[Cream of lemon peel peel stew originally had such an effect]_Benefit_Action

[Cream of lemon peel peel stew originally had such an effect]_Benefit_Action

Lemon-skin peel stewed rock sugar is a common dish. It is mellow in the mouth and helps digestion and absorption. At the same time, it can enhance the blood circulation of the human body.Soften the peel, remove the white veins, add rock sugar, lemon, and finally put all the ingredients in the pot, and slowly simmer into a paste.

The following is the method of stewing rock sugar with lemon, tangerine peel and Chuanbei: Ingredients: 3 lemons, 15 grams of Chenpi, 500 grams of rock sugar, 5 grams of Chuanbei.

3 lemons, wash and dry.


The Chenpi bubble washes cleanly, removing the white veins.


500 grams of rock candy are ready to use, this yellow is better, of course, white is also acceptable.


Lemon thinly sliced, pitted, bitter without pitting.


Put all ingredients in a stew pot, do not add water, and simmer for 9 hours.


The finished product came out, and the scent of Chenpiqing in the house was so fragrant.


Can’t wait to soak a glass, it’s awesome, the key to winning all drinks is health.


Finally, it can be bottled and refrigerated.

Tips: 1.

You don’t need to add water to cook it.


The quality of tangerine skin is the key. Bad tangerine skin has a bitter taste. It uses ten years of new age tangerine skin. The older the age, the more effective it is, of course, the more expensive it is. There is a saying: one or two tangerines and one or two gold.


Sodium citrate is imported and the skin is thin and juicy.

Method Whitening Because lemon is extremely rich in vitamins, lemonade is a good product for beauty. It can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation and lead to whitening. Preventing cardiovascular disease Drinking lemonade can also implant cardiovascular disease because lemonade can relieve cardiovascular disease.Calcium ion dialysis for the role of blood coagulation, so it can prevent and assist the treatment of hypertension and myocardial infarction; inserted into the kidney stones, lemon water contains a large amount of citrate, which can inhibit the calcium salt crystals, thereby preventing the formation of kidney stones, and even some chronic kidney stonesThe patient’s stones are reduced and fewer.

The research results published at the annual meeting of the American Urinary Society also show that regular drinking of lemon juice drinks can increase the level of citrate in the urine. This chemical can prevent the minerals in the urine from forming crystals in the kidney, namely kidney stones.

Immunity-enhancing lemon is rich in vitamin C. It has various functions such as antibacterial, improving immunity and assisting in the production of collagen. Drinking lemonade often can supplement vitamin C.

Drinking 500 to 1,000 milliliters of lemonade a day when you have a cold can relieve your runny nose and the cold spreads quickly, especially when you have a cold, you can get better without medicine.

In addition to antibacterial and boosting immunity, it also has appetizers and digestion, refreshes thirst and relieves heat.