How to treat high blood pressure

How to treat high blood pressure

Hypertension is a very common disease nowadays. This disease has a great impact on many patients. The people with hypertension are mainly elderly. So what is the diet therapy for patients with this disease?

Let’s take a look at the following.

  1. Peanut Soaked in Vinegar: Wash and drain the peanuts (without peeling) with red coat, steam them, and cool them. Place them in a container and soak them in vinegar for one week. Pay attention to sealing.

Take 20 capsules every morning and evening. After chewing, swallow it, and take it for 7 days as a course of treatment. Generally, the blood pressure is stable for a course of treatment.

  Second, sesame oil spinach: 500 grams of spinach washed and chopped, add 25 grams of small milled sesame oil, salt, MSG portions, stir-fry for 2 minutes before serving.

  Third, vegetarian stir-fried celery: Wash and cut celery into a small amount, put it in boiling water, remove it, and then add the olein to fry, salt, monosodium glutamate, and add sesame oil for about 1 minute.

  Fourth, Qiju tenderloin: 250g slices of tenderloin, 20 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 6 grams of Gongju washed and crushed.

Pork tenderloin is made with black powder, monosodium glutamate, salt, spring onion, and rice wine paste.

In another oil pan, stir-fry the wolfberries and chrysanthemum slightly in the oil, stir in the tenderloin and stir well.

  Fifth, red lobster jellyfish porridge: take 120 grams of red rob, 60 grams of jellyfish skin, 60 grams of rice.

Wash the red lobster, peel, slice, and rinse the jellyfish skin, soak, cut into thin strips, and wash the rice.

Put them into the pot together, add the right amount of water, cook the simmered porridge, and season.

  This prescription has the functions of clearing heat, moistening dryness, and reducing phlegm, and is suitable for hypertension and coronary heart disease who have phlegm fever.

  6. Pueraria pueraria congee: Take 120 grams of powdered pueraria root, 30 grams of raw barley, and 30 grams of rice.

Wash the powdered pueraria root, peel, slice, and grow coix seed, and wash the rice before.

Put them into the pot together, add the right amount of water, cook the simmered porridge, and season.
  This prescription has the effect of clearing heat and diuresis, and is suitable for hypertension, coronary heart disease who are hyperactive liver yang or congestion of phlegm.

  Seven, celery fried mussels: take 150 grams of celery, 30 grams of mussels, ginger, garlic mixed.

Soak the mussels, wash them, add them to boiling water and remove them.

Remove the roots and leaves of celery, wash and cut into sections, fry in a pan until the eight are ripe, and filter off the water.

Raise the pan, add ginger, garlic and stir-fry the scent. After the mussels are slightly fried, add water to stir-fry, stir-fry with celery, season with simmered flour and serve.

  This prescription has the effect of nourishing the liver and kidney, and flattening the liver and yang, and is suitable for those with hypertension who are hyperactivity of yin deficiency and yang.

(Symptoms: Waist and knees are weak, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitations, insomnia, night sweats and thirst.) Eight, vegetarian fried anemone mushrooms: 500 grams of anemone mushrooms, ginger, light white, sesame oil each amount.

Cut the anemone’s feet off, wash it, cut the big anemone into small pieces, simmer it in water, and strain it for later use.

Remove from frying pan, add ginger, scallion and stir-fry, add phoenix mushrooms, season and stir-fry the stir-fried noodles, and serve with sesame oil on a plate.

  This prescription has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, moistening phlegm, and reducing phlegm. It is suitable for hypertension, hyperlipidemia is a person with phlegm, dampness, and heat.

(Symptoms: Upset, thirsty, boss pain, short urination) Nine, fresh celery juice: 250 grams of fresh celery, washed, put in boiling water and blanched for 2 minutes, remove the minced juice and eat.

Take 1 small cup each time, 2 times a day.

  This formula has the effect of lowering blood pressure, calming the liver, sedating, detoxifying, antiemetics, and diuretic. It is suitable for dizziness, headache, facial flushing, and hyperexcitability.

  These dietary treatments only have a certain auxiliary effect and cannot really help us fundamentally improve the problem of high blood pressure. Only the treatment with drugs can achieve the appropriate effect.

Fitness coach’s advice on fattening


Fitness coach’s advice on fattening

There were also men and women around me. They were all too thin to eat. They didn’t get fat when they ate. They wanted to gain weight.

Gradually, some people are naturally fat when they reach middle age, and some people (some kind of women) are full after giving birth to a child.

So you don’t have to worry too much about your weight, as long as you are healthy.

Maybe after the university graduated, the environment is relaxed, the weight will naturally increase, and you will become stronger.

銆€銆€I have also conducted systematic research on how to increase fat for thin people. Thin people gain weight. Just like fat people become thinner, they also need to have a spirit of perseverance.

銆€銆€I put forward three opinions for friends who want to gain weight for thin people: (1) variety and increase nutrition; (2) exercise and enhance physical fitness; (3) maintain a happy mood.

For you, the first two points are not a problem, so what about the third point?

Is it often sentimental and unhappy?

銆€銆€I suggest you: 1, prepare equipment or go to the gym to start practicing bodybuilding.

Because bodybuilding training can completely increase muscle weight, and body size can be greatly improved.

銆€銆€At the beginning of the training, the muscles have never been strongly stimulated, so the training effect in the first three months will be very obvious, you will see you a brand new self.

銆€銆€2, nutrition issues.

The purpose of practicing bodybuilding is to strengthen the body and grow muscles, and these need to be backed by rich nutrition.

At the same time, scientific training methods + rich nutrition + unremitting efforts will become more and more solid and stronger!

I believe that your friend can look at you after one year!

銆€銆€So, thin girl, how to gain weight?

銆€銆€One: sleep on time at 9 o’clock every day, generally around 9:30, you have to let yourself fall asleep.

If you have a lot of work, you can usually fall asleep after 10 o’clock, but once you exceed 11 o’clock, you won’t be able to gain weight.

銆€銆€Do not think that such a “rural woman” sleep method will be laughed at by family members and relatives.

Health experts have said that people who have slept more than 10 o’clock are sick and I will not seek medical treatment for her.

銆€銆€Two: Get up at 7 o’clock every morning, most people are still dreaming?

People who want to get fat can get up.

Every morning, the beautiful sun will pass through the curtains and wake us up.

Get up and wash, choose clothes to go to work, teasing dogs, eating breakfast, chatting, watching the scenery, a busy and calm morning, it started.

銆€銆€Three: Rice to 7 minutes to eat, don’t eat too much, eat more!

銆€銆€Four: Love to 8 points No matter how much you love him, it is enough to love 8 points.

Where are the remaining two points?

Silly, give yourself a jealousy.

銆€銆€Give your own love, more will be chubby to die, less will dry up.

銆€銆€Not too much, it is a good fertilizer for flowering.

銆€銆€Five: The heart is wide, natural and fat, and try not to let yourself go to trouble.

Cry a fight, smash a meal, pour a place, lick your feet – fall down and sleep, sleep and dawn.

As a result, the problem of insomnia has not healed.

It is difficult to not want to be fat.

銆€銆€Six: Drinking water will also be fat. This is the self-deprecating quote of every fat man?

銆€銆€Drink at least 8-10 cups of water a day to replenish the body while detoxifying the body.

銆€銆€As long as you strictly do the above 6 points, dear thin girls, you don’t want to gain weight and it is difficult.

Baseball steps to heal your trauma

Baseball steps to heal your trauma

Concerned about the four kinds of rehabilitation to trap Ms. Liu, she had a divorce treatment with her husband who had been in conflict with her for a long time in October last year.Not going on.

Many women encounter emotional problems, especially after extremely severe psychological shocks, are eager for psychological rehabilitation and want to change the status quo of their own suffering, but most do not know how to do it.

  In the process of psychological rehabilitation, you will experience many beautiful feelings (confidence, fulfillment, strength, etc.), and you will find the direction of growth from these beautiful feelings.

At the same time, you must avoid some recovery traps in the process, these psychological traps will interrupt your recovery process.

In general, there are four types of rehabilitation traps: 1.
Unforgettable hatred.

Hatred will pull your emotions back and bring your life to negative.

Forgiveness and understanding are part of self-healing.

  2.Quietly restored.

Lead your excitement to share with your family and friends, and don’t silently perform psychological rehabilitation alone.


Maybe you feel guilty or even guilty about some people. If you can’t eliminate guilt, you will ruin tomorrow yourself.

  4.Fear and escape.

Knowing that you want to change and actually changing are two different things. The “change” in thinking that is not put into action will only bring you frustration.

Only action (not fear and escape) can open a new page in life.

  Suggest 8 kinds of rehabilitation methods Although each person’s psychological problems have a unique side, psychological treatment is a rule to follow. When you face the huge trauma in your life, you plan to change in a positive direction, then, youYou can refer to the following 8 steps for psychological rehabilitation.

Ask a person who cares about you, hire your good friend, a psychological counselor, and they will give you rehabilitation advice. You should actively implement it.

Do not distort the facts, do not lie about things that happened in the past, do not despise and ignore, or deliberately render.

  3.Learn to take responsibility for yourself and consider everything from your own perspective.

  4.Try to exercise, keep fit and take care of your body.

  5.Meet people with positive attitudes as friends, and there may be people around you who sympathize with you, but they are not your best friends.

  6.It is inevitable that there will be a period of low tide in life. First, accept the current period of low tide.

  7.To learn new things, choose a tutorial or training class in your spare time.

  8.Looking forward to the good things that will happen. After that, there will be more and more good accidents.

  In some ways, psychological rehabilitation is a kind of risk. You can escape and avoid the immediate pain, but at the same time, you lose the opportunity to change. Some women choose to escape after emotional trauma, which makes them feel deadLove disappears, sees through the dust, and escapes make you give up the opportunity to study, feel, and love, preventing you from reshaping your fun and fulfilling life.

Don’t take risks and have to lose your feelings.

Poisonous household items, not for health

“Poisonous” household items, not for health

Many cleaning powders used to clean glass windows contain a special smell of ammonia, which can irritate and corrode the skin, cause eye and lung discomfort, and cause long-term contact with ammonia, which can also cause liver damage.
Most air fresheners contain phenol.
When inhaled by the body, it can cause difficulty breathing and headaches and irritate the eyes.
After contact with the skin, it may also cause peeling and cause measles.
銆€銆€Alternative: Use natural methods to freshen the air, such as planting potted plants, or placing citron peels.
Most bleaches contain a chemical called sodium hypochlorite, which is highly corrosive and releases irritating toxic gases that can cause damage to the lungs and hair.
Bleaching and ammonia products (often used as household cleaners) are especially dangerous to use at the same time because they react chemically and release chlorine.
銆€銆€Alternative: For some stains that are difficult to clean, you can wipe them repeatedly with lemon.
Most of the artificial carpets contain unstable organic compounds, and long-term exposure may cause allergic diseases.
銆€銆€Alternative: Buy carpets made from natural fibers such as wool and cotton.
Dishwashing liquids and washing powders contain sodium carbonate and phosphate, which are all prone to allergic reactions.
銆€銆€Alternative: Use phosphate-free products.
Many appliances, such as televisions, computers, and electric blankets, usually contain a bromine flame retardant.
The bromine flame retardant is released into the air and may be inhaled by the body and is not easily excreted.
Currently, bromine flame retardants have been shown to cause abortion in rats and have been banned in European countries such as Sweden.
銆€銆€Alternative: Replace the electric blanket with a hot water bottle; move the appliance out of the bedroom to avoid inhaling the bromine flame retardant while sleeping.
Many cleaning powders used to clean glass windows contain a special ammonia odor that can irritate and corrode the skin, causing eye and lung discomfort.
Long-term exposure to ammonia can also cause liver damage.
銆€銆€Alternative: Use two tablespoons of vinegar, add one liter of hot water, and then wipe the glass with a cloth dampened.

Countdown entertainment circle thinning beauty to increase fat as a task

Countdown entertainment circle thinning beauty to increase fat as a task

It is true that people who are on the mirror will be fatter than usual, so in order to beautify the beauty of the mirror, the beauty of the entertainment circle all take weight loss as their first responsibility.

They have to limit their weight to normal standards, diet, diet pills, and even some people have not entered the grain for several years, relying on fruits, vegetables and other foods.

But there are people like this, how do they eat long and not fat, and even increase fat as a task.

Many people are envious.

  Zhang Xiaohan, a “big-eyed beauty” Zhang Xiaohan who weighs only 36 kilograms, is even more skinny.

However, her thin body torso can make such a shocking and inspiring song, so many people praised her singing.

  Fertility has always been Zhang’s primary task.

Don’t watch her so slim, she can eat seven meals a day, and staying up late is essential.

In addition to eating above, Zhang Yihan admits that he rarely does exercise on a regular basis. Even if he plays a concert, he will only do a small amount of exercise because she is naturally so slim.

Occasionally a few pounds of fat, but when I got busy, I went back thin, which really made her very upset.

  The pure talented girl Jing Jingtian is the tallest among the three, and the height of 1 meter 67 is only 44 kilograms.

Really can be regarded as a lady.

She, who has learned to dance, has always shown her in a slim and slim image.

  But everyone may not think that the appetite of slim and sweet has always been really small.

Jing Tian’s favorite is a variety of meat, chicken wings, crabs, kebabs, beef, duck neck, a full “carnivore.”

Also like potato chips and cola.

Every time I eat, everyone has to ask if she is full, because she is always the last one to put down the chopsticks.

However, it is fortunate that I have eaten so many things, but I have not gained weight.

It’s really awkward.

However, the slim and sweet scenery does not give people a feeling of “morbid beauty.”

She is very thin and very healthy.

  Just when others are bothered to lose weight, she is free to eat what she loves, without worrying about getting fat.

When I went to Shanghai to do the show, I was also sighed by the sweetness. I have to learn to cook when I have time, so I can use my own food to comfort myself.

It can be seen that our thin beauty has a deep love for food.

  From the beginning of the “flat chest” Tianyan Sun Yanzi, Sun Yanzi conquered the fans with her fresh and natural image and unique singing voice.

The thin body is also one of her characteristics.

  Yan Zi never deliberately lose weight, she is both delicious and likes to exercise.

There are too many girls who admire Sun Yanzi’s “bone beauty”. Therefore, Sun Yanzi does not forget to laugh at himself: “Who said that I am a good figure?

I am thin because my stomach has not been very good, but I can’t absorb it when I eat a lot. The result is that I don’t get fat, so it’s not good, eat well, sleep well, and having a good body is the most important thing.

“Some fans often worry about whether she is so thin and able to cope with the continued work.

Yan Zi also wants to make himself stronger by practicing Muay Thai, so that it doesn’t look too weak.

Six success tips to prevent weight loss rebound


Six success tips to prevent weight loss rebound

It is easy to lose weight and it is difficult to get fat. There are data showing that people who lose weight by 95% will gain weight to the level before weight loss or even higher in the next five years.

This amazing number shows that only 5 percent of the talent is truly a weight loss success.

How to defend the success after hard weight loss, and prevent the “returned pork” and then the upper body?

銆€銆€Tip 1: Set goals All weight loss actions should be aimed at health. At the same time, you should achieve some weight-loss goals that can be achieved in advance. You can gradually improve your requirements. You must not over-exaggerate your goals. Otherwise, you will be discouraged and eventually lose weight.

In fact, the goal that can be expected for yourself is to lose one to two pounds per week. If you lose more than five pounds a week, you will get hurt and your weight will rise easily.

銆€銆€Tip 2: Weighing on a daily basis Some experts with excessive symptoms at the seminar on hyperactivity in Vancouver, Canada, suggest that insisting on weighing every day may be an effective way to prevent weight loss in weight-loss patients.

These experts conducted a research project involving 291 dieters, most of whom were women, in a year and a half.

It was found that only 39% of the people who insisted on weighing the daily weight rebounded more than 2 after 1 year.

25 kg.

The person in charge of the project believes that the weight of the day can be found to be a subtle change in body weight, and timely measures can be taken in time for weight gain.

銆€銆€Tip 3: Good new eating habits should establish a good new eating habits. If you are more suitable for eating three meals a day, four meals, etc. to eat less, you should regularly maintain this eating habit.

In addition, eating habits that do not eat before going to bed do help to lose weight.

Slowly chewing, eating less snacks and desserts, rice, noodles and other staple foods are reduced, it is also a healthy weight loss diet.

銆€銆€Tip 4: Exercise moderately fast walking, morning running, aerobics, rhythmic dance or walking, swimming, these sports are good for keeping fit.

Exercise must be persevering, not halfway, not being able to exercise every day, but it is best to keep it and continue it several times a week.

Must be “moderate”.

The so-called “moderate exercise” means that it is best to do a little sweating, and the amount of exercise is preferably 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

銆€銆€Tip 5: Lazy people choose passive sports. If you are too lazy and too busy, you can also wear some body shaping equipment that can energize some parts of your body every day, a slight vibration machine, etc., so that you can do it without exercising.Let some extreme parts move, but the choice of these instruments should choose a reputable purchase.

銆€銆€Tip 6: However, relying on weight-loss drugs to lose weight by weight-loss drugs may result in obesity rebound after stopping the drug. Obviously, casually overdose, in order to prevent weight loss, and suffer from it.

Even if you need to take weight-loss drugs, you should use them under the guidance of a doctor. Do not overdo it.

Working overtime and staying up late can’t avoid these kinds of foods dealing with day and night damage.


Working overtime and staying up late can’t avoid these kinds of foods dealing with day and night damage.

First, eat more vitamin A and vitamin B foods.

Frequent staying up late is bad for the body and it is very harmful to the eyes.

Therefore, men who often stay up late should eat more vitamin A, vitamin B and foods that protect the eyes, such as scorpions, carrots, leeks, squid, lean meat, fish, pork liver and so on.

Second, the brain to strengthen the body’s immunity, food, men often stay up late will lead to lack of sleep, body immunity and memory will decline, so eat more nutritious, have brain and brain, enhance the body’s immunity, recommended moreSome walnuts, milk, millet porridge to increase brain nutrition, and then eat some turtle, sea cucumber, black sesame, fungus, kelp, sputum and other foods to enhance the body’s immunity, which is very important for male health.

Third, eat more high-protein, high-fiber foods often stay up all night, the body will not stand, men are the same, so we must eat some high-protein, high-fiber substitute food to supplement the body’s nutritional needs, eat less sweets, animalsSex, it is recommended to eat more fish, beans, eggs and other high protein and brain food, as well as vegetables and fruits.

Fourth, eat more stomach, if the food under the fire is always staying up late, the stomach will not stand, and it is easy to get angry, so you can eat more stomach, under fire food, such as millet porridge, noodles, pumpkin,Yam and so on.

In addition, you can drink some chrysanthemum tea while staying up late, both hydrating and reducing fire, but also clearing the liver and eyesight.

What do men often eat late at night?

High-protein foods, high-fiber foods, brain-enhancing foods, foods that enhance the body’s immunity, foods that raise the stomach and the fire, these are the people who stay up all night to eat.

Five civilian Chinese medicines to help you keep your daily routine

Five “civilian” Chinese medicines to help you keep your daily routine

The five “civilian” Chinese medicines of Tianqi, Eucommia, Chenpi, Qufu and Huai Yam, if used properly, can be used for health care.
銆€銆€Tianqi Pharmacological action: Tianqi is a kind of ginseng, which has a nourishing effect, and is also a smashing injury medicine. It has the functions of tonifying the muscles, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.
銆€銆€Health Cheats: often use Tianqi soup, can adjust coronary heart disease.
銆€銆€Tips: Buy Tianqi, which is excellent in granules, solid, smooth, and without claws.
It is best to use chicken oil when cooking, stir fry until slightly yellow, and then use a hammer to break after cooling, because this can enhance the nourishing effect of Tianqi.
銆€銆€Eucommia Pharmacological action: It has the functions of supplementing the waist, strengthening the kidney and strengthening the kidney.
銆€銆€Health Cheats: Recommend a peanut Duzhong oxtail soup, this soup has the effect of blood, kidney, strong bones.
The specific method is: 60 grams of peanuts, washed and soaked; 20 grams of Eucommia, sprinkle with light salt water in the pot, slowly fry and dry; after washing the oxtail, boil in water for 10 minutes, then wash.
Put ginger in the corrugated together, add some water, and use the simmer for about 3 hours after the fire is boiled.
銆€銆€Tips: In order to enhance the curative effect, after the eucommia is placed in the pot, it is advisable to put a little light salt water first, and stir-fry it.
銆€銆€Chenpi Pharmacological action: It has the effect of eliminating qi and eliminating the five internal organs.
銆€銆€Health Cheats: When you are greasy or bean soup, add some dried tangerine peel to make it qi and stagnation.
銆€銆€Tips: When the tangerine peel is to be soaked and simmered, it must be scraped off of the white thing, otherwise there will be astringency.
銆€銆€Huai Yam Pharmacological action: Huai yam has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing yin, replenishing spleen and lung and kidney, and solidifying the stagnation.
銆€銆€Health Cheats: Fresh yam yam can be used for soups, as well as vegetables, such as Dangshen Huaishan Pork Soup, Huaishan Round Meat stewed pig hand.
銆€銆€Tips: When purchasing, it is best to pick the original yam yam.
銆€銆€鑽?Pharmacological action: It is mild and sweet, and has the effects of dehumidification, detoxification and Tongli joints.
銆€銆€Health Cheats: Recommend a chestnut porridge, this porridge has the effect of strengthening the spleen and dampness.
The specific method is: 鑼嫇 15 grams, 25 grams of chestnuts, 10 jujubes, 100 grams of glutinous rice.
Add water to boil chestnuts, jujube, and glutinous rice; glutinous rice, add slowly when the rice is half-cooked, stir well, cook until the chestnuts are cooked.
銆€銆€Tips: People with liver and kidney yin deficiency should be cautious, and avoid tea when serving.

Frail and cold eating sea cucumber tonic


Frail and cold eating sea cucumber tonic

Eat 1 sea cucumber for breakfast every day, sea cucumber can cut chopped porridge, this way of eating can not only make breakfast more convenient and nutritious, but also more conducive to the absorption of sea cucumber nutrition.

銆€銆€Before making sea cucumber porridge, first simmer the rice porridge. The porridge material is best broken rice, or ordinary rice glutinous until cooked.

Then put the chopped sea cucumber into the porridge, add a small amount of salt and sugar, the right amount of ginger, and then simmer for 5 minutes.

Sea cucumber porridge retains the nutrition of sea cucumber, adding ginger to the effect of warming the stomach.

This kind of eating method is more suitable for the elderly who eat sea cucumbers in peacetime. Not only is the nutrient absorption good, but the taste is softer and will not hurt the stomach. It is good for the frail and debilitating cold of the elderly.

For the postpartum weak maternal or the people who need tonic, the sea can be chopped into a small amount of fungus and put into the stirred egg steamed egg tart, which has a good effect of nourishing yin and nourishing.

銆€銆€If you want the taste of sea cucumber to be better, you can also choose cold salad, simmer the sea cucumber with hot water, season with Japanese soy sauce and mustard, sugar, etc. This way you will feel sea cucumber than other fish, meat.The taste is smoother and the taste is quite good.

You can also cut the sea cucumber into shredded dilute and mix it, add chicken essence or umami juice, add some vinegar, add chopped green onion and garlic, mix well and sprinkle with some parsley.

銆€銆€When sea cucumber is used as the main dish, people usually like to eat sea cucumber or crispy sea cucumber. In fact, these two methods are not very scientific.

The practice of sea cucumber promotes cooking and cooking in order to maintain the best nutrition of sea cucumber.

銆€銆€Use a warm water bottle to send sea cucumbers to the sea cucumber with a warm water bottle. First, turn into dried sea cucumber and soak in cold water for two days. After the sea cucumber is softened, cut the sea cucumber with scissors, remove the sand mouth of the sea cucumber head (the teeth of sea cucumber), and then rinse the sea cucumber.Cleanly add the prepared warm water bottle, add boiling water, 3?
After 4 hours, the sea cucumber can be made well, and the prepared sea cucumber can be refrigerated or frozen in the refrigerator and ready for use.

The sea cucumber produced by this method has high elasticity, is inevitably large, has a soft taste and the highest nutritional value.

銆€銆€Thermos bottles are generally available for one week at a time, which is very convenient.

Maintaining temperature is an important alternation in the process of making sea cucumbers, and the thermos can be insulated to the maximum extent.

In addition, the containers and water used in the process of production should not be contaminated with oil and salt.

The oil can melt the sea cucumber, and the salt makes the sea cucumber difficult to penetrate.

The pots and plates used in normal times will inevitably have certain grease or impurities, which will affect the quality of sea cucumbers.

If it is a steel vessel, it will affect the taste of sea cucumber.

The thermos bottle is usually not in contact with oil and salt, and the glassware is stable and does not affect the taste of sea cucumber.

Therefore, people who eat sea cucumbers often regard warm water bottles as the “best weapon” for making sea cucumbers.

銆€銆€The selection of dried sea cucumber has the first skill. The sea cucumber must be dry. The dried sea cucumber is easy to deteriorate, and because the price of water is actually much higher. Second, when buying dried sea cucumber, we must choose to dry it. Now there are a lot of illegal traders.In the processing of sea cucumber, in order to increase the weight of sea cucumber, the sugar is added to the sugar, the gelatin is even the staff, so the processed sea cucumber does not meet the product quality standards, but because the body is abnormally full, the color is also black and beautiful, to the consumer.It has great concealment. Thirdly, when purchasing dried sea cucumbers, do not blindly pursue the price, and combine the water rate of dried sea cucumbers for comprehensive comparison.

A pound of good dried sea cucumber can produce 10 pounds of water hair, while a pound of inferior dry water does not exceed 5 pounds after the hair, even broken and can not be eaten.

Lose the 3 kg of excess meat you care most about.


Lose the 3 kg of excess meat you care most about.

I am an apple-shaped figure. The apple shape refers to the upper body than the lower body. The waist line is not obvious, the belly is round, and it looks like a tiger’s back.

Such a “mellow” aunt’s accumulation is not all from the aunt’s aunt, but more is the hidden danger of the internal organs in the accumulation of crude oil: the possibility of chronic diseases.

銆€銆€Goal 1: Lose 1 kg on the waist side. Exercise: Speed up the exercise frequency 2 times a week, aerobics, yoga, Pilates and other sports, can help the waist to restore shape!

銆€銆€Daily small movements: twisting movements – can be done while watching TV.

銆€銆€The legs are separated from the shoulders and the wide ends, the arms naturally hang down, and the body twists to the left and right sides to the limit that the body can bear.

Repeat 10 minutes.

銆€銆€Lateral exercise – watch TV and chat while you are on.

銆€銆€The legs are separated from the shoulder width, the right arm is drooping, the left arm is lifted close to the ear side, and the right side is pressed down to the right, as far as possible to the limit that the body can bear.

Change to the other side.

Repeat for 10 minutes.

銆€銆€2, used to develop a correct diet: first eat protein food (meat, fish, eggs, beans), then eat oysters and fruits and vegetables, and finally eat starch (rice, noodles, etc.).

Finally, eating a staple food can prevent the staple food from being overdose, resulting in an increase in the concentration of the income.

銆€銆€Goal 2: The abdomen loses 1 kg and goes to the gym regularly. Selecting a targeted aerobic exercise program, twice a week for 30 minutes, has a quick effect on rapid iliac bone grafting.

銆€銆€Take a walk or jog with your family on weekends. You can consume about 550 kcal for 1 hour (8 km) and 700 kcal for 1 hour (12 km), making exercise a part of life.

銆€銆€Diet: Less sugar, less salt, less oil.

Do not eat any nightingale 4 hours before going to bed.

銆€銆€Do not drink “bubble” drinks.

So as not to cause inflation, especially those who are obese in the abdomen.

銆€銆€Large fat-removing and thin-belly foods: glutinous rice, melon, medlar, radish, kelp, white fungus, bamboo raft, have the effect of removing the wet water and eliminating the intestinal wall of the abdominal wall.

銆€銆€Practice “abdominal breathing”, which can stimulate gastrointestinal motility and help to burn slightly.

When inhaling, the belly bulges, and when you exhale, the belly tightens.

銆€銆€Goal 3: The arm is reduced by 1 kg. 1. The movement is tightened on the back side of the upper arm: the legs are separated, the shoulder length is the same length, the right hand holds the dumbbell or the mineral water bottle is lifted up and straight, then the arm is bent backwards, try to pullBoom, so lift up and let go 10 times.

Change the blacks and do it again.

銆€銆€Tightening the weight of the upper arm: holding the dumbbell, bending on both sides of the body, swinging the arm like running, moving up and down 20 times.

銆€銆€Tighten the entire arm: Straighten your arms and hold the dumbbells for opening and closing exercises on your chest, repeating 20 times.

銆€銆€2, diet 4 big arm food: banana.

Lemon, apple.

Tofu, low in degeneration, detoxification.

To promote the role of metabolism, I want to lose weight and often eat.

銆€銆€3, used to face the relaxation of the body skin, in addition to exercise, moderate use of skin firming products, can help “slimming.”

銆€銆€I am a pear-shaped figure. The pear-shaped figure means that the lower body is fatter than the upper body, and most of them are unfortunately distributed on the left side.

Waist and abdomen, on the thigh.

銆€銆€Obesity hazard; but slightly less stubborn and not easy to lose.

銆€銆€Goal 1: Lose 1 kg in the chest 1. Exercise: Perseverance is the key aerobics, Pilates.

Yoga can be done at home or in the gym, even if you only practice for 30 minutes at a time, you will receive a slimming effect as long as you stick to it.

銆€銆€Reduce the amount of excess meat on the lower side of the buttocks: The action of lifting the legs backwards, in addition to lifting the buttocks, can also tighten the sagging hip muscles.

銆€銆€Reduce the excess flesh on the hip side: the side of the body is lying on the side, doing the up and down leg movement.

銆€銆€2, eat more crude fiber foods, can accelerate internal peristalsis, facilitate digestion, reduce accidental accumulation.銆€銆€3, used to cooking or seasoning, try not to add any oil, this is the most important point.

銆€銆€Do not continue to sit still after a meal, otherwise it will aggravate the shortcomings of the pear shape.

銆€銆€Goal 2: Lose 1 kg in the waist and abdomen 1. Exercise: Increase the amount of exercise. Do aerobic exercise every day, such as swimming, running, climbing stairs. The most important thing is to exercise for a long time. 60 minutes is more appropriate.

銆€銆€Helps to consume more speed.

銆€銆€Stick to 100 sit-ups every day, remember to be 100!

銆€銆€2, eat more soup, away from greasy soup.

銆€銆€Avoid delaying dinner time to prevent food from getting into the body.

Especially the pear shape is most likely to accumulate in the lower body.

銆€銆€3, used to waiting for the car, the work gap can do abdomen and twisting action, “do not love moving” is a taboo of the pear shape.

銆€銆€Sticking to the original place for 30 minutes every day is conducive to the consumption of the waist and abdomen.