appropriate regular exercise of this action can adjust the spirit, reduce the feeling of physical weakness, and can lift and twist the upper body at the same timePromote the digestive tract in the body and remove toxins.

  Tip: Keep your arms straight, keep your legs and lower body relaxed, and feel the strength of your exercise in the upper body.

  Shape index: ★★★★