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Intestinal Detox Yoga Conditioning Limbs

Guide: Summer temperature is high, toxin concentration in the body cannot be ruled out, prone to fatigue, mental sheriff, poor appetite and other phenomena. At this time, it does not hinder practicing the intestinal detoxification yoga recommended by the following editors, which can avoid the pain of hot and dryClean up the toxin waste accumulated in the body to help you adjust your body to the best state.

  Skyscrapers stand upright with your feet and shoulders wide. When you inhale, you twist and slowly lift your head up and straighten, your hands are crossed, your wrists are turned and your palms are up.

When exhaling, the high blood pressure drives the upper body to slowly bend down until the body is parallel to the ground . Adjustment effect: The upper body and waist and abdomen are fully relaxed, and the toxins in the body are cleared between the reconciliation of breathing.

  Tip: Require the body to have a feeling of stretching and opening, and adjust the breathing reasonably.

  Intestinal clearance index: ★★ Wind blowing trees stand upright, feet are close to each other, arms are placed in front of and behind the body, when inhaling, slowly raise your hands over your head, close the palms at the top of your head, and lift the heels of your feet at the same time; when exhaling, the upper body is bent from the waist, To the right of the trend.

Hold it for a few seconds, repeat this action on the other side . Adjust the effect: Promote blood circulation in the body, through the left and right yoga exercises, adjust the long-term accumulation of toxins in the body.

  Tip: Put your legs together, lift your toes, and fully expand both left and right.

  Intestinal clearance index: ★ ★ ★ Rotate the waist upright, separate your feet, inhale, raise your arms over your head, and cross your hands; turn your wrists, palms up; exhale, let your body slowly bend down with your upper body until the body and the groundparallel.

  Breathing effect: While doing the action, adjust the rhythm through reasonable breathing to promote tibia peristalsis.

  Tip: When the upper body is tilted downward, do not bend the legs with it. If the upper body cannot be all parallel to the ground, do your best to do it. Do not force yourself too much during the initial training.

  Intestinal clearance index: ★★★ The snake twists down on the ground, palms on the ground, flat on the front of the chest, inhale, lift the body with both hands until the arms are completely straightened; exhale, drive the body to turn left,, Eyes look at the heel, hold it for a few seconds, repeat this action on the other side . Practicing effect: appropriate regular exercise of this action can adjust the spirit, reduce the feeling of physical weakness, and can lift and twist the upper body at the same timePromote the digestive tract in the body and remove toxins.

  Tip: Keep your arms straight, keep your legs and lower body relaxed, and feel the strength of your exercise in the upper body.

  Shape index: ★★★★

Did you propose yoga?

Did you propose yoga?

What is hot yoga?

  The so-called high-temperature yoga refers to a kind of yoga practiced in a high-temperature environment.

The temperature of the practice room is generally kept between 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit (about 35-37 degrees Celsius).

8 degrees).

Therefore, it is conceivable that if a set of high-intensity yoga exercises are practiced in this environment, it will cause the body to emit a lot of sweat, and at the same time it will help the body to eliminate toxins from the body.

The body becomes warmer and more flexible in this environment.

  What is Bikram Yoga?

  Contemporary Indian master yoga master Bikram?

Chowdhury is a recognized hot yoga innovator.

His practice methods are unique and form a series of his own.

Among them, 26 movement postures are designed, including 2 sets of adjusting breathing methods. In the 90-minute course, each adjusting breathing method is practiced twice.

  In 1946, Bikram was born in Kaduka, India.

In 1974 he established the “Indian Yoga University” in Beverly Hills (place name in India).

Both Bikram and his wife have been champions of the All India Yoga competition.

Recently, Bikram Yoga has returned to the public eye because of being involved in a lawsuit: he is applying for a patent for the hot yoga 26 style (Bikram Yoga) he has created.

The core issue of the lawsuit is that Bikram allows yoga classes taught in high-temperature practice rooms to be called “Bikram Yoga.”

He pointed out that only those trainers who have been recognized by his “India Yoga University” and strictly follow his training methods (including the temperature of the high-temperature room and the step by step) will be authorized by him.Under the name “Bikram Yoga”.

  After various adjustments, the lawsuit ended with an out-of-court settlement.

Bikram gave up suing several trainers who taught in San Francisco, and they agreed not to call them their training course “Bikram Yoga.”

  At this point, the copyright storm came to an end, but Bikram became a controversial figure in the yoga world.

  Hot Yoga Practice Tips 1 You must sweat a lot when you practice high-temperature yoga, so have your own yoga mat and towel.

  2 Make sure you drink enough water before and after the exercise to prevent dehydration.

It is best not to eat for 2 hours before the exercise (fasting is good for the practice effect) 3 If you are using Bikram’s practice method, you also need to determine whether your practice location has been authorized by Bikram.

  4 Pregnant women are not suitable for practicing high-temperature yoga because it will heat the core of the body.

How to care for baby’s skin in winter?

How to care for baby’s skin in winter?

The child’s skin layer is very delicate and thin, the temperature is low in winter, and the weather is often dry and windy. If you don’t pay attention to protection, many of them are prone to cracking.

Parents need to take good care of the child’s skin, you can do: 1, keep the skin clean.

In dry winter, children’s skin should be kept clean. Wash your hands with warm water every morning and night, and soak your feet with warm water at night.

But don’t wash your face too often, and don’t use too alkaline soap.

Otherwise, the skin’s protective function will be reduced, and bacteria, dirt and other harmful substances will have opportunities to take advantage of it; dryness will cause itching, and if the skin is scratched, it will cause skin infection and inflammation.

  2. Choose skin care products suitable for children.

  You can usually apply some children’s skin care products properly, which can effectively moisturize, moderately lock water, relieve dryness, and help the sebum film to build a barrier, which is both nourishing and protecting.

  3, pay attention to adjust the diet Many children have a partial eclipse phenomenon, lack of vitamin A, vitamin B, nutritional imbalance is also the cause of skin cracking.

Usually let your child eat more foods containing vitamin A and vitamin B, such as egg yolk, milk, vegetables, and fruits.

Prevents skin dehydration.

In addition, eczema and fungal infections may be accompanied by cleft palate. If the child has tinea pedis, eczema should be actively treated.

Causes of Damp-Hot Constitution

Causes of Damp-Hot Constitution

There are many differences between people. For example, each person has his own temper, and each person has his own unique atmosphere. This is what we often call individual differences. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, these individual differences are based on different foundations.Symptoms and pathogenic factors can be divided into different physiques. Among them, what are the causes of hot and humid physiques?

How should a person with a hot and humid constitution be adjusted in daily life?

  What is the hot and humid constitution? Wet requires moisture, and summer is the season with more rain. Medical research has found that people in the south have more humid and hot constitutions, because there is a lot of rain in the south. These are factors of external humidity and a pathological consequence.What we call internal humidity is often related to digestive function. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen has the function of transporting water and dampness, and heat is a kind of thermal image because the external temperature is relatively high.It is very common to have damp and heat, and the temperature in summer is relatively high, accompanied by a lot of rain, so the symptoms of hot and humid are easy to occur in summer, and people with hot and humid constitution will also have a lot of discomfort during the rainy season in summer.

Reasons for the formation of hot and humid constitution 1.

Congenital endowment When life is still onset, the eating habits of the mother cause a certain impact on the physical condition of obesity. Therefore, the constitution and eating habits of the parents have become the innate determinants of obesity. In Lingshu · Tiannian:”The first birth of a man is based on the mother and the father as a sacrifice. The blood has been reconciled, the camp guards have been connected, the five internal organs have been formed, the spirit is sacrifice in the heart, and the soul is complete.

“So the inheritance is that the formation of physical fitness also plays a very important role.


The natural environment shape has its own changing rules throughout the year and will not change because of your preferences. The six sexes such as humidity, cold, and heat are distributed in the four seasons. If you live in a hot and humid environment for a long time, it is easy to change.It becomes a hot and humid constitution, which causes the development of modern industry. Natural or man-made harmful substances are emitted, which constantly destroys the ecological environment. These harmful substances begin to combine with the metabolites produced inside the human body, and become hot and humid for a long time, forming a hot and humid constitution.

The progress of the complicated social environment era has made our steps unconsciously speed up, so we often meet with more study, work pressure, and unprecedented psychological pressure. These pressures have spread to different age groups, and they are also used in the construction of concrete and steel bars.In the cage of civilians, the opportunity for civilians to communicate with people often bury these pressures in the heart. Long-term depression and sorrow easily lead to the depression of the human body’s vital energy.Formation of hot and humid constitution.


Eating habits In summer, the temperature of deciduous heat makes us want to hide in the refrigerator directly, so many people eat cold drinks for the sake of being happy for a while, and the water and moisture can not be lost for a long time, they are buried for the formation of hot and humid constitutionBad seeds, and the differences in diet in some places, eating too fast, or too much fat and hot food are all the reasons for the formation of hot and humid constitution, so excessive smoking and drinking are the reasons for the formation of hot and humid constitutionChinese medicine believes that the smoke is hot and the wine is the liquid of cooked valley, so it is necessary to develop a healthy diet.

How to regulate hot and humid constitution 1.

According to Chinese medicine, dampness is a kind of evil gas that is very difficult to remove. Especially in summer, the humidity in the air is relatively heavy. Therefore, after a heavy rain, you must go out and bask in the sun. Of course, you can choose morningOr in the evening, avoiding the high temperature at noon, the so-called hot and humid constitution, in which the invasion of damp and evil is also the first, so you must first dehumidify, you can choose red beans, yam, barley kernel and other foods with better dehumidification effect.


Food that avoids getting hot is hot in people with hot and humid constitutions, especially in summer, when asking questions is relatively high, and often feels more irritable. The skin often gets sores, and it is red and swollen. It is easy to get angry if you eat some., Or spicy food, is just “oil on the fire”, and tobacco and alcohol are the most taboo food.


Eat more aromatic foods. Our human body has its own moisture-removing organs, which are the sweat pores on the surface of our body. The first task of conditioning hot and humid is to open the air holes and enhance the impetus of the air to eliminate moisture. The pores of people with hot and humid constitutions are oftenThe water is sticky, and there are no air vents. Naturally, the moisture cannot be discharged from the body. Chinese medicine believes that aroma can effectively promote dryness in the body, and dryness can dehumidify.
  Since each person’s constitution is different, the way of keeping in good health will also be different, because different constitutions have different requirements for the cold, hot, and spicy foods. People with hot and humid constitutions should not only pay attention to dehumidification, but also need to prevent heat attackIn summer, it is extremely hot, and you can eat some cool foods, and most of the people with hot and humid constitutions are caused by the increasing humidity in their bodies, which eventually leads to hot and humid.Physique.

How to eat red dates skull from A cup to D cup

How to eat red dates skull from A cup to D cup

Women want to have an S-shaped figure, and they are always dissatisfied with their own points. In partial shaping, the perfect figure has always been the topic of women. How to have a perfect figure?

Peanuts + Dasao help you surge in black hair!

Come and see it.

  First: eat raw peanuts and buy raw peanuts (must be raw, it is best to be fresh that year, do not eat fried or salted, it will be fat), eat 10-20 capsules every 2 hours,If you eat it carefully, you should chew it until it is very crushed and crumbled, and you can add oil and vitamin B2.

The stomach discomfort is caused by the reaction to the red shirt. You can peel the red shirt and eat it to ensure that the stomach will no longer be uncomfortable.

  Second: drink red date tea to prepare some jujube, American ginseng, and safflower (a little) soak a cup of water a day, drink only water, not sugar.

You can regulate qi and blood, pass through the meridians, and your menstruation will be smooth, and you can lift your qi, but you will not feel tired and lose your spirit.

  Third: drink ginger and red jujube water during menstruation. Drink ginger and red jujube water during menstruation (both cook in the pot and put in the refrigerator, and drink a cup each morning). Soak your feet with hot ginger water before going to bed at night.

Now I look rosy and even my nails are pink.

  If you lose weight too quickly, you will lose body nutrition and cause hair loss; while women are prone to anemia and pale, the above recommended method is a good way to nourish blood and qi.

Raw peanuts, red dates, American ginseng, safflower, and ginger are of great help to women’s health. This is not just for weight loss. I feel weak and weak, irregular menstruation and pale MM can tryHowever, the safflower is relatively hot, and the hot MM should be put less.

  Is this breast enhancement method good? Try it now!

Cheers for your money-saving tips


Cheers for your money-saving tips

The beauty cheats of celebrities have always been what beauty lovers want to know. They always think they are mysterious, but they are not!

Even big-name stars can’t throw money into beauty care for no reason, in fact, they also have many good ways to save money.

This time we will give you all the money-saving tips from the stars, so that you can achieve the same beautiful effect with a small amount of silver.

  One replacement nail polish “If the nail polish in the bottle dries, you can replace some nail polish in it, but don’t be too right”!

Samir said.

  The trick of the second eyeliner. Actually, what brand of eyeliner is not very different, so if the stars do n’t account too much on this, why are you fighting?

  Three light up your smile with a toothpaste can also make you attractive, but also saves you a lot of time and money from the dentist, this is the solution recommended by Kristin.

  Four homemade moisturizing foundations If your budget for purchasing foundations is not high, you can use your newly purchased foundations with a little moisturizing cream.

“I promise that you will like your ‘new’ foundation, it will make your skin smooth, especially during the day.

“Sophia said.

  Five Make the Essence Best Use The cover girl’s spokesperson Molly Sims tells you: “With the painstaking weekly hair mask, it is better to let the essence in the hair every time I wash my hairMore minutes.

“Sixty-six said goodbye to acne, acne on his face?

The stars will do it too!

American idol Carrie Underwood said: “I will use toothpaste to get acne, it is best to choose that pure white toothpaste.

It really works. Toothpaste functions like a clay mask. Not only can it absorb excess oil, the anti-inflammatory formula inside it can make the acne red fade. ”

  Seven Hidden Wrinkles “In order to hide the small fine lines of wrinkles, I will use some vaseline on a wooden board,” Gabriel said.

This practice has been professionally recognized, and dermatologists said: “Vaseline oil is extremely powerful in moisturizing, which can increase the penetration of moisture around the eyes and temporarily relieve those dry lines.”

  Eight swollen eyes savior wet tea bag can deal with swollen eyes, which Samaire told us, “but make sure the tea bag containing caffeine, otherwise it will not work.”

  Nine extend the life of fingertip nail polish “whenever you do housework, you must wear gloves,” Heather Hidley tells you so.

  The top coat of the top ten nails “After making a perfect nail, when you return home, you must apply a layer of transparent nail polish, so that you can strengthen the color of the nail polish and make it last longer,” Heather said.

  Eleven hairstyles change infinitely Three hairstyles can be easily changed in one day?

Stephanie March said: “In fact, this is not difficult. When you get up in the morning, use a curler to curl your hair into large curls. When it’s hot at noon, put a high ponytail behind your head. If you want to attend a dinner at night, useThat kind of Japanese chopsticks is enough for winding up your hair, simple and beautiful! ”

  Twelve scarf styles play very late at night, get up early in the morning and have fine hair, what should you do?

Gabrielle Union does this: “I’ll tie my hair up with a beautiful silk scarf, so that it will not only save time, but also have a different style.”

  The hot and cold tone of Thirteen Hairs is not the only way to dye beautiful highlights in the hair salon. You only need to buy DIY dye creams in two shades (do not have too much jump between the two shades), and then dye them at homeYes: When dyeing, first extract a strand of hair to cool the color, and then extract another strand to dye the warm tone, so that your hair can have the most fashionable highlighting color!

  Fourteen hair color returns. The hair that has been damaged by long-term hair accessories will suddenly become dull and lack luster, and Zooey Deschanel tells you: “You can use 1/4 cup of white vinegar in the hair washing water.Shows the most natural shine!

Eating healthy or not in your bladder

Eating healthy or not in your bladder

Health and longevity are our eternal pursuit. As the saying goes, illness comes from the mouth, so we must have a scientific diet to ensure our health.

Poor diet can cause diseases, such as eating too little meat can lead to anemia, dark circles appear on the boots, and your health will be directly reflected.

  Dark circles: To eat too little meat for anemia, iron deficiency will cause darkening at present, which is what we commonly call dark circles.

In vegetarians, this situation is more common because meat is the main source of iron. Iron deficiency will slow down the skin’s metabolism and make the complexion look pale, while the skin is very thin. The blue blood vessels formed by iron deficiency areDarkness will appear under the skin, causing dark circles.

  Pale face: Eating too few fruits and vegetables Eating fruits and vegetables will make people shine from the inside out.

Studies have found that eating 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day can add natural glow to the skin and make the complexion look healthier and rosier.

The carotenoids in fruits and vegetables make carrots appear orange and tomatoes appear red. After eating these foods, the human body will also reflect on the skin and create gloss.

  In addition, overweight people need to eat more fruits and vegetables to get the same effect. Because carotenoids are fat-soluble and can be absorbed in trace amounts, the effect of the same amount of carotenoids on fat people will be discounted.

  Black circles on the neck: A tan-shaped plaque on the neck, also known as black acanthosis, may be a sign of type 2 diabetes, which is mostly related to a high sugar and high blood sugar diet.

  When the body metabolizes these sugars, it releases metabolism and synthesis, resulting in pigmentation.

Symptoms are not obvious at first, but if they are not noticed, they will spread around the entire neck, which may also occur under the arm.

Experts point out that to remove these plaques, weight loss is the best way.

  Skin flushing: Excessive caffeine intake and drinking coffee can lead to dehydration of the skin, causing flushing and dryness of the face.

If you drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day, you need to add a cup of water while drinking coffee to replace the effect of caffeine on the body.

The sun is often absent, the body cannot synthesize enough vitamin D, and it can cause the skin to become thinner and redder.

  Rosacea, a chronic disease that often starts with redness of the skin on the face, may also be caused by caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods, because these foods can swell blood vessels and robes increase the symptoms of facial redness.

  Sharp skin doesn’t heal: Excessive dairy and high-protein diets are now commonly thought to be hereditary, but there is growing evidence that dairy and high-protein diets also contribute to the problem.

Some experts point out that a growth factor in milk may be the main cause of acne.

Some amino acids in the protein can stimulate the body to produce certain hormones, such as androgens, which may also cause acne.

  The best way to effectively prevent and treat acne is to eat more fish containing omega-3 fatty acids and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

  Big fat face: Drinking too much alcohol can put pressure on the body and cause the body to produce cortisol hormones. This hormone can cause a small increase in the face, water retention, and the result of bloated face.

Alcohol will over-stimulate the parotid glands, making them appear larger and their faces more rounded.

If you drink a lot, if you want to lose your face, you may wish to quit or limit alcohol, and you will soon notice a noticeable improvement.

  In addition, the large amount of sugar in alcohol is also not conducive to skin care, and is likely to cause problems such as sagging faces and loss of elasticity.

Although these performances are not obvious at a young age, after 40 years of age, the problem will gradually emerge.

  Rough skin on the face: Inadequate nutrition or drinking less water When the body’s vitamins A and B vitamins are lacking, it can easily lead to rough skin.

If the intake of fatty acids in the daily diet is too small, insufficient intake of various fruits or insufficient drinking water will easily cause insufficient intake of vitamins, water and oil, resulting in rough skin.

  As you age or the weather changes, your skin’s ability to retain water will decrease, and sebum secretion will decrease, causing the skin to lose water.

  Mouth wrinkles and cracks: Insufficient fruit and vegetable supplements Wrinkles, dryness, and cracks in the corners may mark a deficiency of vitamin B. At the same time, lack of vitamin C can also cause dry lips.

Therefore, eat more foods containing vitamin B, such as peas and whole wheat foods; foods high in vitamin C, such as oranges, peppers and so on.

  Developing good eating and living habits will not only promote human health, but also make your appearance more attractive.

Want to make your face more and more beautiful, symptomatic of these symptoms of your face, make diet adjustments!

How to get rid of black spots on expectant mothers?


How to get rid of black spots on expectant mothers?

During pregnancy, affected by the secretion of hormones, expectant mothers will have severe small spots in the bladder.

Too many moms complained that after giving birth to their children, the size of their outer waist continued to rise, their legs also became thick and swollen, and their skin was rough.

But as long as the confinement “sits” successfully, in just one month, you can restore the beautiful face before pregnancy. Don’t believe it?

Just take a look and you will know.

  Postpartum freckle allows you to restore your beautiful face story: Since I was pregnant with BB, I started to grow pregnancy spots in the fifth month, and in the ninth month, I was like a big butterfly lying on me and finally understood why pregnancy spotsAlso called butterfly spot.

I was anxious at that time, and after knowing it, I knew that a considerable part of pregnant women will develop pregnancy spots, but there is no need to worry too much. After the child is born, as long as the care is properly given, it will naturally fade and disappear.

But my butterfly spot didn’t subside after 4 months.

  Reason: During pregnancy, affected by the secretion of hormones, expectant mothers will have severe small spots in the bladder.

  Solution: Whitening recipes allow you to remove the bad spots in your body and eat more: tomatoes, lemons, fresh dates, sesame, walnuts, barley, peanuts (containing vitamin C, vitamin E, can promote blood circulation, inhibit the conversion of metabolic waste into colored substances,This reduces the production of melanin, accelerates skin metabolism, and promotes the generation of new cells in the skin.) Eat more: lean meat, eggs, fresh milk, yogurt, potatoes, seafood (rich in protein, which can promote better and better physiological functions of the skin)Eat less: spicy sauces such as soy sauce, vinegar, curry, pepper, mustard, wine and other spicy food Tips: Drink homemade whitening mask recipe to smash winter melon, add egg yolk, half a spoon of honey, stir well and apply to the face, 20 minutesWash off (winter melon is moisturized to remove impurities, egg yolk supplements the skin and restores vitality, and honey is the best whitening moisturizer.


Baby perception begins with seeing, hearing, and touching

Baby perception begins with seeing, hearing, and touching

Every normal baby has amazing learning ability, creating a wonderful little paradise for the baby-a rich and perceptual training environment is very important.

  I. Smart visual training1. Gaze activity: You can use a piece of hard paper to make black and white cards, about one square tile, and the content can have bullseye and checkerboard symmetry maps.”, Mother” and other Chinese characters or enlarged photo of parents. You can also place the disassembled pictorials and other items 20 cm away from the baby’s eyes and let the children watch.

  2.Follow-up activities: Use a red ball with a diameter of about 10 cm or a big blower or your smiley face, 20 cm away from the baby’s eyes, wait for it to look, then from left to right, from top to bottom or in a circleMove and let his sight follow the object you move.

  Second, multiple auditory training 1, speech: After birth, you can gently call his breast name 10 cm away from the baby, so that he turned his head after hearing the sound.

Every day, read him a short rhythm, catchy nursery rhymes, or gently hum the songs.

Whether you are breastfeeding, bathing, changing a diaper, or holding your child, you must talk to him repeatedly and tenderly in front of him, telling him what you are doing.

  2. Music: Let the baby listen to the music that he has listened to when the voltage is on. The volume is slightly louder than that of adults speaking indoors.

You can play appropriate fixed music in combination with your baby’s daily life (such as getting up, breastfeeding, doing exercises, games, before going to bed), which can not only enhance your baby’s music memory, but also help your baby to establish good living habits.If imitated animal sounds and some acoustic music in nature, if matched with the corresponding real objects or pictures, let the baby take a look and touch, then the baby’s hearing, vision, and touch can be trained comprehensively.

  3. Follow-up sound tracing: use baby wands, music boxes, clocks, small cups and spoons, rubber pinch toys, etc. to train your baby’s hearing discrimination and azimuth hearing.

You can ring the various sounding bodies in the baby’s line of sight and tell him the name. After he pays attention, slowly move away and let the baby chase the sound to find the source. After the baby recognizes the sound source, changeDifferent distances and directions.

  Third, touch and tease to train the baby within 1-2 months after birth, with different particle sizes, suitable for baby’s small hand grasping items such as rattles, sponge strips, flannel heads, paper rolls, small bottle caps or small building blocks, celery rootOr put your finger on his little hands, let him hold it for a while, and get him various tactile experiences.

After 2 months, you can suspend some semi-fixed toys in front of his eyes, let him hit, get enough, grasp, and also give him finger massage exercises, from the palm to the back of the hand, to each finger, 2-3 times.

  In addition, you can also make your intellectual development faster by making funny sounds.

Because teasing is your act of “teasing” him.

Teasing is a neural connection between the baby’s sensory system (seeing, hearing, touching, etc.) and the motor system (smile), forming a sign of conditioned reflexes. It is a comprehensive active reward caused by your baby’s smile, tease, and caress., Is the baby’s initial intellectual bud.

Eat pears after meals to excrete carcinogens in the body

Eat pears after meals to excrete carcinogens in the body

Pears are rich in vitamins, precipitated fibers and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and iodine.

Eating pears often can not only prevent constipation, but also promote the discharge of carcinogens in the body.

Pears that are healthy after eating are very sweet, but their trace amounts and trace amounts are very low. Middle-aged and elderly people eat more pears, which can help the body purify organs and soften blood vessels.

Eating pears also has a certain auxiliary effect on anorexia, indigestion, enteritis, chronic laryngitis and other diseases.

However, experts reminded that although pears are good fruit, it is not advisable to eat more, cold cough, cold abdominal pain, spleen deficiency and maternal care should be taken with caution.

Pear also has a diuretic effect, and frequent night urination should eat less pears before going to bed.

Pears contain more fruit acid, and people with stomach acid do not eat more.

After eating a pear, the indicator of carcinogens in the body was tested on smokers, and they were given 750 grams of pears per day for 4 consecutive days, and the 1-hydroxyindole content of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the urine before and after eating pears was determined.

It was found that after eating pears for 6 hours, the 1-hydroxyindole in the blood of the human body would be discharged in large amounts through the urine; if the pears were not eaten, the 1-hydroxyindole was rarely discharged.

The heated pear juice contains a large amount of anti-cancer substance polyphenol, which is used to drink the pear juice into the carcinogen-injected mice, and the white rat urine can discharge a large amount of 1-hydroxy scorpion toxin, thereby effectively preventing cancer.

Especially after eating fried foods and eating fast food, it is a healthy lifestyle.