8 parts sweating and grinding the body where is the virtual


8 parts sweating and grinding the body where is the virtual

It’s normal to sweat in the sweaty body in 8 parts of the body. But why do you sometimes sweat when you are not hot?

If this symptom appears, it may indicate which aspect of your body is deficient.

8 parts of sweating are where the virtual one, the amount of sweat sweating sweat head, even sweat like steam, it has the common name of steamed steamed buns, Chinese medicine believes that the head is the meeting of Zhuyang, the shrewd house, the sense of six kinky,Visceral and internal injuries may cause head sweat.

2, cold sweat syringe people are sick, frightened or nervous, extraordinarily nervous, physiological and psychological dysfunction will continue to discharge a large number of light and tasteless sweat, touch the cold, sweating often have a “heart and soul” feeling.

3, hand and foot sweat Chinese medicine believes that the spleen main limbs, where the spleen and stomach are hot and steamed, blood deficiency, yang deficiency, lack of Zhongyang, resulting in sweating of hands and feet.

4, nasal sweat is emotional, nervous, work tired, sweating when speaking too much, sweat oozing out from the nose and nose, sweat beads visible.

If you are seen in the lungs, the dysfunction is more common in patients with lung deficiency.

5, sweating on the side of the body means that the body is sweaty on the half, while the other half has no sweat or sweat.

Due to lack of blood and internal resistance caused by meridians, it is common in young people with hypertensive encephalopathy, stroke, hemiplegia, paraplegia and other patients.

6, sticky sweat sweaty sticky, thick and fever, a serious cold or other complications of high fever, taking an antipyretic antipyretic after an alternative to sweat.

The obvious sweat indicates that the body is hot and humid, and it needs to be wet and hot to recover.

7, Jiao Wei sweats sweating, continuous, exudes a paste or coal burning flavor.

The heavy ones have a strong smell, which can stimulate people around them to sneeze and sneeze.

This disease occurs in young men, because of excessive masturbation, or often dream of slippery, and do not pay attention to cleaning the perineum.

In addition, the sweat of patients with high fever, sweating after surgery or female childbirth, life dying, sweating at the time of dying, are different consequences or abnormal Qihan.

8, labor and sweat refers to the heart and the middle of the two breasts sweating, while other parts of the sweat or sweat is very small, mostly because of worry, thinking, shock, fear of excessive and hurt the heart and spleen, so that the heart is not the mainBlood, spleen is not bloody and chest sweats.

Common among intellectuals who are overworked.

The above are some common symptoms of sweating summarized by Chinese medicine. If you have some similar symptoms, it is recommended to find out the cause as soon as possible. Symptomatic treatment is the problem.


Good time to drink yogurt


Good time to drink yogurt

Yogurt is rich in nutrients and tastes sour and sweet, but you should pay attention to the occasion when you drink yogurt, and pay attention to avoid the wrong area when you drink. Today, you should pay attention to some precautions when drinking yogurt, so that you can drink yogurt safely.

銆€銆€1, drinking yogurt at night, the most calcium supplement 12 to the early morning is the lowest blood calcium content in the human body, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium in food, and the factors affecting calcium absorption in the human body during the period from 12 o’clock to early morning.
銆€銆€2, after using the computer to drink yogurt, radiation-proof yogurt also has the effect of reducing radiation damage, inhibiting the decomposition of human lymphocytes after radiation, so it is best to drink yogurt after receiving radiation.

銆€銆€3, the afternoon to drink yogurt, the most important thing to add tyrosine in vitamin yogurt to relieve psychological stress, high tension and worry caused by the body fatigue and so on and so on have a great help.

After lactic acid bacteria fermentation, the protein, peptide, amino acid and other particles in the yoghurt become tiny, the content of free tyrosine is greatly increased, and absorption is also easier.

Drinking a cup of yogurt in the afternoon can relax the office workers and be full of energy throughout the afternoon, which is more conducive to improving work efficiency.

銆€銆€4, after drinking yoghurt for the stomach is best if you take yogurt in the fasting state, it is easy to stimulate the digestive tract emptying, the nutrition in the yogurt can not be completely digested and absorbed, it can be discharged after drinking, so that the yogurt in the stomachIt is slowly absorbed and can help digestion.

Office health heart machine small things

Office health “heart machine” small things

The most common place for OL’s day is the office. Try these “heart” gadgets, which may make your office hours more comfortable and enjoyable!
銆€銆€Moisturizing Skin Care Prepare a small bottle of moisturizing spray at your desk. When you feel the skin is tight, spray it to achieve a good soothing and calming effect.
The North MM can also prepare a humidifier to make up the moisture in the air.
銆€銆€Teacups to be covered In the office, many people like to drink water with uncovered mugs or glasses, which makes it more convenient.
As everyone knows, this cup is affected by computer static electricity, it will absorb more dust, even bacteria, germs, the best way is to give the cup a cover.
It is best not to bring the cup close to the computer and other electrical appliances, so as not only to avoid the adsorption of suspended dust, but also to avoid accidentally knocking over the cup.
銆€銆€Green plants are placed in place Green plants can release negative ions and regulate the imbalanced positive and negative ions near the computer to prevent depression and other unpleasant emotions due to autonomic disorders.
In addition, green plants can increase the oxygen and moisture content of the air while absorbing the exhaust gases in the air.
The purification effect of the hanging orchid, white palm, Wenzhu, and green radish is good.
Geranium and Dianthus can enhance memory and regulate mood.
銆€銆€Cashmere blankets keep warm The back is the direction of the bladder, and the insulation of the bladder is equal to the immunity.
If you are tired, be sure to cover your thigh with a wool blanket that will help you maintain energy and energy.
Cashmere is a layer of thin velvet between sheepskin and coarse hair, which can help you maintain your body temperature.
銆€銆€Anti-static watering can There is a lot of static electricity on the surface of the computer display screen, which absorbs more dust and is easy to transfer to dry skin.
Spraying water on the countertop near the computer saves dry skin and clears the brain and relieves fatigue.
銆€銆€Cushion protects the spine The support of the cushion allows the waist muscles to relax, which can effectively prevent and treat lumbar pain.
The test found that the use of cushions can also relax the neck muscles, helping to prevent and treat cervical spondylosis.