Dependence, how much do you know

Dependence, how much do you know

With the increasingly fierce social competition, the pace of work and life is getting faster and faster, and the pressure is increasing, resulting in more and more people with compulsive psychology.

At present, OCD has been included in one of the four major mental disorders that seriously affect the quality of life of urban populations.

Speaking of obsessive-compulsive disorder, I may feel new.

But it is undeniable that it is a “health killer” lurking around us.

  Symptoms of mobile phone dependence symptoms: mobile phone forgets to be upset, ringing bells do not ring, look left and right, ringing bells are conditioned to reflect, incoming calls reduce restlessness, etc.

  Expert diagnosis: Some people use their mobile phones alternately due to work needs or other reasons. Unconsciously, mobile phones become part of their lives.

These people usually respond when the number of incoming calls suddenly drops or their phone is lost.

This is not a serious consequence, it is just a psychological reaction that people often have when using mobile phones.

The point is that white-collar women should take more care of themselves and create a “green life” for themselves at this age, such as outings, fitness, reading, listening to music, etc., so as to distract attention from mobile phones and give themselves “no cell phone interruptions” in a timely manner.It ‘s a good day. ”

  Symptoms of network dependence symptoms: I do n’t know how to write without a computer, I ca n’t work without a computer, I ca n’t sleep peacefully without going online.

  Expert diagnosis: The expansion of computers and the familyization of broadband have increased the number of patients with network dependence.

Because of the margin of this patient patient group, it can also be divided into: chat dependency, surfing dependency, online game dependency and so on.

In Europe and the United States, psychologists have begun to attach great importance to such depression caused by network dependence.

This kind of network dependence has a long incubation period. Sometimes fans often don’t know where their pain comes from, so it is difficult to detect their own improvement.

  To cure Internet dependence, you must seek treatment from a psychologist.

In addition, you can also communicate with your family more . Symptoms of work dependence symptoms: insomnia, dreams, fatigue and depression, unable to stop the work at hand and so on.

  Expert diagnosis: A person who depends on work only feels fulfilled when he is working. He needs to rely on other people’s evaluation of the job to affirm himself, and will gradually become the only standard of self-worth.

In the final analysis, this is a sign of lack of security and self-confidence in the surrounding environment. People with job dependence are often prone to the illusion that they only have the value of being recognized at work.

The only way to avoid this kind of work dependence is to learn to find other pleasures besides work. Work can be placed in a more important position, but it must not be the whole of personal life.

  Symptoms of learning dependence: boredom, depression, unhappy every day because of the gap between ideal and reality.

  Expert diagnosis: Learning was originally a joy for people, but if it develops into the least sense of fun, it will only produce the “non-learning imperative” self-compulsive thought, which is the manifestation of dependence. Such people even want to change the tedious everydayLife, but verbally, in the end will still escape reality.

To produce learning dependence, first of all, you can use a journal to learn how to examine your life in a discipline.

In fact, I learned to brag, even if there is a big thing, you can take the opportunity to praise yourself.

Finally, in the process of learning, clear goals for yourself, so that there will be an impulse to achieve.

A sense of fulfillment can bring real happiness to people.

  Symptoms of emotional dependence: overly like or trust too much personal feelings on a person or an item, once lost, it is difficult to adapt.

  Expert diagnosis: When a person is unhappy, when he finds a solution, dependence often comes into play. If there is a friend who talks about everything, the problem of infringement can be solved easily.

To get rid of complications from emotional dependence, ask a friend for help.

At the same time, we must learn to make reasonable plans and arrangements for our lives.

In addition, you also need to cultivate your ability to endure loneliness, learn to enjoy a person’s time, and not rely too much on someone or something, and to know yourself objectively and correctly, is also a key step to improve dependence symptoms . Food dependence symptomsPerformance: Eliminating depression with overeating. Expert diagnosis: Facing food, people’s mood can always be relaxed to some extent.

However, if overeating is used as a method of decompression, “eating” every time to solve the problem is actually an escape from the problem.

In this way, you can never really solve the problem. Over time, you will become psychologically dependent on food, and bulimia and anorexia will also come.

You must learn to divert your attention, make new friends, learn new skills, develop new hobbies, etc., and help yourself build more ways to troubleshoot and gain a sense of security.

  What can we do to help us develop our dependence?

  First, acknowledge dependence.

If you recognize dependence and recognize the importance of having it, you can find a solution to the problem.

  Second, don’t blame yourself.

People suffering from dependence sometimes sometimes become harsh on their own, hoping that they can become stronger in the process of rejecting dependence, but this excessive self-control sometimes has the opposite effect.  Third, seek help from others.

Some patients’ symptoms of the original dependency disorder did improve, but they quickly closed off the new dependency symptoms produced during the effort.

  Fourth, cultivate the ability to endure loneliness.

People with dependence should learn to enjoy a person’s time. Being alone can help you understand yourself objectively and correctly, and it is also necessary to form your own independent personality.

  Fifth, divert attention.

Meet some new friends, learn some new skills, develop some new hobbies, etc.

Help yourself build more ways to troubleshoot and gain a sense of security.
  Nowadays, there are still many types of dependence. Some people rely on shopping and shopping, some people rely on interest classes, and some people even rely on hygiene . Why rely on it?

Because we are still nostalgic for those happy aftertastes.

So, get rid of the little loss and attachment to the passing years, start a new life, and let yourself be happy instead of just one way!

Fried Chinese medicine: not the thicker the longer the better

Fried Chinese medicine: not the thicker the longer the better

How is the best fried Chinese medicine?

Some people think that the time for fried Chinese medicine is getting better and better, and some people think that the time for fried Chinese medicine is getting better and better.

It is believed that the traditional Chinese medicine has been fried for a long time, and the active ingredients in the traditional Chinese medicine have been fried out and decomposed into water, thereby making the traditional Chinese medicine better.

In fact, such ideas are biased.

  In fact, fried Chinese medicine is a process of continuous release and dissolution of the active ingredients in Chinese medicine. After the active ingredients in the medicine and the liquid are balanced, the process stops.

Continuously frying it will never cause the active ingredients in the drug to continue to precipitate and dissolve. Instead, the active ingredients in the medicinal solution will be continuously evaporated and reduced, and even the active ingredients will be destroyed and destroyed at continuous high temperatures, resulting in a decrease in drug efficacy.

As a result, the excessively concentrated medicinal juice will aggravate the bitterness, which will make it difficult for patients to take the medicine, and nausea and rejection of vomiting will be caused after taking the medicine.

  Therefore, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine is not as long as it is fried for longer.

When frying Chinese medicine, the medicinal solution should be kept at a certain “amount”.

For traditional Chinese medicine, the amount of frying should be kept between 400-500 ml.

Interpretation of Men’s Recognition of Impotence

Interpretation of Men’s Recognition of Impotence

People have a lack of erectile response to men’s genitals. Although they have sexual desire, they cannot or do not maintain an erection, or the erection is not hard, which makes it difficult to maintain or maintain a satisfactory sex life. It is usually carried out using the term “impotence” which is discriminatory and irritating.Initial definition.

But now the medical community has used an appropriate medical term: “erectile dysfunction” or its English abbreviation “ED” (ErecctileDysfunction).

Many men have had erectile problems accidentally in the history of sexual life, but for other men, it may be a very alternating state. The prevalence of ED is high. It is the most serious and common male sexual dysfunction.Almost half of men have experienced erectile dysfunction.

  In the past, because people had few normal channels to learn about ED, many people simply thought that they had impotence once they had “erectile dysfunction”, so they carried a heavy burden of thought and affected normal family life.And gradually become lonely and easily irritable, which affects interpersonal relationships.

Therefore, to correctly understand and contradict impotence, we must first start with understanding and understanding the physiological mechanism of erection and the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

  The physiological mechanism of erection is very strange. Men have two different erections.

One starts at the center of sexual desire in the brain and is called a psychogenic erection; the other changes the stimulation of the penis itself, called a reflex-induced erection.

  No one can say when a psychological erection will occur.

But the younger a man is, the more likely he is to experience this erection at the strangest point.

Maybe you will appear when you are reading a romance novel, maybe you will appear when you are admiring a beautiful woman, maybe you will be watching a TV movie . all you need is a flash of thought, someThe race hits the brain association of his libido center.

Then an impulse quickly passed from his nervous system to the lowest segment of the spinal cord, where the erectile nerve was waiting.

  Erectile information enters the nerve from the erectile nerve and stops at those arteries that transport blood into the penis body.

Basically, the penis is composed of sponge tissue, and there is an arteriovenous communication branch tube structure between the arteries and veins in the cavernous body. Next to this communication branch wall, there are tiny muscle pillars, usuallyWhen no erection information is received, these muscle pillars will not contract, the branch of the traffic branch will be open, and the arterial blood will smoothly pass through the branch to enter the vein and flow away.

If an erection message is received, the muscle column contracts, and the branch cavity of the communication is closed, resulting in arterial blood not entering the vein, and a large amount of blood accumulated in the blood storage area of ?
?the penile cavernous body.

  During the erection of reflexes, the same series of vascular changes occur in men’s bodies, except that the nerve impulses of this erection avoid the brain.

An erection signal is generated from the sensory nerve of the penis, passes to the erectile nerve in the spinal cord, and then passes through other nerves to indicate the erection.

  The root cause of erectile dysfunction. If the erectile information can not complete the mission of transmitting nerves from the erectile nerve, that is, the nerves related to the erectile, the physiological response cannot occur as usual, and the penile sponge tissue will not be congested and swollen, and the result will be an erection.Obstacles are ED.

It can be seen that the main cause of ED is caused by insufficient personal sexual abilities, that is, organic. The most common factors are as follows: First, the central nervous system damage caused by trauma and physical diseases, causing the centralThe connection between the nervous system and the penis is broken.

Examples include brain and spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, stroke, prostate, and more.

  The second is penis without sufficient blood secretion caused by physiological diseases, diabetes, anemia, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, kidney disease, liver disease, it can also be caused by endocrine disorders or urogenital disorders and so on.

  The third is the influence of mental factors leading to muscle contraction fractures and psychological tension inhibiting effects, complications.

Such as fear, worry, nervousness, etc.

  Fourth, drugs may cause ED.

Due to the prolonged life expectancy and the widespread use of drugs to treat cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases, the incidence of ED is very common.

For example, diuretics, antihypertensive drugs, cholesterol-lowering drugs, anti-diabetic drugs, antidepressants and other drugs may cause ED.

  The fifth is the effect of age.

In the process of aging, due to its own degenerative changes throughout the entire body, the function of various organs is weakened and the number of cells is reduced, including the decline of sexual function.

In other words, aging is also a sustainable factor in ED.

According to foreign statistics, the proportion of men in the upper and middle age groups at different levels is 39%; 48% and above are 48%; 60% and above are 57%; 70% and above are 67%;In the population, the severe incidence is 40?

More than double the 50-year-old population, in other words, 52% of men over the age of 40 may be entangled with ED, and at least 100 million men worldwide have different degrees of ED.

  The treatment of erectile dysfunction is treatable for most adult men. Even if ED is very serious and not life-threatening, it does seriously affect marital relations and damage men’s self-esteem.

If your partner unfortunately suffers from persistent erectile problems, you should learn to use passion, patience, love, and tenderness to help encourage him to overcome (treat) the ED problem.

Here is a therapy for you to help him reference.


Cognitive therapy?

  Cognitive therapy is a treatment that gradually overcomes ED by changing the patient’s poor perception of sexual activity.

The conclusion is to establish a sexual relationship based on love.

ED is very common in men who have no sexual experience. When he confronts an erection problem improperly, or doubts whether he is considered a “qualified” man, he will try to escape from sex because of worry, and the ED problem willGetting worse.
  Overcome feelings of guilt and failure.
Guilt is a common sensation experienced by ED. It arises from the suppression of sexual desire caused by strict family discipline, so it cannot make men enjoy the joy of sex during sex. If it happens by chance in the life of husband and wifeED will cause or aggravate guilt.

In addition, most men who have been ED have a premonition of the possible outcome of each sexual activity, which is related to sexual tension, fear or fear of failure. If a husband and wife fail once and then fail, the husband and wife will eventually form a mindset.Efforts made by myself will eventually fail, so a vicious circle is formed, leading to the continued existence of ED.

Therefore, in order to restore sexual function, these bad cognitions should be corrected to let him know that ED is not a rare thing, nor is it an unsightly ugly thing. It affects millions of men. Both his own affairs and the husband and wife are common.You don’t have to be guilty about things, so you can build the confidence and determination that he can heal with love.


Behavior therapy?

  It is a treatment method to eliminate ED’s concern about sexual behavior through correct sexual behavior.

Sexual anxiety is the most common cause of ED. Men attributable to ED always worry about whether they can get an erection; if they can get an erection, they also care about whether they can maintain an erection for a long enough time during sex to make the wife more satisfied.Sexual experience.

Other men with ED are afraid of erections because they think that this leads their partners to expect, attempt or even request sexual activity (once these men have been “barred” by their doctors from intercourse, they can have an erection at will, and there is nothing at allED question).

Therefore, sexual concern is often related to simply not prolonging or satisfying his wife’s excessive sexual requirements without paying attention to his pleasure and satisfaction. The purpose of sexual behavior therapy is to encourage men to behave “selfishly” during sex and make each otherDominated by sexual desire caused by spontaneous sex, not just for the partner’s sexual desire needs to be disguised.

  Sexual behavior therapy mainly implements muscle relaxation technology and system desensitization technology, that is, under the guidance of a doctor, ED patients use the ability of ideas to make their entire body into a relaxed state, and then the muscles completely relax, and the psychology becomes calm and cools down.To completely suppress fear and worry, only after desensitization and mental relaxation, can correct sexual awareness and sexual concepts be provided and provide a basis and alternative for eliminating ED.


Sexy concentration therapy?

  This law requires couples not to focus on the sexual organs, but to focus on the intimacy of the couple.

Clinical psychology expert Masters believes that when a person pays attention to his sexual organs at all times, there must be a strong sense of anticipation, and the fear caused by this anticipation naturally inhibits the instinctual mechanism of sexual response.

Therefore, the sexy concentration therapy first requires the partner to perform a non-genital sexy concentration training phase. The ED couple can practice touching each other but not touching the breasts and genital organs. Focus on the soft skin and body lines for newNonverbal communication and the perception of sexy officials, which in turn stimulates sexual desire.

By touching each other to achieve sexy concentration, this is a way to improve physical sensation and evoke a natural sexual response. It is generally appropriate to train for 1-3 weeks.

Then go to the genital organs sexy concentration training phase.

The wife can touch him and the reproductive organs, then stop, let the erection fade, and make him erection again and again.

At the same time, he should be encouraged to concentrate on pleasing his wife and gradually distract his attention to the performance of his reproductive organs. If a man looks at his genitals with fear, there will never be an erection, which is always the same as watching the kettleIt is a reason to not boil water.

  The strongest time for a man to have an erection is when he wakes up in the morning, and his partner is stroking at this time. Often, there is a recognized improvement in the treatment of ED.

This elderly couple is also very useful for men with ED due to diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

If couples use 2?
Three weeks of sexually focused training on genital organs without erections or weak erections can also be combined with sexual fantasy to improve men’s sexual sensibility, and this method can be very goodPrevent distractions.

  ?medical treatement?

  In some cases, if the ED patient agrees, various drugs will also help erectile dysfunction. At present, “Viagra” and various aphrodisiacs, aphrodisiacs, etc., which are highly respected in the general fashion, are best treated with drugs.Under the guidance of the doctor, otherwise it is impossible to guarantee which medicine will enable him to live a “sex” life.

Alternative spa for you to enjoy cozy beauty

Alternative spa for you to enjoy cozy beauty

Introduction: With the rapid development of society and economy, the fast pace of life and work and environmental pollution put our bodies and skin under pressure.

After a busy day of work, enjoy a relaxing and relaxing beauty spa, which not only allows our body to relax effectively, but also allows our skin to be fully maintained.

  The tight pace of life and work in modern society makes people need to relax and change their body in their free time. People’s maintenance of appearance is becoming more and more meaningful. Therefore, SPAs with both maintenance and beauty functions have been favored by fashionable people.

  1. Cold type: Snowflake SPA Snowflake SPA.

The feature of the Snowflake Spa is that a room called the “Arctic Ice Room” is set up inside the room. The snow slowly drifts down from the ceiling and the indoor temperature is maintained at about 13.

  Snowflake SPA first brings customers to enjoy ordinary saunas. Customers can steam their saunas in more than 90 tons of wooden houses to make their bodies sweat.

When the customer feels overheating, he can come to the “Arctic Ice Room” and feel the “cool” transformation of the ice room at 13 degrees Celsius, while wiping the body with snowflakes in the ice room, removing the sweat from the body and cooling the body, and the armor returns againChalet steam sauna.

  Relatively speaking, the ice and snow SPA in Europe maintains the temperature of the ice room relatively. For example, a snow and ice SPA in Gstaad, Switzerland, controls the temperature of the ice room to minus 12 seconds. A snow and ice SPA in Stuttgart, Germany will control the temperature atMinus 17 seconds.

  2. Intoxicating: Beer SPA has heard a lot of people about beer chicken, but there are probably not many people who have heard of beer SPA.

In the Czech Republic’s Tahoev region, there is a family brewery called “Hodova”. It is well-known locally. Last March, the brewery transformed several wine kilns into bathing centers and launched a unique beer hot spring.

Customers can take a bath in a tub full of beer while taking a beer prepared by the bar.

  The so-called beer bath means that the yeast is first put into the tub, and then it is added with mineral water, and then the crushed herbs and dried hops are added to Riga, and then the newly brewed beer is added.

This beer bath contains a lot of vitamins and proteins, which is very beneficial for the regeneration of skin cells.

And the carbon dioxide in the beer bath can also promote blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

Therefore, it is especially suitable for those who work under pressure and have chronic diseases.

  3. Sweet type: Chocolate SPA is used in the existing five-star hotel in Dahawasa, Jakarta. The function of chocolate is fully exerted. Apart from chocolate desserts and chocolate martinis, the most special is cum true chocolate massage.And chocolate spa with chocolate bath.

It is said that chocolate SPA has the effect of improving the skin texture, and it is also good for the muscles.

The whole chocolate SPA process can take up to 3 or 4 hours.

Customers can first enjoy a steam bath to expand the skin’s pores, and the chocolate can be used for the best effect after a while of braking.

During the customer’s steam bath, the masseur heats up the chocolates that need to be used.

  After the initial preparation, the masseur will first apply a white massage cream to the entire body of the customer to prevent the rabbit customer’s skin from irritating during the massage.

The masseuse then withdraws the chocolate mixture and absorbs it on the customer’s back to start the massage, allowing the skin to absorb the nutrients of the chocolate.

It is believed that the possible natural vitamins in chocolate will help remove dry skin while also relaxing muscles.

  4. Viscous type: Crude oil SPA is located in Naftalan, Azerbaijan. The oil rig is constantly drilling on the poor land. There is also a trace of SPA in this place.SPA.
  Lamir Mutukov, 25, was lying in a bathtub, immersing his entire body except the head in a bucket. The “bath” in a five-capillary bathtub looked and smelled like used machine lubricationOil, dark and sticky, doesn’t seem to make people feel relaxed.

  The material of this crude oil SPA is a naftalene produced from naftalan, whose main ingredient is naphthalene, and the content reaches 50%.

Doctor Yulitikin-Sulemanova, who studies crude oil SPA, said this crude oil contains natural antibiotics and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will penetrate human skin, relieve joint pain, treat skin ringworm, calm nerves, and beautify the skin.

In addition, this crude oil is safe because it contains almost no natural gas or other undesirable chemicals.

  Message from the editor: In addition to a relaxing SPA, you can relax your mood in a stressful life, and at the same time make your skin fully nourished.

Can astigmatism be cured? How can astigmatism be restored?

Can astigmatism be cured? How can astigmatism be restored?

When a lot of children are a few years old, they start myopia, astigmatism, and often the children often play with electronic products. The children’s parents must pay attention. Then you know that astigmatism can be cured. Let’s learn together today.Knowledge about the best way to treat astigmatism.

How can astigmatism be restored?

First, choose a quiet place, or sit or stand, relax, remove distracting thoughts, open your eyes, keep your head and neck, and turn your eyes.

First gaze directly below the eye, slowly turn to the left, then turn to the top of the gaze, to the right, and finally back to the bottom of the gaze, so, turn clockwise 9 turns.

Then let the eyes gaze down, turn to the right, to the top, to the left, then back to the bottom, and then turn 6 turns counterclockwise.

Do it a total of 4 times.

Second, the eye breathe the law to choose the air fresh, or sit or stand, the whole body relaxes, the eyes look straight ahead, slowly sucking the foot, the eyes will be big, stop for a moment, then the gas will slowly exhale, the eyes will followSlowly close slightly and do it 9 times in a row.

Third, the ironing method is best to sit and do, relax, close your eyes, then quickly rub each other’s palms together, make it hot, hot with both hands to cover your eyes, after the heat, both hands suddenly open, two eyesAlso open it at the same time, so 3?
5 times, you can also paste 瞳 / 仁 / eye / paste liver and eyesight, menstruation and active, restore eye tissue function, control eye disease.

Fourth, the eye wash method first disinfect the washbasin, pour warm water, adjust the water temperature, put the face into the water, open the eyes in the water, make the eyeball move up and down 9 times, then clockwise, counterclockwise rotation 9Times.
At first, the water entered the eyes, the eyes were uncomfortable, but the eyes slowly felt very comfortable through the rotation of the eyeballs.

Conclusion: I read the introduction of Xiaobian above. Do you already know that astigmatism can be cured?

I hope that you can share the knowledge you have learned today about the best way to treat astigmatism to your friends, what are you waiting for, and act quickly.

Comfort children who have experienced injuries with a fairy tale

Comfort children who have experienced injuries with a fairy tale

When children grow up, they will always encounter the death of their loved ones, and the death of their pet will bring a strong inner shock.

When encountering such a moment, children often ask “Where has grandma gone”, and even ask “Am I going to die in the future”? Without knowing death, you cannot know life.

Many parents feel that their children are still too young to discuss this topic with their children.

But taboos are often identified as mysterious auras that only increase children’s curiosity.

Excellent picture books on this subject are the best textbooks, and although they are truly sad stories, they can comfort every soul that has ever experienced it.

  ”Goodbye, Grandma Emma” is a rare documentary book about death.

When a Japanese photojournalist went to the United States for an interview, she was taken care of by Grandma Emma for a long time, and after obtaining Emma’s consent, she used photos to record the life process of Grandma Emma one month before her death.

This process is calm and peaceful, without leaving any sighs and remorse, but leaving a lot of love in the world.

Her family said it was the “last gift” left to them by grandma.

  ”Gift’s Gift” is perhaps the best picture book on death.

The intelligent puppet left his body and left all the animal friends. Although he often told his friends before his death that he had only reached the other end of the tunnel, everyone should not feel sorry for him.

However, in the cold winter, everyone is very sad.

Until spring came, all the animals gathered together to miss 獾, talking about the things that 獾 had been with you before, everyone’s sorrow slowly healed.

Because although He left forever, the “gift” he left behind was like a treasure, always helping those in need.

  ”Grow up to be a good grandfather”, the little bear will go to see Grandpa every Friday. Grandpa likes to bring the little bear to the tree-top hut, tell stories to the little bear, and watch the scenery with him.

But one Friday, Grandpa couldn’t get up, and then he was admitted to the hospital.

The mother took the little bear to visit Grandpa, and the little bear told the story for grandpa, but grandfather fell asleep forever . Little bear went to the tree house with his mother, they cried and cried, and then little bear said to his mother, “When I grow up,I want to be a good grandpa too!

“Birds Singing” The frog Frog walked happily on the road, but found a black bird lying on the ground.

The bird was singing yesterday, but today it is dead!

Frog felt very sad. He buried the black bird with his friends, and realized the beauty and happiness of life even more in regret and nostalgia!

  ”The Cat Who Lived 1 Million Times” A tiger-striped cat that lived 1 million times and died 1 million times. His master loved him very much, and he cried for him, but he never cared.
Until he became a wild cat, until he met a white female cat . many years later, when the white cat died, he cried 1 million times, then died silently, and never lived again.

A life full of affection is far better than one million times!

Children eat more bitter foods and have more benefits

Children eat more bitter foods and have more benefits

When people ingest the five flavors of bitter and bitter salt through food, they are roughly balanced.

But the salty and sweet taste that children ingest now is excessive, and it has caused many diseases, resulting in poor children’s constitution and decreased resistance.

In order to change the imbalance of the five flavors, the children should be given bitter foods.

  First, bitterness can promote appetite.

With its freshness and refreshing taste, bitterness can stimulate the taste buds of the tongue, activate the taste nerves, and also stimulate salivary glands to increase saliva secretion; it can also stimulate gastric juice and bile secretion.

Combined, these series of effects will increase appetite, promote digestion, and be good for strengthening physique and improving immunity.

  Second, bitterness can clear the heart and brain.

Bitter food relieves the anxiety in the heart, has the function of refreshing the mind, sobers the mind, and makes the brain function better.

  Third, bitterness can promote hematopoietic function.

Bitter foods can keep the bacteria in the body in a normal balance.

This inhibits harmful bacteria, helps the function of beneficial bacteria, and helps inherent functions, especially the hematopoietic function of tandem and skeleton, and improves the anemia status of children.

  Fourth, bitterness can relieve heat and detox.

Chinese medicine believes that bitterness is yin and has a cooling effect, and has a cooling effect on the irritability caused by excessive internal heat.

Relieving fever, laxative can not only reduce fever, but also make toxins in the body go out, urinate out of the body, so that children do not have sores, and less suffer from other diseases.

  Bitter food is in the daily diet. The key is to pay attention to choice and eat it reasonably.

Most bitter foods are vegetables and wild vegetables, such as lettuce leaves, lettuce, lettuce, celery, fennel, coriander, bitter gourd, radish leaves, mantle, alfalfa, kojic, and seaweed.

Among the dried fruits, there are apples, apricots, coriander, almonds, black dates, mint leaves and so on.

There are also buckwheat and rye.

Completely take schisandra, lotus seed core, etc., which can be used for both medicine and medicine, soak in boiling water.

Schisandra is suitable for winter and spring, and lotus seed core is suitable for summer and spring.

Can salt wash my face? There are some benefits to washing your face with salt_1

Can salt be used for washing my face?

Looking at the pink and tender hibiscus muscle MM, I couldn’t help feeling envious.

Constantly wondering what good skincare products they used, they are so effective?

In fact, it is very simple. As long as you insist on washing your face with salt water, you can have natural hibiscus muscles as beautiful as them.

Now, what are the benefits of washing your face with salt water?

Let’s take a look . It is understood that the thickness of the bath salt has a relationship with the purpose and use method.

Bath salts are not necessarily used in baths. As long as some bath salts are taken in small amounts, they can be replaced in the basin and replaced with cleansers such as cleansers and cleansers, which is refreshing, clean, and simple; some need to be added to the cleansing milk.Skin cleansing and desquamation. Some are suitable for sauna, put the salt in the cloth bag and gently rub the skin to replenish the lost salt and clean the skin. Some are suitable for bathing. Put the cloth bag filled with salt and hang it on the shower head.In addition, some bath salts must be placed in a bathtub and immersed in water in order to eliminate fatigue and refresh the skin.

  One of the benefits of washing your face with salt: salt can brighten your eyes. No matter if you are actually bathing or enjoying bathing, you will agree that bathing can make people feel refreshed and tired.

Bath salts will moisturize and replenish the skin during the cleansing process, enhance the bathing realm, make you refreshed, and physiologically comfortable!

In this age of calling green and pursuing nature everywhere, you also try to be a beauty of a pot?

Bath salt beauty, trendy and cost-effective.

  After pouring warm water into the basin, add an appropriate amount of salt, melt it, and soak your face in salt water. At this time, open your eyes and roll your eyes subconsciously up, down, left, and right. The purpose is to let the light salt water penetrate into the eyes.Clean your eyes and stick to them thoroughly, and you will notice that your eyes become bright and energetic.

  Washing your face with salt has a good cleaning and decontamination effect. Mix a small spoon of fine salt with 3 to 5 drops of water, gently stir it with your fingers, and then move it from the forehead to the longer part.Gently massage for a few minutes until the alkaline salt particles are white powdery, and then wash with warm water.

  Benefits of washing your face with salt: Salt can effectively control the T-zone oil. Washing your face with salt, in fact, is anti-inflammatory and sterilizing the entire face skin, which can prevent the generation of acne. The chance of a large number of acne is naturally less.That ‘s it, like the adjacent acne, it also has a certain effect. When bathing, warm the body to open the pores of the body, then apply salt on the back and gently massage with a bath brush for about 1 minute.Then, use a soft object such as a sponge to soak it in saline solution and stick it on the back for 10 minutes, then wash it with water.

Frequent hair loss?

It’s possible that you washed your hair wrong

Frequent hair loss?
It’s possible that you washed your hair wrong

Long-haired sister paper is found on wood. Sometimes when combing the hair, the hair will be cut off by one hand. On the ground, on the clothes, the hair is pasted everywhere. It feels that the hair is getting scarce.I started to panic, worrying about whether the hair loss is a health problem. In fact, you don’t know that hair loss may be caused by improper washing of your hair.

Today I made two common shampooing mistakes twice.

Take a look and don’t make this mistake again.

  Mistake 1: Piling your hair on top of your head and rubbing and illiterating: Scrubbing your hair from top to bottom. Do n’t notice to me how gentle you are when washing your hair, because just rubbing your hair is not appropriate.

Keep in mind that washing your hair from top to bottom, the hair scales have no chance to be upset.

This effect is immediate, and the softness of the wash is comparable to the use of conditioner!

When washing, open your hands first, into the shape of a dragon claw, and then insert it into the hair from top to bottom.

After trying this trick, according to feedback from many people, the hair is not as tangled as before.

  Mistake 2: Foaming on the hair when shampooing. Literacy: The shampoo must foam on the palm of the hand. The mistake is big, just like using a facial cleanser. It is best to rub out the rich foam on the palm of the hand first.Good to dissolve dirt, shampoo is also a reason.

Squeeze on your hair and rub, first at the root of your scalp.

In fact, foam is used to block hair friction, how to protect it by rubbing hair?

If the foam is not good enough, drip a few drops of water and rub your hands quickly in the hollow.

It is really difficult to make a foam in the palm of the hand, and hit it at the end of the hair and then over the scalp. In addition, try to dry clean as little as possible.

  Mistake 3: If you wash your scalp less, your hair will be less literate: If you rub your scalp with more force than usual, you will feel hepatic tremor when you look at the clumps of hair.Much easier.

In fact, they have been replaced when the hair is dry, and the lubrication of the conditioner falls off.

For hair loss, you should clean your scalp, especially the oily scalp, and thoroughly clean the hair follicles before you can develop a new and stronger hair.

Massage more with your fingers and belly, pushing the scalp instead of scratching.

With these three wrong shampooing methods, do n’t blame if you do n’t lose your hair!

Accelerating metabolism in winter helps you stay alive

Accelerating metabolism in winter helps you stay alive

In winter, due to the weather, the human body will slow down its own working speed.

Therefore, we have to make every effort to prevent ourselves from closing the “dormant” state and prevent weight gain.

Old Chinese medicine will share with you 5 ways to speed up your metabolism in winter.


Eat a nutritious breakfast. Eating breakfast and digesting food can speed up your metabolism. You can keep your brain working by getting enough glucose.

Therefore, it is important to ensure the nutrition of breakfast in winter.


Regard exercise as an integral part of life, even in winter, it is necessary to ensure daily strength training so as to speed up metabolism.

Interestingly, metabolism will continue for a few hours after exercise.

So, maybe during your rest, the aunt on the waist has disappeared unknowingly.


Any kind of massage can improve blood circulation and accelerate metabolism.


Whether it’s a shower or a sauna, any spa solution can speed up your metabolism.


Breathing more fresh air requires more oxygen to maintain a high level of metabolism, but it is not enough to achieve this condition in a sweltering room.

Therefore, walking in fresh air will also speed up metabolism.