Four BB creams are most popular among makeup masters_1

Four BB creams are most popular with makeup masters

Natural and transparent, shiny skin is what every eyebrow desires. Looking at the models in magazines and stars on TV, their skin is so delicate and shiny, which makes people feel blown and elastic, but also feelEverything is so out of reach.

Is it really that difficult to achieve?

Now I will introduce various types of BB creams that people recommend to Meimei, so that the skin of Meimei can also be blown and bounced!

  Recommended products: LEGERE Shuiyang Flawless BB Cream Reference price: RMB490 Product specifications: 35g Product introduction: Water coagulation transformation technology, ending dry and cracked makeup!


The feeling of tenderness is up!

Serviceability UP!


A large number of ultra-fine water molecules are locked in the water condensation beads, and they quickly liquefy into water molecules when they are in contact with the skin. They quickly penetrate and absorb without stickiness, and form a water-retaining film on the surface.Makeup.

Adds micro-bright molecules to brighten the skin, pearly luster gives skin a natural look.

  Editor’s comment: This product is brown when it is squeezed out, but the eyebrows don’t have to worry about it. This is the natural color of the product. When you put it on your face, it will automatically bring out the transparent complexion according to the skin of the eyebrow.

No oil, no stuffiness, no heavy feeling, good moisturizing feeling, and you will not feel thick makeup even if you continue to pour on the powder, it is very natural and transparent.

Its only drawback is that the concealing effect is not high.

  Recommended products: JUST BBcream (Aesthetic Concealer) Reference Price: RMB240 Product Specifications: 50ml Product Introduction: Aesthetic Concealer will repair, moisturize, polish, oil control, concealer in one time, get ultra-light and thin makeup effect, suitable for any skin type.

Natural active ingredient for a variety of skin types.

Purslane, aloe vera, tea tree, grapefruit, pepper extracts and Shanghai Trehalose Extract provide a full-effect care of your skin, soothing the skin damaged by the surrounding environment and improper care.

It can also be used with ease on sensitive skin.

At the same time as the makeup, the skin care and maintenance are completed at one time.

  Editor’s comment: This product will have a matte feel when it is lifted up, which is very natural and shiny.

You will find that the skin has become thinner and tenderer, and the skin care, moisturizing, and foundation are all in one step, which is very suitable for office workers who are pressed for time.

As the race becomes more beautiful, you will also see that your skin is constantly improving.

  Recommended products: RYU Revitalizing BB Cream Reference Price: RMB1380 Product Specification: 35ml Product Introduction: Use RYU Revitalizing BB Cream for basic isolation and primer.

For dark circles or spots, use your fingertips to take an appropriate amount of RYU Revitalizing BB Cream to lightly block the area that needs strengthening to achieve concealing effect.

The use of Ryu Revitalizing BB Cream can achieve the effect of a misty foundation, which is as good as a honey powder. You can then apply a compact powder to extend the aging time throughout the day.

RYU product features: moisturizing, non-greasy, tailor-made BB cream products for Taiwan women tailored to the skin of Taiwanese people, the climate and makeup habits of Taiwan.

  Editor’s comment: This BB cream is very malleable. As long as the size of a grain of rice can be used to evenly apply the entire face, the concealing power is not sufficient to cover the pores.

Normally, the crushed makeup can be directly rubbed with BB cream after applying sunscreen. Friends have said that they look good on the skin and do not feel makeup.

But the moisturizing power is a bit lacking.

  Recommended products: Skin79 Gold Whitening and Moisturizing BB Cream Reference Price: RMB190 Product Specifications: 40g Product Description: This BB cream SPF25, PA ++, has the function of whitening and improving wrinkles. Please note that it is to improve wrinkles, not wrinkles, soIt is unscientific to be suitable for use over 25 years of age.

Once a woman is over 20 years old, although the skin does not show obvious fine lines, the skin has a tendency to become wrinkled. Therefore, the use of skin care products with the function of improving wrinkles can delay the formation of wrinkles.

In addition, this is especially suitable for MMs who stay up late at college to produce dark circles.

  Editor’s comment: This BB cream concealer is very good, it can cover dark circles and spots.

It is more suitable for people with dry skin. It has good oil control and moisturizing ability and strong makeup setting effect.

As long as you gently pat with your fingers evenly, it will fit on the skin very naturally, giving a comfortable feeling.