DBS Bank Ge Ganniu: Long-term bullish on China’s capital market

DBS Bank Ge Ganniu: Long-term bullish on China’s capital market

Our reporter Zhang Ye The further opening of the financial industry in developing countries is attracting more foreign institutions to participate.

  ”China is actively promoting the opening up of the financial industry, especially the banking industry. Basically, as long as the banks can do it, DBS Bank will actively promote it.

For example, we have submitted the application materials to the Securities Regulatory Commission and look forward to obtaining a license from a securities company. This also shows that DBS has a long-term optimism about the Chinese capital market, because China’s capital market is also an important product and area for us to serve Chinese corporate customers. “, CEO of DBS Bank (China) Co., Ltd. and President Ge Ganniu recently told the Securities Daily and other media that DBS Bank has witnessed the opening of China’s financial 西安耍耍网 industry to foreign trade. Since 1993, it has established a representative office in Beijing.By 2007, it became the first group of foreign banks to establish wholly-owned corporate banks in China; from the establishment of several branches to more than a dozen branches; more and more licenses . DBS Bank has always been accompanied by China’s opening up of the financial industry.

  According to the information released by the Securities and Futures Commission on March 29, DBS Bank intends to apply for the establishment of a foreign equity securities company, and the Securities and Futures Commission has received relevant materials.

  Ge Ganniu made the above remarks during an interview with Securities Daily and other reporters on the sidelines of the “2019 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Innovation and Development 杭州夜网论坛 Forum” conference held by DBS Bank.

  According to Pang Huayi, Chief Executive Officer of DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited, “The Greater Bay Area is not the future for DBS Bank, but the present.

DBS Bank has the genes of Asia. We judge that China’s financial industry will continue to reform and open up or the development process of the Greater Bay Area in the future. We also believe that we will see more reforms every year in the future.

Therefore, we have adopted such a long-term vision for our operations and investments in the Greater Bay Area. We believe that in the future, more economic integration can make DBS’s onshore and offshore businesses in the Greater Bay Area more seamlessly connected.

In addition, we are more willing to invest in China and expand our business in China.

“The Outline of the Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” states that it will give full play to capital markets and financial services functions in Hong Kong and Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other regions, and expand cooperation, internationalization, and cross-regional technological innovation investment and financing systems.

  Ge Ganniu said, “During the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, financial interconnection and deep integration are critical.

Finance must serve the development of the real economy, unblock capital flows, optimize resource allocation, and improve industrial efficiency.

星展银行举办‘粤港澳大湾区创新发展论坛’,旨在搭建平台,整合政府、企业、学术、资本等各方资源,建立‘大湾区生态圈’,为区内的企业和个人带More opportunities for resource docking and information sharing will promote the development of more world-class industrial growth and leading companies in the Greater Bay Area, leading and supporting China’s economic transformation and upgrading.