Civil servants have high psychological stress, common depression and social horror

Civil servants have high psychological stress, common depression and social horror

This year’s examination of civil servants at provincial level, 18.

30,000 candidates, a net increase of 40,000 over the previous year, with an average application rate of 431: 1.

What can I worry about holding the “golden rice bowl” in the eyes of everyone?

One of the “Psychological Quality and Mental Health Projects” of Zhejiang University is the “Civil Service Psychological Intervention Plan” to be launched in the first half of next year. Zhao Guoqiu, director of Zhejiang Mental Health Association and director of Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital, said, don’t look at civil servantsOn the surface, the psychological pressure of this group cannot be ignored.

  Civil servants also have depression and anxiety. Why are social phobia civil servants stressed?

Zhao Guoqiu said that there are different views on the grievances of civil servants in the society, and some people think that they are “unknown in the blessing.”

  ”But I found in research that their stress does exist.

Zhao Guoqiu said that in the cases of civil servants he had contacted, there were acute psychological disorders, depression, anxiety caused by promotion issues; and social phobia because of just joining work.

  Zhao Guoqiu said that civil servants belong to those who are under pressure from work. Their overall quality is high and their ability to resist stress is better, but they have to bear more challenges from the unit system, mechanism, work tasks, family expectations, and their own personality; andBeing required to constantly acquire new knowledge and new skills, if the way to cope with stress is not correct, psychological problems will occur, and even mental illness will develop.

  Nowadays, the social security system for civil servants is not complete enough. Among civil servants with psychological problems, more than 90% of them will not go to see a psychiatrist and would rather endure mental torture, so their quality of life is relatively low.

  Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital released the results of the “Research on the Relationship between the Personality Characteristics of Civil Servants and Performance and Individual Well-being”.

This project surveyed a total of 94 civil servants, with an average age of 39 years old, of whom about 17% had psychological problems.

The survey found that the sense of loneliness and insecurity of civil servants is stronger than that of the general population. “Weinuonuo is dedicated” and he is often in a state of “psychological panic” at work.

  Family members of civil servants will also receive counseling. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the launching ceremony that “developing the psychological intervention plan for civil servants” is one of the main concrete measures for psychological quality and mental health projects in Zhejiang Province.

The specific tasks are as follows: establish a psychological quality training center for civil servants, carry out psychological quality training for civil servants; train and publicize knowledge of psychological assistance related to civil servants and their families; conduct assessments of psychological qualities and mental health of civil servants, and investigate the needs of mental health services;Based on the trials, combining them with each other, gradually promoting them, and carrying out psychological assistance for civil servants.

  Why should the family members of civil servants be counseled about psychological intervention?

Zhao Guoqiu said that because the family members of civil servants are an important moment to maintain the mental health of civil servants, “the psychological problems of many civil servants are actually pressure from the family. Nowadays, especially the family members of civil servants, the expectations of civil servants are too high.The method of requesting was wrong, which caused the pressure on civil servants to multiply.

The reporter also learned that the plan will classify and guide civil servants with psychological problems, and train them in psychological quality, psychological endurance, and ability to resist setbacks.

If it is possible to cope with stress training, it takes about one week, and if it is a cognitive structure adjustment training, it may take more lengthy.

  In addition to the “Civil Service Psychological Intervention Plan”, the Zhejiang Province’s Mental Quality and Mental Health Project also includes the following modules: Formulating an overall plan to improve the psychological quality of the entire population; establishing a monitoring and early warning mechanism for psychological stress in adolescents, and conducting psychological crisis intervention;Health and mental health services; strengthening the construction of mental health personnel, establishing a psychological crisis intervention network system; vigorously carrying out science education activities, and improving the mental health knowledge and mental health of the general population.