OP Lighting (603515) Review of 2019 Third Quarterly Report: Management Adjustments Cause Operating Pressure to Gradually Bottom and Improve

OP Lighting (603515) Review of 2019 Third Quarterly Report: Management Adjustments Cause Operating Pressure to Gradually Bottom and Improve

Event: OP Lighting released the third quarter report of 2019, and the company achieved revenue 57 in the first three quarters.

700 million, +3 a year.

3%, net profit attributable to mother 6.

0 million yuan, ten years +5.

6%, net of non-attributed net profit4.

200 million, +4 a year.


  Among them, 19Q3 achieved revenue of 19 in a single quarter.

9 ‰, at least -3.

3%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

0 million yuan, at least -7.

0%, deducting non-attributed net profit to achieve 7.

9% growth, due to the higher base received 35.4 million government subsidies in the same period last year, resulting in a decrease in overall profits.

  Opinion: Revenue analysis: The single-season transition is affected by industry pressure and its own operating adjustments, and the growth rate is expected to have bottomed out.

  The decrease in the company’s single quarter revenue is still mainly affected by the offline home business. It is estimated that the previous two figures of the offline home business in the single quarter.

In terms of different channels: 1) Offline retail: The personnel of the previous team has been adjusted. In order to promote the gradual operation reform, it has taken the initiative to destock, and the inventory has decreased by -15%.

In the future, SKU will be further optimized, the new speed and turnover efficiency of store openings will be strengthened, and new business formats such as assembly will be developed to promote retail transformation.

  The company’s offline retail has been adjusted for nearly two years, and it is expected to resume double positive growth next year.

  2) Offline circulation: There was a certain diversion and channel conflict between the early stage and retail business. After the policy was re-divided, it focused on the expansion of township channels, forming a distinction between store form and products.

At present, the problem has been basically solved, and double-digit growth is expected to resume from Q4.

  3) Commercial photo: It is still the highlight of current growth. It is estimated that Q3 has maintained a rapid growth of nearly 30%.

The company’s commercial license business has built a leading domestic R & D and industry promotion platform. Through the gradual expansion of revenue, the effect of scale has begun to appear, and the profit margin has continued to increase.

  4) E-commerce: The growth rate is expected to fluctuate slightly, but it is mainly dragged down by weak industry demand. The company’s share in major online platforms remains first and gradually increases.

  Taken together, although the company’s single-quarter revenue has increased, considering the impact of personnel adjustments and active destocking, it is expected that the growth rate will bottom out during the year and gradually transform into a positive growth in the home business business. Revenue is expected to improve quarter by quarter.

  Profitability: Home price competition has slowed, and the increase in the scale effect of commercial lighting has helped boost the company’s single-quarter gross profit margin37.

0%, ten years +0.

9pct, which is also 1.

1pct boost.

In addition to the improvement in the competitive situation of the household business (especially online), through the expansion of business license business income, the scale effect has become apparent, and the estimated profitability has also improved significantly, driving the gross profit margin upward.

The expense ratio is generally stable, and the sales expense ratio is -1 per year.

3pct, financial expense ratio increased slightly.

  The company’s operating quality is still stable, with net cash flow from operations in the first three quarters.

10,000 yuan, compared with the same period last year 1.

7 billion improvement is obvious.

The net cash at the end of the period (plus wealth management) was nearly 4 billion, with abundant reserves.

  Earnings forecasts, estimates and ratings and ratings are affected by industry pressures and their own business adjustments, as well as the high base of government subsidies during the same period last year, and the company’s single-quarter revenue and profit replaced by the amount.

However, considering that personnel adjustments and voluntary destocking are nearing 淡水桑拿网 their end, it is expected that the growth rate will bottom out during the year, and then transfer to the home business business growth will turn positive, and revenue is expected to improve quarter by quarter.
  In the long run, the concentration of the lighting industry will still improve. After the company completes its products and further reforms of the channel, it is still expected to usher in a new round of growth.
Considering that Q4 last year had a higher non-recurring profit and loss base, we slightly reduced 2019?
The 21-year EPS forecast is 1.



69 yuan (previous forecast 1).



85 yuan), corresponding to PE21 / 18/15 times, combined with subsequent improvement expectations at the bottom, maintain the “Buy” rating.

  Risk reminders: Demand improvement is not up to expectations; weak changes in specialty stores; increased competition.

AVIC Capital (600705) Interim Review: AVIC Leasing Performance Increases and Production Continues to Deepen

AVIC Capital 合肥夜网 (600705) Interim Review: AVIC Leasing Performance Increases and Production Continues to Deepen

Event: The company recently released its 2019 Interim Report and achieved a total operating income of 85.

44 ppm, an increase of 28 in ten years.

98%; net profit 24.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.

32%; return on equity 5.

23%, a decrease of 1 per year.

44 per share; total assets at the end of the period were 3069.

86 ppm, an earlier increase of 2.

22%; net assets attributable to mother at the end of the period 285.

43 trillion, an earlier increase of 3.

01%; EPS is 0.

16 yuan / share.

AVIC’s leasing scale has continued to expand and its performance has improved significantly.

In the first half of the year, AVIC leased total assets of 1,562.

32 ppm, an earlier increase of 17.

36%; net assets 天津夜网 174.

24 ppm, an earlier increase of 16.

16%; total operating income during the reporting period was 481,698.

920,000 yuan, an increase of 54 in ten years.

07%; operating profit 11.

20 ppm, an increase of 41 in ten years.

06%; net profit 8.

75 ppm; 43-year increase of 43.


AVIC Leasing has contributed more than 50% of the company’s operating income, and its business expansion has driven the company’s overall revenue significantly.

An aviation industry industry fund was established to deepen the integration of industry and finance.

Relying on the background of AVIC’s shareholders, the company leveraged its industrial advantages to launch an aviation industry fund.

On July 2, 2019, the company announced that the company and the aviation industry had initiated the first phase of the aviation industry industry investment fund.

The fund regulations are set at RMB 4 billion, of which AVIC Capital intends to contribute RMB 600 million.

Increase capital in subsidiaries to strengthen industrial investment capabilities.

On May 29, 2019, the company issued an announcement that AVIC Capital increased capital by RMB 900 million each into emerging industry investment and aviation industry investment; the company’s holding subsidiary AVIC Securities invested 2.

9 billion yuan to establish alternative investment subsidiaries.

After the implementation of stock repurchase, 30% was used for employee stock ownership plan, showing development confidence.

As of June 14, 2019, the company has repurchased a total of one company’s shares.

7.9 billion shares, accounting for 1 of the company’s total share capital.

9893%, the highest price of the transaction was 6.

72 yuan / share, the lowest price of the transaction is 4.

38 yuan / share, the total amount paid is 9.RMB 990,000 (excluding transaction costs).

30% of the total number of shares repurchased this time is used to implement employee stock ownership plans or equity incentives, and 70% is used to convert corporate bonds issued by listed companies into convertible stocks.

Investment suggestion: The company’s performance is stable and good, relying on the background of shareholders, it has competitiveness in military industry investment.

Forecast EPS0 for 19/20/21.



40 yuan.

The company evaluates PB1.

47 times, slightly higher than the industry average.

Risk reminders: the advance of value-added is less than expected; the risk of market fluctuations; the macroeconomic downturn.

Gujing Liquor (000596): The potential energy can continue to improve performance and release flexibility

Gujing Liquor (000596): The potential energy can continue to improve performance and release flexibility

Profit in the third quarter increased by 11.

9% / 35.

6%, the performance exceeded market expectations.

The company’s revenue in the first three quarters of 19 was 82.

3.0 billion, +2天津夜网1 in the past.

31%, net profit attributable to mother 17.

42 billion, previously +38.

69%, net of non-attributed net profit 16.

100 million, previously +32.


Company 19Q3 revenue 22.

15 billion, previously +11.

91%, net profit attributable to mother 4.

9.3 billion, previously +35.

78%, net of non-attributed net profit4.

44 billion, exceeding + 28%, the performance exceeded market expectations.

19Q3 final advance payment 8.

900 million a year -20.

11%, an increase of 3 from the previous quarter.

7.2 billion, Q3 sales recovery of 2.9 billion, five years -5.

4%, operating net cash flow of 1.2 billion yuan, -35 for the year.

8% was mainly due to the increase in purchases in the third quarter and the increase in employee wages and taxes.

  The increase in labor costs and the conversion of some promotional expenses into discounts resulted in a slight decrease in gross profit margin, and a decline in the sales expense ratio pushed up the net interest rate.

The company’s gross profit margin for the first three quarters of 19 was 76.

31% a year -1.

62 points, gross profit margin 75 in 19Q3.

19% per year -2.

09%, under the background of continuous upgrade of product structure (grassroots analysis and feedback, in the third quarter, the ancient 8 and above products continued to maintain a high growth rate, the ancient 5 and the number of gifts increased, the structure continued to upgrade, it is expected that ancient 8 and above accounted for over 30%). The decrease in gross profit margin was mainly due to two reasons: 1) the increase in labor costs; 2) the conversion of part of the promotional expenses to discounts also affected the gross profit margin.

19Q3 sales expense ratio was 25.

84%, at least -7.

27pct, mainly due to the reduction in comprehensive promotional fees. Since the second quarter, the company has gradually reduced the cost-related expenses. The mid-autumn peak season expenses are also relatively replaced. In the future, the company will gradually eliminate the carry-over expenses and replace the discount form. The 19Q2 management expense rate (includingR & D) 7.

51% every year -0.

73pct, tax and surcharge 15.

33%, ten years +2.

08pct, the decline in the expense ratio pushed up the net interest rate by 3.

99% to 22.


  The Q3 revenue growth rate from the 19H1 quarter-on-quarter growth rate was mainly due to the high base last year and the company’s initiative to control the scheduling rhythm. The 10 billion target plan was successfully completed.The company’s Q3 revenue growth rate is faster than that in the first half of the year, mainly due to two reasons: first, the high base in the same period last year; second, the Q3 company actively controlled the scheduling rhythm, and grassroots analysis and feedback.This task was benign during the peak season. After the holiday, the dealers’ inventory was lower than the same period last year, and the price was also firm. Thus, the goal of completing the 10 billion plan was successfully completed.

  Stepping into the province’s share harvest period, upgrading + fee control, performance flexibility was gradually released.

According to grassroots analysis and feedback, since the beginning of this year, the performance of Gujing Province has become stronger and stronger. It has transformed from Hefei city to the surrounding market of Hefei. Compared with the competitive products in the province, the marketing of Gujing is more wolf and the market share in the province has accelerated.The growth rate of revenue growth is the result of the company’s active control, and the revenue growth in the first three quarters remained high.

At present, the company’s inventory is reasonable and the price is stable.

We believe that the company is currently entering a period of rapid market share harvest and its revenue is expected to continue to grow at a relatively high level.

On the profit side, one is to benefit from the upgrade of the product structure, and the ancient 8 and above continue to maintain high growth. The other is to benefit from cost optimization. The company has effectively strengthened internal cost control. Since this year, it has gradually reduced the cost-related expenses and optimized the cost structure.The SAP system went online after January 1st, the company’s internal efficiency has further improved, and the future expense ratio is expected to continue to decline. The performance flexibility is worth looking forward to.

  The performance exceeded expectations, the current estimated margin of safety is high, and the “strong recommendation-A” rating is re-ranked.

We believe that the company is gradually entering the province’s share harvesting period, benefiting from the two logics of “concentration + upgrade”. In the next three years, revenue is expected to maintain a high growth rate. On the profit side, upgrade + fee control and flexible release of performance are worth looking forward to.

Maintain 19-20 EPS4.

59, 5.

50 yuan, the current corresponding 20-year estimate is only 19 X, the safety margin is high, maintain a one-year target price of 138 yuan, corresponding to 20 X 25 X, re-enter the “strongly recommended-A” rating.

  Risk reminder: demand falls, competition within the province intensifies, and development outside the province is less than expected.

Kelp and laver can enhance male and female libido

Kelp and laver can enhance male and female libido

Seaweed is rich in iodine and other nutrients, which can guarantee the normal function of the thyroid gland.

  Many studies have shown that in patients with hypothyroidism, the metabolism of androgens will be affected, resulting in symptoms of hyposexuality and sexual decline, which affects both men and women, and seaweed can supplement its deficiency.

  In addition, seaweed foods are also rich in zinc.

Generally speaking, zinc deficiency in men leads to a decrease in sperm count and sperm quality, accompanied by sexual and reproductive dysfunction; 功能 zinc deficiency in women may cause symptoms such as reduced vaginal secretions during intercourse.

  Therefore, seaweed food is a good medicine for those who lack zinc to enjoy the “sex blessing”.

  Among seaweed foods, kelp has the effect of soothing liver and qi.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there is a close relationship between liver and sexual function. Merging, the liver is the main emotion. Only when the emotions are accessible and the air is smooth, can people normally have sexual desire and complete sexual activity. At the same time, the liver is the main blood and the liver blood is too much.In order to fully supply the penis, maintain its erection and firmness.

  From the above, kelp contains some polysaccharides and alcohols, which have anticoagulant effect and are good for vascular endothelial cells, can prevent atherosclerosis, and reduce the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

Black people’s tricks to dry skin

Black people’s tricks to dry skin

Occasionally look in the mirror, do you find that you have a lot of wrinkles on your cheeks, or are the corners of your eyes covered with fine lines?

Don’t worry, this does not mean that you are not old before you decline, or that you are in trouble for another season.

In autumn, because the temperature difference between morning and evening is large and the air is dry, people are drained from the skin little by little as if they were living in a skin dryer.

So how do you keep black people hydrated?

In fact, as long as you master a few tricks, making your face dangdang is definitely not a dream.

  1. Gentle cleansing in the morning. Because you have thoroughly cleaned the night before, and get up in the morning, the long dirty things are just the oil you secreted at night.

Everyone knows that the quality of the secreted roots is related to the temperature. It is cooler in autumn, so the secreted oil will not be too much.

At this time, it is enough to use a mild non-foaming cleansing product. A cleansing product with too much oil control can replace the outer water film that destroys the skin, resulting in more dehydration.

  2. Use moisturizing essence. Do n’t think that the essence of the essence is prepared for 30+ women. In fact, there is no age limit for moisturizing essence.

Moisturizing essence is used in the lotion, it will enhance the skin’s ability to absorb other nutrients, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

  3, sun protection is indispensable. Although autumn is not as bright as the sun in summer, but the UVA that sunburns the skin has not decreased.

Therefore, persisting in sun protection is also a very important task for moisturizing the skin.

  4, moisturizing spray with a moisturizing spray is the most direct and fastest way to hydrate the skin, in the early autumn season, carry a bottle of moisturizing spray with you, to replenish moisture to the skin at any time!

But keep in mind that after spraying, you must press dry with a facial tissue, it is best to apply a little moisturizing lotion.

  5, make-up remover completely oily make-up will prevent the skin from absorbing moisture and nutrients, and then grab the moisture on the skin, so when you go home from work, you must remove the makeup first.

Note that the amount of makeup remover oil or makeup remover must be sufficient to fully dissolve the makeup on the face and achieve a perfect cleansing effect.

  6, hot towel covering + massage is getting colder, the pores are automatically reduced, and the ability to absorb nutrients is also reduced.

At this time, you can use a hot towel to cover your face. This will not only deeply clean the trash in the pores, but also allow the pores to fully open to absorb nutrients.

After the hot compress, apply a small amount of massage cream for proper massage, which can add icing on the skin to delay aging.

  7. Applying a lotion mask on a makeup paper bubble film daily is more effective than applying an expensive mask once or twice a week.

It is best to choose a lotion with high moisturizing effect, it can not only hydrate the skin, but also improve the fine lines around the eyes.

But be careful not to choose an alcohol-based lotion, as this will over-irritate the skin.

  8. Night maintenance After 10 o’clock at night, it is the best time for the skin to focus on internal renewal and optimization, stimulate collagen regeneration and repair damaged DNA.

In this troubled autumn, more attention should be paid to night skin care.

In addition to using moisturizing essence, use a night cream with a high moisturizing effect.

Fitness yoga relieves pain

Fitness yoga relieves pain

If you are too nervous all day, your lower back will be sore easily. At this time, try to do yoga. Just a little bit of muscles and bones can relieve your lower back pain!

Now, I will introduce some fitness yoga exercises that can relieve back pain.

  Before starting yoga, you need to find a comfortable place, then sit down in the lotus position, perform breathing exercises, calm your body, and relax your body.

  Bend your knees and bend your feet to the same width as your hips, bend slightly, slowly bend your body downwards, lift it up, hold your other hand’s elbow with your head, and hold your head down for 2-5 minutes until youFeel your hips begin to relax.

  The cat’s contracted hands support the body’s knees on the ground, fingers open, inhale, head tilted back, lifted forward and upward, forming a dog-like posture; when you exhale, arch forward and upward, like a catWith your head down and your eyes looking at your contraction, stretch your spine and complications until you feel comfortable.

  Bend your knees and flat your feet slightly apart, naturally slightly, bend your knees slightly, bend down, stretch your body horizontally until your body is parallel to the ground; your hands are tilted straight to the sides, parallel to the ground, and your chin is slightly recovered, it feels like you are holding aJust like an orange, close your abdomen, keep your back end as straight as possible, hold it for 10-20 seconds, and repeat 5 times.

  Cobra prone on the ground, put your hands on both sides, inhale, stretch the body above the stomach, lift your feet up, keep your tibia, tibia, thighs close to the ground, open above, hold 5 breaths,Then exhale and let your lower back relax until your forehead is on the ground.

Note that you must fully warm up before doing this position.

  Superman supine on the ground, inhale, stretch the body’s stomach upwards, lift your feet up, straighten your hands forward, let your right and left legs lift upwards for 5 seconds, and let your rightRecover with your left leg, then switch hands and legs and repeat.

The entire action is repeated 10 times.

Stretch your hands and legs diagonally to relax your back.

  Lay the spine flat on the ground, bend your right knee, keep your right leg close to the abdomen, and have your toes up. Keep this position for 2 minutes, then place your right leg above your body, turn your head to the right, and your right hand to the right.Straighten until you feel the back stretch.

Exhale deeply, then slowly relax, hold for 2-5 minutes, then switch to the other side.

  After the exercise is complete, you can stay in a corpse style, adjust your breathing, and let your body relax.

Eat dried sweet potatoes before steaming and frying sweet potatoes

Eat dried sweet potatoes before steaming and frying sweet potatoes

“Squash Sweet Potatoes” popping up like mushrooms in the streets and alleys, with healthy signboards, bring good taste and attract a lot of people.

What is the nutrition of the food made by these sweet potatoes, how to eat sweet potatoes more nutritious?

Chen Xiafei, chief nutritionist of Shanghai East China Hospital, told reporters that sweet potatoes, also known as sweet potatoes and potato, contain about 25% of starch, about 1% of protein, trace amounts, a variety of minerals and vitamins, rich food fiber and sugars.Substance, so it plays an important role in supplementing the body’s vitamins and energy, helping the body digestion, laxative and wide bowel.

Other studies have shown that sweet potatoes also have anti-cancer and antioxidant effects.

  The sweet potato plant’s products use sweet potatoes as the main ingredient, and are processed by cooking, frying, roasting, and frying.

Common are sweet potato, various sweet potato slices, sweet potato strips, sweet potatoes and so on.

  Chen Xiafei told reporters that it is best not to eat fried sweet potato slices, because during the frying process, the oil temperature is generally higher than 200 degrees, the fat will decompose to produce harmful substances; not only that, high oil temperature will destroy vitamin C, vitamin BThe number of races and adults will also increase.

In dried sweet potatoes, the carotenoids in the dried sweet potatoes will be destroyed by ultraviolet rays, and the nutrition will be reduced, and because the sanitary conditions during the processing are not clear, it is recommended to steam them before eating.

The sweet potatoes roasted directly on the open flame are easily burnt and produce amylamide carcinogens; if it is roasted from an electric oven, some people are assured that the sweet potatoes wrapped in tin foil wrapped in sweet potatoes are no problem.

In addition, the sweet potato food also has some novel flavors such as onion flavor, tomato flavor, lemon flavor, etc. These new flavor sweet potato flakes do not promote nutrition, and may also have the problem of adding flavors and spices.

  If the purpose is to ingest nutrients, you don’t need to eat sweet potato food at all. Instead, you should use traditional steaming and cooking methods.

In addition, Chen Xiafei suggested that you can choose more dark-colored sweet potatoes for better nutrition, such as red and purple sweet potatoes.

Can astigmatism be cured? How can astigmatism be restored?

Can astigmatism be cured? How can astigmatism be restored?

When a lot of children are a few years old, they start myopia, astigmatism, and often the children often play with electronic products. The children’s parents must pay attention. Then you know that astigmatism can be cured. Let’s learn together today.Knowledge about the best way to treat astigmatism.

How can astigmatism be restored?

First, choose a quiet place, or sit or stand, relax, remove distracting thoughts, open your eyes, keep your head and neck, and turn your eyes.

First gaze directly below the eye, slowly turn to the left, then turn to the top of the gaze, to the right, and finally back to the bottom of the gaze, so, turn clockwise 9 turns.

Then let the eyes gaze down, turn to the right, to the top, to the left, then back to the bottom, and then turn 6 turns counterclockwise.

Do it a total of 4 times.

Second, the eye breathe the law to choose the air fresh, or sit or stand, the whole body relaxes, the eyes look straight ahead, slowly sucking the foot, the eyes will be big, stop for a moment, then the gas will slowly exhale, the eyes will followSlowly close slightly and do it 9 times in a row.

Third, the ironing method is best to sit and do, relax, close your eyes, then quickly rub each other’s palms together, make it hot, hot with both hands to cover your eyes, after the heat, both hands suddenly open, two eyesAlso open it at the same time, so 3?
5 times, you can also paste 瞳 / 仁 / eye / paste liver and eyesight, menstruation and active, restore eye tissue function, control eye disease.

Fourth, the eye wash method first disinfect the washbasin, pour warm water, adjust the water temperature, put the face into the water, open the eyes in the water, make the eyeball move up and down 9 times, then clockwise, counterclockwise rotation 9Times.
At first, the water entered the eyes, the eyes were uncomfortable, but the eyes slowly felt very comfortable through the rotation of the eyeballs.

Conclusion: I read the introduction of Xiaobian above. Do you already know that astigmatism can be cured?

I hope that you can share the knowledge you have learned today about the best way to treat astigmatism to your friends, what are you waiting for, and act quickly.

How to care for baby’s skin in winter?

How to care for baby’s skin in winter?

The child’s skin layer is very delicate and thin, the temperature is low in winter, and the weather is often dry and windy. If you don’t pay attention to protection, many of them are prone to cracking.

Parents need to take good care of the child’s skin, you can do: 1, keep the skin clean.

In dry winter, children’s skin should be kept clean. Wash your hands with warm water every morning and night, and soak your feet with warm water at night.

But don’t wash your face too often, and don’t use too alkaline soap.

Otherwise, the skin’s protective function will be reduced, and bacteria, dirt and other harmful substances will have opportunities to take advantage of it; dryness will cause itching, and if the skin is scratched, it will cause skin infection and inflammation.

  2. Choose skin care products suitable for children.

  You can usually apply some children’s skin care products properly, which can effectively moisturize, moderately lock water, relieve dryness, and help the sebum film to build a barrier, which is both nourishing and protecting.

  3, pay attention to adjust the diet Many children have a partial eclipse phenomenon, lack of vitamin A, vitamin B, nutritional imbalance is also the cause of skin cracking.

Usually let your child eat more foods containing vitamin A and vitamin B, such as egg yolk, milk, vegetables, and fruits.

Prevents skin dehydration.

In addition, eczema and fungal infections may be accompanied by cleft palate. If the child has tinea pedis, eczema should be actively treated.

Countdown entertainment circle thinning beauty to increase fat as a task

Countdown entertainment circle thinning beauty to increase fat as a task

It is true that people who are on the mirror will be fatter than usual, so in order to beautify the beauty of the mirror, the beauty of the entertainment circle all take weight loss as their first responsibility.

They have to limit their weight to normal standards, diet, diet pills, and even some people have not entered the grain for several years, relying on fruits, vegetables and other foods.

But there are people like this, how do they eat long and not fat, and even increase fat as a task.

Many people are envious.

  Zhang Xiaohan, a “big-eyed beauty” Zhang Xiaohan who weighs only 36 kilograms, is even more skinny.

However, her thin body torso can make such a shocking and inspiring song, so many people praised her singing.

  Fertility has always been Zhang’s primary task.

Don’t watch her so slim, she can eat seven meals a day, and staying up late is essential.

In addition to eating above, Zhang Yihan admits that he rarely does exercise on a regular basis. Even if he plays a concert, he will only do a small amount of exercise because she is naturally so slim.

Occasionally a few pounds of fat, but when I got busy, I went back thin, which really made her very upset.

  The pure talented girl Jing Jingtian is the tallest among the three, and the height of 1 meter 67 is only 44 kilograms.

Really can be regarded as a lady.

She, who has learned to dance, has always shown her in a slim and slim image.

  But everyone may not think that the appetite of slim and sweet has always been really small.

Jing Tian’s favorite is a variety of meat, chicken wings, crabs, kebabs, beef, duck neck, a full “carnivore.”

Also like potato chips and cola.

Every time I eat, everyone has to ask if she is full, because she is always the last one to put down the chopsticks.

However, it is fortunate that I have eaten so many things, but I have not gained weight.

It’s really awkward.

However, the slim and sweet scenery does not give people a feeling of “morbid beauty.”

She is very thin and very healthy.

  Just when others are bothered to lose weight, she is free to eat what she loves, without worrying about getting fat.

When I went to Shanghai to do the show, I was also sighed by the sweetness. I have to learn to cook when I have time, so I can use my own food to comfort myself.

It can be seen that our thin beauty has a deep love for food.

  From the beginning of the “flat chest” Tianyan Sun Yanzi, Sun Yanzi conquered the fans with her fresh and natural image and unique singing voice.

The thin body is also one of her characteristics.

  Yan Zi never deliberately lose weight, she is both delicious and likes to exercise.

There are too many girls who admire Sun Yanzi’s “bone beauty”. Therefore, Sun Yanzi does not forget to laugh at himself: “Who said that I am a good figure?

I am thin because my stomach has not been very good, but I can’t absorb it when I eat a lot. The result is that I don’t get fat, so it’s not good, eat well, sleep well, and having a good body is the most important thing.

“Some fans often worry about whether she is so thin and able to cope with the continued work.

Yan Zi also wants to make himself stronger by practicing Muay Thai, so that it doesn’t look too weak.