Early morning yoga for five minutes

Early morning yoga for five minutes

The morning time is always very tense for office workers, but if used properly, 5 minutes of time can also make a great improvement in the body and appearance, the key is persistence and attention.

  1. After getting up with a cup of salt water, make a cup of salt water for yourself with warm water.

The amount of salt is controlled to the extent that it can drink water that has been salted without feeling salty.

The first cup of fresh salt water in the morning can help the body’s metabolites to be expelled from the body at night, and it can also reduce the body’s fire, especially suitable for dry winter.

  2. After drinking a cup of warm water and fresh salt water, drink a cup of warm water as a supplement to the body’s water and also as a reserve for the next yoga practice.

If you feel that even drinking two glasses of water is very supportive, you can intersperse in the middle to wash and clean up the bed. This will not only save time, but also give the body a process of digestion. It will not cause viscera due to water in subsequent yoga exercises.Sagging.

  3, Yoga Practice-The tree type chooses the morning time to practice the tree type, because in the morning, an important task of the body is to discharge the metabolic waste from the body during sleep, and the tree type has the function of intestinal cleansing, which just helps the body to completeIt’s “routine work”.

Tree type can relieve constipation, hyperacidity, flatulence, indigestion and other symptoms, and it is also good for kidney and urinary system.

  Practice steps: (1), expand, breathe normally.

  (2), the upper part of the left leg and the right leg are bent at the self-alignment position.

Slightly twist the right foot and press it on the left thigh, but do not use the heel, but use the outside of the heel to squeeze the left leg.

When the outside of the heel is pressed tightly on the left thigh, the left leg and the entire body are stretched and straightened.

(You can also use your right foot to cling to the left thigh.) (3) Inhale and lift your hands from both sides of your body to your head.

When both hands are raised above the head, their hands are folded together, the palms are placed on the head, and the wrists are against the top of the head.

  (4) Hold five deep breaths, restore, and do the other side.

  4, yoga practice-large circulation type The large circulation type can accelerate the body’s metabolism and blood circulation, helping the body quickly adapt to the process from sleep to starting a day of work.

  Practice steps: (1), expand, breathe normally.

  (2) Take a step to the left with your left leg, your toes facing forward, bend and bend, keep your right leg even, and make your legs lunge.

Cross your index fingers, inhale, palm out, lift your head vertically, pull to the right, and try not to bend your elbows.

The entire body is on a plane.

  (3) Hold five deep breaths, restore, and do the other side.