Four magic tricks for moms to give their babies a fever

Four magic tricks for moms to give their babies a fever

[Guide]The baby has a fever, which is most disturbing.

Therefore, parents must know how to physically cool their children at home.

Here are 4 most effective and safe ways to help your baby physically reduce fever. Parents are welcome.


Hot cover method: I usually cover my child’s front door and cover my head with a little sweat, and soon the temperature drops, and I feed some warm water.

As soon as possible, my son sweated in 15 minutes.

  Expert comments: This applies to children within one and a half years old, the halogen door has not been closed, and older children can also use ice stickers to physically cool their foreheads.


Drink ginger brown sugar, scallion white water, Shanxi Yueyue mother: fever caused by colds, cold hands and feet, white tongue coating, light urine.

I usually use ginger brown sugar water to get rid of cold.

Add 2 to it completely?
3-segment one-inch-long onion white has better sweating effect.

  Expert comments: This method is effective against colds and colds in autumn and winter, and can drive colds and colds.

In the early stages of a cold, only a runny nose and stuffy nose can be used to relieve symptoms.


Rubbing the feet and limbs of Hangzhou Qiqi Mom: I usually give him rubbing the feet first, then the calves, then the little hands, covering, back, and finally rubbing the children’s two little ears, and then rubbing Baihui points.

After a while, the baby sweated, and his temperature dropped.

  Expert comment: Rubbing the foot with reduced alcohol, pulsating the arteries of the extremities.

Don’t try too fast or too hard during the massage, and give your child more warm water at the same time.


Salt water to reduce internal heat Hefei Shanshan mother: If the child has a fever, hands and feet are not cold, complexion, red eyes, sore throat, yellow urine color, indicating that the internal heat is heavy, at this time let the child drink a lot of salt water to reduce internal heat.

As long as you drink plenty of water, your child will urinate a few times and his temperature will drop.

  Expert comments: For wind-heat type colds, or children with internal heat, yellow urine, dry stool, salt water is suitable.

Four ways to prevent constipation: get up early and drink a cup of cold water to speed up bowel movements

Four ways to prevent constipation: get up early and drink a cup of cold water to speed up bowel movements

Drink a cup of cold water early in the morning and drink a cup of cold water after getting up in the morning, which not only replenishes the body’s required water, but after the water enters the stomach, it will cause the stomach-large intestine reflex and accelerate the large intestine’s peristalsis.

  Gently rub the small belly and get up to empty the urination and shrink, with your feet as wide as your shoulders, relax your body, and gently massage repeatedly in a clockwise direction for 30?
Fifty times, insist on doing it once a day, and it will be effective after 10 days.

  After a meal, drink about two spoonfuls of honey vinegar, rice vinegar, two spoonfuls of honey, and stir for 3?
Drinking 5 times more water after each meal can promote bowel movements.

  Eat pears after meals instead of insoluble fiber. It can help prevent constipation and digestive diseases, clean the intestines, and prevent colon and rectal cancer.

Although pear is very sweet, its transformation and trace content are very low, which is very suitable for people who like to eat sweet and are afraid of fat.

Keep your baby hydrated in summer, beware of water poisoning

Keep your baby hydrated in summer, beware of “water poisoning”

Rehydration is important. Do not overdo it. Otherwise, it will affect your baby’s intake and absorption of other nutrients. In severe cases, it will also cause “water poisoning”.
Babies below 0-6 months only need to drink breast milk or formula milk, because it already contains the water and nutrients that the baby needs, and generally does not need to add extra water. Avoid over-diluting formula milk and avoiding themDrink electrolyte-containing beverages.
However, some parents have such a misunderstanding that they are worried about the baby getting angry. After each feeding, he will be fed a lot of water. In fact, this will cause the baby to drink less milk and affect the absorption of nutrients.
Infants under the age of 6 months have not yet matured their kidneys. Drinking too much water will cause them to discharge excess water as well as discharge. Loss of absorption can affect brain activity, causing babies to become irritable, dozey, hypothermia, and edemaWait for the early symptoms of water poisoning, and then convulsions, convulsions or convulsions, which need to be treated in time.
According to the supplementary food situation before June -1 years old, if you still drink a lot of milk, if you add a little rice cereal, the baby actually absorbs enough water, so the additional water can be relatively small.Mainly, the food is relatively dry, you can add more water.
After each meal, give him a spoonful of boiling water, about 15-30ML each time, which will help to clean the baby’s mouth, and secondly, it can be in the early stage of baby’s taste bud development.
Let him be exposed to the faint boiled water taste, which is very helpful for cultivating your baby’s good drinking habits in the future.
After 6 months, the baby’s water consumption is controlled by the baby, especially after 1 year old, the baby can take the cup by himself, he can train him, and cultivate the baby’s habit of drinking water in time.When you feel thirsty and drink water, it is already lacking.
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How to use yoga to relieve neurological symptoms

How to use yoga to relieve neurological symptoms

Depression, nervousness, nervousness, inattention, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, neurasthenia, migraine, headache . all these are left to yoga.

  -Do everything with your focus, love, dedication and confidence.

  -Sometimes life and love wander by your side, but you don’t have a point, it’s too late when you start to perceive.

  -Blue sky is always waiting for you, it is saying to you, “Look at me”.

If you don’t want anything and just look at the blue sky, then you can experience a lot of things.

  -If you practice 15 minutes of breathing every day, consciously inhale deeply and slowly exhale, then your mind will become more peaceful, sober and relaxed.

  -When you smoke, smoke, and do bad things, the whole world is affected.

  -If you are under pressure, you will bring pressure to others; if you are happy, you will make others happy too; if you are suffering, then you will only be able to bring pain to others.

I want to help everyone.

Everything I say is just for you.

If I create you to realize true love and peace, then you will bring it to others.

  -Amit Aya Buzzing: Buzzing has a wonderful effect on the nervous system.

It will bring good vibrations to the head area. After a few exercises, you can enter a relaxed state.

It quickly releases stress, tension, relieves headaches, and reduces anger and anxiety.

It is very beneficial for those who are under tension, stress, insomnia, blood pressure problems and all psychological problems. Similarly, it is very helpful for throat, tonsil and thyroid problems, and it will also bring calm and soothing mind.

Do not practice when your ears are severely inflamed or infected.

  Practice: 1.
Sit comfortably in any meditation position.

  2.Keep the tip of your tongue against your palate and close your eyes to keep your face relaxed and conscious.

  3.Breathe in slowly through your nostrils, and when you exhale, make a low beep like a bee.

  4.Inhale deeply again and beep again when exhaling.

Repeat for a few minutes.

  Thoracic breathing: has all the complications of other breathing (abdominal breathing, shoulder breathing, and complete breathing), enhances vital capacity, and expands the chest cavity and lungs.

Reduces toxins in the lungs.

People who are in tension, depression, and headaches can benefit from it.

Adjuvant treatment of many diseases.

  Method: Sit down in any comfortable meditation position, inhale slowly and deeply through the nostrils, expand your chest and lungs, and exhale slowly and thoroughly. This is a round.

Continuous exercise 10?
15 rounds.

  Holy Light Breath Control: It can quickly transform the toxins in the body, the tension and pressure of consciousness into the body, can slow down the speed of thinking, and appear to make the mind and consciousness more calm and relaxed.

Reduces drowsiness, drowsiness, insomnia, dullness, improves blood circulation in the head area.

It is also very good for people who often have a cold, cough and runny nose.

Holy Light Breath Control can also keep your breath fresh and comfortable, and treat your breath.

Going fasting or after a meal 3?
After 4 hours of light adjustment, the key is that you should feel refreshed and not have many things.

If you feel that there is a lot in your stomach, even if it’s bloating, don’t practice the Holy Light.

  Taboo: Holy Light Breath Control is very good, but not good for everyone.

High blood pressure, high blood pressure, epilepsy, stroke, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, severe back pain, spinal stiffness, any recent fracture surgery, fracture pain, swelling of the nasal cavity, pain or swelling in the eyes, runny nose, nosebleeds, purulent earsSevere sore throat, menstrual period and pregnancy, do not adjust the Holy Light.
  Practice: 1.
Sit down in any simple meditation posture.

  2.Inhale slowly through your nostrils, then exhale vigorously with your nostrils.

When you inhale and exhale strongly, the abdominal muscles contract slightly, and you inhale naturally when you relax the abdomen.
  Note: Try to keep your tail and orientation straight while practicing, and also relax; relax your shoulders, relax your face, and close your eyes.

Breathe naturally after exhaling.

When you do Divine Light Breathing, a great exhalation sound will be produced, and many mucus, toxins, and depressed thoughts will come out.

You will become as if without weight, you will enter deep silence . Cobra: Improve spine protrusion and strengthen spinal muscles.

Cobra is very good for back pain and disc herniation.

If practiced properly, this position can even cure spinal injuries.

It expands the chest cavity, increases vital capacity, strengthens the retina, and increases willpower, confidence, and endurance.

All spinal nerves will become more flexible and stronger, the mind will be more stable, and negative emotions will be reduced.

  Contraindications: Those who have had abdominal surgery recently should not practice this position.

Remember, if you have undergone any recent surgery or have been bleeding or injured in an accident, have headaches, pain, etc., do not practice any position.

  Practice points: breathing, pacing, and practicing balanced body reorganizations are extremely helpful. At the same time, coordination of parts of the body needs to be strengthened.

Breathing method: chest breathing, holy light, buzzing.

  Posture: Warrior, Bird King, King Dance, Triangular Twist, Cobra, Moon, Shoulder Stand, Fish, Relax.

  Warrior style: expand the skull, increase vital capacity, strengthen knees, hips and feet.

Increased complications in the front end, hip, knee and fractured joints.

Reduce shorts and correct leg lines.

This position is very good for increasing self-confidence and eliminates the substitution of breath and energy in the body.

Whenever you feel nervous and lose confidence, your chest will fall down and your neck will look forward.

If you are depressed, you will not look at the sky or look forward, and look down again.

Therefore, whenever you see someone walking with their head down, it shows that he is feeling nervous or down.

This type of position can be extended axially, increasing confidence, willpower and endurance, such as the cobra pose.

  Contraindications: Do not do this position if the knee joint is painful.

If you do or maintain this position without practicing often, you may be dazzled.

  King Dance: This position strengthens the legs, fractures and complications of the joints.

Increase increase budget.

Improve kidney and shoulder joints.

Improve breathing and expand the chest cavity.

Increase focus and confidence.

Reduces toxins in the lungs.
After practicing this position, the breath and energy of the whole body tend to be balanced from the lower body to the upper body.

  Contraindications: People with weak lungs and pain, please do not do this position.

These people can practice other positions to strengthen their joints.

  Bird King style: Strengthen the strength of both knee joints and implant joints.

Increase concentration, awareness, and calmer mindset.

Acute breathing is good for patients with hypertension.

If you keep it for a few minutes, you will experience peace of mind.
  Contraindications: People with joint pain and very weak legs should not do this position.

  Triangular twist: This position strengthens the legs, fractures and ankles.

Reduce waist hips and shape the perfect lines for waist, thighs and shoulders.

Very good for balancing the breath and energy of the lower body.
If you stay relaxed in this position, your entire body will feel lighter and lighter.

  Contraindications: People with severe spine problems, recent abdominal surgery, high blood pressure and high blood pressure patients, please do not do this position.

  Shoulder stand: Helps treat hemorrhoids, kidney qi and irregular menstruation, and maintain thyroid health.

Improves blood circulation and complexion on the head, leaving hair shiny and healthy.

Practice step by step, you will slowly feel that your body will be as light as flowers.

  Contraindications: People with stiff neck, high blood pressure, severe headache, nasal eyes, ear pain, and high blood pressure, do not practice.

  Fish-type: increase lung capacity, expand the chest, good for the thyroid.

Improve baseline.

Shape the fore chest and fracture line, and contract the abdominal muscles.

Improves blood circulation in the head and strengthens the kidneys, which is good for all breathing problems.

  Contraindications: Those who have undergone recent abdominal surgery for cervical stiffness and severe headache should not practice.

  Moon type: increase blood circulation in the head, activate brain cells, enhance the flexibility of the back end, and make the spine more flexible.

It is very easy to do and has many advantages. This position is very good for balancing the breath and energy flow of the entire body.

Breathing slowly and regularly during your stay can help calm your mind.

Contraindications: Severe hypertension, hypertension, high blood pressure or gastritis with severe respiratory problems, patients with gastric ulcers, please do not practice.

  Total relaxation: Relax your body while paying attention to your breathing.

It can well balance the breath and energy in the body, and let the mind and consciousness enter a calm and relaxed state.

You will know that you are one with yourself, and you will be completely relaxed.

Those who feel nervous and worry about insomnia, it is best to lie on their backs and relax completely before going to bed.

  Tip: If your body is too weak, just practice your breathing, and it will also help a lot.

Drinking Chinese medicine should pay attention to the temperature

Drinking Chinese medicine should pay attention to the temperature

“Don’t drink soup medicine to fry the medicine, wait for it to dry up, and drink it in one breath. What else can you pay attention to?

Although Uncle Zhao has been drinking Chinese medicine for many years, it is not important to mention the method of taking Chinese medicine.

In fact, there are also special methods for taking Chinese medicine, and correct treatment can cure the disease as soon as possible; otherwise, it may not achieve the purpose of treatment.

  There are more than ten ways of taking Chinese medicine, of which the most common method is warming, that is, decoction is taken after warming, and most Chinese medicines are suitable for alternative methods. The interval between taking medicine and eating should be more than 1 hour.

  Special attention should be paid to the following methods.

Most medicines should be taken before meals. The reason is that the drugs are well absorbed. It is more suitable to take medicines, anthelmintics and medicines for treating internal diseases.

Take after meals, drugs that are irritating to the gastrointestinal tract, digestive medicine should be taken after meals.

Fasting, nourishing medicine should be taken in the morning and evening on an empty stomach to facilitate the absorption of drugs.

Laxatives should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, because these drugs take effect soon after taking them, so they should not be taken before bedtime.

  Cold clothes and hot clothes should be specifically analyzed according to the situation. Medicines for treating fever, such as heat in the stomach and intestines, patients who want to drink cold drinks, can cool clothes.

Treatment of cold syndromes, such as exogenous wind chills, should be taken hot, and you should drink some hot porridge after the hot service, cover with sweat, and the effectiveness of the medicine can be significantly exerted.

  Short-term service, that is, taking the medicine once and quickly exerting the effect, this method is mostly used for severe patients.

Frequent service, that is, frequency-free intervention, is mostly used for patients with throat and oral diseases.

Patients with severe vomiting should also be taken in small quantities.

  Bedtime clothing, a traditional Chinese medicine for reassurance, should be taken within 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime to give full play to its efficacy.

Overnight clothing, commonly used as an insect repellent, is taken once before bedtime and once again on an empty stomach the next morning to kill and kill the insects and excrete them.

To cash, the fried liquid is mixed with a small amount of rice wine.

The purpose is to increase the power of medicine, mostly used to treat rheumatism or bruises.

Causes of Damp-Hot Constitution

Causes of Damp-Hot Constitution

There are many differences between people. For example, each person has his own temper, and each person has his own unique atmosphere. This is what we often call individual differences. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, these individual differences are based on different foundations.Symptoms and pathogenic factors can be divided into different physiques. Among them, what are the causes of hot and humid physiques?

How should a person with a hot and humid constitution be adjusted in daily life?

  What is the hot and humid constitution? Wet requires moisture, and summer is the season with more rain. Medical research has found that people in the south have more humid and hot constitutions, because there is a lot of rain in the south. These are factors of external humidity and a pathological consequence.What we call internal humidity is often related to digestive function. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen has the function of transporting water and dampness, and heat is a kind of thermal image because the external temperature is relatively high.It is very common to have damp and heat, and the temperature in summer is relatively high, accompanied by a lot of rain, so the symptoms of hot and humid are easy to occur in summer, and people with hot and humid constitution will also have a lot of discomfort during the rainy season in summer.

Reasons for the formation of hot and humid constitution 1.

Congenital endowment When life is still onset, the eating habits of the mother cause a certain impact on the physical condition of obesity. Therefore, the constitution and eating habits of the parents have become the innate determinants of obesity. In Lingshu · Tiannian:”The first birth of a man is based on the mother and the father as a sacrifice. The blood has been reconciled, the camp guards have been connected, the five internal organs have been formed, the spirit is sacrifice in the heart, and the soul is complete.

“So the inheritance is that the formation of physical fitness also plays a very important role.


The natural environment shape has its own changing rules throughout the year and will not change because of your preferences. The six sexes such as humidity, cold, and heat are distributed in the four seasons. If you live in a hot and humid environment for a long time, it is easy to change.It becomes a hot and humid constitution, which causes the development of modern industry. Natural or man-made harmful substances are emitted, which constantly destroys the ecological environment. These harmful substances begin to combine with the metabolites produced inside the human body, and become hot and humid for a long time, forming a hot and humid constitution.

The progress of the complicated social environment era has made our steps unconsciously speed up, so we often meet with more study, work pressure, and unprecedented psychological pressure. These pressures have spread to different age groups, and they are also used in the construction of concrete and steel bars.In the cage of civilians, the opportunity for civilians to communicate with people often bury these pressures in the heart. Long-term depression and sorrow easily lead to the depression of the human body’s vital energy.Formation of hot and humid constitution.


Eating habits In summer, the temperature of deciduous heat makes us want to hide in the refrigerator directly, so many people eat cold drinks for the sake of being happy for a while, and the water and moisture can not be lost for a long time, they are buried for the formation of hot and humid constitutionBad seeds, and the differences in diet in some places, eating too fast, or too much fat and hot food are all the reasons for the formation of hot and humid constitution, so excessive smoking and drinking are the reasons for the formation of hot and humid constitutionChinese medicine believes that the smoke is hot and the wine is the liquid of cooked valley, so it is necessary to develop a healthy diet.

How to regulate hot and humid constitution 1.

According to Chinese medicine, dampness is a kind of evil gas that is very difficult to remove. Especially in summer, the humidity in the air is relatively heavy. Therefore, after a heavy rain, you must go out and bask in the sun. Of course, you can choose morningOr in the evening, avoiding the high temperature at noon, the so-called hot and humid constitution, in which the invasion of damp and evil is also the first, so you must first dehumidify, you can choose red beans, yam, barley kernel and other foods with better dehumidification effect.


Food that avoids getting hot is hot in people with hot and humid constitutions, especially in summer, when asking questions is relatively high, and often feels more irritable. The skin often gets sores, and it is red and swollen. It is easy to get angry if you eat some., Or spicy food, is just “oil on the fire”, and tobacco and alcohol are the most taboo food.


Eat more aromatic foods. Our human body has its own moisture-removing organs, which are the sweat pores on the surface of our body. The first task of conditioning hot and humid is to open the air holes and enhance the impetus of the air to eliminate moisture. The pores of people with hot and humid constitutions are oftenThe water is sticky, and there are no air vents. Naturally, the moisture cannot be discharged from the body. Chinese medicine believes that aroma can effectively promote dryness in the body, and dryness can dehumidify.
  Since each person’s constitution is different, the way of keeping in good health will also be different, because different constitutions have different requirements for the cold, hot, and spicy foods. People with hot and humid constitutions should not only pay attention to dehumidification, but also need to prevent heat attackIn summer, it is extremely hot, and you can eat some cool foods, and most of the people with hot and humid constitutions are caused by the increasing humidity in their bodies, which eventually leads to hot and humid.Physique.

Baby perception begins with seeing, hearing, and touching

Baby perception begins with seeing, hearing, and touching

Every normal baby has amazing learning ability, creating a wonderful little paradise for the baby-a rich and perceptual training environment is very important.

  I. Smart visual training1. Gaze activity: You can use a piece of hard paper to make black and white cards, about one square tile, and the content can have bullseye and checkerboard symmetry maps.”, Mother” and other Chinese characters or enlarged photo of parents. You can also place the disassembled pictorials and other items 20 cm away from the baby’s eyes and let the children watch.

  2.Follow-up activities: Use a red ball with a diameter of about 10 cm or a big blower or your smiley face, 20 cm away from the baby’s eyes, wait for it to look, then from left to right, from top to bottom or in a circleMove and let his sight follow the object you move.

  Second, multiple auditory training 1, speech: After birth, you can gently call his breast name 10 cm away from the baby, so that he turned his head after hearing the sound.

Every day, read him a short rhythm, catchy nursery rhymes, or gently hum the songs.

Whether you are breastfeeding, bathing, changing a diaper, or holding your child, you must talk to him repeatedly and tenderly in front of him, telling him what you are doing.

  2. Music: Let the baby listen to the music that he has listened to when the voltage is on. The volume is slightly louder than that of adults speaking indoors.

You can play appropriate fixed music in combination with your baby’s daily life (such as getting up, breastfeeding, doing exercises, games, before going to bed), which can not only enhance your baby’s music memory, but also help your baby to establish good living habits.If imitated animal sounds and some acoustic music in nature, if matched with the corresponding real objects or pictures, let the baby take a look and touch, then the baby’s hearing, vision, and touch can be trained comprehensively.

  3. Follow-up sound tracing: use baby wands, music boxes, clocks, small cups and spoons, rubber pinch toys, etc. to train your baby’s hearing discrimination and azimuth hearing.

You can ring the various sounding bodies in the baby’s line of sight and tell him the name. After he pays attention, slowly move away and let the baby chase the sound to find the source. After the baby recognizes the sound source, changeDifferent distances and directions.

  Third, touch and tease to train the baby within 1-2 months after birth, with different particle sizes, suitable for baby’s small hand grasping items such as rattles, sponge strips, flannel heads, paper rolls, small bottle caps or small building blocks, celery rootOr put your finger on his little hands, let him hold it for a while, and get him various tactile experiences.

After 2 months, you can suspend some semi-fixed toys in front of his eyes, let him hit, get enough, grasp, and also give him finger massage exercises, from the palm to the back of the hand, to each finger, 2-3 times.

  In addition, you can also make your intellectual development faster by making funny sounds.

Because teasing is your act of “teasing” him.

Teasing is a neural connection between the baby’s sensory system (seeing, hearing, touching, etc.) and the motor system (smile), forming a sign of conditioned reflexes. It is a comprehensive active reward caused by your baby’s smile, tease, and caress., Is the baby’s initial intellectual bud.

Six success tips to prevent weight loss rebound


Six success tips to prevent weight loss rebound

It is easy to lose weight and it is difficult to get fat. There are data showing that people who lose weight by 95% will gain weight to the level before weight loss or even higher in the next five years.

This amazing number shows that only 5 percent of the talent is truly a weight loss success.

How to defend the success after hard weight loss, and prevent the “returned pork” and then the upper body?

銆€銆€Tip 1: Set goals All weight loss actions should be aimed at health. At the same time, you should achieve some weight-loss goals that can be achieved in advance. You can gradually improve your requirements. You must not over-exaggerate your goals. Otherwise, you will be discouraged and eventually lose weight.

In fact, the goal that can be expected for yourself is to lose one to two pounds per week. If you lose more than five pounds a week, you will get hurt and your weight will rise easily.

銆€銆€Tip 2: Weighing on a daily basis Some experts with excessive symptoms at the seminar on hyperactivity in Vancouver, Canada, suggest that insisting on weighing every day may be an effective way to prevent weight loss in weight-loss patients.

These experts conducted a research project involving 291 dieters, most of whom were women, in a year and a half.

It was found that only 39% of the people who insisted on weighing the daily weight rebounded more than 2 after 1 year.

25 kg.

The person in charge of the project believes that the weight of the day can be found to be a subtle change in body weight, and timely measures can be taken in time for weight gain.

銆€銆€Tip 3: Good new eating habits should establish a good new eating habits. If you are more suitable for eating three meals a day, four meals, etc. to eat less, you should regularly maintain this eating habit.

In addition, eating habits that do not eat before going to bed do help to lose weight.

Slowly chewing, eating less snacks and desserts, rice, noodles and other staple foods are reduced, it is also a healthy weight loss diet.

銆€銆€Tip 4: Exercise moderately fast walking, morning running, aerobics, rhythmic dance or walking, swimming, these sports are good for keeping fit.

Exercise must be persevering, not halfway, not being able to exercise every day, but it is best to keep it and continue it several times a week.

Must be “moderate”.

The so-called “moderate exercise” means that it is best to do a little sweating, and the amount of exercise is preferably 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

銆€銆€Tip 5: Lazy people choose passive sports. If you are too lazy and too busy, you can also wear some body shaping equipment that can energize some parts of your body every day, a slight vibration machine, etc., so that you can do it without exercising.Let some extreme parts move, but the choice of these instruments should choose a reputable purchase.

銆€銆€Tip 6: However, relying on weight-loss drugs to lose weight by weight-loss drugs may result in obesity rebound after stopping the drug. Obviously, casually overdose, in order to prevent weight loss, and suffer from it.

Even if you need to take weight-loss drugs, you should use them under the guidance of a doctor. Do not overdo it.

Working overtime and staying up late can’t avoid these kinds of foods dealing with day and night damage.


Working overtime and staying up late can’t avoid these kinds of foods dealing with day and night damage.

First, eat more vitamin A and vitamin B foods.

Frequent staying up late is bad for the body and it is very harmful to the eyes.

Therefore, men who often stay up late should eat more vitamin A, vitamin B and foods that protect the eyes, such as scorpions, carrots, leeks, squid, lean meat, fish, pork liver and so on.

Second, the brain to strengthen the body’s immunity, food, men often stay up late will lead to lack of sleep, body immunity and memory will decline, so eat more nutritious, have brain and brain, enhance the body’s immunity, recommended moreSome walnuts, milk, millet porridge to increase brain nutrition, and then eat some turtle, sea cucumber, black sesame, fungus, kelp, sputum and other foods to enhance the body’s immunity, which is very important for male health.

Third, eat more high-protein, high-fiber foods often stay up all night, the body will not stand, men are the same, so we must eat some high-protein, high-fiber substitute food to supplement the body’s nutritional needs, eat less sweets, animalsSex, it is recommended to eat more fish, beans, eggs and other high protein and brain food, as well as vegetables and fruits.

Fourth, eat more stomach, if the food under the fire is always staying up late, the stomach will not stand, and it is easy to get angry, so you can eat more stomach, under fire food, such as millet porridge, noodles, pumpkin,Yam and so on.

In addition, you can drink some chrysanthemum tea while staying up late, both hydrating and reducing fire, but also clearing the liver and eyesight.

What do men often eat late at night?

High-protein foods, high-fiber foods, brain-enhancing foods, foods that enhance the body’s immunity, foods that raise the stomach and the fire, these are the people who stay up all night to eat.

What to eat to lose weight fast and healthy?


What to eat to lose weight fast and healthy?

MM in excessive weight loss chooses diet to control weight. Although it has effect in a short time, it is not good for health in the long run, and it is easy to rebound.

Diet is also an important shift in weight loss, and healthy eating is the key.

So how do you eat to lose weight?

Today, I will share with you a set of weekly weight loss recipes to teach you to eat thin and beautiful body.

銆€銆€What to eat to lose weight fast and healthy?
Weekly weight loss recipe schedule table weight loss recipes three meals a week weekly weight loss recipes Monday breakfast: A meal: buns + low fat yogurt; B meal: bacon sandwich + milk (coffee).

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: dry noodles + Gongmao soup; B meal: egg salad sandwich + low fat fresh milk.

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: tea egg (boiled egg) 1 + milk (coffee); B meal: roughly rice (oat).

銆€銆€Tips: The menu can be combined with A or B meals at random, and do not eat for four hours before going to bed.

If you can’t find the menu, you can find similar, except DIY can also be directly purchased.

If the quantity is not specified, it is a bowl or a cup (the size is small).

If the drink is not indicated, use low-calorie, low-fat, sugar-free (both hot and cold).

銆€銆€Tuesday’s breakfast for weekly weight loss recipes: A meal: decoction pack (small 2) + soy milk; B meal: 2 slices of toast + milk (coffee).

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: Guangdong porridge; B meal: ham egg sandwich + fruit juice.

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: vegetable radish soup; B meal: dinner rice (oat).

銆€銆€Tips: Guangdong porridge is a famous Han flavor in Guangdong.

Practice: Slice the pig liver and use hot water to remove the blood.

Put the rice and hot boiled water in the utensils, cover the high fire for 8 minutes, remove the pork liver, remove the pork, add two spoons of shrimp and salt, and a half spoon of white pepper.

Cover the high fire for 3 minutes, remove the chopped green onion and fritters.

銆€銆€Wednesday’s diet recipe for breakfast on Wednesday: A meal: taro + soy milk (rice); B meal: low-fat yogurt.

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: cold noodles + sugar-free black tea; B meal: squid sandwich + Liu Cheng original juice.

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: Si Shen Tang; B meal: dinner rice (oat).

銆€銆€Tips: The squid is the best in the sea. Its meat is naturally orange-red, with high nutritional value, protein, high intramuscular fat, high vitamins and other trace elements.

The lipid in the muscle of red meat fish is higher than that of white meat, and its fatty acid is mainly unsaturated fatty acid.

Thursday’s diet recipe for breakfast: A meal: quiche + milk (coffee); B meal: cucumber sandwich + milk tea.

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: green bean curd soup; B meal: a box of sushi (6) + sugar-free black tea.

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: rice noodle soup; B meal: alkaline rice (oat).

銆€銆€Tips: The practice of green bean curd soup is also relatively simple.

Some chicken feathers, a box of tender tofu.

Remove the tofu and cut the small diced.

Into the pan, pour the broth.

Add salt, sugar (small amount), pepper; pour in the tofu, add a little thick raw water after boiling; chicken tortoise cut the size of the bean curd, put it into the pot for a while, start the pot.

Put a little sesame oil to the pan.

銆€銆€Friday breakfast for weekly weight loss recipes: A meal: 3 dumplings + soy milk (rice); B meal: flour rice (oat).

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: Royal rice ball + sugar-free oolong tea; B meal: ham egg sandwich + low-fat milk.

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: green vegetable ribs soup; B meal: 1 slice of toast + milk (coffee).

銆€銆€The practice of green vegetable ribs soup: After cutting the small ribs, pour the water, remove the floating foam, wash it with warm water, and wash the impurities.

Discharge the washed small ribs into a saucepan, add enough water, add cooking wine, one or two mushrooms, a piece of ginger, and season with salt.After the fire is boiled, simmer for 2-3 hours on low heat. Before you drink, put the washed vegetables into the fire and boil over high heat.

銆€銆€Saturday breakfast for a week of weight loss recipes: A meal: biscuit + soy milk (M pulp); B meal: 2 slices of toast + low-fat yogurt.

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: salty porridge (optional); B meal: tomato macaroni + sugar-free tea (white boiled water).

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: hot green vegetables + Sishen soup; B meal: crushed rice noodles (oat flakes).

銆€銆€Tips: Sishen Soup is a well-known spleen-eaten recipe for Chinese medicine. Among them, “four gods” refers to the four “sacred gods” of Huanren, lotus seeds (or Codonopsis pilosula), 鑺″疄鍜岃尟鑻? and they complement each other after the collection.The soup water has many shortcomings such as spleen, beauty, and dryness on the human body. It almost plays the role of “invincible”, and the name of the four gods deserves it.

銆€銆€Sunday breakfast for weekly weight loss recipes: A meal: buns + soy milk (rice); B meal: boiled eggs (tea eggs) 1 + milk (coffee).

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: hot vegetables + tofu soup; B meal: sandwich + Liu Cheng original juice.

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: kelp radish soup; B meal: light rice (oatmeal) Tips: Kelp radish soup is a Han medicinal diet, belonging to Cantonese.

Cut the radish and peel it into small pieces. Put the radish, kelp and ginger on the 1500ml water in the pot. When the water rolls again, turn it into a small fire until the radish, the kelp is cooked and rotten, and finally add the gauze bag.Other ingredients are cooked for another 15 minutes.