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5 methodological stars warn Huang Huangpo

Women’s beauty is not infinite. Over time, our skin will become less and less energetic.

How can you give your skin a new life in this cold winter?

Why don’t they come to play with time?

Maybe you can also learn how to be an innocent beauty.

  Carina Lau-Intensive maintenance age reduction method uses a large amount of serum recommended index: ★★★★ Editor’s comment: Essence is an essential product for daily emergency rejuvenation, and it is the most worthwhile item for intensive maintenance. The effect is extremely fast, and the price is very fast.It’s still acceptable for more people. After some first aid, it really works. No wonder Jialing looks very young on any occasion.

  Recommended by Shiseido: The rich essence supplements the skin’s source of moisture, diminishes the signs of premature aging, and restores skin’s smoothness and elasticity.

Shiseido’s Wonderful Beauty Concentrate contains Shiseido’s superior moisturizing ingredient-Bio-Hyaluronic Acid Essence, which penetrates quickly to provide the skin with the required moisture and improve roughness.

  Li Jiaxin-Health Maintenance Age Decrease Daily Eye Mask Recommended Index: ★★★ Small Editor’s Comment: The eye skin is most vulnerable to damage in winter. As long as you apply the eye mask for 10 minutes, your eyes will be more radiant.

That’s how Li Meiren’s bright eyes spread.

However, Li Jiaxin of mixed skin type tends to get oil in the T-shaped part, so most of them are moisturizing products.

With eye mask, when the eye skin is dry or staying up all night, just apply it for 10 minutes, and the skin around the eyes will feel more radiant.

  Sisley Instant Firming Eye Mask Set Xiaobian recommends: Sisley Instant Firming Eye Mask Set includes instant tightening eye mask 30ml eye and lip makeup remover 15ml all-round emulsion 5ml eye and lip cream 5ml small S-hot mom age reduction method to remove lip linesImproving the feminine recommendation index: ★★★ Xiaobian comment: To make yourself look younger, moisturizing and plump lips are essential.

First apply lip balm and then use lip gloss in the center for a moisturizing effect.

Lip moisture is easy to evaporate. Even if you don’t make up often, you should always add a lip balm to add moisture and eliminate lip lines.


Plump and hydrated lips can instantly reduce your age by 3 years.

  Elizabeth Arden Life Lip Balm Editor’s Recommendation: Elizabeth Arden Life Lip Balm is the first skin-care lipstick containing triple molecular nail technology, ceramide ternary complex triple molecular nail complex with Tahitian Garden flower extract Tahitian tinctureSeed flower essence brings moisturizing and comfortable use feeling. Arden’s patented ingredient Maxi-Lip?

Lip-rich polysaccharides make lips more plump and plump, and restore the elastic curve of young lips.

  Zhang Ziyi-natural maintenance age reduction method trusts the pure natural recommendation index: ★ ★ ★ ★ Xiao Bian Comments: Maintenance should be early, the choice is very important, natural skin care has always been hot.

When it comes to anti-aging, Zhang Ziyi’s first choice is all natural, no added cosmetics, and she believes that “maintenance should be made early.

She said that before, the makeup artist told her that human skin began to age from the twenties, and skin care should start at this age, and she kept it in her heart.

  Editor’s Choice Pure Natural BB Curd Editor’s Recommendation: 婵 Real Pure Natural BB Curd has patented SP-VC Nanosome (patented) application, Charmzone No.

0528387 Skinade’s natural and unique ability to remedy skin defects and imperfections is enhanced.

B coagulation combines skin barrier, anti-oxidation, bacteriostasis, UV protection, moisturizing, and hydrating functions.

This product gives you a vitality and natural makeup effect, adding skin oil, control, light, color repair functions.

  Lin Zhiling-Personalized Age Decreasing Cold Lotion Face Recommendation Index: ★★★★ Small Editor’s Comment: Lotion has a calming effect on the skin and can help shrink pores.

Every day, no matter how busy and tired, you will take a bath. At this time, you can use the steam from the bath to apply your face, or use the lotion in the refrigerator after bathing.

Lin Meiren said that the lotion has a calming effect on the skin, and moderate cooling can help shrink pores. This is how the smooth apple muscle is developed.

  Green World Native Cactus Live Source Moisturizing Lotion Editor’s Comment: Green World Native Cactus Live Source Moisturizing Lotion is based on the triple moisturizing mechanism of natural plant extracts with Hainan native cactus as the core, which keeps skin healthy, moisturized, and moisturized.

Cactus, aloe, and trehalose natural plant extracts penetrate deeply into the skin layer, quickly replenish excess moisture, soften the cuticle, and help subsequent skin care products to absorb better.

Get a SPA for your skin on the weekends


Get a SPA for your skin on the weekends

The holiday is over and the trip returns.

  Feeling overwhelmed and want to rest a few more days?

  This is not that we want to be lazy. This is a normal physiological reaction.

  Therefore, in addition to the “unnecessary” work, try to give yourself as much rest as possible, especially for the skin SPA.

  Relaxing and relaxing “spring sleep do not know”, spring is always a lazy and sleepy season.

And Yoyo “5.

1 “long holiday, we” strike hard “to travel on vacation, good mountains and rivers, let us linger, and temporarily put aside the sleepiness of the body.

In fact, the overdraft is not only the physical strength of our mountaineering and wading, but also because of the changes in the climate of the tourist destination and the environment, making our bodies tired to adapt.

  At the end of the holiday, the feelings of forgetfulness and tranquillity returned to peace, and the fatigue and laziness struck irresistibly.

Therefore, it is best not to “full play” on holiday trips, it is necessary to stay at home for 2 days to rest well.

Otherwise, don’t be too desperate in the first week after work. Give yourself an agreement: don’t work overtime, stay up late, and don’t get too stressed.

When you get home, let them enjoy the tranquility and leisure-do n’t bother with “sit and sit”, hold a cushion, try to relax yourself and lie flat, breathe deeply and smoothly, and make blood circulate more smoothly.Detoxifies and detoxifies to eliminate fatigue.

  Taking a hot bath in the fragrant bath is the most comfortable and effective way to relieve fatigue.

Light a scented lamp, soak a pot of warm water, add 2–4 tablespoons of bath salt, and sprinkle a few fresh rose petals, bury the body in the water, gently soothe the skin, keep your eyes closed for 15 minutes . Dead sea sea saltIt gently removes old dead skin cells without taking away skin moisture, which is better than salt.

Well-dressed water and water moisturizing bath salt, lavender soothing whitening bath crystal salt, added seaweed, lavender, aloe, almond oil and other essences, while promoting body circulation and eliminating physical fatigue, it can also make dull and rough body skin quicklyReply smooth and tender.

  Due to the influence of climate, environment, diet and other changes during the vacation, the metabolism of the skin will be “disorderly”, so it is necessary to clean up the skin of the whole body.

If you do not take a bath, you can also use exfoliating bath salts or Biotherm body scrub gel, H2O + sea salt scrub to gently exfoliate your body.

  At the end of the milk, do n’t forget to use CLARINS bright body serum, Vichy moisturizing body milk and so on to nourish the whole body, especially ElizabethArden green tea, Clinique Happy, Lancome Miracle and other aromas, perfume body milk, let the light fragrance giveThe body is more soothing and pleasant.

  Desensitization and patience in spring are easy seasons for “hair”.

As the weather gets warmer, the regeneration of skin cells tends to be active, while immature keratinocytes appear on the surface of the skin, which weakens the skin’s natural barrier function. It is easy to be irritated and feel discomfort when it encounters changes in the external environment.

  When traveling, many people switch to new skin care samples that they do not usually use, or forget sun protection, or switch to high index sun protection products for better sun protection. These are very easy to cause redness and swelling because the skin is difficult to adapt for a while.Itching, small pimples, etc.

  If this happens, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner; if it is not serious, you need a little more patience to allow the skin to slowly recover-prepare a can of Avene or La Roche-Posay spray, apply a lot of water, and for redness and swelling,The effect of Shu Min is quite obvious.

For daily skin care, switch to Avene Repair Series, or FANCL Smooth Beauty Series, or La Roche-Posay Te An Series, which can help repair and rebuild damaged hydrolipidic membranes.

In the daytime, you must use pure physical sunscreen Avene active spring moisturizing cream or FANCL sunscreen lotion to isolate ultraviolet rays, and the skin that has been injured can not be damaged by ultraviolet rays anymore.

  When sensitivities begin to fade, the skin surface may be particularly rough.

Do n’t worry, they will eventually be metabolized. Do n’t take an intense exfoliation method because of anxiety. It will become crusted like a wound. If you always peel it, you will be re-opened the wound again and again.The skin is more difficult to heal.

  The hydration deeply soothes the spring breeze, which brings spring feeling and also removes skin moisture.

Therefore, everyone who comes back from the trip and fully replenishes skin is required to do skin care!

  In addition to drinking plenty of water to quench your thirst, “drink water” must also let the skin “drink water” directly.

Although spraying or hydrating the spring water well can replenish and soothe the skin well, but because it cannot moisturize it at all, it dries out without paying attention to the skin surface.

Therefore, if you want to keep the skin hydrated for a long time, you should also “drink” more moisturizing moisturizer and toner that does not contain alcohol and cleansing.

Rather than moisten it with a cotton pad, wipe it down between the palms of your hands or four fingers, and press it to the front; you should also use your ring finger to tap lightly.

The temperature of the hand can increase the penetration of “water”. If necessary, the “water” can be replenished to make the skin “drink” full.

  ”Repair” should be at least 3 days or even daily in the first week of returning from the trip. Immediately after “drinking water”, apply a moisturizing mask to deeply repair the skin.

No matter what you can see or not, after the sun, there will be some small inflammation on the skin, not to mention that there is no time to repair it properly during travel.

Therefore, the moisturizing mask selected at this time is best to have soothing and repairing effects, such as Avene Soothing Moisturizing Mask, Estee Lauder Soothing Mask, FANCL Aqua Moisturizing Mask, Biotherm Spring Water Moisturizing Mask, Vichy Living Spring Moisturizing Mask, dewy and whiteRepair mask, suitable herbal herbal aroma mask (chamomile), etc.

Some moisturizing masks are very dense, and it is easy for some people to feel “supplementing moisturizing essence”. In fact, they are only added with “thickeners”. They are repaired and used after traveling, but it is easy to cause irritation.

  Remove the black and whiten the sun in 5 months. Many people still lock sunscreen in the cupboard. Or if they are addicted to nature, where do they remember to “make up for sunscreen”?Come back from vacation and look in the mirror: Ah, it’s dark, and the spots have appeared.

  Fading dark spots, always the sooner the better.

However, it must depend on the skin condition: first, desensitization; non-sensitivity, hydration, sedation, and resolution of minor complications; neither of these conditions occurs or is no problem, only whitening and darkening-otherwise it is easyCauses irritation, sensitizes, and irritation lasts for a long time and may even worsen

  The most important role of whitening at this stage is whitening night cream, repairing whitening essence and whitening mask.

For example, Estee Lauder Crystal Brightening Night Cream, CLARINS Clear Whitening Night Cream, Lancome Whitening Night Cream, Biotherm Whitening C + Night Essence, ElizabethArden Whitening Vitamin C Capsules, etc., have increased the proportion of daylightening productsRepairs sun-damaged cells and resists the effects of free radicals.

If your whitening product excludes whitening night cream, you can use some repair-type whitening masks, such as FANCL moisturizing and whitening mask, whitening spot essence, SK-Ⅱ whitening and repairing mask and whitening firethorn whiteningLiquid to make “water compress film”, etc., to deepen the whitening repair essence, quickly eliminate dark and dull and fade spots.

  It should be noted that within a week or two of returning from a trip, the whitening mask must be used alternately with the moisturizing mask every other day, and not used too intensively every day, because no matter what, moisturizing is the best skin repair.

Have a nap pillow, sleep on your stomach is healthier

Have a nap pillow, sleep on your stomach is healthier

After lunch, I always sleepy. Taking a nap for a while can not only relax the nervous brain, but also improve the efficiency of learning and work in the afternoon.

However, due to the limitation of the conditions, many people can only sleep on the table. If they don’t sleep well, they will feel sore arms.

Recently, hot nap pillows sold in major supermarkets can solve this problem.

  The posture of lying on the table will affect the normal blood circulation of the arm, causing headaches, numbness in hands, pain and other complications. It will also increase the body’s curvature and compress the limbs, so people often feel that breathing is not smooth, Especially women, over time will affect breast health.

In addition, this sleeping position will compress the eyes, which is just the cause of temporary blurred vision after siesta. If this is the case for a long time, it will cause eye diseases, especially those with high myopia.

  If you can take a nap pillow, sleep quality will be greatly improved.

At present, most of the qualified siesta pillows on the market are designed according to the engineering principles of human body, and they are also very convenient to use. They can be inflated by blowing with your mouth, and you can adjust the height of the pillow according to your needs.

When using, put the nap pillow on the table, the face in the round hole in the middle of the pillow, and hold the pillow up and down along the natural curve, which can effectively avoid the pressure on the top, eyes and face.

If you are sitting on a chair with a high backrest, it is best to place it on a high position on the chair. Once the head is reset to form a strong support, this can keep the body naturally relaxed, and make breathing more smooth and smooth.Conducive to cardiopulmonary and slight health.
  Although the nap pillow improves the quality of siesta, it is not for everyone.

Blood pressure is too low, the blood circulation system is severely impaired, people with dizziness often appear due to narrowing of the cerebral blood vessels, even with the help of a siesta pillow, don’t sit and sleep, otherwise temporary blood supply to the brain is prone to occur, causing autonomic nerve functionTension causes other diseases.

At the same time, do n’t sit for too long, taking 15-30 minutes. After waking up, you can reach your limbs, increase the oxygen in the brain, and absorb it into the work in the afternoon with more abundant metabolism.

Changing 10 habits can exercise the brain

Changing 10 habits can exercise the brain

Changing 10 habits can exercise the brain. When we follow the “old habits” life day after day, the brain learns to be “lazy” and will follow the instructions we send without thinking.

Over time, brain function gradually deteriorates.

  Recently, a US website article reminded that as long as we change some “old habits” in our daily lives, we can reactivate our brains.

  10 ways to make your brain smarter1.

In the bathing life with eyes closed, most people are used to feeding information to the brain through sight and hearing, often ignoring the functions of touch, smell and taste, which is not conducive to the brain’s vitality.

  In a familiar and safe environment, do not prevent bathing with eyes closed, feel your body with the touch of your hands, distinguish between different body parts, feel different skin textures, adjust the water temperature according to the touch, and try to locate the position of the faucetTo awaken memories deep in the brain.

  Experts say that after closing your eyes, people’s attention will be more focused, and the brain’s sensitivity will increase, which will help promote brain vitality.


Turn the clock upside down. When people see a normally placed item, the left brain quickly recognizes it and diverts attention.

If the object is turned upside down, the right brain will immediately “start”, trying to distinguish this puzzling visual information by analyzing the shape, color, and environment of the object.

  Experts say that this method can artificially increase the brain’s thinking activity and has the effect of training the brain.

In life, you can try to put many things upside down, some clocks, photos in photo frames, calendars, etc.


Changing seats when eating Many people are used to eating in fixed seats.

However, experts suggest that it is best to change your seat during meals regularly to increase brain vigor.

Regularly changing the room where the family lives, adjusting the furniture placement or office equipment layout, changing a new route when walking the dog, changing a TV station or website when browsing the news, and learning more about novelty products when visiting the supermarket, etc., have the same effect.

  Experts explain that the stimulation coefficient of fresh objects on the brain is conducive to concentration and relieve brain fatigue.


: The hippocampus in the brain of the window is mainly responsible for memory and learning. It can not only store visual images, but also remember environmental factors such as smell and sound.

  In order to exercise the memory function of the brain, people can try new routes while driving, open the windows, feel the street environment from many aspects such as sight, smell, hearing and try to remember.

It should be reminded that it is best not to drive the window when air pollution is serious.


Touching coins or counting beans has found that identifying subtly different things through touch can better stimulate brain vitality.

Experts suggest that you can put coins of different denominations in a large jar, and from time to time, put your hand into the jar, use the touch to judge the denomination of the coin, and calculate the coins piled up, which has the effect of training your brain.

  Experts say that coins can also be exchanged for different types of beans, such as soybeans, red beans, mung beans, black beans, broad beans, etc., and mix them on the table and then classify them one by one. It is also very popular, especially for the elderly to improve their hand coordination.Ability to slow down brain aging.

Need to be reminded that there may be a lot of bacteria on the coins or beans, and you should wash your hands after touching them.


Putting bottles of perfume on the bedside Many Americans are accustomed to tying the aroma of coffee to morning memories.

According to experts, smell and taste as important neural pathways can strengthen people’s memory of certain things, and can also bring good mood and relieve brain fatigue.

  People can put their favorite perfumes, sachets, fruits and other items with good smells on the bed or on the body, and often smell them.


Active association Lenovo helps the brain maintain a strong vitality, and everyone should often practice the ability to see one object associate with 10 objects.

  For example, when you see a fly, you may think of a fly swatter, a badminton racket, a gym, a club, a fan, a beer, a singer, a guitar, a microphone, a light, and so on.


When people are engaged in an artistic activity they like, the impact of certain types of abstract thinking such as music, art, dance, photography, artistic language and emotion on the brain, complete logical reasoning and linear thinking, can better dig the brainImagination and potential.


Many studies with people show that a person’s ability to socialize directly affects his brain power.

Older people who are unwilling to deal with people are at higher risk of developing cognitive impairment.
  Therefore, people should make more like-minded friends who share common interests. They can learn from each other, bring happiness, and improve their brainpower.

Reading aloud Japanese studies have found that reading aloud can significantly increase brain oxygen supply, activate the cerebral cortex, relieve forgetfulness, spelling errors, and inability to accurately express.

Reading aloud for more than 10 minutes every day can enhance memory, delay aging, increase lung capacity, and arouse spirits.


Alternative spa for you to enjoy cozy beauty

Alternative spa for you to enjoy cozy beauty

Introduction: With the rapid development of society and economy, the fast pace of life and work and environmental pollution put our bodies and skin under pressure.

After a busy day of work, enjoy a relaxing and relaxing beauty spa, which not only allows our body to relax effectively, but also allows our skin to be fully maintained.

  The tight pace of life and work in modern society makes people need to relax and change their body in their free time. People’s maintenance of appearance is becoming more and more meaningful. Therefore, SPAs with both maintenance and beauty functions have been favored by fashionable people.

  1. Cold type: Snowflake SPA Snowflake SPA.

The feature of the Snowflake Spa is that a room called the “Arctic Ice Room” is set up inside the room. The snow slowly drifts down from the ceiling and the indoor temperature is maintained at about 13.

  Snowflake SPA first brings customers to enjoy ordinary saunas. Customers can steam their saunas in more than 90 tons of wooden houses to make their bodies sweat.

When the customer feels overheating, he can come to the “Arctic Ice Room” and feel the “cool” transformation of the ice room at 13 degrees Celsius, while wiping the body with snowflakes in the ice room, removing the sweat from the body and cooling the body, and the armor returns againChalet steam sauna.

  Relatively speaking, the ice and snow SPA in Europe maintains the temperature of the ice room relatively. For example, a snow and ice SPA in Gstaad, Switzerland, controls the temperature of the ice room to minus 12 seconds. A snow and ice SPA in Stuttgart, Germany will control the temperature atMinus 17 seconds.

  2. Intoxicating: Beer SPA has heard a lot of people about beer chicken, but there are probably not many people who have heard of beer SPA.

In the Czech Republic’s Tahoev region, there is a family brewery called “Hodova”. It is well-known locally. Last March, the brewery transformed several wine kilns into bathing centers and launched a unique beer hot spring.

Customers can take a bath in a tub full of beer while taking a beer prepared by the bar.

  The so-called beer bath means that the yeast is first put into the tub, and then it is added with mineral water, and then the crushed herbs and dried hops are added to Riga, and then the newly brewed beer is added.

This beer bath contains a lot of vitamins and proteins, which is very beneficial for the regeneration of skin cells.

And the carbon dioxide in the beer bath can also promote blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

Therefore, it is especially suitable for those who work under pressure and have chronic diseases.

  3. Sweet type: Chocolate SPA is used in the existing five-star hotel in Dahawasa, Jakarta. The function of chocolate is fully exerted. Apart from chocolate desserts and chocolate martinis, the most special is cum true chocolate massage.And chocolate spa with chocolate bath.

It is said that chocolate SPA has the effect of improving the skin texture, and it is also good for the muscles.

The whole chocolate SPA process can take up to 3 or 4 hours.

Customers can first enjoy a steam bath to expand the skin’s pores, and the chocolate can be used for the best effect after a while of braking.

During the customer’s steam bath, the masseur heats up the chocolates that need to be used.

  After the initial preparation, the masseur will first apply a white massage cream to the entire body of the customer to prevent the rabbit customer’s skin from irritating during the massage.

The masseuse then withdraws the chocolate mixture and absorbs it on the customer’s back to start the massage, allowing the skin to absorb the nutrients of the chocolate.

It is believed that the possible natural vitamins in chocolate will help remove dry skin while also relaxing muscles.

  4. Viscous type: Crude oil SPA is located in Naftalan, Azerbaijan. The oil rig is constantly drilling on the poor land. There is also a trace of SPA in this place.SPA.
  Lamir Mutukov, 25, was lying in a bathtub, immersing his entire body except the head in a bucket. The “bath” in a five-capillary bathtub looked and smelled like used machine lubricationOil, dark and sticky, doesn’t seem to make people feel relaxed.

  The material of this crude oil SPA is a naftalene produced from naftalan, whose main ingredient is naphthalene, and the content reaches 50%.

Doctor Yulitikin-Sulemanova, who studies crude oil SPA, said this crude oil contains natural antibiotics and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will penetrate human skin, relieve joint pain, treat skin ringworm, calm nerves, and beautify the skin.

In addition, this crude oil is safe because it contains almost no natural gas or other undesirable chemicals.

  Message from the editor: In addition to a relaxing SPA, you can relax your mood in a stressful life, and at the same time make your skin fully nourished.

Early morning yoga for five minutes

Early morning yoga for five minutes

The morning time is always very tense for office workers, but if used properly, 5 minutes of time can also make a great improvement in the body and appearance, the key is persistence and attention.

  1. After getting up with a cup of salt water, make a cup of salt water for yourself with warm water.

The amount of salt is controlled to the extent that it can drink water that has been salted without feeling salty.

The first cup of fresh salt water in the morning can help the body’s metabolites to be expelled from the body at night, and it can also reduce the body’s fire, especially suitable for dry winter.

  2. After drinking a cup of warm water and fresh salt water, drink a cup of warm water as a supplement to the body’s water and also as a reserve for the next yoga practice.

If you feel that even drinking two glasses of water is very supportive, you can intersperse in the middle to wash and clean up the bed. This will not only save time, but also give the body a process of digestion. It will not cause viscera due to water in subsequent yoga exercises.Sagging.

  3, Yoga Practice-The tree type chooses the morning time to practice the tree type, because in the morning, an important task of the body is to discharge the metabolic waste from the body during sleep, and the tree type has the function of intestinal cleansing, which just helps the body to completeIt’s “routine work”.

Tree type can relieve constipation, hyperacidity, flatulence, indigestion and other symptoms, and it is also good for kidney and urinary system.

  Practice steps: (1), expand, breathe normally.

  (2), the upper part of the left leg and the right leg are bent at the self-alignment position.

Slightly twist the right foot and press it on the left thigh, but do not use the heel, but use the outside of the heel to squeeze the left leg.

When the outside of the heel is pressed tightly on the left thigh, the left leg and the entire body are stretched and straightened.

(You can also use your right foot to cling to the left thigh.) (3) Inhale and lift your hands from both sides of your body to your head.

When both hands are raised above the head, their hands are folded together, the palms are placed on the head, and the wrists are against the top of the head.

  (4) Hold five deep breaths, restore, and do the other side.

  4, yoga practice-large circulation type The large circulation type can accelerate the body’s metabolism and blood circulation, helping the body quickly adapt to the process from sleep to starting a day of work.

  Practice steps: (1), expand, breathe normally.

  (2) Take a step to the left with your left leg, your toes facing forward, bend and bend, keep your right leg even, and make your legs lunge.

Cross your index fingers, inhale, palm out, lift your head vertically, pull to the right, and try not to bend your elbows.

The entire body is on a plane.

  (3) Hold five deep breaths, restore, and do the other side.

How to eat red dates skull from A cup to D cup

How to eat red dates skull from A cup to D cup

Women want to have an S-shaped figure, and they are always dissatisfied with their own points. In partial shaping, the perfect figure has always been the topic of women. How to have a perfect figure?

Peanuts + Dasao help you surge in black hair!

Come and see it.

  First: eat raw peanuts and buy raw peanuts (must be raw, it is best to be fresh that year, do not eat fried or salted, it will be fat), eat 10-20 capsules every 2 hours,If you eat it carefully, you should chew it until it is very crushed and crumbled, and you can add oil and vitamin B2.

The stomach discomfort is caused by the reaction to the red shirt. You can peel the red shirt and eat it to ensure that the stomach will no longer be uncomfortable.

  Second: drink red date tea to prepare some jujube, American ginseng, and safflower (a little) soak a cup of water a day, drink only water, not sugar.

You can regulate qi and blood, pass through the meridians, and your menstruation will be smooth, and you can lift your qi, but you will not feel tired and lose your spirit.

  Third: drink ginger and red jujube water during menstruation. Drink ginger and red jujube water during menstruation (both cook in the pot and put in the refrigerator, and drink a cup each morning). Soak your feet with hot ginger water before going to bed at night.

Now I look rosy and even my nails are pink.

  If you lose weight too quickly, you will lose body nutrition and cause hair loss; while women are prone to anemia and pale, the above recommended method is a good way to nourish blood and qi.

Raw peanuts, red dates, American ginseng, safflower, and ginger are of great help to women’s health. This is not just for weight loss. I feel weak and weak, irregular menstruation and pale MM can tryHowever, the safflower is relatively hot, and the hot MM should be put less.

  Is this breast enhancement method good? Try it now!



There are many reasons for your failure to lose weight. Today, we will summarize three reasons why some people are unexpectedly losing weight and losing weight. Let us take a closer look.

銆€銆€Reasons for unsuccessful weight loss 1: No smoking cessation.

銆€銆€Don’t look for excuses that are surprisingly cast aside to excuse yourself from smoking.

For today’s people, smoking is not a sign of coolness or that you are fashionable.

Smoking causes your body to be stimulated by harmful substances and can also cause you to lose your sense of taste.

If the bad habit of smoking does not quit, then the miracle of slimming will never appear on you.

銆€銆€Reasons for unsuccessful weight loss 2: Did not drink organic red wine properly.

銆€銆€Overeating diabetes syndrome is the result of problems with the digestive system and the inability of food to be absorbed by the body.

In addition, whether you are drinking beer or other alcoholic beverages, your body’s blood sugar levels will increase, which is not good for your health.

For our own health, we can drink some red wine without sulfite. It can reduce the viscosity of blood, lower cholesterol, and help us to be healthy and lose weight.

銆€銆€Reasons for unsuccessful weight loss 3: Soda drinks.

銆€銆€We may know that there is no nutrient in the soda drink to make the beauty* absorb, so that the soda drink is the devil.

It is rubbish.

Because of the high content of phosphorus in soda drinks, it will accelerate the loss of calcium in the body, which will cause people to suffer from osteoporosis.

And the sugar contained in the soda drink is very high, which seems to be a stumbling block for girls to lose weight!

銆€銆€In fact, every day we can carry out healthy weight loss. In daily life, we do not smoke, do not carry alcohol, do not drink garbage drinks.

Believe that sexy slim body will not be a long-lasting dream.

Also pay attention to the occurrence of some diseases, some irregular menstruation is a disease that may cause obesity.

How do dieters eat and not be hungry?


How do dieters eat and not be hungry?

If you can improve the satiety of rice, you can help control the amount of food. Under the reduced food intake, people don’t feel obesity, so they can easily get the weight loss success.

To make people more relaxed, it is necessary to reduce the speed of eating, delay the emptying of the stomach, reduce the speed of digestion, and increase the protein content.

In addition, some of the following eating methods are not easy to be hungry.

銆€銆€Choose 鈥渞ough鈥?ingredients to make rice.

It is expected that black rice, purple rice, and coarse rice of dietary fiber are good choices for delaying digestion.

If you feel that they are more pungent, you can soak them for a night, or cook them in a pressure cooker, then cook them with rice, or cook them directly into a thick porridge, instead of white rice as a staple.

The colored substances on the outer layers of black rice and purple rice are beneficial to delay the rate of digestion.

銆€銆€Add some beans to the rice.

Red beans, peas, soybeans and other beans contain at least a large amount of supplementary fiber, and can also provide rich protein, which greatly improves satiety.

Since the digestion speed of beans is much lower than that of rice and rice porridge, the rice and rice porridge can be significantly increased by the combination of rice and beans 1:1.

銆€銆€Add some glue to the rice.

Oats, barley and other staple foods contain gelatinous substances, which are soluble dietary fiber, which can increase the viscosity of food and delay the digestion speed.

If you cook some rice in the porridge, or add seaweed, saponin and other gelatinous raw materials, you can help the rice become more “satisfying” weight loss staple food.

銆€銆€Add some vegetables to the rice.

Cellulose and plant polysaccharides in vegetables can increase the volume of rice. The large amount of water can change the volume and delay the gastric emptying. Therefore, it does not hinder the addition of some mushrooms, bamboo shoots, enoki mushroom, kelp, bracken, etc. in rice.The fiber vegetables are eaten together, which can enrich the pattern and enhance the feeling of fullness.

銆€銆€Add some vinegar to the rice.

Vinegar has the effect of delaying gastric emptying and reducing the rate of digestion. Therefore, the main food added with vinegar such as seaweed rice balls is beneficial to lose weight.

If you eat white rice, a cold dish with a lot of vinegar can help you achieve the effect.

Traditional massage teaches you the health reduction

“Traditional massage” teaches you the health reduction

The root cause of obesity is that too much calories are consumed and exercise consumes less calories. It does not pay attention to the balance between exercise and diet, and the excess calories are converted into fat accumulation.
Therefore, weight loss needs to start from two aspects: on the one hand, reduce energy intake; on the other hand, increase energy consumption.
銆€銆€鍑忓皯鎽勫叆鑳介噺鍒繕淇濊瘉钀ュ吇銆€銆€鍦ㄤ繚璇佷汉浣撴瘡澶╁繀椤荤殑鍚勭钀ュ吇绱犵殑鍩虹涓婂敖閲忛€夋嫨鑳介噺浣庣殑椋熺墿锛屽鍚冧竴浜涘瘜鍚喅椋熺氦缁寸殑椋熷搧锛屼緥濡傜墰濂躲€侀吀濂躲€侀奔銆佹捣浜у搧銆佽敩鑿溿€佹按鏋? beans and their products, coarse grains, etc.
Control the total calorie intake should be reduced from the original calorie intake by 400 to 500 kcal per day, which can gradually reduce the weight and not affect your health.
Reducing fat intake is most important because every gram of fat produces more than twice as much calories as 1 gram of protein and carbohydrates.
However, fat intake should not be less than 20% of total calories, while carbohydrates should account for 60% to 70% of total calories, and protein accounts for 12% to 15% of total calories.
This kind of energy source is relatively balanced and not easy to gain weight.
銆€銆€Reasonable exercise can effectively lose weight. Exercise can improve the normal functioning of various functions of the body and promote health.
But pay attention when exercising: Exercise and diet to match weight loss.
The amount of exercise should be appropriate.
The exercise time should be sufficient.
When the human body is exercising for less than 20 minutes, it relies on glucose to supply calories. After that, it begins to consume fat. Therefore, the exercise time should be at least 30 minutes.
Exercise must reach a certain level of intensity and maintain a period of time to achieve the effect of consuming body fat.
Aerobics, swimming, running, cycling and various ball games are great sports.
銆€銆€Choosing the right weight loss aids Choosing effective weight loss aids can help you lose weight faster and better, and increase your confidence in losing weight.
At present, everyone has been recognized by the weight loss aids: “Training and losing weight”, acupuncture weight loss, drug weight loss and so on.
Among them, the method of weight-reduction and weight-loss has been used to treat more than 20,000 obese patients so far, and the total clinical effective rate is 95.
According to Ms. Huang, the person in charge of a weight loss center, the traditional Chinese medicine massage technique is to use the traditional Chinese medicine to massage, and to follow the meridian trend in the body of obese patients, and to focus on some specific acupoints, to achieve the goal of weight loss.Pure natural therapy.
Does not have any adverse effects on the body.
In the weight loss process, there are professional diet doctors to conduct scientific and reasonable diet and exercise guidance for obese patients.
銆€銆€Losing weight is a complicated process of changing the original physiological state. Only when the physiological functions of various parts of the body are in a normal state can the weight loss be smoothly carried out.
No matter what kind of weight loss method you use, you need patience and perseverance. After a period of time and effort, you can achieve the desired results.