31 types of dietetic functions of tea

31 types of dietetic functions of tea

The therapeutic effect of tea has been known since ancient times.

Rucheng’s book “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” in the Warring States Period described the medicinal properties and effects of tea: “Tea tastes bitter, drinking makes people think, less rest, light body, eyesight.

The Tang Dynasty’s Compendium of Materia Medica also recorded that “tea for a long time is thin and fat-free.

“Today, the weight loss, bodybuilding, and beauty effects of tea drinking have been widely spread at home and abroad.

  In the section of “The Understanding and Application of Tea in Modern Medicine”, 31 functions of tea are combined: 1.

aid digestion.




Prolong your life.


Reduce blood fat and lose weight.


Bright eyes.

Diuretic and swelling.


Antibacterial anti-inflammatory.




Lower blood pressure and prevent hypertension.


That is coronary heart disease.


Resistant to radiation.

For example, the radiation of television.


Soothe the nerves, calm, and temperament.




Can cure diabetes.


Cosmetic effect.


Anionic anemia.

Anti-fatigue, anti-fatigue effect.

  18 years old

Sober up, detoxify.


Life soaks and quenches thirst.


Anti-cancer, anti-cancer.
  twenty one

Strengthening Qi.

  twenty two

Antibacterial and antidiarrheal.

  twenty three.


  twenty four

Increase the resilience of the human body.

  25 years old



Remove odor and eliminate bad breath.


Raise white blood cells, cure leukopenia.




Protect your teeth.

  30 years old

Adjust the acid-base balance of body fluids.


Topical anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and so on.

Conditioning of bitter summer patients

Conditioning of bitter summer patients

The bitter summer is a kind of unique summer possibility-it means the bitter summer.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, during the year, the most prosperous period of yang is in the summer, when the sun is pushing down, the ground fire is rising, and the summer heat is daunting.

At the beginning of the summer, the rainy season just after the rainy season, coupled with the sweltering climate, made it difficult for water vapor to spread, and the evil of water invasion invaded the human body, causing fever to linger and produce a bitter summer.

  People suffering from “bitter summer” usually have weak body, burned limbs, bad appetite, often want to sleep, and nausea in severe cases; some people become thinner or have symptoms of fever in the body and body.

Therefore, it is habitually called “bitter summer”.

  Summer is the time when the human body’s metabolism is at its peak. The skin pores open up, allowing sweat to drain and regulate body temperature to adapt to the hot climate.

Therefore, we must keep these basic principles in mind during summer health: prevent heatstroke evil in midsummer; prevent dampness evil in long summer; at the same time, we must protect the human body’s yang and prevent excessive coldness due to the summer heat, thereby hurting the yang in the body.

  First, the patients with bitter summer can be basically divided into three categories: first, fever.

Mainly as yellow tongue coating.

The method of aromatizing and dampening can be adopted. The main medicines are: Huoxiang, Miren, Talc, Poria, Pinellia, etc., which can play the role of dampening and dampening.

  Second, the spleen and stomach are weak.

This type of person is usually prone to fatigue, weak limbs, shortness of breath, and a small appetite.

Codonopsis, astragalus, atractylodes, licorice can dampen the stomach and strengthen the spleen.

  Third, Qi and Yin deficiency.

This type of person is more complicated, in addition to having some of the above symptoms at the same time, then appear “palm, feet and heart”, thin, dry mouth, red tongue.

Available American ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicum, Zhimu, Xuanshen, Astragalus, Dendrobium and so on.

  Dry mouth, sweat like rain, panting, and irritability — in the summer, you must have more or less of this waste, if the bitter summer comes in again, “plug in”, how can this summer not “bitter”?

Therefore, experts suggest that patients suffering from bitter summer actively cooperate with doctors for TCM conditioning. Most patients had obvious relief of symptoms that year. After undergoing reasonable conditioning of the change, the bitter summer would no longer be present.

  Second, timely treatment is the key. Only by cooling can not drive away the bitter summer. If you are too cold, you must continue to eat “bitterness”, so it is the key to prescribe the right medicine.

  If the patient adopts western medicine’s diagnosis and treatment method, it will often be “unable to start” because “this index is normal”.

In fact, although bitter summer will not seriously affect physical health like other diseases, but for young people with heavy work and stress, they ca n’t eat one quarter of the year, do n’t sleep well, and feel sluggish, and wasteI am afraid that the full competence will be discounted — therefore, active treatment is especially needed.

  Third, the “bitter summer” is not difficult. Experts suggest that the best way to make “bitter summer” not bitter is to start with self-regulation and self-care.

Specifically, we can focus on the following aspects: Diet conditioning summer funding must be gradually reduced.

From the most commonly used porridge in summer, often drinking mung bean porridge can begin to detoxify and quench the thirst; while lotus leaf porridge, mint lily porridge, chrysanthemum porridge, etc., are more suitable for colds caused by summer monsoon fever.

Relatively speaking, some nutrient-rich, fresh and delicious cold salads, seasoned with a little garlic, ginger, vinegar, and spicy condiments can enhance appetite and prevent infectious diseases.

  The appropriate amount of siesta is usually half an hour to one hour. If it exceeds two hours, the central nervous system’s inhibition will deepen, and the blood flow of the brain will be relatively reduced, which is not conducive to entering the working state soon after waking up.

  Exercising aerobics, swimming, running, dancing, etc. can improve physical fitness, improve endocrine and metabolism, and have great substitutes for regulating autonomic nerves and body temperature.

  Do not be greedy, cool air-conditioning does alleviate the invasion of the scorching heat to a certain extent, so that the number of people who had bitter summers has also been greatly reduced.

This stems from two characteristics of air conditioning: dehumidification and cooling.

However, the indoor temperature must not be too low, and frozen food should not be eaten too much.

Otherwise, not only will the symptoms of bitter summer not be alleviated, it may also be aggravated.

Four BB creams are most popular among makeup masters_1

Four BB creams are most popular with makeup masters

Natural and transparent, shiny skin is what every eyebrow desires. Looking at the models in magazines and stars on TV, their skin is so delicate and shiny, which makes people feel blown and elastic, but also feelEverything is so out of reach.

Is it really that difficult to achieve?

Now I will introduce various types of BB creams that people recommend to Meimei, so that the skin of Meimei can also be blown and bounced!

  Recommended products: LEGERE Shuiyang Flawless BB Cream Reference price: RMB490 Product specifications: 35g Product introduction: Water coagulation transformation technology, ending dry and cracked makeup!


The feeling of tenderness is up!

Serviceability UP!


A large number of ultra-fine water molecules are locked in the water condensation beads, and they quickly liquefy into water molecules when they are in contact with the skin. They quickly penetrate and absorb without stickiness, and form a water-retaining film on the surface.Makeup.

Adds micro-bright molecules to brighten the skin, pearly luster gives skin a natural look.

  Editor’s comment: This product is brown when it is squeezed out, but the eyebrows don’t have to worry about it. This is the natural color of the product. When you put it on your face, it will automatically bring out the transparent complexion according to the skin of the eyebrow.

No oil, no stuffiness, no heavy feeling, good moisturizing feeling, and you will not feel thick makeup even if you continue to pour on the powder, it is very natural and transparent.

Its only drawback is that the concealing effect is not high.

  Recommended products: JUST BBcream (Aesthetic Concealer) Reference Price: RMB240 Product Specifications: 50ml Product Introduction: Aesthetic Concealer will repair, moisturize, polish, oil control, concealer in one time, get ultra-light and thin makeup effect, suitable for any skin type.

Natural active ingredient for a variety of skin types.

Purslane, aloe vera, tea tree, grapefruit, pepper extracts and Shanghai Trehalose Extract provide a full-effect care of your skin, soothing the skin damaged by the surrounding environment and improper care.

It can also be used with ease on sensitive skin.

At the same time as the makeup, the skin care and maintenance are completed at one time.

  Editor’s comment: This product will have a matte feel when it is lifted up, which is very natural and shiny.

You will find that the skin has become thinner and tenderer, and the skin care, moisturizing, and foundation are all in one step, which is very suitable for office workers who are pressed for time.

As the race becomes more beautiful, you will also see that your skin is constantly improving.

  Recommended products: RYU Revitalizing BB Cream Reference Price: RMB1380 Product Specification: 35ml Product Introduction: Use RYU Revitalizing BB Cream for basic isolation and primer.

For dark circles or spots, use your fingertips to take an appropriate amount of RYU Revitalizing BB Cream to lightly block the area that needs strengthening to achieve concealing effect.

The use of Ryu Revitalizing BB Cream can achieve the effect of a misty foundation, which is as good as a honey powder. You can then apply a compact powder to extend the aging time throughout the day.

RYU product features: moisturizing, non-greasy, tailor-made BB cream products for Taiwan women tailored to the skin of Taiwanese people, the climate and makeup habits of Taiwan.

  Editor’s comment: This BB cream is very malleable. As long as the size of a grain of rice can be used to evenly apply the entire face, the concealing power is not sufficient to cover the pores.

Normally, the crushed makeup can be directly rubbed with BB cream after applying sunscreen. Friends have said that they look good on the skin and do not feel makeup.

But the moisturizing power is a bit lacking.

  Recommended products: Skin79 Gold Whitening and Moisturizing BB Cream Reference Price: RMB190 Product Specifications: 40g Product Description: This BB cream SPF25, PA ++, has the function of whitening and improving wrinkles. Please note that it is to improve wrinkles, not wrinkles, soIt is unscientific to be suitable for use over 25 years of age.

Once a woman is over 20 years old, although the skin does not show obvious fine lines, the skin has a tendency to become wrinkled. Therefore, the use of skin care products with the function of improving wrinkles can delay the formation of wrinkles.

In addition, this is especially suitable for MMs who stay up late at college to produce dark circles.

  Editor’s comment: This BB cream concealer is very good, it can cover dark circles and spots.

It is more suitable for people with dry skin. It has good oil control and moisturizing ability and strong makeup setting effect.

As long as you gently pat with your fingers evenly, it will fit on the skin very naturally, giving a comfortable feeling.

Achieving water-oil balance

Achieve water-oil balance

Summer is a very unpleasant season for the skin. The skin’s oil secretion is getting stronger and stronger, and the face is like a big grain.

However, the greasy appearance will make the inner layer of the skin drier, and the thirst of the skin will become more serious.

As many people have said, if you want to really polish the internal Diabolo, you must achieve a water-oil balance and get your robbed dry muscles.

  1: Mild skin thirst manifestation: The skin surface does not appear to have dry lines, and there is no obvious tightness after washing the face, but it begins to feel uncomfortable with the original skin care products and becomes more and more dull.

  Pursuit at the Source: In order to pursue the feeling of refreshing skin, it has replaced products with stronger oil control functions, increased the frequency of cleansing, avoided hydrating products, and made the skin look fresh, but it is in a dangerous situation of dehydration.

  Moisturizing plan: When the skin is dehydrated, the skin sends a signal of self-protection, causing the pores to expand, releasing more oil, and the skin becoming rough.

  Solution: Using a cleansing mask or scrub is a very effective method. Adding an extra step to daily skin care can help aging keratin replacement.

  2: Skin craving for moderate thirst: rough skin, fine lines easily appear after applying foundation; after removing makeup and washing the face, the face is prone to redness, long-lasting, and tingling; in places with bad air, the cheek orItchy eyes easily.

  Pursuit at the Source: Due to the lack of water in the skin tissue, it will be damaged, and it will be hurt if it encounters irritating substances.

Tracing to the root cause, the lack of water on the skin surface causes gaps in the keratin and loosens, reducing the ability to resist external stimuli.

  Moisturizing plan: Help skin cells increase skin volume and rearrange skin cells in an orderly manner. It is an alternative method to reverse skin dryness, dry lines, and delay aging.

  Solution: Lotion and moisturizing essence can achieve a very good effect. Lotion can help the ribs to condition the skin lines and improve the absorption of subsequent skin care products. The moisturizing ingredients contained in the essence can maximize the effect in a short time.Improve skin’s ability to absorb and retain water.

  3: Severe skin craving performance: rough skin, large pores on the nose and both toes. Even without any expression, the fine lines on the forehead and the corners of the eyes are more and more obvious, and the facial skin is often red.

  Pursuit at the source: There are usually two reasons for the severe and severe water shortage: First, the natural water-carrying factors in the body cause the skin’s moisturizing function to decrease significantly. If people with dry skin are not properly maintained, this can easily occur earlyQuestion: The second aspect is the consequences of poor sun protection habits.

  Moisturizing plan: Appropriate use of some essential oil products can alleviate sudden skin dryness problems, such as olive oil or jojoba oil. Use as a base oil for moisturizing masks once a week.

  Solution: Not only to hydrate the skin, but also to improve the skin’s water storage capacity.

The skin’s water storage capacity is also related to collagen, and lack of collagen can cause obstacles to the skin’s water storage capacity and metabolism.

  4: The skin is extremely craving. Performance: With all the above problems, the skin will appear peeling, stinging, etc., and serious rash will develop.

  Pursuit at the Source: Once your skin is allowed to reach this stage, it is necessary to remind you that in addition to dryness and premature aging, sensitivity may also entangle you.

  Moisturizing plan: Creams, essences, and masks with high-performance moisturizing effect are used at the same time to quickly rehydrate.

  Solution: Before the skin’s water storage capacity is restored, add another layer of vaseline to the cream to seal the skin’s surface moisture and prevent skin allergies.

  Skin Moisturizing Baby Link: Opal Balanced Toner: Balanced toner, which softens the horny skin and replenishes moisture, making the skin fully moisturized and shiny.

It melts with the skin and allows water to penetrate deep into the stratum corneum quickly, so that the skin can continue to maintain a clear and moisturizing.

  L’Oreal Brightening Mask: Contains ginseng fruit extract, snow lotus extract, hyaluronic acid, plant antioxidant factors, etc.

It has 4 kinds of effects: moisturizing and hydrating, acne repair, whitening and yellowing, and blackening and whitening.

Efficacy and avoidance of ginger

Efficacy and avoidance of ginger

Click to buy today, to introduce you to a food of the same origin-ginger.

  Ginger’s Efficacy and Function 1. Cooling and refreshing to increase appetite because ginger contains oily volatile oils such as gingerol, gingerene, phlene, citral and aromatics; gingerol, resin, starch and fiber.

Therefore, ginger has the effects of excitement, perspiration, cooling, and refreshing during the hot season; it can relieve symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, anorexia, insomnia, abdominal distension, abdominal pain; ginger also has an effect of strengthening the stomach and appetite;The secretion of gastric juice will be reduced, which will affect people’s appetite. If you take a few slices of ginger during meals, it will increase appetite; ginger also has a relief or analgesic effect on stomach problems, gastritis and pain caused by gastroduodenal ulcers, and vomiting, Pantothenic acid, a sense of drought, etc. Drink with 50 grams of ginger decoction, can relieve symptoms quickly.

  2. Antibacterial and disease treatment scientists from the United States and Denmark have confirmed through experiments that dried ginger powder can relieve headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting of motion sickness, with an effective rate of about 90%, and the drug effect can last more than 4 hours.

Folks use ginger to prevent motion sickness and seasickness, and some use ginger tablets to stick to Neiguan points, which have obvious anti-sickness effects.

  In the summer season, bacteria growth and reproduction are extremely active, which is likely to contaminate food and cause acute gastroenteritis. At this time, it is appropriate to eat ginger or add tea with boiling water and add it after boiling, which can play a role.

Scientists have discovered through research that ginger can exert certain antibiotic effects, especially on Salmonella.

Ginger also has the effect of killing oral pathogenic bacteria and in vivo pathogenic bacteria. Ginger water gargle is used to treat bad breath and periodontitis, which has a significant effect.

  3, appetizers, spleen, heatstroke, and rescue in the summer. People are greedy and cold, and they like to blow on the air conditioner of the fan. It is easy to catch cold and cause a cold.

At this time, drink ginger sugar water in time, it will help expel the cold in the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginger can be “intelligent”, that is, refreshing.

When a person suffers from heatstroke and fainting in summer, pouring it with a glass of ginger juice can make the patient wake up quickly.

For patients with general heat, dizziness, palpitations, and chest distress and nausea, proper consumption of ginger soup can greatly replace it.

Rendan, a traditional Chinese medicine for preventing heatstroke, contains ginger in it. The purpose is to drive the wind and strengthen the stomach and refresh the brain.

  Eat ginger in the morning 3 major health effects folk sayings: Eating ginger in the morning is better than eating ginseng soup; eating ginger at night is equivalent to eating arsenic. Why?

The reason why ginger is not suitable to eat at night is that ginger contains gingerol, which can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, enhance the spleen and stomach effect during the day, and may affect sleep injury and a major problem connected at night, so it is not suitable to eat at night.

  As early as the end of Spring and Autumn, Confucius first learned that eating ginger was anti-aging.

In his later years, he often said, “Every food must be ginger.”

“It means that you can’t eat ginger throughout the year, but you should not eat more each time.

In an era of war, turbulence, and a low average life expectancy, Confucius can live to 73 years of age, which is not related to the consumption of ginger.

  Since the Spring Festival last year, the author has insisted that ginger be contained every morning and never stop. I also bring ginger when traveling.

  First, I must not catch a cold. Since ginger-containing, I have never had a cold, and I occasionally have a cold benefit. Drinking a packet of “Xiao Chai Hu Granules” is okay, and it cured the cold headache that I had the most headache in the past.

  Second, the bile duct stones were cured. On August 6th of last year, when I underwent a physical examination, the B-ultrasound found that the left lobe bile duct stones were 0.

8 × 0.

2 cm, I have never taken any medicine to treat gallstones, but I insist on containing ginger every morning. When I checked again on August 7 this year, there was no abnormality in the gallbladder.

According to Uncle Wang, ginger, gallstones and kidney stones can be cured in the morning.

  The third is to do a “two-and-a-half” test of liver function, all of which are negative. I performed a “two-and-a-half” test for five consecutive years from 1998 to 2002. There were two positives, namely the fourth e-antibody (anti-HBE) and the firstFive core antibodies (anti-HBC) turned positive, but they were not big or small.

At this year’s physical examination, the hepatitis B virus, the “two and a half” test were all negative, but he was injected with the hepatitis B vaccine.

  The method of containing ginger is to scrape the ginger (the ginger is cold), cut four or five slices of ginger a day (cut as thin as a thick paper, cut too thick, and spicy) and put them in a bowl.

Get up every morning, first drink a cup of boiling water, and then rinse the bowl with ginger flakes to sterilize it. Then put the ginger flakes in your mouth and chew slowly.
For 30 minutes, bite the ginger slice to let the scent of ginger circulate in the mouth and spread to the stomach and the nostrils.

  [Should be avoided]Those with Yin deficiency and internal heat should not take it.

  ① “Outline”: “Eating ginger for a long time, the accumulation of heat troubles.

Where the diseased hemorrhoids eat and drink more, Lifa quickly.

People with scabies eat more meat than they eat.

“②” Ben Cao Jing Shu “:” Jiufu damages the yin and hurts the eyes, yin deficiency and internal heat, yin deficiency, cough and vomiting blood, surface sweating, hot sweating, spontaneous sweating, sweating under the venom, vomiting due to heat, hot abdominal pain, methodLeek it.

“③” Dietary spectrum of living with interest “:” Internal heat yin deficiency, red eyes and throat, blood syndrome soreness, vomiting with fire, fever in summer, fever, asthma, fetal bloating and timely illness, after acne are allAvoid it.
“Through the above information on the efficacy and avoidance of ginger, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Is it enough to wash your face without makeup?


Is it enough to wash your face without makeup?

From all aspects of skin care advice, Lianzhu besieged us, but what is the best way to skin care?

The editor specially interviewed the experts of the beauty department of the Air Force General Hospital. Let the professionals correct the mistakes for us!


hzh {display: none; }  1.If you do n’t use makeup, just clean the skin with water. Air Force General Hospital comment: Water can make the skin fresh and moisturized, but it ca n’t clean the skin.Play to remove them.


Regularly going to a beauty salon to do skin care can improve the health of the skin. Expert opinion: Facial care promotes circulation, removes impurities from the skin, relaxes you and gets psychological satisfaction.

It would be wrong if you thought that the skin would have a significant effect.


Anti-wrinkle cream can remove wrinkles. Expert comments: What they can really do is nourish the skin, thereby reducing aging marks and preventing dryness and sun exposure.

No matter how succinct they are, they cannot make the process of aging backward.

In order to remove wrinkles, you also need to use real medical methods, such as electric wave peeling, injection filling and wrinkle removal, surgical wrinkle removal, and so on.


The skin is always not clean enough Expert comment: Many people think that the more you scrub, the hotter the water, the better the skin will be.

In fact, the result is blood spots, erythema, and some skin becomes dry and sensitive.


Exfoliation of skin indicates expert opinion on dry skin: Excessive cleaning or use of shrinkage repair water for people with oily skin will cause the surface of the skin to dry out and appear to be exfoliated.

However, regardless of your skin type, scaling along the hairline may be dermatitis, and scaling around the nose may be eczema.

If your skin continues to be dry and desquamated, you should see your doctor.

Changing 10 habits can exercise the brain

Changing 10 habits can exercise the brain

Changing 10 habits can exercise the brain. When we follow the “old habits” life day after day, the brain learns to be “lazy” and will follow the instructions we send without thinking.

Over time, brain function gradually deteriorates.

  Recently, a US website article reminded that as long as we change some “old habits” in our daily lives, we can reactivate our brains.

  10 ways to make your brain smarter1.

In the bathing life with eyes closed, most people are used to feeding information to the brain through sight and hearing, often ignoring the functions of touch, smell and taste, which is not conducive to the brain’s vitality.

  In a familiar and safe environment, do not prevent bathing with eyes closed, feel your body with the touch of your hands, distinguish between different body parts, feel different skin textures, adjust the water temperature according to the touch, and try to locate the position of the faucetTo awaken memories deep in the brain.

  Experts say that after closing your eyes, people’s attention will be more focused, and the brain’s sensitivity will increase, which will help promote brain vitality.


Turn the clock upside down. When people see a normally placed item, the left brain quickly recognizes it and diverts attention.

If the object is turned upside down, the right brain will immediately “start”, trying to distinguish this puzzling visual information by analyzing the shape, color, and environment of the object.

  Experts say that this method can artificially increase the brain’s thinking activity and has the effect of training the brain.

In life, you can try to put many things upside down, some clocks, photos in photo frames, calendars, etc.


Changing seats when eating Many people are used to eating in fixed seats.

However, experts suggest that it is best to change your seat during meals regularly to increase brain vigor.

Regularly changing the room where the family lives, adjusting the furniture placement or office equipment layout, changing a new route when walking the dog, changing a TV station or website when browsing the news, and learning more about novelty products when visiting the supermarket, etc., have the same effect.

  Experts explain that the stimulation coefficient of fresh objects on the brain is conducive to concentration and relieve brain fatigue.


: The hippocampus in the brain of the window is mainly responsible for memory and learning. It can not only store visual images, but also remember environmental factors such as smell and sound.

  In order to exercise the memory function of the brain, people can try new routes while driving, open the windows, feel the street environment from many aspects such as sight, smell, hearing and try to remember.

It should be reminded that it is best not to drive the window when air pollution is serious.


Touching coins or counting beans has found that identifying subtly different things through touch can better stimulate brain vitality.

Experts suggest that you can put coins of different denominations in a large jar, and from time to time, put your hand into the jar, use the touch to judge the denomination of the coin, and calculate the coins piled up, which has the effect of training your brain.

  Experts say that coins can also be exchanged for different types of beans, such as soybeans, red beans, mung beans, black beans, broad beans, etc., and mix them on the table and then classify them one by one. It is also very popular, especially for the elderly to improve their hand coordination.Ability to slow down brain aging.

Need to be reminded that there may be a lot of bacteria on the coins or beans, and you should wash your hands after touching them.


Putting bottles of perfume on the bedside Many Americans are accustomed to tying the aroma of coffee to morning memories.

According to experts, smell and taste as important neural pathways can strengthen people’s memory of certain things, and can also bring good mood and relieve brain fatigue.

  People can put their favorite perfumes, sachets, fruits and other items with good smells on the bed or on the body, and often smell them.


Active association Lenovo helps the brain maintain a strong vitality, and everyone should often practice the ability to see one object associate with 10 objects.

  For example, when you see a fly, you may think of a fly swatter, a badminton racket, a gym, a club, a fan, a beer, a singer, a guitar, a microphone, a light, and so on.


When people are engaged in an artistic activity they like, the impact of certain types of abstract thinking such as music, art, dance, photography, artistic language and emotion on the brain, complete logical reasoning and linear thinking, can better dig the brainImagination and potential.


Many studies with people show that a person’s ability to socialize directly affects his brain power.

Older people who are unwilling to deal with people are at higher risk of developing cognitive impairment.
  Therefore, people should make more like-minded friends who share common interests. They can learn from each other, bring happiness, and improve their brainpower.

Reading aloud Japanese studies have found that reading aloud can significantly increase brain oxygen supply, activate the cerebral cortex, relieve forgetfulness, spelling errors, and inability to accurately express.

Reading aloud for more than 10 minutes every day can enhance memory, delay aging, increase lung capacity, and arouse spirits.


Four kinds of soup to solve the sore throat

Four kinds of soup to solve the sore throat

Ingredients: Soy beans, black powder, green bamboo shoots, ginger, garlic cloves, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, green onion, coriander, salad oil, pepper oil, milk soup

  Measures: 1. Remove the impurities from the soy beans, soak them in warm water, cook them in a soup pot, drain them, simmer them in water, drain the water, peel the green bamboo shoots, and cut them for later use.

  2. When the wok is set on fire, add salad oil for 50% heat, fry the ginger, garlic cloves and fry the soy beans, add the milk soup, stir-fry the boil, skim the floating foam, cook for a few minutes,Add the seasonings such as refined salt, spring onion, etc., and finally add the green bamboo shoots to boil, and add the pepper oil to the table.

  Features: beautiful color, fresh and smooth soup, tender and thin thickness, soup dishes for four seasons.

  Tips: Soy beans should be soaked, cut green bamboo shoots thinly, do not overcook the flour.

Internet crush

Internet crush

If you are like me, you work at least 8 hours a day at your computer.

COM people; or you are a standard web worm, the monthly Internet charges make you overwhelmed but still obsessed.

Then this set of gymnastics is tailored for you.

  Do you feel that you are dizzy and swollen with stiff limbs, dazzling eyes, and neck pain after a long time?

You have to pay attention, your health is greatly threatened!

Proper exercise helps you stay away from these computer syndromes, you must do it!

Of course, I want to remind you: don’t blindly addicted, please temperance!

  A. Hand movements

The ten fingers are interlocked, and they calm down and take a deep breath.


Extend your arms straight, exhale, and use extra force.

Repeat 3-4 times.


The palm of the left hand is down, the thumb of the right hand is extended to the left wrist, and the other four fingers are used to press down the left thumb and exhale.

Do it again and then change hands.


With the palm of your left hand facing up, keep your fingers straight, press your little finger down, and exhale.

  Rotate your wrist, clockwise and counterclockwise 5-10 times each.

Swing your hands and relax.

  Outstanding with Shoulder Movements 1.

Put your fingers on the back of your head, put your weight in your hands and arms, press your head down, straighten your neck, and breathe deeply 5 times.


Insert your right hand into your left ear and gently hook your head so that your head is seriously to the right. Breathe deeply for 5 times. Repeat the exercise with your left hand several times.


Slowly rotate the coaxial, clockwise and counterclockwise five times each.


Raise the front, exhale and lower, repeat 4-5 times.


Shake the front end 5 times forward and 5 times forward.


With your face looking to the right and back, repeat 3-5 times, then proceed in the opposite direction.


Sit back and relax, with your arms flat on your knees, then lift your head and chest, and exercise alternately 3-5 times.

  Feet and foot movements will lift the legs in parallel with the chest, lift, and lower 5 times each, you will feel more comfortable.

  Turn your feet clockwise and counterclockwise 10 times each.

Put your toes together, bend upwards, straighten downwards alternately 5 times.

  Keep your feet flat on the ground and change your feet. Repeat the exercise 20-30 times.

  Hand and Face Movements 1.
Use your fingertips to hold the top of your head and move it up and down (tap).


Use your fingertips to gently massage from your temples to your chin.

Hold your upper eyelid with your forefinger and thumb, and pull repeatedly.


Initial cheek bone massage to the eyes.

Massage from the side of the nostril to the jaw, and then return to the original point.

Massage your jaw downwards.

Rotate the lower jaw 5 times each.

Stretch your nose and palm for whole body exercise, 5 times in each direction.

Squeeze the ear bone up and down, and pull 3 times longer, then turn forward 3 times.

Become a beauty sleeper for you


Become a beauty sleeper for you

Working every morning makes you anxious to go to bed as soon as you get home. Especially after washing thoroughly, the rare ease makes you want to attract more sleep.

However, the skin is not happy at this time, after all, evening maintenance is very important for the skin.

At this time, how to make yourself sleep well, and also take care of beauty and skin care?

Now for your tips, make reasonable use of sleep masks, be a beauty conscious.

  Maintaining lazy MM skin 5 minutes before bed is still tender and you like to sleep late, I would like to get those troublesome skin care procedures in one minute before going to bed.

In fact, quick maintenance is also a trick, but you have to follow your skin characteristics.

Now divided into two types of oily and dry according to skin type, teach you two quick care methods to keep the skin hydrated.

  For dry skin, you don’t need to use cleansing milk, just apply oil-soluble or dark cleansing cream to the bladder, and then wash it off.

In this way, the moisturizing cream can be absorbed by the skin.

  Oily skin does not require washing your face. Instead, use a commercially available wipe or a wipe for babies.

Choose products that are not irritating to the skin and gently wipe your face.

  Cover your skin with a paper towel after washing your face. Cover your skin with a paper towel after washing your face. Pay attention to the size to cover the entire face.

This can effectively keep the skin moderately moisturized, and quickly absorb moisture, without leaving the fiber of the towel on the body, not to mention the effort.

  Mixing lotion and lotion together for face painting Mixing lotion and lotion together and applying it on the face can also be a product that has the effect of lotion and lotion at the same time.

  If you have a little time or have extremely dry skin, you can apply lotion or moisturizer after applying lotion and lotion.

This keeps the skin hydrated for long.

  Before going to bed beauty class to be a rosy Snow White, now whitening has long wanted not to, and only pursue blindness.

It also needs white translucent, white health, and white ruddy.

The best time to maintain is before bedtime, you allow the skin to relax and absorb nutrients for a few whole nights.

Only this time will help your skin care with less effort.

Now, come to teach you the sweet homework before going to bed, to be a rosy complexion Snow White.

  A red wine mask VS sweet slap red wine is rich in a variety of minerals, replaces antioxidant polyphenols, prevents arteriosclerosis and heart disease, improves cold deficiency such as cold hands and feet, vitamin C nourishes the skin, eyesight.

If you are not accustomed to the sour taste of wine, or are concerned about the possible harm to your health caused by excessive alcohol intake, then apply the health of wine directly to your body.

  The specific method is: Sprinkle red wine evenly on a disposable mask cloth, and then apply it on the shell for 5 minutes (except for sensitive skin).

Doing this beauty homework every night before going to bed, you will find that your complexion is really rosy.

  Two bubbles in a comfortable bathtub VS serum experts recommend exfoliating once every 28 days, you can use exfoliating serum at night.

There is no need to massage the skin or wash it with water after use. After rubbing it, you go to bed. It makes you wake up the next day and it is very convenient.

  Three hydration VS collagen rehydration work before bedtime can not be careless.

To make a new look after a sleep, collagen, collagen molecules contain a large number of hydrophilic groups, can penetrate into the dermis layer, improve skin shrinkage, lock moisture, and achieve the purpose of maintaining skin moisturization.

  Four eye care VS lemon eye is not shiny enough?

It doesn’t matter, as long as you use lemon, it can help you restore the “flat and fair” eyes.

However, remember to immerse the lemon in water for a while before applying it, cover the eyes with gauze, and put two lemons on it for 5 minutes.

The fresh smell also helps your sleep quality.

  Use the Step by Step sleep mask in the field!

  Step 1, follow the usual maintenance sequence, and rub the care products on the rubbing; STEP 2, after rubbing the care products, warm the entire face with the palm to help absorption; STEP 3, avoid the eye area, gently apply Good Night MaskBy the way, lift the skin up, and the neck can also be put on; Step 4, wash the mask with warm water the next morning.

Sebum secretion is strong at night, it is best to clean again with facial cleanser.

  Uncovering the beauty veil-the mysterious veil of the sleeping mask Mystery veil 1: Can the sleeping mask be applied only at night?

Can I apply it every day?  A: Apply every day. Afternoon compress is also OK. The sleep mask is matched with the golden repair power of sleep, which is the driving force for the more beautiful the skin.

Of course, the skill is not limited to the night, but can also be done during the day, and you can apply a thick layer after taking a nap without makeup.

Applying the Good Night Mask every day is absolutely no problem, but in order to make the skin self-healing, it is best to use it 2-3 times a week.

  Mystery Veil 2: Is the sleep mask easy to align the sheets and pillows?

  A: Do not use too much. Waiting for a little to dry before going to sleep. The excessive use of the sleeping mask may indeed make the pillow cover less effective. Secondly, the pillow cover may also breed bacteria and leave the face in acnes.crisis.

The big beauty with a small face uses the size of a cherry, and the person with a larger face uses a strawberry-sized amount. After applying, wait until it is slightly dry (about 5-10 minutes) before falling asleep to prevent it from getting everywhere.
  CHINFIE Qing Fei Soft White Soothing Leave-in Mask ¥ 148.

00 / 110g Lightweight and soothing whitening leave-in mask contains all natural arbutin, inhibits melanin production, and reduces skin darkening caused by factors such as sun exposure.

Gentle, translucent cream-type gel with a soft texture that is not sticky after use. It can go to sleep directly after application without washing, and replenishes water without interruption during sleep. Wake up the next day to refresh your facial skin.

To relieve stress on the face and restore vitality to the skin.
An energizing slow-release formula designed to relieve stress on the facial skin, providing deep moisture and whitening treatment to tired cells.

  Netizens’ experience: a very easy-to-use disposable cleansing mask that is not sticky at all. It has no problem sleeping when applied, and it has a cool feeling on the face. Of course, this non-sticky also means that you cannot be the same as applying other masksIt is very, very thick.

Leave-on mask is also easy to use.

I basically used it as a night cream. After washing my face the next morning, my mood will be high, I recommend it!

  Recommended reason: refreshing, moisturizing, natural whitening, maternity sleeping beauty disposable crystal mask ¥ 59.

00 / 60g natural effective moisturizing ingredients, provide deep moisture and whitening repair for tired and dry skin, provide nourishment and form a water-locking protective film on the night when cell regeneration is most active and absorption rate is the best.

After washing my face the next day, I still felt excessive moisture and full of vitality.

  Netizens’ experience: The two days of Kung Fu were immediately effective, and the effect was very good. The ends were really dry, and the oil in the T zone was not very oily. I felt it when I got up the next morning with the mask.It’s tender.

  Recommended reason: moisturizing and nourishing, cost-effective