More than 500 semi-annual reports found a big secret-big funds layout these outstanding stocks

More than 500 semi-annual reports found a big secret: big funds to distribute these outstanding stocks

More than 500 semi-annual reports found a big secret: big funds have already laid out these performance stocks in advance. Data show that some listed companies with good performance have received continuous capital increase in institutional funds.

  After combing the current 500-year semi-annual report of the shareholder list, it can be found that whether it is warrants, Huijin, northbound funds through the Shanghai-Shenzhen Stock Connect, and insurance capital that is good at long-term holdings, all follow their investment logic and choose to increase positionsQuality stocks.

  And one of the salient features is that most of the companies that have been overweight are partially prominent in the industry, and their performance is also remarkable.

  Zhengjin Huijin: When the word of stability first enters the financial report disclosure season, the shareholders of a listed company in the quarter can always attract the attention of investors.

  A private equity person in Shanghai believes that, especially when the overall performance of the secondary market is weak, combing warrants, Huijin’s shareholding trends are easier to guide than usual.

  Reporters’ statistics found that among the listed companies that have published half-yearly reports, Zhengjin and Huijin held more than 100 stocks in the second quarter, of which Huijin held more than 100 stocks in the second quarter and Zhengjin held more than 40 stocks in the second quarter.Individual stocks (with overlaps with Huijin’s holdings).

  In terms of plate holdings, Zhengjin and Huijin currently hold a total of nearly 40 Shanghai Stock Market companies, about 30 GEM companies, 40 small and medium-sized board companies, and about 20 Shenzhen Stock Market companies. The style of the plate configuration is relatively balanced.

  In terms of industry positions, in the second quarter, the number of holders of Zhengjin Huijin was relatively concentrated in the computer communications, electronics, mechanical equipment, biomedical and chemical industries.

  Specific to the changes in positions, from a comprehensive point of view, compared with the first quarter, the position of Zhengjin Huijin constantly changes, and the overall remains consistent with the first quarter.

Times Publishing, which has disclosed the semi-annual report, Xishan Coal Power and other companies, in its shareholder list, the holdings of Zhengjin Huijin are roughly the same as in the first quarter.

  According to the disclosure, the current companies with changes in the holdings of certificate gold include CICC Environment, Lujiazui, Beijing Urban Construction, etc. However, after carefully reviewing the information of the shareholder list, the “addition of warehouse positions” in the quarter was only a “passive” move.

  Taking the CICC environment as an example, Zhengjin was listed in the top ten shareholders of tradable shares before the first quarter of this year, so it was 2249 in the second quarter.

480,000 shares appearing on the shareholder list will be mistaken by investors as new.

However, looking through the company’s Air Force shareholder list, the exact number of shares has appeared in the third quarterly report of 2018. Combined with the “gate information” of the top ten tradable shareholders’ list of the past three quarters, they are higher than 2249.

With 480,000 shares, it is known that Zhengjin’s recent holdings of CICC Environment have undergone excessive changes.

  In addition, the increase in Zhengjin’s shareholdings in companies such as Lujiazui and Beijing Urban Construction is affected by dividends.

  Huijin also has some.

The semi-annual report shows that its shareholdings in companies such as Industrial Wealth, Meihua Bio, Oriental Fortune, Fangda Carbon, etc. have all increased, but most of them were lifted by restricted stocks, dividends and changes in the “threshold” of the shareholder listDue to comprehensive effects.

  Social security, pension: the same fancy performance, social security funds, pensions, stock selection, style of building positions is often regarded by the market as a “vane.”

From the semi-annual reports of listed companies that have been disclosed so far, the two funds have increased their positions in some stocks.

  Ping An Bank’s semi-annual report shows that at the end of the second quarter, the social security portfolio 104 held the company 5516.

940 thousand shares, thus to 0.

The 32% shareholding ratio has stepped on the “gate biological line” to enter the list of top ten shareholders of circulating stocks.

Above that, the company ‘s circulated shareholder list, “Biology” at the end of the second quarter, was about 6 million higher than at the end of the first quarter.

  Looking through the Ping An Bank’s shareholder list, the latest social security 104 combination appeared in the circulation shareholder list in the 2015 semi-annual report, when the social security 104 combination held 40.1 million shares.

  Tongwei shares were favored by the social security 108 combination, which was terminated at the end of the second quarter and the combination held the company 4040.

970,000 shares, ranking the ninth largest shareholder of outstanding shares.

At the end of the first quarter, the portfolio had not yet entered the company’s shareholder list.

As such, the most recent shareholding data for the portfolio was less than 300,000 shares in the first quarter of 2005.

  The reporter found that the stocks of the Social Security Fund’s Masakura mainly had performance support.

  Tongwei’s semi-annual report shows that the company achieved revenue of 161.

2.4 billion, an increase of 29 a year.

39%; Net profit 14.

5.1 billion yuan, an increase of 58 a year.


In the context of strong overseas market demand in the first half of this year, the price of high-efficiency monocrystalline PERC cells remained high, and the company achieved net profit in the second quarter.

600 million yuan, an increase of more than 60% each year.

  The social security 503 portfolio was built in the second quarter of Hefeng Animal Husbandry, with 13.5 million shares.  The semi-annual report shows that the profitable white feather broiler market is booming, chicken prices have continued to rise and have remained at a high level, and the company’s meat and poultry industry chain layout has been further improved and other factors.

5.9 billion US dollars, a year of growth more than doubled, of which single-quarter profit growth reached 200%.

  In the second quarter of the year, pensions also showed a clear tendency to increase their positions.

  Taking Yilit as an example, the pension 804 portfolio entered the company’s circulating stock list in the second quarter with 488 shares.


In addition, in January of this year, the six-year-old pension portfolio that has already opened positions in the second quarter chose to continue to increase positions, increasing its holdings by nearly 3 million shares.

Not only pensions, but also the two social security fund portfolios, which took in company shares in the second quarter, totaling more than 10 million shares.

  In addition, the pension also entered the top ten list of circulating stocks of companies such as Gloria, Power Source, Antu Bio, and Shuangyi Technology in the second quarter.

According to the semi-annual report, the company as a whole has a good performance.

  Risk capital that is good at long-term holders also frequently moved in the second quarter.

  The Financial Street semi-annual report shows 成都桑拿网 that Great Wall Life Insurance Co., Ltd.-owned funds increased their holdings of the company by 2275 in the second quarter.

07 million shares, the proportion of total equity rose to 1.


  There is also Haige Communications. After two consecutive quarters of increasing holdings, Xinhua Life Insurance Co., Ltd.-Dividends-Individual Dividends-018L-FH002 Shenzhen significantly increased its holdings by 2185 in the second quarter of this year.


  Northbound funds: Running into the northbound funds was not idle in the second quarter, the old people did not go, and the new ones came again.

The reporter combed and found that through the Shanghai Stock Connect, the Northbound capital position of Shenzhen Stock Connect in investing in A shares has also improved.

  For example, Jerry shares, Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co., Ltd. began to buy company shares in the second quarter of last year, and entered the company’s top ten circulating shareholders list in the semi-annual report of 2018, ranking the fourth largest shareholder.In the semi-annual report, it has jumped to the second place of the company’s top ten tradable shareholders, with its shareholding ratio (accounting for total equity, the same below) from the original 1.

54% increased to 10.


In addition, the Macau Monetary Authority (own capital) has continued to increase positions after its debut in Jerry’s 2018 annual report, and currently ranks fifth in the company’s top ten circulating shareholders.

Similar to Angel Yeast, the company has also received the attention of northbound funds in recent years, and has maintained a relatively stable rate of increasing positions to increase its holdings of the company’s stock.

At present, Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co., Ltd. has become the company’s second largest shareholder with tradable shares, with a shareholding ratio of 12.


  In terms of industry, appliances and electronics are still highly sought after by northbound funds.

  For example, TCL Group, Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co., Ltd. increased their stocks in the second quarter of this year, and appeared in the company’s top ten list of circulating shareholders in the 2019 semi-annual report. At present, it holds about 1% of the company’s equity, ranking the first among shareholdersTen.

Similarly, Jiuyang shares were favored by northbound funds in the second quarter.

Looking at Shengyi Technology, Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co., Ltd. maintained the momentum of increasing positions in the first quarter in the second quarter, increasing its holdings by 1,487.


Overall, since the second quarter of 2016, Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co., Ltd. has maintained a clear rhythm of increasing its holdings.

  In addition, in the semi-annual report of this year, North International Capital, Kelu Electronics, etc. appeared on the company’s top ten shareholders list.

Some market analysts believe that the company has completed the transformation, the industry’s prosperity has increased and the business has ushered in an inflection point or northbound funds to increase the main reasons for the above companies.

  According to the preparation test caliber, TCL Group achieved net profit in the first half of this year.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 69 in ten years.


In April this year, the company completed the reorganization and replacement of smart terminals and supporting businesses, shifting from related diversified operations to focusing on the semiconductor display and materials industry.

In addition, in the first half of the year, the company also proposed a share repurchase program of US $ 1.5 billion to US $ 2 billion, which has now been completed.

600 million yuan.

  The continued improvement of industry fundamentals has allowed Shengyi’s performance to continue to increase steadily.

Against the backdrop of heavy communications high-frequency and high-speed business, Shengyi Technology ushered in a significant increase in profitability regardless of CCL and PCB during the second quarter of the off-season.The company achieved net profit in the first half of the year.

2.9 billion, an annual increase of 18.

02%, single quarter net profit increased by more than 30%.