Acupuncture is not particular about the angle and direction

Acupuncture is not particular about the angle and direction

The angle, direction, and depth of acupuncture refer to the specific operation requirements after the needle is inserted into the skin.

In the process of acupuncture, mastering the correct acupuncture angle, direction and depth is an important moment to obtain acupuncture feeling, apply diarrhea, exert acupuncture effect, improve acupuncture effect, and prevent accidental acupuncture.

The correctness of acupoints refers to the position of their skin surfaces, and must be combined with the correct acupuncture angle, direction and depth to play the role of acupoints.

Therefore, we should not simply expect the acupoint to be a small point, but we should have a three-dimensional concept of acupoint.

  Acupuncture in the same acupuncture point is clinically different. If the angle, direction and depth are different, the tissue structure of acupuncture, the effect of acupuncture induction and treatment will be different.

For clinicians, the proficiency of acupuncture can fully and properly grasp the angle, direction and depth of acupuncture.

The angle, direction and depth of acupuncture taken during the clinical trial are mainly based on the specific conditions of the operation site, treatment needs, and patient’s physique and body shape.

  First, acupuncture angle Acupuncture angle refers to the angle formed between the needle body and the skin surface when the needle is inserted.

The size of the angle should be determined according to the characteristics of the acupoint site, the diseased position, and the technical requirements.

The acupuncture angle is generally divided into three types: straight, oblique and flat.

  1. Straight piercing: the needle body and the skin surface are at a 90 ^ angle and pierce into the acupoint vertically.

The straight puncture method is suitable for acupuncture of most acupoints, especially those with thick muscles.

  2, oblique puncture: that is, the needle body and the skin surface at about 45 ^ angle, obliquely pierce into the acupoint.

The oblique puncture method is suitable for acupuncture multiple shallow parts of skin, or with important internal organs, or acupuncture points that are not suitable for deep puncture and acupuncture points in joints.Method 3, flat acupuncture: also known as horizontal acupuncture, along the skin acupuncture, that is, the needle body and the surface of the skin at about 15 ^ angle, pierce into the acupoints horizontally, the flat acupuncture method is suitable for acupoints where the skin is thin.

Such as the scalp, facial face, sacral acupoints, trans-acupoint puncture, transdermal and scalp acupuncture, wrist cuff acupuncture, all use flat acupuncture.

  Second, the direction of acupuncture The direction of acupuncture refers to the direction of the needle tip when the needle is inserted and after the needle is inserted, referred to as the needle direction.

The direction of acupuncture is generally determined according to the direction of the meridian, the location of the acupoints and the required tissue structure.

Although the direction of acupuncture is related to the angle of acupuncture, for example, acupuncture points on the head and face are more commonly used, and acupuncture points on the neck and throat are more common. Acupuncture points on the midline of the chest are more commonly used.Acupoints are usually used for oblique puncture or straight puncture.

However, the counting angle is mainly based on the characteristics of the acupuncture point, and the direction of acupuncture depends on the needs of different treatments.

  Take the chest acupuncture point only as an example. If the treatment of rickets, short-term pain, and inability to open the mouth, the needle point will be diagonally punctured to extend the needle feeling to the entire retina. When treating facial paralysis and mouth and eyes skewed,The tip of the needle pierces the muzzle; when treating the cheeks, the needle points towards the parotid gland; but when treating toothache, use a straight puncture.

Dealing with children’s eleven tricks

Dealing with children’s eleven tricks

Has your baby lost his temper?

Did the baby start to have “suggestions” and turned a deaf ear to your words?

How do you respond?

  Taking a hard-hitting approach can only make the child’s rebellious psychology more serious, and does not prevent trying the following methods: 1. Have a little humor to make the atmosphere less nervous and serious.

For example, you want your child to take a bath in the bathtub, but he just refuses to go. If you force him into the bathtub, or reprimand him, things will definitely get worse.

May wish to give the child a little humor: “The bath water is poured. See who has a calf running fast. Tell your little butt and let him sit in the bathtub.

“A language that is different from usual will give the child a sense of freshness, so he will be happy to accept parents’ suggestions.

  2. Let your child relax.

If the child says no to everything, it may be good to give him all the ridiculous choices and guide him to keep staring at you. At this time, he will relax his vigilance and focus on those ridiculous issues, so youThen you can find the opportunity to drag him where you want him to go, or let him do what you want him to do.

  3. Turn tasks into fun games.

Children like games, and if they turn tasks into games, I believe he will be more willing to accept them.

For example, he always does not want to go to the toilet, and therefore always wet his pants. Parents can carry him up when he estimates he is going to the toilet: “Now I want to carry this gun and let him fire a bullet in the toilet.

“Suggestions like this will make your child forget his quickly and follow you obediently.

So the task of going to the toilet became a fun game, and he couldn’t say it.

  4, let the child voluntarily accept the task.

Prepare some books for your child, or write some interesting stories for him, so that his task becomes his expectations.

Or the parents make demonstration actions, but they are not required to do it at all, he will have the desire to imitate because of curiosity.

  5. Utilize your child’s rebellious psychology. When you want your child to do something, say the tasks you want him to complete instead. At this time, he may do according to your actual requirements.

  6. Sometimes, if the child does not understand the true meaning of the parents, he will not hesitate to accept it.

Therefore, when looking at the task with the child, look at the child with eyes and give the task to him very seriously, so that he will understand that you are not joking with him, and he will not just say it casually.

  7. Take turns with the children.

Because the parents do the same thing, and everyone has the opportunity to do this kind of thing, and must do it according to certain rules, so he will find it very interesting, and generally will be willing to accept the parents’ suggestions.

  8, leave children alone.

If the child does not heed the advice of the parents, ignore him, restore the parents ‘attention to him, and make him feel boring. After a while, he will understand that this is not a good way to attract parents’ attention, so he will try to change.

  Children around the age of 9 and 2 generally like to do it themselves. Therefore, when the child says no, parents can find ways to encourage him to use this opportunity to show his ability, and he will be happy to come by himself.

  10. If there is a younger brother or younger sister at home, encourage the child to be a good role model for the younger brother or younger sister.

He will try to play this role.

When the mother said, “Can you show your little brother how to eat yourself?

“The child must be happy to give a demonstration to the younger brother.

  11. When you want your child to do something, it is best to give him two choices, one is what you want him to do, and the other is what he does n’t like to do. Usually, children will choose what you want him to doThat thing.

Four magic tricks for moms to give their babies a fever

Four magic tricks for moms to give their babies a fever

[Guide]The baby has a fever, which is most disturbing.

Therefore, parents must know how to physically cool their children at home.

Here are 4 most effective and safe ways to help your baby physically reduce fever. Parents are welcome.


Hot cover method: I usually cover my child’s front door and cover my head with a little sweat, and soon the temperature drops, and I feed some warm water.

As soon as possible, my son sweated in 15 minutes.

  Expert comments: This applies to children within one and a half years old, the halogen door has not been closed, and older children can also use ice stickers to physically cool their foreheads.


Drink ginger brown sugar, scallion white water, Shanxi Yueyue mother: fever caused by colds, cold hands and feet, white tongue coating, light urine.

I usually use ginger brown sugar water to get rid of cold.

Add 2 to it completely?
3-segment one-inch-long onion white has better sweating effect.

  Expert comments: This method is effective against colds and colds in autumn and winter, and can drive colds and colds.

In the early stages of a cold, only a runny nose and stuffy nose can be used to relieve symptoms.


Rubbing the feet and limbs of Hangzhou Qiqi Mom: I usually give him rubbing the feet first, then the calves, then the little hands, covering, back, and finally rubbing the children’s two little ears, and then rubbing Baihui points.

After a while, the baby sweated, and his temperature dropped.

  Expert comment: Rubbing the foot with reduced alcohol, pulsating the arteries of the extremities.

Don’t try too fast or too hard during the massage, and give your child more warm water at the same time.


Salt water to reduce internal heat Hefei Shanshan mother: If the child has a fever, hands and feet are not cold, complexion, red eyes, sore throat, yellow urine color, indicating that the internal heat is heavy, at this time let the child drink a lot of salt water to reduce internal heat.

As long as you drink plenty of water, your child will urinate a few times and his temperature will drop.

  Expert comments: For wind-heat type colds, or children with internal heat, yellow urine, dry stool, salt water is suitable.

Kelp and laver can enhance male and female libido

Kelp and laver can enhance male and female libido

Seaweed is rich in iodine and other nutrients, which can guarantee the normal function of the thyroid gland.

  Many studies have shown that in patients with hypothyroidism, the metabolism of androgens will be affected, resulting in symptoms of hyposexuality and sexual decline, which affects both men and women, and seaweed can supplement its deficiency.

  In addition, seaweed foods are also rich in zinc.

Generally speaking, zinc deficiency in men leads to a decrease in sperm count and sperm quality, accompanied by sexual and reproductive dysfunction; 功能 zinc deficiency in women may cause symptoms such as reduced vaginal secretions during intercourse.

  Therefore, seaweed food is a good medicine for those who lack zinc to enjoy the “sex blessing”.

  Among seaweed foods, kelp has the effect of soothing liver and qi.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there is a close relationship between liver and sexual function. Merging, the liver is the main emotion. Only when the emotions are accessible and the air is smooth, can people normally have sexual desire and complete sexual activity. At the same time, the liver is the main blood and the liver blood is too much.In order to fully supply the penis, maintain its erection and firmness.

  From the above, kelp contains some polysaccharides and alcohols, which have anticoagulant effect and are good for vascular endothelial cells, can prevent atherosclerosis, and reduce the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

5 methodological stars warn against Huang Huang mother-in-law_1

5 methodological stars warn Huang Huangpo

Women’s beauty is not infinite. Over time, our skin will become less and less energetic.

How can you give your skin a new life in this cold winter?

Why don’t they come to play with time?

Maybe you can also learn how to be an innocent beauty.

  Carina Lau-Intensive maintenance age reduction method uses a large amount of serum recommended index: ★★★★ Editor’s comment: Essence is an essential product for daily emergency rejuvenation, and it is the most worthwhile item for intensive maintenance. The effect is extremely fast, and the price is very fast.It’s still acceptable for more people. After some first aid, it really works. No wonder Jialing looks very young on any occasion.

  Recommended by Shiseido: The rich essence supplements the skin’s source of moisture, diminishes the signs of premature aging, and restores skin’s smoothness and elasticity.

Shiseido’s Wonderful Beauty Concentrate contains Shiseido’s superior moisturizing ingredient-Bio-Hyaluronic Acid Essence, which penetrates quickly to provide the skin with the required moisture and improve roughness.

  Li Jiaxin-Health Maintenance Age Decrease Daily Eye Mask Recommended Index: ★★★ Small Editor’s Comment: The eye skin is most vulnerable to damage in winter. As long as you apply the eye mask for 10 minutes, your eyes will be more radiant.

That’s how Li Meiren’s bright eyes spread.

However, Li Jiaxin of mixed skin type tends to get oil in the T-shaped part, so most of them are moisturizing products.

With eye mask, when the eye skin is dry or staying up all night, just apply it for 10 minutes, and the skin around the eyes will feel more radiant.

  Sisley Instant Firming Eye Mask Set Xiaobian recommends: Sisley Instant Firming Eye Mask Set includes instant tightening eye mask 30ml eye and lip makeup remover 15ml all-round emulsion 5ml eye and lip cream 5ml small S-hot mom age reduction method to remove lip linesImproving the feminine recommendation index: ★★★ Xiaobian comment: To make yourself look younger, moisturizing and plump lips are essential.

First apply lip balm and then use lip gloss in the center for a moisturizing effect.

Lip moisture is easy to evaporate. Even if you don’t make up often, you should always add a lip balm to add moisture and eliminate lip lines.


Plump and hydrated lips can instantly reduce your age by 3 years.

  Elizabeth Arden Life Lip Balm Editor’s Recommendation: Elizabeth Arden Life Lip Balm is the first skin-care lipstick containing triple molecular nail technology, ceramide ternary complex triple molecular nail complex with Tahitian Garden flower extract Tahitian tinctureSeed flower essence brings moisturizing and comfortable use feeling. Arden’s patented ingredient Maxi-Lip?

Lip-rich polysaccharides make lips more plump and plump, and restore the elastic curve of young lips.

  Zhang Ziyi-natural maintenance age reduction method trusts the pure natural recommendation index: ★ ★ ★ ★ Xiao Bian Comments: Maintenance should be early, the choice is very important, natural skin care has always been hot.

When it comes to anti-aging, Zhang Ziyi’s first choice is all natural, no added cosmetics, and she believes that “maintenance should be made early.

She said that before, the makeup artist told her that human skin began to age from the twenties, and skin care should start at this age, and she kept it in her heart.

  Editor’s Choice Pure Natural BB Curd Editor’s Recommendation: 婵 Real Pure Natural BB Curd has patented SP-VC Nanosome (patented) application, Charmzone No.

0528387 Skinade’s natural and unique ability to remedy skin defects and imperfections is enhanced.

B coagulation combines skin barrier, anti-oxidation, bacteriostasis, UV protection, moisturizing, and hydrating functions.

This product gives you a vitality and natural makeup effect, adding skin oil, control, light, color repair functions.

  Lin Zhiling-Personalized Age Decreasing Cold Lotion Face Recommendation Index: ★★★★ Small Editor’s Comment: Lotion has a calming effect on the skin and can help shrink pores.

Every day, no matter how busy and tired, you will take a bath. At this time, you can use the steam from the bath to apply your face, or use the lotion in the refrigerator after bathing.

Lin Meiren said that the lotion has a calming effect on the skin, and moderate cooling can help shrink pores. This is how the smooth apple muscle is developed.

  Green World Native Cactus Live Source Moisturizing Lotion Editor’s Comment: Green World Native Cactus Live Source Moisturizing Lotion is based on the triple moisturizing mechanism of natural plant extracts with Hainan native cactus as the core, which keeps skin healthy, moisturized, and moisturized.

Cactus, aloe, and trehalose natural plant extracts penetrate deeply into the skin layer, quickly replenish excess moisture, soften the cuticle, and help subsequent skin care products to absorb better.

Choose oranges for food in winter

Choose oranges for food in winter

Seasonal fruits in winter, in addition to common apples, pears, and bananas, the most common on the shelves are bright and warm oranges. When you see oranges, it feels as if your heart is illuminated by the sun.

Oranges just eat hydration and vitamins directly.

Today we recommend a piece of orange sweet fish.

Ingredients of orange sweet fish: 1 slice of dragon fish, 2 oranges, 1 egg yolk, starch, cooking wine, tomato sauce, white vinegar, caster sugar, salt, edible oil, water Moderation: 1, thaw the dragon fishWash, separate two halves from the middle, cut diagonally with a sharp knife, slice into 8 mm thick slices, then use salt and cooking wine to fillet the fish fillets and marinate for 10 minutes. 2. Put egg yolk in the fish meat.Grab the fish fillets evenly on the egg yolk, add about 30 grams of corn starch, and evenly dip the fish fillets; 3, squeeze the oranges with a juicer and set aside, add fresh orange juice with white sugar, white vinegarTomato sauce is mixed in a bowl to make a sauce, 1 small spoon of corn starch + 1/2 tablespoon of water is used to make water starch in the bowl; 4, put oil in the pan, add fish fillets and fry until the surface is goldenRemove from yellow, leave 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in the pot, pour the sauce into the pot and cook over low heat until the sugar dissolves, add the prepared water starch and stir, and stir with a spatula while boiling over low heat until the sauce becomes thickTurn off the heat afterwards; 5. Pour the fried fish fillet into the sauce and stir well to make the fish fillet evenly covered with orange juice.食use.
: 1. Oranges are seasonal fruits in winter. Proper supplementation of oranges is also called sweet orange, yellow fruit, mandarin orange, golden ring, orange, etc. The fruit can be peeled and eaten its pulp, and the pulp can also use other food additives, Another important use of fruit is to squeeze juice, which is one of the most favorite fruits in autumn and winter.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that oranges are acidic and cool, which can widen chest and qi, relieve hangovers, and relieve spleen. However, those with qi deficiency and cold should eat less. Over-eating oranges may also hurt liver qi, so suitable is the most important.

Nutrition believes that eating an orange a day can reduce the incidence of cancer in the mouth, esophagus and stomach by half. Eating citrus fruits every day can also reduce the incidence of stroke by 19%.

Citrus fruits are the largest family of fruits, including oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, grapefruits, kumquats, lemons and many other varieties.

Among them, oranges have traditionally been the main source of supply of vitamin C in western metabolism. Citrus fruits can resist oxidation and strengthen the immune system. The flavonoids contained in them have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, strengthening blood vessels and inhibiting coagulationCarotenoids have a strong antioxidant effect.

In itself, not every nutrient is very high in citrus fruits.

The content of potassium, magnesium, iron and other minerals and vitamin C are not as good as fresh dates; the content of flavonoids is not as good as hawthorn; the content of carotenoids is not as good as that of papaya andMango.
However, citrus fruits are abundant in output, cheap in price, and edible in all seasons, and their expected nutritional significance has received more attention.

Second, drink orange juice is not as good as eating oranges, eat more beware of cellulite. Because oranges are sweet and delicious, and have a strong fragrance, many people like to squeeze oranges instead. However, nutrition experts do not recommend using orange juice instead of

Because in the process of juice extraction, a large amount of vitamin C in oranges is easily oxidized in contact with oxygen and loses its original physiological function. In addition, the rich fiber rich in orange tissue is lost during juice extraction, which is not conducive to preventing constipation.

Of course, for the elderly with poor teeth, proper supplementation of orange juice still has its meaning.

In addition, citrus fruits should not be consumed too much.

Only on the basis of nutritional balance, the health promotion effect of various foods can be fully reflected.

It can’t be because you love to eat oranges, because you have to eat a few pounds a day in pursuit of nutrition, which is prone to “orange peel” and make your skin yellow.

Eating large amounts of citrus fruits on an empty stomach will have a stimulating effect on the stomach.

Get a SPA for your skin on the weekends


Get a SPA for your skin on the weekends

The holiday is over and the trip returns.

  Feeling overwhelmed and want to rest a few more days?

  This is not that we want to be lazy. This is a normal physiological reaction.

  Therefore, in addition to the “unnecessary” work, try to give yourself as much rest as possible, especially for the skin SPA.

  Relaxing and relaxing “spring sleep do not know”, spring is always a lazy and sleepy season.

And Yoyo “5.

1 “long holiday, we” strike hard “to travel on vacation, good mountains and rivers, let us linger, and temporarily put aside the sleepiness of the body.

In fact, the overdraft is not only the physical strength of our mountaineering and wading, but also because of the changes in the climate of the tourist destination and the environment, making our bodies tired to adapt.

  At the end of the holiday, the feelings of forgetfulness and tranquillity returned to peace, and the fatigue and laziness struck irresistibly.

Therefore, it is best not to “full play” on holiday trips, it is necessary to stay at home for 2 days to rest well.

Otherwise, don’t be too desperate in the first week after work. Give yourself an agreement: don’t work overtime, stay up late, and don’t get too stressed.

When you get home, let them enjoy the tranquility and leisure-do n’t bother with “sit and sit”, hold a cushion, try to relax yourself and lie flat, breathe deeply and smoothly, and make blood circulate more smoothly.Detoxifies and detoxifies to eliminate fatigue.

  Taking a hot bath in the fragrant bath is the most comfortable and effective way to relieve fatigue.

Light a scented lamp, soak a pot of warm water, add 2–4 tablespoons of bath salt, and sprinkle a few fresh rose petals, bury the body in the water, gently soothe the skin, keep your eyes closed for 15 minutes . Dead sea sea saltIt gently removes old dead skin cells without taking away skin moisture, which is better than salt.

Well-dressed water and water moisturizing bath salt, lavender soothing whitening bath crystal salt, added seaweed, lavender, aloe, almond oil and other essences, while promoting body circulation and eliminating physical fatigue, it can also make dull and rough body skin quicklyReply smooth and tender.

  Due to the influence of climate, environment, diet and other changes during the vacation, the metabolism of the skin will be “disorderly”, so it is necessary to clean up the skin of the whole body.

If you do not take a bath, you can also use exfoliating bath salts or Biotherm body scrub gel, H2O + sea salt scrub to gently exfoliate your body.

  At the end of the milk, do n’t forget to use CLARINS bright body serum, Vichy moisturizing body milk and so on to nourish the whole body, especially ElizabethArden green tea, Clinique Happy, Lancome Miracle and other aromas, perfume body milk, let the light fragrance giveThe body is more soothing and pleasant.

  Desensitization and patience in spring are easy seasons for “hair”.

As the weather gets warmer, the regeneration of skin cells tends to be active, while immature keratinocytes appear on the surface of the skin, which weakens the skin’s natural barrier function. It is easy to be irritated and feel discomfort when it encounters changes in the external environment.

  When traveling, many people switch to new skin care samples that they do not usually use, or forget sun protection, or switch to high index sun protection products for better sun protection. These are very easy to cause redness and swelling because the skin is difficult to adapt for a while.Itching, small pimples, etc.

  If this happens, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner; if it is not serious, you need a little more patience to allow the skin to slowly recover-prepare a can of Avene or La Roche-Posay spray, apply a lot of water, and for redness and swelling,The effect of Shu Min is quite obvious.

For daily skin care, switch to Avene Repair Series, or FANCL Smooth Beauty Series, or La Roche-Posay Te An Series, which can help repair and rebuild damaged hydrolipidic membranes.

In the daytime, you must use pure physical sunscreen Avene active spring moisturizing cream or FANCL sunscreen lotion to isolate ultraviolet rays, and the skin that has been injured can not be damaged by ultraviolet rays anymore.

  When sensitivities begin to fade, the skin surface may be particularly rough.

Do n’t worry, they will eventually be metabolized. Do n’t take an intense exfoliation method because of anxiety. It will become crusted like a wound. If you always peel it, you will be re-opened the wound again and again.The skin is more difficult to heal.

  The hydration deeply soothes the spring breeze, which brings spring feeling and also removes skin moisture.

Therefore, everyone who comes back from the trip and fully replenishes skin is required to do skin care!

  In addition to drinking plenty of water to quench your thirst, “drink water” must also let the skin “drink water” directly.

Although spraying or hydrating the spring water well can replenish and soothe the skin well, but because it cannot moisturize it at all, it dries out without paying attention to the skin surface.

Therefore, if you want to keep the skin hydrated for a long time, you should also “drink” more moisturizing moisturizer and toner that does not contain alcohol and cleansing.

Rather than moisten it with a cotton pad, wipe it down between the palms of your hands or four fingers, and press it to the front; you should also use your ring finger to tap lightly.

The temperature of the hand can increase the penetration of “water”. If necessary, the “water” can be replenished to make the skin “drink” full.

  ”Repair” should be at least 3 days or even daily in the first week of returning from the trip. Immediately after “drinking water”, apply a moisturizing mask to deeply repair the skin.

No matter what you can see or not, after the sun, there will be some small inflammation on the skin, not to mention that there is no time to repair it properly during travel.

Therefore, the moisturizing mask selected at this time is best to have soothing and repairing effects, such as Avene Soothing Moisturizing Mask, Estee Lauder Soothing Mask, FANCL Aqua Moisturizing Mask, Biotherm Spring Water Moisturizing Mask, Vichy Living Spring Moisturizing Mask, dewy and whiteRepair mask, suitable herbal herbal aroma mask (chamomile), etc.

Some moisturizing masks are very dense, and it is easy for some people to feel “supplementing moisturizing essence”. In fact, they are only added with “thickeners”. They are repaired and used after traveling, but it is easy to cause irritation.

  Remove the black and whiten the sun in 5 months. Many people still lock sunscreen in the cupboard. Or if they are addicted to nature, where do they remember to “make up for sunscreen”?Come back from vacation and look in the mirror: Ah, it’s dark, and the spots have appeared.

  Fading dark spots, always the sooner the better.

However, it must depend on the skin condition: first, desensitization; non-sensitivity, hydration, sedation, and resolution of minor complications; neither of these conditions occurs or is no problem, only whitening and darkening-otherwise it is easyCauses irritation, sensitizes, and irritation lasts for a long time and may even worsen

  The most important role of whitening at this stage is whitening night cream, repairing whitening essence and whitening mask.

For example, Estee Lauder Crystal Brightening Night Cream, CLARINS Clear Whitening Night Cream, Lancome Whitening Night Cream, Biotherm Whitening C + Night Essence, ElizabethArden Whitening Vitamin C Capsules, etc., have increased the proportion of daylightening productsRepairs sun-damaged cells and resists the effects of free radicals.

If your whitening product excludes whitening night cream, you can use some repair-type whitening masks, such as FANCL moisturizing and whitening mask, whitening spot essence, SK-Ⅱ whitening and repairing mask and whitening firethorn whiteningLiquid to make “water compress film”, etc., to deepen the whitening repair essence, quickly eliminate dark and dull and fade spots.

  It should be noted that within a week or two of returning from a trip, the whitening mask must be used alternately with the moisturizing mask every other day, and not used too intensively every day, because no matter what, moisturizing is the best skin repair.

How to improve mental capacity?


How to improve mental capacity?

Improve your own mental capacity: When your mood is low, learn to adjust your bad state in time.

Going out and seeing the beautiful scenery is good for mood; singing and dancing are good for adjusting your mentality; fishing and playing chess figures are calm; finding friends or family members to talk about the unhappiness in your heart can make people abandon their troubles . hope you can find moreThe method of self-adjusting mental state in the middle of the day, make yourself healthy and spend every day happily!

  Maybe now the pace of study or work is constantly accelerating, which will bring you great mental stress and feel very annoying.

  Appropriately adjust the time for study, work and rest, set a good time for exercise, often relax and relax the tense nerves.

  People live to live happier and happier lives, and a happy life must strive for.

In order to pursue his own happiness, he has the desire to fight for it. In order to fight for the goal of life, one must make himself study hard, find fun in the study, make the monotonous study full of life, and make himself carefree.Good health, life is peaceful and easy, happy and happy every day.

  How to relieve and eliminate mental stress?

  Ways to relieve stress: After you go home, you can yell for 5 minutes and change your grievances. Then sit quietly on the sofa and listen to the light music for 15 minutes. After that, you will feel more comfortable.

Or you can talk to your family or good friends about your dissatisfaction, and you can be relieved.

Hope that through psychological adjustment, you can properly treat similar situations and make yourself uncomfortable.

  You should usually listen to more music and let beautiful music to relieve mental fatigue.

The brisk and comfortable music can not only inspire and enjoy people’s beauty, but also effectively relax people’s spirit.

Laughing is the best way to eliminate mental stress. You just forget about your worries and laugh a lot.

You should also consciously slow down the pace of life and calmly deal with all kinds of complicated things. Even if you do something wrong, don’t blame yourself. This is good for people’s psychological balance, and it also helps to relieve people’s mental stress.

Face the reality bravely, and don’t force Bo to admit that he has limited abilities and cannot handle affairs properly.

  You need to make friends, talk to friends often, and talk openly or talk about not only enhance people’s friendship and trust, but also make you feel more relaxed and worry-free.

  Optimism is an open-minded performance, optimism is the purpose of physical health, optimism is the foundation of interpersonal communication, optimism is the guarantee of smooth learning, and optimism is a magic weapon to avoid setbacks.

  Believe that you will be able to relieve stress, rejuvenate your mind, feel comfortable, and be healthy. You can use your good attitude to promote friendship, learn and progress, work smoothly and have a happy life!

Black people’s tricks to dry skin

Black people’s tricks to dry skin

Occasionally look in the mirror, do you find that you have a lot of wrinkles on your cheeks, or are the corners of your eyes covered with fine lines?

Don’t worry, this does not mean that you are not old before you decline, or that you are in trouble for another season.

In autumn, because the temperature difference between morning and evening is large and the air is dry, people are drained from the skin little by little as if they were living in a skin dryer.

So how do you keep black people hydrated?

In fact, as long as you master a few tricks, making your face dangdang is definitely not a dream.

  1. Gentle cleansing in the morning. Because you have thoroughly cleaned the night before, and get up in the morning, the long dirty things are just the oil you secreted at night.

Everyone knows that the quality of the secreted roots is related to the temperature. It is cooler in autumn, so the secreted oil will not be too much.

At this time, it is enough to use a mild non-foaming cleansing product. A cleansing product with too much oil control can replace the outer water film that destroys the skin, resulting in more dehydration.

  2. Use moisturizing essence. Do n’t think that the essence of the essence is prepared for 30+ women. In fact, there is no age limit for moisturizing essence.

Moisturizing essence is used in the lotion, it will enhance the skin’s ability to absorb other nutrients, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

  3, sun protection is indispensable. Although autumn is not as bright as the sun in summer, but the UVA that sunburns the skin has not decreased.

Therefore, persisting in sun protection is also a very important task for moisturizing the skin.

  4, moisturizing spray with a moisturizing spray is the most direct and fastest way to hydrate the skin, in the early autumn season, carry a bottle of moisturizing spray with you, to replenish moisture to the skin at any time!

But keep in mind that after spraying, you must press dry with a facial tissue, it is best to apply a little moisturizing lotion.

  5, make-up remover completely oily make-up will prevent the skin from absorbing moisture and nutrients, and then grab the moisture on the skin, so when you go home from work, you must remove the makeup first.

Note that the amount of makeup remover oil or makeup remover must be sufficient to fully dissolve the makeup on the face and achieve a perfect cleansing effect.

  6, hot towel covering + massage is getting colder, the pores are automatically reduced, and the ability to absorb nutrients is also reduced.

At this time, you can use a hot towel to cover your face. This will not only deeply clean the trash in the pores, but also allow the pores to fully open to absorb nutrients.

After the hot compress, apply a small amount of massage cream for proper massage, which can add icing on the skin to delay aging.

  7. Applying a lotion mask on a makeup paper bubble film daily is more effective than applying an expensive mask once or twice a week.

It is best to choose a lotion with high moisturizing effect, it can not only hydrate the skin, but also improve the fine lines around the eyes.

But be careful not to choose an alcohol-based lotion, as this will over-irritate the skin.

  8. Night maintenance After 10 o’clock at night, it is the best time for the skin to focus on internal renewal and optimization, stimulate collagen regeneration and repair damaged DNA.

In this troubled autumn, more attention should be paid to night skin care.

In addition to using moisturizing essence, use a night cream with a high moisturizing effect.

Four ways to prevent constipation: get up early and drink a cup of cold water to speed up bowel movements

Four ways to prevent constipation: get up early and drink a cup of cold water to speed up bowel movements

Drink a cup of cold water early in the morning and drink a cup of cold water after getting up in the morning, which not only replenishes the body’s required water, but after the water enters the stomach, it will cause the stomach-large intestine reflex and accelerate the large intestine’s peristalsis.

  Gently rub the small belly and get up to empty the urination and shrink, with your feet as wide as your shoulders, relax your body, and gently massage repeatedly in a clockwise direction for 30?
Fifty times, insist on doing it once a day, and it will be effective after 10 days.

  After a meal, drink about two spoonfuls of honey vinegar, rice vinegar, two spoonfuls of honey, and stir for 3?
Drinking 5 times more water after each meal can promote bowel movements.

  Eat pears after meals instead of insoluble fiber. It can help prevent constipation and digestive diseases, clean the intestines, and prevent colon and rectal cancer.

Although pear is very sweet, its transformation and trace content are very low, which is very suitable for people who like to eat sweet and are afraid of fat.