What to eat to lose weight fast and healthy?


What to eat to lose weight fast and healthy?

MM in excessive weight loss chooses diet to control weight. Although it has effect in a short time, it is not good for health in the long run, and it is easy to rebound.

Diet is also an important shift in weight loss, and healthy eating is the key.

So how do you eat to lose weight?

Today, I will share with you a set of weekly weight loss recipes to teach you to eat thin and beautiful body.

銆€銆€What to eat to lose weight fast and healthy?
Weekly weight loss recipe schedule table weight loss recipes three meals a week weekly weight loss recipes Monday breakfast: A meal: buns + low fat yogurt; B meal: bacon sandwich + milk (coffee).

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: dry noodles + Gongmao soup; B meal: egg salad sandwich + low fat fresh milk.

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: tea egg (boiled egg) 1 + milk (coffee); B meal: roughly rice (oat).

銆€銆€Tips: The menu can be combined with A or B meals at random, and do not eat for four hours before going to bed.

If you can’t find the menu, you can find similar, except DIY can also be directly purchased.

If the quantity is not specified, it is a bowl or a cup (the size is small).

If the drink is not indicated, use low-calorie, low-fat, sugar-free (both hot and cold).

銆€銆€Tuesday’s breakfast for weekly weight loss recipes: A meal: decoction pack (small 2) + soy milk; B meal: 2 slices of toast + milk (coffee).

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: Guangdong porridge; B meal: ham egg sandwich + fruit juice.

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: vegetable radish soup; B meal: dinner rice (oat).

銆€銆€Tips: Guangdong porridge is a famous Han flavor in Guangdong.

Practice: Slice the pig liver and use hot water to remove the blood.

Put the rice and hot boiled water in the utensils, cover the high fire for 8 minutes, remove the pork liver, remove the pork, add two spoons of shrimp and salt, and a half spoon of white pepper.

Cover the high fire for 3 minutes, remove the chopped green onion and fritters.

銆€銆€Wednesday’s diet recipe for breakfast on Wednesday: A meal: taro + soy milk (rice); B meal: low-fat yogurt.

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: cold noodles + sugar-free black tea; B meal: squid sandwich + Liu Cheng original juice.

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: Si Shen Tang; B meal: dinner rice (oat).

銆€銆€Tips: The squid is the best in the sea. Its meat is naturally orange-red, with high nutritional value, protein, high intramuscular fat, high vitamins and other trace elements.

The lipid in the muscle of red meat fish is higher than that of white meat, and its fatty acid is mainly unsaturated fatty acid.

Thursday’s diet recipe for breakfast: A meal: quiche + milk (coffee); B meal: cucumber sandwich + milk tea.

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: green bean curd soup; B meal: a box of sushi (6) + sugar-free black tea.

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: rice noodle soup; B meal: alkaline rice (oat).

銆€銆€Tips: The practice of green bean curd soup is also relatively simple.

Some chicken feathers, a box of tender tofu.

Remove the tofu and cut the small diced.

Into the pan, pour the broth.

Add salt, sugar (small amount), pepper; pour in the tofu, add a little thick raw water after boiling; chicken tortoise cut the size of the bean curd, put it into the pot for a while, start the pot.

Put a little sesame oil to the pan.

銆€銆€Friday breakfast for weekly weight loss recipes: A meal: 3 dumplings + soy milk (rice); B meal: flour rice (oat).

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: Royal rice ball + sugar-free oolong tea; B meal: ham egg sandwich + low-fat milk.

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: green vegetable ribs soup; B meal: 1 slice of toast + milk (coffee).

銆€銆€The practice of green vegetable ribs soup: After cutting the small ribs, pour the water, remove the floating foam, wash it with warm water, and wash the impurities.

Discharge the washed small ribs into a saucepan, add enough water, add cooking wine, one or two mushrooms, a piece of ginger, and season with salt.After the fire is boiled, simmer for 2-3 hours on low heat. Before you drink, put the washed vegetables into the fire and boil over high heat.

銆€銆€Saturday breakfast for a week of weight loss recipes: A meal: biscuit + soy milk (M pulp); B meal: 2 slices of toast + low-fat yogurt.

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: salty porridge (optional); B meal: tomato macaroni + sugar-free tea (white boiled water).

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: hot green vegetables + Sishen soup; B meal: crushed rice noodles (oat flakes).

銆€銆€Tips: Sishen Soup is a well-known spleen-eaten recipe for Chinese medicine. Among them, “four gods” refers to the four “sacred gods” of Huanren, lotus seeds (or Codonopsis pilosula), 鑺″疄鍜岃尟鑻? and they complement each other after the collection.The soup water has many shortcomings such as spleen, beauty, and dryness on the human body. It almost plays the role of “invincible”, and the name of the four gods deserves it.

銆€銆€Sunday breakfast for weekly weight loss recipes: A meal: buns + soy milk (rice); B meal: boiled eggs (tea eggs) 1 + milk (coffee).

銆€銆€Lunch: A meal: hot vegetables + tofu soup; B meal: sandwich + Liu Cheng original juice.

銆€銆€Dinner: A meal: kelp radish soup; B meal: light rice (oatmeal) Tips: Kelp radish soup is a Han medicinal diet, belonging to Cantonese.

Cut the radish and peel it into small pieces. Put the radish, kelp and ginger on the 1500ml water in the pot. When the water rolls again, turn it into a small fire until the radish, the kelp is cooked and rotten, and finally add the gauze bag.Other ingredients are cooked for another 15 minutes.

Winter is coming, how can I not get angry?


Winter is coming, how can I not get angry?

Guide: Winter is cold, the blood flow inside the human body is accelerated, in order to achieve the balance between human body surface water and environmental water, and the blood flowing to the body surface is relatively reduced, so the water transported to the body surface will also be reduced.

At this time, the skin is itchy, the nasal mucosa is dry, and complication such as sneezing is likely to occur.

銆€銆€According to the advice of experts, it is as simple as drinking more water, or applying more moisturizing cream. If you want to moisturize and not get angry in winter, every family needs to fully understand their own 鈥渉ome drying index鈥?in order to achieve targeted adjustment.Living habits, so as to achieve scientific conditioning within the country.

Wang Laoji, who is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle, has taken the lead in proposing the concept of 鈥渘o fire home鈥?and pointed out that paying attention to the dryness index of each member of the family is a key step in establishing a harmonious family relationship. It is the root cause to develop a reasonable and healthy diet.Up-regulating the internal environment to eliminate the most critical step in the winter.

銆€銆€Reading the body’s fire alarm signal, from the inside out, all kinds of family members are very different in age and physique. Relevant surveys show that teenagers and women are more likely to “fire” due to metabolism, belonging to the family.”High-risk members” who are easy to get angry.

銆€銆€Many parents have violated a wrong area: children in adolescence do not know how to regulate learning, life pressure, and temper due to lack of emotional control.

In fact, bad habits such as staying up late to review have aggravated the virtual fire in their bodies, so the temperament of the temper is only the body’s “fire alarm signal.”

Dietitians pointed out that adjusting their schedule and diet structure is the root of the fire. “Parents can let children develop the habit of drinking more healthy drinks, such as warming up in the winter to cook with natural plant residue.Wang Laoji, who has become a system, can adjust the body’s metabolism step by step, improve immunity, and enable young people to have more vitality and face academic challenges.

“Women who are prone to cold hands and feet in winter often overlook their own “fire alarm signal”. The more dry the weather, the more they prefer to eat beef and mutton to protect the cold, but the beef and mutton are warm-filled ingredients, plus onions, ginger, garlic, and pepper.Such spicy ingredients and cinnamon, ginger, medlar, angelica and other tonics, too much food will only “dry and dry”, more likely to cause the body “get angry.”

Therefore, on the second day after tonic, there will usually be a “fire alarm signal” such as dry mouth, dry cough, and even skin itching.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine experts advocate “balanced diet, drink more healthy drinks”, make full use of the three meals of eating water to chill water, adjust the body environment from the roots to prevent winter dryness: First, to strengthen the spleen, liver, clear lung, should beEat more fruits such as hawthorn, grapefruit, pomegranate, apple, etc., accelerate the role of fermentation and creep, nourish yin and moisten; second, eat less salt.

Because the high-salt diet will reduce the ability of mucous membranes to resist disease, so that various pathogens can take advantage of it and induce pharyngitis. Third, when eating hot pot spicy meals, it is accompanied by healthy drinks that are not moisturized, such as chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, licorice, etc.Wang Laoji, a natural plant, aims to moisturize and prevent fire.