Health experts: cold dew health, beware of 3 kinds of diseases, eat 7 kinds of beans, help you to spend the autumn and winter safely


Health experts: cold dew health, beware of 3 kinds of diseases, eat 7 kinds of beans, help you to spend the autumn and winter safely

The cold dew is heavy in a “cold” word, after which the temperature will drop rapidly, especially at night, the temperature will drop. Old people and children should pay special attention to keep warm.

After the cold dew, many people pay attention to “spring and autumn and autumn”, after the cold dew, it is necessary to start to pay attention to keep warm, to avoid diseases such as colds.

Today, the dietitian in the explosion nutrition class will talk to you: cold dew, health, prevention of 3 kinds of diseases, eat 7 kinds of beans, help you through the autumn and winter.

1, cold dew, beware: the cold has declined over time, the elderly and children with low resistance are most prone to colds, especially when the temperature drops and the air is dry, the virulence of the cold virus is enhanced.

At this time, the occurrence of many diseases will endanger the lives of the elderly. The most important thing to be aware of is cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

2, cold dew, beware: the legs are frozen and the saying goes, “White body is not exposed, cold exposed feet are not exposed”, after the cold dew, pay special attention to the warmth of the legs and feet, wear warm socks and socks, hot feet before going to bed.
After the foot bath, you can use the fingertips to rub the acupuncture points on the feet to promote blood flow, which is also helpful for improving sleep quality.

3, cold dew, beware: after the skin is dry and cold, after the weather, because of the weather and its own, the skin is abnormally dry, but also increased the phenomenon of itching.

If you scratch it, it is easier to let some pathogens sneak into the air, making the wounds less likely to heal and increasing the incidence of complications.

After talking about the three kinds of chronic diseases that you should pay attention to after the cold dew, let’s talk about it: You can eat 7 kinds of beans after the cold dew.

1, after the cold dew diet: Soybean soybeans are rich in dietary fiber, and the glycemic index is very low, can delay the body’s absorption of sugar, lower blood sugar.

Soybeans also contain a substance that inhibits trace enzymes, which are often consumed by sugar friends and have a significant hypoglycemic effect.

2, after the cold dew diet: red beans red beans can both clear the heart fire, but also make up the blood.

It is rich in crude fiber material, clinically helps to lower blood fat, lower blood pressure, improve heart function, and at the same time can be iron, can make blood and blood, very suitable for blood.

3, after the cold dew diet: mung bean mung bean is rich in substituted fiber, the fiber content per 100 grams of mung bean is 9 times the rice content!

Everyone knows that fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility and has a good promoting effect on relieving constipation.

4, after the cold dew diet: black beans black beans contain high enough protein, and good quality, its protein content is beef, chicken, pork one-to-many, milk 12 times.

And the amino acid composition of black bean protein is similar to animal protein and is easily digested and absorbed by the human body.

5, after the cold dew diet: lentils lentils are known as the “king of beans”, the seeds and pods are divided into black, white, reddish brown according to the color.

The peel, flowers, leaves and fruits of the lentils are all used as medicine, and the fruits are generally used as white lentils, and they are fried and have the effect of stopping diarrhea.

6, after the cold dew diet: cowpea Chinese medicine believes: the biggest advantage of eating cowpea is that it can kidney and spleen, nourish the stomach and qi, it is suitable for people with bad spleen and stomach and kidney function.

Men and women who have kidney needs may wish to eat more cowpeas after the cold dew.

7, eat after the cold dew diet: broad bean broad bean is a low milk beans, the content of aunt per 100 grams of broad beans is only 1 gram, almost negligible.

Under the ranking, the amount of oatmeal that everyone eats is 6.

7 grams high, broad beans are really a good diet food.

Dear friends, do you still know that there are some health principles after the cold dew?

Share your life experience by leaving a message in the comments section below.

Five drinks to help you stay away from the fire


Five drinks to help you stay away from the fire

At the end of the day, the more busy, everyone is full of fire, the body is easy to follow the fire, but also to the irritability and anxiety of the fire.

Therefore, fire fighting is the most important thing, let yourself have a refreshing New Year!

銆€銆€The lips are blistering, the throat is dry, the stool is dry, and the people call these symptoms a fire.

In winter, the weather is drier and colder. Eat more moisturizing and nourishing food, nourish your body and dry it.

銆€銆€Lily soymilk is dry and dry, and there is no dry cough. These are the manifestations of lung dryness.

Carrots, pumpkins, white radishes, spinach, white fungus, and lily are all good ingredients for protecting the lungs.

Go to the supermarket to buy some dried lilies, soak them with soy beans, and then squeeze them into soy milk to drink.

Need to pay attention to, the nut quantum is high, which is not conducive to clearing the lungs and moistening.

And some nuts are fried and processed, salty or sugary, so it is not advisable to eat more.

銆€銆€Radish, radish, white radish, pear and lotus root have the effect of moistening the lungs, producing cough and relieving cough, and combining the three, the effect of anti-drying and arson is very good.

銆€銆€Prepare 100 grams of white radish, 100 grams of lotus root and 1 pear.

Wash the white radish, lotus root, cut the pears, wash the pears and chop them, then put them into the juicer and squeeze them (without water), then add honey according to your taste, twice a day.Now playing now.

銆€銆€Chrysanthemum mint tea is associated with redness and swelling of the eyes, accompanied by dizziness and pain, mouth and throat, and red and irritated “liver fire”.

You can try to put 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 5 grams of honeysuckle, 3 grams of mint into the water and then put it in, which can clear the liver and improve eyesight.

銆€銆€Some people like Umemai winter tea love to “get angry”, eat fried, spicy, biscuits, dried fruits will “get angry”, then you can not only “go to the fire”, but also to yin, because their “fire” is mostlyCaused by yin.

銆€銆€You can use ebony, Ophiopogon tea, these two medicines together, a sour taste, a sweet taste, just reflects the Chinese medicine said “sour and yin yin”, can turn the raw liquid to nourish Yin.

銆€銆€Mangosteen tea will be 2?
3 Luo Han Guo shelled and 1 fat sea brewed with boiling water, add appropriate amount of rock sugar or honey to add, can clear the stomach and cool the blood, redness and swelling of the gums, bad breath, like cold drinks, red tongue and yellow and other symptoms are very effective.


Out of 3 news, the light bulb salary is not as good as the health brothers, the Rockets and other 6 teams offer Butler

These days, I believe many fans will see the news of Butler. After all, only Butler is coming to bring us news, bringing shock and bringing all kinds of uncertainty!

I believe that in the next few days, Butler and the Timberwolves will soon occupy the NBA news section.

Whether you like Butler or not, the butterfly effect of Butler’s exchange will inevitably affect your favorite team!

So, whether you like it or not, we don’t hinder attention. At the beginning of the new season, we have talks, and we can talk in front of the players!

This morning, the author brought you information about Butler and Durant. At night, the author found three news from the official media and foreign social networks. The first is that the salary of the health brothers surpassed Harden and Paul.The second is the first public appearance of TT after the suspected derailment. The third is that the Rockets and other six teams have offered Butler to the Timberwolves!

Health Care Brothers Salary Union second, actually super light bulbs are health brothers?

It is estimated that most fans can guess it, yes, it is Downs and Wiggins!

Of course, they did not have media or fans to call them health brothers before, and the author gave them nicknames!

I don’t know if you like it or if you have a better nickname!

How high is the health brother’s salary, do you know?

Wiggins 1.

4.8 billion did not, Downs 1.

A total of 900 million US dollars, a total of 3.

3.8 billion US dollars, converted to RMB more than 2.3 billion!

How many well-known listed companies do not have them high!

This salary ranks second in the league, the first is Wei Shao and George!

The total is 3.

4.2 billion US dollars, converted into RMB is also more than 2.3 billion yuan!

You said that horror is not terrible!

Paul 1.

$600 million, Harden 1.

6.9 billion (in fact, Harden has a total of 2 in 6 years.

2.8 billion US dollars, but because he had a contract for two months, he has already completed two years, and then renewed a four-year contract, so I can only count his four-year contract for the last four years.)The health brothers’ salary exceeds the bulb combination!

Unsurprisingly, not surprised, Vikings and Downs, who are raising the ball, actually earned the second place in the league, surpassing the league’s first and second combination!

(The combination of the light bulb and the Durant Curry, of course, ranks in no particular order. Some media believe that the first combination is that the bulb is considered to be Durant Curry, and the author does not make too many comments).

No wonder Butler wants to go, health brothers hold such a high salary, think about so much money, but what about people doing it seriously?

Raising health, making money, isn’t it?

Ok, of course, good, bless you, always a healthy brother!

TT hand in hand Ka Dian Shanshan knocked down the rumor TTTT was photographed late in the media to go to the bar, when it came out at 4 in the morning, next to 2 beautiful women, get on the bus together!

(Fortunately, at 4 o’clock in the morning, Kobe did not have a teammate with TT, otherwise he was crying in the gym) and TT was not the first time he was derailed. He has been caught by the media at least 3 times!

Before Kardashian chose to forgive him, this time?

Don’t worry, Kardashian still chooses to forgive.

(Of course, I don’t know if it’s forgiveness, or is it just a car pick-up service?

The author really admire TT, it is a life winner, Odum and Harden can not surrender Kardashian, even you are coached to obey the post!

Said that Kardashian is the best defensive player, I think we are all wrong, the best defensive player is TT!

The Rockets and other 6 teams quoted Butler according to WOJ broke the news, the Rockets, the 76ers, the Clippers, the Heat, the Nets, the Pistons officially quoted Butler to the Timberwolves!

I have to admire the Knicks!
Speaking of doing it, saying no to trade Butler is not!
It is estimated that Butler is faint!

The information that the author has learned is only the price of the rocket, and the Rocket offers the price of Gordon + Tucker!

It seems that the Rockets’ championship dream has been there, and the author is very admired by Morey’s courage.

(The specifics of the author’s previous article are introduced, and will not be repeated here.

Of course, my Lakers didn’t even quote, Ai, Jamba’s chances of joining hands may be gone!

Who will win the Butler?

What are their chips?

Will there be a new team joining the Battle of Butler?

The author will always pay attention to bring you the latest Butler news!

And you, what team do you think Butler will eventually join?

Summary For the Butler deal, the author wants to say is to join the strong team!

(Of course, don’t join the Warriors.) I hope to join the Rockets or the 76ers or the Lakers. I hope that a team can compete against the Warriors’ team. I don’t want to have a super-strong situation, which makes the game more suspenseful and makes the game more exciting!

Of course, the author does not think that the Warriors will certainly win the championship, in case it does not work?

Who knows?