Cheers for your money-saving tips


Cheers for your money-saving tips

The beauty cheats of celebrities have always been what beauty lovers want to know. They always think they are mysterious, but they are not!

Even big-name stars can’t throw money into beauty care for no reason, in fact, they also have many good ways to save money.

This time we will give you all the money-saving tips from the stars, so that you can achieve the same beautiful effect with a small amount of silver.

  One replacement nail polish “If the nail polish in the bottle dries, you can replace some nail polish in it, but don’t be too right”!

Samir said.

  The trick of the second eyeliner. Actually, what brand of eyeliner is not very different, so if the stars do n’t account too much on this, why are you fighting?

  Three light up your smile with a toothpaste can also make you attractive, but also saves you a lot of time and money from the dentist, this is the solution recommended by Kristin.

  Four homemade moisturizing foundations If your budget for purchasing foundations is not high, you can use your newly purchased foundations with a little moisturizing cream.

“I promise that you will like your ‘new’ foundation, it will make your skin smooth, especially during the day.

“Sophia said.

  Five Make the Essence Best Use The cover girl’s spokesperson Molly Sims tells you: “With the painstaking weekly hair mask, it is better to let the essence in the hair every time I wash my hairMore minutes.

“Sixty-six said goodbye to acne, acne on his face?

The stars will do it too!

American idol Carrie Underwood said: “I will use toothpaste to get acne, it is best to choose that pure white toothpaste.

It really works. Toothpaste functions like a clay mask. Not only can it absorb excess oil, the anti-inflammatory formula inside it can make the acne red fade. ”

  Seven Hidden Wrinkles “In order to hide the small fine lines of wrinkles, I will use some vaseline on a wooden board,” Gabriel said.

This practice has been professionally recognized, and dermatologists said: “Vaseline oil is extremely powerful in moisturizing, which can increase the penetration of moisture around the eyes and temporarily relieve those dry lines.”

  Eight swollen eyes savior wet tea bag can deal with swollen eyes, which Samaire told us, “but make sure the tea bag containing caffeine, otherwise it will not work.”

  Nine extend the life of fingertip nail polish “whenever you do housework, you must wear gloves,” Heather Hidley tells you so.

  The top coat of the top ten nails “After making a perfect nail, when you return home, you must apply a layer of transparent nail polish, so that you can strengthen the color of the nail polish and make it last longer,” Heather said.

  Eleven hairstyles change infinitely Three hairstyles can be easily changed in one day?

Stephanie March said: “In fact, this is not difficult. When you get up in the morning, use a curler to curl your hair into large curls. When it’s hot at noon, put a high ponytail behind your head. If you want to attend a dinner at night, useThat kind of Japanese chopsticks is enough for winding up your hair, simple and beautiful! ”

  Twelve scarf styles play very late at night, get up early in the morning and have fine hair, what should you do?

Gabrielle Union does this: “I’ll tie my hair up with a beautiful silk scarf, so that it will not only save time, but also have a different style.”

  The hot and cold tone of Thirteen Hairs is not the only way to dye beautiful highlights in the hair salon. You only need to buy DIY dye creams in two shades (do not have too much jump between the two shades), and then dye them at homeYes: When dyeing, first extract a strand of hair to cool the color, and then extract another strand to dye the warm tone, so that your hair can have the most fashionable highlighting color!

  Fourteen hair color returns. The hair that has been damaged by long-term hair accessories will suddenly become dull and lack luster, and Zooey Deschanel tells you: “You can use 1/4 cup of white vinegar in the hair washing water.Shows the most natural shine!