Become a beauty sleeper for you


Become a beauty sleeper for you

Working every morning makes you anxious to go to bed as soon as you get home. Especially after washing thoroughly, the rare ease makes you want to attract more sleep.

However, the skin is not happy at this time, after all, evening maintenance is very important for the skin.

At this time, how to make yourself sleep well, and also take care of beauty and skin care?

Now for your tips, make reasonable use of sleep masks, be a beauty conscious.

  Maintaining lazy MM skin 5 minutes before bed is still tender and you like to sleep late, I would like to get those troublesome skin care procedures in one minute before going to bed.

In fact, quick maintenance is also a trick, but you have to follow your skin characteristics.

Now divided into two types of oily and dry according to skin type, teach you two quick care methods to keep the skin hydrated.

  For dry skin, you don’t need to use cleansing milk, just apply oil-soluble or dark cleansing cream to the bladder, and then wash it off.

In this way, the moisturizing cream can be absorbed by the skin.

  Oily skin does not require washing your face. Instead, use a commercially available wipe or a wipe for babies.

Choose products that are not irritating to the skin and gently wipe your face.

  Cover your skin with a paper towel after washing your face. Cover your skin with a paper towel after washing your face. Pay attention to the size to cover the entire face.

This can effectively keep the skin moderately moisturized, and quickly absorb moisture, without leaving the fiber of the towel on the body, not to mention the effort.

  Mixing lotion and lotion together for face painting Mixing lotion and lotion together and applying it on the face can also be a product that has the effect of lotion and lotion at the same time.

  If you have a little time or have extremely dry skin, you can apply lotion or moisturizer after applying lotion and lotion.

This keeps the skin hydrated for long.

  Before going to bed beauty class to be a rosy Snow White, now whitening has long wanted not to, and only pursue blindness.

It also needs white translucent, white health, and white ruddy.

The best time to maintain is before bedtime, you allow the skin to relax and absorb nutrients for a few whole nights.

Only this time will help your skin care with less effort.

Now, come to teach you the sweet homework before going to bed, to be a rosy complexion Snow White.

  A red wine mask VS sweet slap red wine is rich in a variety of minerals, replaces antioxidant polyphenols, prevents arteriosclerosis and heart disease, improves cold deficiency such as cold hands and feet, vitamin C nourishes the skin, eyesight.

If you are not accustomed to the sour taste of wine, or are concerned about the possible harm to your health caused by excessive alcohol intake, then apply the health of wine directly to your body.

  The specific method is: Sprinkle red wine evenly on a disposable mask cloth, and then apply it on the shell for 5 minutes (except for sensitive skin).

Doing this beauty homework every night before going to bed, you will find that your complexion is really rosy.

  Two bubbles in a comfortable bathtub VS serum experts recommend exfoliating once every 28 days, you can use exfoliating serum at night.

There is no need to massage the skin or wash it with water after use. After rubbing it, you go to bed. It makes you wake up the next day and it is very convenient.

  Three hydration VS collagen rehydration work before bedtime can not be careless.

To make a new look after a sleep, collagen, collagen molecules contain a large number of hydrophilic groups, can penetrate into the dermis layer, improve skin shrinkage, lock moisture, and achieve the purpose of maintaining skin moisturization.

  Four eye care VS lemon eye is not shiny enough?

It doesn’t matter, as long as you use lemon, it can help you restore the “flat and fair” eyes.

However, remember to immerse the lemon in water for a while before applying it, cover the eyes with gauze, and put two lemons on it for 5 minutes.

The fresh smell also helps your sleep quality.

  Use the Step by Step sleep mask in the field!

  Step 1, follow the usual maintenance sequence, and rub the care products on the rubbing; STEP 2, after rubbing the care products, warm the entire face with the palm to help absorption; STEP 3, avoid the eye area, gently apply Good Night MaskBy the way, lift the skin up, and the neck can also be put on; Step 4, wash the mask with warm water the next morning.

Sebum secretion is strong at night, it is best to clean again with facial cleanser.

  Uncovering the beauty veil-the mysterious veil of the sleeping mask Mystery veil 1: Can the sleeping mask be applied only at night?

Can I apply it every day?  A: Apply every day. Afternoon compress is also OK. The sleep mask is matched with the golden repair power of sleep, which is the driving force for the more beautiful the skin.

Of course, the skill is not limited to the night, but can also be done during the day, and you can apply a thick layer after taking a nap without makeup.

Applying the Good Night Mask every day is absolutely no problem, but in order to make the skin self-healing, it is best to use it 2-3 times a week.

  Mystery Veil 2: Is the sleep mask easy to align the sheets and pillows?

  A: Do not use too much. Waiting for a little to dry before going to sleep. The excessive use of the sleeping mask may indeed make the pillow cover less effective. Secondly, the pillow cover may also breed bacteria and leave the face in acnes.crisis.

The big beauty with a small face uses the size of a cherry, and the person with a larger face uses a strawberry-sized amount. After applying, wait until it is slightly dry (about 5-10 minutes) before falling asleep to prevent it from getting everywhere.
  CHINFIE Qing Fei Soft White Soothing Leave-in Mask ¥ 148.

00 / 110g Lightweight and soothing whitening leave-in mask contains all natural arbutin, inhibits melanin production, and reduces skin darkening caused by factors such as sun exposure.

Gentle, translucent cream-type gel with a soft texture that is not sticky after use. It can go to sleep directly after application without washing, and replenishes water without interruption during sleep. Wake up the next day to refresh your facial skin.

To relieve stress on the face and restore vitality to the skin.
An energizing slow-release formula designed to relieve stress on the facial skin, providing deep moisture and whitening treatment to tired cells.

  Netizens’ experience: a very easy-to-use disposable cleansing mask that is not sticky at all. It has no problem sleeping when applied, and it has a cool feeling on the face. Of course, this non-sticky also means that you cannot be the same as applying other masksIt is very, very thick.

Leave-on mask is also easy to use.

I basically used it as a night cream. After washing my face the next morning, my mood will be high, I recommend it!

  Recommended reason: refreshing, moisturizing, natural whitening, maternity sleeping beauty disposable crystal mask ¥ 59.

00 / 60g natural effective moisturizing ingredients, provide deep moisture and whitening repair for tired and dry skin, provide nourishment and form a water-locking protective film on the night when cell regeneration is most active and absorption rate is the best.

After washing my face the next day, I still felt excessive moisture and full of vitality.

  Netizens’ experience: The two days of Kung Fu were immediately effective, and the effect was very good. The ends were really dry, and the oil in the T zone was not very oily. I felt it when I got up the next morning with the mask.It’s tender.

  Recommended reason: moisturizing and nourishing, cost-effective