Do not use foundation for half an hour after exercise

Do not use foundation for half an hour after exercise

People often feel that skin diseases and exercise are inseparable, but as long as you take the time to achieve a good figure and smooth skin, it is not difficult.

  National senior beautician Shao Miao told the Life Times reporter that at any stage before, during and after exercise, you must always remind yourself to take care of your skin.

  Female friends who make up must remove makeup before exercise and wash the face dirt with a neutral cleanser, otherwise it will cause pore clogging; male comrades should not remove body hair before exercise, because the skin after shaving is particularly sensitive and sweats during exerciseThe skin at these points is tingling.

In the process of exercise, you must choose a suitable exercise method.

Shao Miao said that aerobic exercise is best for the skin, such as yoga with a more rhythm, jogging and so on.

“After exercise, pay attention to keeping your skin clean.

Human sweat contains a large amount of harmful substances. If you do not take off your sweaty clothes immediately, the sweat will remain on the skin, and it is easy to develop acne. People with a lot of oil may even cause folliculitis.

Shao Miao pointed out that many fitness places now have shower facilities. It is best to wash a bathtub with warm water after exercise, but not longer than 5 minutes.

After washing, you can use a lotion when the skin is slightly wet.

But in half an hour because the top is still sweating, it is best not to apply heavy makeup, and not to use foundation, otherwise even if it is easy to get a face, and the probability of pores is very large.

Four BB creams are most popular among makeup masters_1

Four BB creams are most popular with makeup masters

Natural and transparent, shiny skin is what every eyebrow desires. Looking at the models in magazines and stars on TV, their skin is so delicate and shiny, which makes people feel blown and elastic, but also feelEverything is so out of reach.

Is it really that difficult to achieve?

Now I will introduce various types of BB creams that people recommend to Meimei, so that the skin of Meimei can also be blown and bounced!

  Recommended products: LEGERE Shuiyang Flawless BB Cream Reference price: RMB490 Product specifications: 35g Product introduction: Water coagulation transformation technology, ending dry and cracked makeup!


The feeling of tenderness is up!

Serviceability UP!


A large number of ultra-fine water molecules are locked in the water condensation beads, and they quickly liquefy into water molecules when they are in contact with the skin. They quickly penetrate and absorb without stickiness, and form a water-retaining film on the surface.Makeup.

Adds micro-bright molecules to brighten the skin, pearly luster gives skin a natural look.

  Editor’s comment: This product is brown when it is squeezed out, but the eyebrows don’t have to worry about it. This is the natural color of the product. When you put it on your face, it will automatically bring out the transparent complexion according to the skin of the eyebrow.

No oil, no stuffiness, no heavy feeling, good moisturizing feeling, and you will not feel thick makeup even if you continue to pour on the powder, it is very natural and transparent.

Its only drawback is that the concealing effect is not high.

  Recommended products: JUST BBcream (Aesthetic Concealer) Reference Price: RMB240 Product Specifications: 50ml Product Introduction: Aesthetic Concealer will repair, moisturize, polish, oil control, concealer in one time, get ultra-light and thin makeup effect, suitable for any skin type.

Natural active ingredient for a variety of skin types.

Purslane, aloe vera, tea tree, grapefruit, pepper extracts and Shanghai Trehalose Extract provide a full-effect care of your skin, soothing the skin damaged by the surrounding environment and improper care.

It can also be used with ease on sensitive skin.

At the same time as the makeup, the skin care and maintenance are completed at one time.

  Editor’s comment: This product will have a matte feel when it is lifted up, which is very natural and shiny.

You will find that the skin has become thinner and tenderer, and the skin care, moisturizing, and foundation are all in one step, which is very suitable for office workers who are pressed for time.

As the race becomes more beautiful, you will also see that your skin is constantly improving.

  Recommended products: RYU Revitalizing BB Cream Reference Price: RMB1380 Product Specification: 35ml Product Introduction: Use RYU Revitalizing BB Cream for basic isolation and primer.

For dark circles or spots, use your fingertips to take an appropriate amount of RYU Revitalizing BB Cream to lightly block the area that needs strengthening to achieve concealing effect.

The use of Ryu Revitalizing BB Cream can achieve the effect of a misty foundation, which is as good as a honey powder. You can then apply a compact powder to extend the aging time throughout the day.

RYU product features: moisturizing, non-greasy, tailor-made BB cream products for Taiwan women tailored to the skin of Taiwanese people, the climate and makeup habits of Taiwan.

  Editor’s comment: This BB cream is very malleable. As long as the size of a grain of rice can be used to evenly apply the entire face, the concealing power is not sufficient to cover the pores.

Normally, the crushed makeup can be directly rubbed with BB cream after applying sunscreen. Friends have said that they look good on the skin and do not feel makeup.

But the moisturizing power is a bit lacking.

  Recommended products: Skin79 Gold Whitening and Moisturizing BB Cream Reference Price: RMB190 Product Specifications: 40g Product Description: This BB cream SPF25, PA ++, has the function of whitening and improving wrinkles. Please note that it is to improve wrinkles, not wrinkles, soIt is unscientific to be suitable for use over 25 years of age.

Once a woman is over 20 years old, although the skin does not show obvious fine lines, the skin has a tendency to become wrinkled. Therefore, the use of skin care products with the function of improving wrinkles can delay the formation of wrinkles.

In addition, this is especially suitable for MMs who stay up late at college to produce dark circles.

  Editor’s comment: This BB cream concealer is very good, it can cover dark circles and spots.

It is more suitable for people with dry skin. It has good oil control and moisturizing ability and strong makeup setting effect.

As long as you gently pat with your fingers evenly, it will fit on the skin very naturally, giving a comfortable feeling.

Become a beauty sleeper for you


Become a beauty sleeper for you

Working every morning makes you anxious to go to bed as soon as you get home. Especially after washing thoroughly, the rare ease makes you want to attract more sleep.

However, the skin is not happy at this time, after all, evening maintenance is very important for the skin.

At this time, how to make yourself sleep well, and also take care of beauty and skin care?

Now for your tips, make reasonable use of sleep masks, be a beauty conscious.

  Maintaining lazy MM skin 5 minutes before bed is still tender and you like to sleep late, I would like to get those troublesome skin care procedures in one minute before going to bed.

In fact, quick maintenance is also a trick, but you have to follow your skin characteristics.

Now divided into two types of oily and dry according to skin type, teach you two quick care methods to keep the skin hydrated.

  For dry skin, you don’t need to use cleansing milk, just apply oil-soluble or dark cleansing cream to the bladder, and then wash it off.

In this way, the moisturizing cream can be absorbed by the skin.

  Oily skin does not require washing your face. Instead, use a commercially available wipe or a wipe for babies.

Choose products that are not irritating to the skin and gently wipe your face.

  Cover your skin with a paper towel after washing your face. Cover your skin with a paper towel after washing your face. Pay attention to the size to cover the entire face.

This can effectively keep the skin moderately moisturized, and quickly absorb moisture, without leaving the fiber of the towel on the body, not to mention the effort.

  Mixing lotion and lotion together for face painting Mixing lotion and lotion together and applying it on the face can also be a product that has the effect of lotion and lotion at the same time.

  If you have a little time or have extremely dry skin, you can apply lotion or moisturizer after applying lotion and lotion.

This keeps the skin hydrated for long.

  Before going to bed beauty class to be a rosy Snow White, now whitening has long wanted not to, and only pursue blindness.

It also needs white translucent, white health, and white ruddy.

The best time to maintain is before bedtime, you allow the skin to relax and absorb nutrients for a few whole nights.

Only this time will help your skin care with less effort.

Now, come to teach you the sweet homework before going to bed, to be a rosy complexion Snow White.

  A red wine mask VS sweet slap red wine is rich in a variety of minerals, replaces antioxidant polyphenols, prevents arteriosclerosis and heart disease, improves cold deficiency such as cold hands and feet, vitamin C nourishes the skin, eyesight.

If you are not accustomed to the sour taste of wine, or are concerned about the possible harm to your health caused by excessive alcohol intake, then apply the health of wine directly to your body.

  The specific method is: Sprinkle red wine evenly on a disposable mask cloth, and then apply it on the shell for 5 minutes (except for sensitive skin).

Doing this beauty homework every night before going to bed, you will find that your complexion is really rosy.

  Two bubbles in a comfortable bathtub VS serum experts recommend exfoliating once every 28 days, you can use exfoliating serum at night.

There is no need to massage the skin or wash it with water after use. After rubbing it, you go to bed. It makes you wake up the next day and it is very convenient.

  Three hydration VS collagen rehydration work before bedtime can not be careless.

To make a new look after a sleep, collagen, collagen molecules contain a large number of hydrophilic groups, can penetrate into the dermis layer, improve skin shrinkage, lock moisture, and achieve the purpose of maintaining skin moisturization.

  Four eye care VS lemon eye is not shiny enough?

It doesn’t matter, as long as you use lemon, it can help you restore the “flat and fair” eyes.

However, remember to immerse the lemon in water for a while before applying it, cover the eyes with gauze, and put two lemons on it for 5 minutes.

The fresh smell also helps your sleep quality.

  Use the Step by Step sleep mask in the field!

  Step 1, follow the usual maintenance sequence, and rub the care products on the rubbing; STEP 2, after rubbing the care products, warm the entire face with the palm to help absorption; STEP 3, avoid the eye area, gently apply Good Night MaskBy the way, lift the skin up, and the neck can also be put on; Step 4, wash the mask with warm water the next morning.

Sebum secretion is strong at night, it is best to clean again with facial cleanser.

  Uncovering the beauty veil-the mysterious veil of the sleeping mask Mystery veil 1: Can the sleeping mask be applied only at night?

Can I apply it every day?  A: Apply every day. Afternoon compress is also OK. The sleep mask is matched with the golden repair power of sleep, which is the driving force for the more beautiful the skin.

Of course, the skill is not limited to the night, but can also be done during the day, and you can apply a thick layer after taking a nap without makeup.

Applying the Good Night Mask every day is absolutely no problem, but in order to make the skin self-healing, it is best to use it 2-3 times a week.

  Mystery Veil 2: Is the sleep mask easy to align the sheets and pillows?

  A: Do not use too much. Waiting for a little to dry before going to sleep. The excessive use of the sleeping mask may indeed make the pillow cover less effective. Secondly, the pillow cover may also breed bacteria and leave the face in acnes.crisis.

The big beauty with a small face uses the size of a cherry, and the person with a larger face uses a strawberry-sized amount. After applying, wait until it is slightly dry (about 5-10 minutes) before falling asleep to prevent it from getting everywhere.
  CHINFIE Qing Fei Soft White Soothing Leave-in Mask ¥ 148.

00 / 110g Lightweight and soothing whitening leave-in mask contains all natural arbutin, inhibits melanin production, and reduces skin darkening caused by factors such as sun exposure.

Gentle, translucent cream-type gel with a soft texture that is not sticky after use. It can go to sleep directly after application without washing, and replenishes water without interruption during sleep. Wake up the next day to refresh your facial skin.

To relieve stress on the face and restore vitality to the skin.
An energizing slow-release formula designed to relieve stress on the facial skin, providing deep moisture and whitening treatment to tired cells.

  Netizens’ experience: a very easy-to-use disposable cleansing mask that is not sticky at all. It has no problem sleeping when applied, and it has a cool feeling on the face. Of course, this non-sticky also means that you cannot be the same as applying other masksIt is very, very thick.

Leave-on mask is also easy to use.

I basically used it as a night cream. After washing my face the next morning, my mood will be high, I recommend it!

  Recommended reason: refreshing, moisturizing, natural whitening, maternity sleeping beauty disposable crystal mask ¥ 59.

00 / 60g natural effective moisturizing ingredients, provide deep moisture and whitening repair for tired and dry skin, provide nourishment and form a water-locking protective film on the night when cell regeneration is most active and absorption rate is the best.

After washing my face the next day, I still felt excessive moisture and full of vitality.

  Netizens’ experience: The two days of Kung Fu were immediately effective, and the effect was very good. The ends were really dry, and the oil in the T zone was not very oily. I felt it when I got up the next morning with the mask.It’s tender.

  Recommended reason: moisturizing and nourishing, cost-effective

Dependence, how much do you know

Dependence, how much do you know

With the increasingly fierce social competition, the pace of work and life is getting faster and faster, and the pressure is increasing, resulting in more and more people with compulsive psychology.

At present, OCD has been included in one of the four major mental disorders that seriously affect the quality of life of urban populations.

Speaking of obsessive-compulsive disorder, I may feel new.

But it is undeniable that it is a “health killer” lurking around us.

  Symptoms of mobile phone dependence symptoms: mobile phone forgets to be upset, ringing bells do not ring, look left and right, ringing bells are conditioned to reflect, incoming calls reduce restlessness, etc.

  Expert diagnosis: Some people use their mobile phones alternately due to work needs or other reasons. Unconsciously, mobile phones become part of their lives.

These people usually respond when the number of incoming calls suddenly drops or their phone is lost.

This is not a serious consequence, it is just a psychological reaction that people often have when using mobile phones.

The point is that white-collar women should take more care of themselves and create a “green life” for themselves at this age, such as outings, fitness, reading, listening to music, etc., so as to distract attention from mobile phones and give themselves “no cell phone interruptions” in a timely manner.It ‘s a good day. ”

  Symptoms of network dependence symptoms: I do n’t know how to write without a computer, I ca n’t work without a computer, I ca n’t sleep peacefully without going online.

  Expert diagnosis: The expansion of computers and the familyization of broadband have increased the number of patients with network dependence.

Because of the margin of this patient patient group, it can also be divided into: chat dependency, surfing dependency, online game dependency and so on.

In Europe and the United States, psychologists have begun to attach great importance to such depression caused by network dependence.

This kind of network dependence has a long incubation period. Sometimes fans often don’t know where their pain comes from, so it is difficult to detect their own improvement.

  To cure Internet dependence, you must seek treatment from a psychologist.

In addition, you can also communicate with your family more . Symptoms of work dependence symptoms: insomnia, dreams, fatigue and depression, unable to stop the work at hand and so on.

  Expert diagnosis: A person who depends on work only feels fulfilled when he is working. He needs to rely on other people’s evaluation of the job to affirm himself, and will gradually become the only standard of self-worth.

In the final analysis, this is a sign of lack of security and self-confidence in the surrounding environment. People with job dependence are often prone to the illusion that they only have the value of being recognized at work.

The only way to avoid this kind of work dependence is to learn to find other pleasures besides work. Work can be placed in a more important position, but it must not be the whole of personal life.

  Symptoms of learning dependence: boredom, depression, unhappy every day because of the gap between ideal and reality.

  Expert diagnosis: Learning was originally a joy for people, but if it develops into the least sense of fun, it will only produce the “non-learning imperative” self-compulsive thought, which is the manifestation of dependence. Such people even want to change the tedious everydayLife, but verbally, in the end will still escape reality.

To produce learning dependence, first of all, you can use a journal to learn how to examine your life in a discipline.

In fact, I learned to brag, even if there is a big thing, you can take the opportunity to praise yourself.

Finally, in the process of learning, clear goals for yourself, so that there will be an impulse to achieve.

A sense of fulfillment can bring real happiness to people.

  Symptoms of emotional dependence: overly like or trust too much personal feelings on a person or an item, once lost, it is difficult to adapt.

  Expert diagnosis: When a person is unhappy, when he finds a solution, dependence often comes into play. If there is a friend who talks about everything, the problem of infringement can be solved easily.

To get rid of complications from emotional dependence, ask a friend for help.

At the same time, we must learn to make reasonable plans and arrangements for our lives.

In addition, you also need to cultivate your ability to endure loneliness, learn to enjoy a person’s time, and not rely too much on someone or something, and to know yourself objectively and correctly, is also a key step to improve dependence symptoms . Food dependence symptomsPerformance: Eliminating depression with overeating. Expert diagnosis: Facing food, people’s mood can always be relaxed to some extent.

However, if overeating is used as a method of decompression, “eating” every time to solve the problem is actually an escape from the problem.

In this way, you can never really solve the problem. Over time, you will become psychologically dependent on food, and bulimia and anorexia will also come.

You must learn to divert your attention, make new friends, learn new skills, develop new hobbies, etc., and help yourself build more ways to troubleshoot and gain a sense of security.

  What can we do to help us develop our dependence?

  First, acknowledge dependence.

If you recognize dependence and recognize the importance of having it, you can find a solution to the problem.

  Second, don’t blame yourself.

People suffering from dependence sometimes sometimes become harsh on their own, hoping that they can become stronger in the process of rejecting dependence, but this excessive self-control sometimes has the opposite effect.  Third, seek help from others.

Some patients’ symptoms of the original dependency disorder did improve, but they quickly closed off the new dependency symptoms produced during the effort.

  Fourth, cultivate the ability to endure loneliness.

People with dependence should learn to enjoy a person’s time. Being alone can help you understand yourself objectively and correctly, and it is also necessary to form your own independent personality.

  Fifth, divert attention.

Meet some new friends, learn some new skills, develop some new hobbies, etc.

Help yourself build more ways to troubleshoot and gain a sense of security.
  Nowadays, there are still many types of dependence. Some people rely on shopping and shopping, some people rely on interest classes, and some people even rely on hygiene . Why rely on it?

Because we are still nostalgic for those happy aftertastes.

So, get rid of the little loss and attachment to the passing years, start a new life, and let yourself be happy instead of just one way!

Intestinal Detox Yoga Conditioning Limb_1

Intestinal Detox Yoga Conditioning Limbs

Guide: Summer temperature is high, toxin concentration in the body cannot be ruled out, prone to fatigue, mental sheriff, poor appetite and other phenomena. At this time, it does not hinder practicing the intestinal detoxification yoga recommended by the following editors, which can avoid the pain of hot and dryClean up the toxin waste accumulated in the body to help you adjust your body to the best state.

  Skyscrapers stand upright with your feet and shoulders wide. When you inhale, you twist and slowly lift your head up and straighten, your hands are crossed, your wrists are turned and your palms are up.

When exhaling, the high blood pressure drives the upper body to slowly bend down until the body is parallel to the ground . Adjustment effect: The upper body and waist and abdomen are fully relaxed, and the toxins in the body are cleared between the reconciliation of breathing.

  Tip: Require the body to have a feeling of stretching and opening, and adjust the breathing reasonably.

  Intestinal clearance index: ★★ Wind blowing trees stand upright, feet are close to each other, arms are placed in front of and behind the body, when inhaling, slowly raise your hands over your head, close the palms at the top of your head, and lift the heels of your feet at the same time; when exhaling, the upper body is bent from the waist, To the right of the trend.

Hold it for a few seconds, repeat this action on the other side . Adjust the effect: Promote blood circulation in the body, through the left and right yoga exercises, adjust the long-term accumulation of toxins in the body.

  Tip: Put your legs together, lift your toes, and fully expand both left and right.

  Intestinal clearance index: ★ ★ ★ Rotate the waist upright, separate your feet, inhale, raise your arms over your head, and cross your hands; turn your wrists, palms up; exhale, let your body slowly bend down with your upper body until the body and the groundparallel.

  Breathing effect: While doing the action, adjust the rhythm through reasonable breathing to promote tibia peristalsis.

  Tip: When the upper body is tilted downward, do not bend the legs with it. If the upper body cannot be all parallel to the ground, do your best to do it. Do not force yourself too much during the initial training.

  Intestinal clearance index: ★★★ The snake twists down on the ground, palms on the ground, flat on the front of the chest, inhale, lift the body with both hands until the arms are completely straightened; exhale, drive the body to turn left,, Eyes look at the heel, hold it for a few seconds, repeat this action on the other side . Practicing effect: appropriate regular exercise of this action can adjust the spirit, reduce the feeling of physical weakness, and can lift and twist the upper body at the same timePromote the digestive tract in the body and remove toxins.

  Tip: Keep your arms straight, keep your legs and lower body relaxed, and feel the strength of your exercise in the upper body.

  Shape index: ★★★★

Baseball steps to heal your trauma

Baseball steps to heal your trauma

Concerned about the four kinds of rehabilitation to trap Ms. Liu, she had a divorce treatment with her husband who had been in conflict with her for a long time in October last year.Not going on.

Many women encounter emotional problems, especially after extremely severe psychological shocks, are eager for psychological rehabilitation and want to change the status quo of their own suffering, but most do not know how to do it.

  In the process of psychological rehabilitation, you will experience many beautiful feelings (confidence, fulfillment, strength, etc.), and you will find the direction of growth from these beautiful feelings.

At the same time, you must avoid some recovery traps in the process, these psychological traps will interrupt your recovery process.

In general, there are four types of rehabilitation traps: 1.
Unforgettable hatred.

Hatred will pull your emotions back and bring your life to negative.

Forgiveness and understanding are part of self-healing.

  2.Quietly restored.

Lead your excitement to share with your family and friends, and don’t silently perform psychological rehabilitation alone.


Maybe you feel guilty or even guilty about some people. If you can’t eliminate guilt, you will ruin tomorrow yourself.

  4.Fear and escape.

Knowing that you want to change and actually changing are two different things. The “change” in thinking that is not put into action will only bring you frustration.

Only action (not fear and escape) can open a new page in life.

  Suggest 8 kinds of rehabilitation methods Although each person’s psychological problems have a unique side, psychological treatment is a rule to follow. When you face the huge trauma in your life, you plan to change in a positive direction, then, youYou can refer to the following 8 steps for psychological rehabilitation.

Ask a person who cares about you, hire your good friend, a psychological counselor, and they will give you rehabilitation advice. You should actively implement it.

Do not distort the facts, do not lie about things that happened in the past, do not despise and ignore, or deliberately render.

  3.Learn to take responsibility for yourself and consider everything from your own perspective.

  4.Try to exercise, keep fit and take care of your body.

  5.Meet people with positive attitudes as friends, and there may be people around you who sympathize with you, but they are not your best friends.

  6.It is inevitable that there will be a period of low tide in life. First, accept the current period of low tide.

  7.To learn new things, choose a tutorial or training class in your spare time.

  8.Looking forward to the good things that will happen. After that, there will be more and more good accidents.

  In some ways, psychological rehabilitation is a kind of risk. You can escape and avoid the immediate pain, but at the same time, you lose the opportunity to change. Some women choose to escape after emotional trauma, which makes them feel deadLove disappears, sees through the dust, and escapes make you give up the opportunity to study, feel, and love, preventing you from reshaping your fun and fulfilling life.

Don’t take risks and have to lose your feelings.

100 ancestral cures for 112-year-old Chinese medicine practitioners!


The most comprehensive, hurry to collect!

100 ancestral cures for 112-year-old Chinese medicine practitioners!
The most comprehensive, hurry to collect!

1 Remember: Sleep is the first element of health.

Sleeping time should be 21:00 pm?
Early 3:00.

Because this time is the winter of one day, the winter is the main collection, the winter is not hidden, the spring and summer are not long, that is, the second day has no spirit.

2 All drugs are palliative to the treatment of the disease, not a cure, whether it is Chinese medicine or Western medicine.

Because all diseases are wrong because of the wrong results.

If the error is not removed, the wrong result will not be rooted.

The root of health is at heart.

Everything is born from the heart.

The heart is pure.

So get sick, don’t over-employ, and rely on your own repair system to repair your disease.

In fact, people and animals are the same. Animals are dependent on themselves and people can.

3 The correct concept is far more helpful than the expensive drugs and dangerous surgery to help patients eliminate the disease.

With the right ideas, you will have the right decisions, and you will have the right behaviors, and you can prevent many diseases from happening.

All the wisdom that the four people possess is definitely not learned from the books, but from the sincerity of their own heart, the pure heart (that is, the Bodhicitta that the Buddha called), born out of the fixed.

5 people are the most perfect structure in all living things. A healthy body is full of life. The adjustment of human health is done by the body’s own adjustment and repair system, not by external factors.Can only play a supporting role.

Most of the 6 people’s illnesses are caused by the body’s regulation and cleaning up of body waste. It is the state of the body’s automatic adjustment of balance, so they should be regarded as normal physiological phenomena, and should not be regarded as sick.The cause is eliminated.

Therefore, when a person is sick, there must be no resentment, peace of mind, peace of mind, smoothness of blood, and smoothness of blood.

The health of 7 people is inseparable from two major factors: 1) sufficient blood; 2) smooth meridians (including blood vessels and channels for excreting waste).

8 enough blood to rely on: enough food bile necessary time (after dark days?
12:00 midnight) Good sleep (this time the brain is completely out of work, nervous by the autonomic nerves) good habits.

9 unobstructed meridians need: clean heart.

All seven emotions and six desires will destroy the clean heart, thus destroying the normal operation of the meridians.

10 Maintaining a healthy body does not require 鈥渋ncreasing income (increasing blood and blood)鈥? but also 鈥渟avings (reducing blood loss)鈥?

11 Too much food can not even increase blood gas, and it will become a waste in the body, which in turn has to clean up by consuming blood.

The internal organs are a blood gas processing factory. Food is raw material, processing capacity is limited, and food is unlimited, so the amount of food must be controlled.

12 Appropriate exercise can help people’s blood and blood, but at the same time consume people’s blood.

The microcirculation of the human body should be mainly achieved by looseness, which is also essential for health.

13 The more garbage in the human body, the more blood gas is needed to remove them, but the blood gas of human beings is reduced by the excessive accumulation of garbage and the overlapping of blood vessels, thus forming a vicious circle, which is also the mechanism of human aging.

Therefore, if people want to be healthy, they must: 1) reduce the garbage in the body; 2) increase the smooth flow of blood and meridians; 3) increase the blood in the body.

14 With the belief in drugs, I believe that the data to check is not as good as I believe in my own feelings, I believe that I have enough self-regulation ability.

It is necessary to distinguish this under the circumstances that you have the wisdom (opened by wisdom).

15 health, starting from regulating heart.

For your health, you learn Buddha.

The joy of learning Buddha is the highest enjoyment in life.

16 For a person with a disease, only the blood is superfluous (the first is through the method of supplementing blood and blood, and the second is to walk through the ventilator), the condition will show up.
Therefore, people who practice will have some “illness” after the kung fu reaches a certain level.

At this time, you should calm down and set your mind to do more static work to increase your blood and to spend this period as soon as possible.
17 people violated the health rules, although they may not get sick immediately, but once they form a habit, they will greatly increase their chances of getting sick.

This is the same as the traffic rules. If you violate the traffic rules, you will not necessarily have an accident, but the danger is certain.

Why do 18 people have to maintain a certain hunger and thirst to benefit their health?

In fact, this is the magical use of “virtual”.

Taoism speaks, the virtual spirit.

This and modesty make people progress, complacency makes people fall behind, so people must always maintain the state of “virtual spirit”, in order to stay awake and stay healthy.

For 19 people to be healthy, they must have enough “qi” in the body to “gasify” the food they enter.

Only in this way, your body will not accumulate garbage, there will be no extra food to release the free “virtual fire” to damage the organs in your body.

This “virtual fire” in turn will consume your “qi”.

Therefore, in this sense, modern people are sick, most of them are due to diet.

21 slang says “a move of the mind, count the heart.”

If this “machine” word can really comprehend, then your understanding will be opened.

The teacher teaches people, doctors treat diseases, in fact, they are dialing your “machine” and letting you “machine” open.

This “machine” is sometimes called “key.”

Of course, this “machine” is conditional, and only phosphates can reach a certain concentration, and they can burn and explode in case of fire.

Remember, the role of others is an external cause, and you are the real internal cause.

22 In fact, many real discoveries and inventions do not require so-called systematic book knowledge; on the contrary, a person who has not received any systematic education but is highly savvy and has open minds often realizes the truth.

23 The most taboo in life is a chaotic word. If you are upset, you can disturb the outside world. You can disturb the blood and make you lose your normal.

Anyone who is angry, sorrowful, worried, and suspicious is a chaos. It is the root cause of short illness and longevity. Not only is it sometimes chaotic when it is sick, that is, it is also troublesome when living in peace.

More than 24 cases of liver injury, more lascivious kidney, more food and hurt the spleen and stomach.

Worried about hurting the spleen, angry and hurting the liver, and worrying about hurting God.

25 from the beginning of the disease, all the weak, the extraterrestrials.

The guilty and weak, every soul is upset, the body is not full, and all kinds of uneasiness are found.

Greed and greed for greed and greed are both diseases.

It’s greedy, so it’s awkward.

Greedy heart and shortness of breath, trepidation and anger, six pulse vibration, five internal organs boiling, external evils at the same time, the cause of the disease.

26 mortal desire to longevity, should first remove the disease.

If you want to get rid of the disease, you should use it.

Want to use gas, first to raise sex.

The method of nourishment, first adjust the heart.

Twenty-seven people were governed by the ethos of the five elements, so the body was dominated by qi.

Gas deficiency is a disease, and qi stagnation is a disease.

To cure the disease, first cure it.

28 gas to blood, blood to qi, two and one.

When a mortal person looks at it for a long time, it will hurt the blood, and it will be a long-term injury, a long-standing injury, a long-standing injury, a long-term injury, and a seven-love six-sex will hurt the heart and hurt the heart.

Phase fire, really yang.

29 governance of the five internal organs, Mo is first to qi.

The kidneys are still awkward.

The qi is not tempted, the heart is the liver, the veins, the real water consumption.

The heart is a fan, the main is the wind.

The wind is hot, the fire is dry, and the water is dry.

30 Hearts are determined by God. The person who is ruled believes in the heart and mind, and the two minds can be combined to rule the disease.

31 people can be divided into two types: First, the meridian is basically smooth but not enough.

The performance is often painful, this is because he is not enough to gasify food, but has produced a phase of fire (also called virtual fire), through the meridians in the body to wear, where to go where, when a place is blocked,This place is hurting.

Such a person will take effect immediately after taking a little medicine.

Second, the meridian is unreasonable, and there is nowhere to live.

There is nothing wrong with the appearance, but once it is discovered, it is a serious illness, and this kind of person often eats slowly or does not work at all.

The main hair is the opportunity.

The arrow is going to be sent out on the string, and the machine must be moved.

Everything else is like this. There is a machine. Only when you touch this machine, things will happen, you won’t touch the machine, there are more other conditions, and there is no way to trigger an event.

The machine is such a thing, it is the most critical factor in the occurrence of things.

It is a point, not a face.

But touch this point, you can drive the face.

Therefore, the pathogenesis is the most critical factor in the occurrence, development and change of the disease. (It can also be said that when the pathogenesis is opened, the human condition will appear and the person will enter the vicious circle of “illness”.

The opposite of the pathogenesis is “living”.

When the vitality is opened, people will enter the virtuous circle of rehabilitation.

First, the pathogenesis and vitality are two aspects of a thing, a pair of yin and yang.

When the disease machine is opened, the vitality is turned off, and the vitality is opened, and the pathogenesis will naturally begin to close.

This is dialectics.

32. The highest state of Chinese medicine is to maintain health, and the highest state of health is to raise the heart.

Therefore, in terms of health, the corporal is nourishing, the sergeant is nurturing, and the sergeant is cultivating the heart.

It is also the same to see a person. It is better to look at the situation than to look at it.

33 uneasy, emotional irritability, the main cause of death from illness.

Therefore, the peace of mind law is the first priority for health.

The heart can take the initiative.

The heart is determined to be qi, and the qi and the blood are smooth, the blood is smooth and the feet are strong, and the essence is strong, the internal resistance is strong, and the disease is self-defeating.

Therefore, it is mainly based on taking care of the disease.

34 cold, yin and yang, wet, in the cause of people can cause illness.

In case of weak resistance, you can take advantage of it.

It is this reason that the weak are sick.

The rich have security, such as food and clothing and so on.

The poor are resistant, such as suffocating, thick pores, not easy to invade and so on.

Rich people eat more fat, hurt the stomach and hurt their teeth.

The poor are hungry and eat no miscellaneous, so there is no intestinal disease.

The rich are more than happy, so they are annoyed.

The poor are more labored, so there are fewer diseases.

The rich do not benefit and enjoy happiness, but they are blessed, and they are poor.

The poor can be diligent, that is, the benefit is good, and the fruit is ripe.
Where the protection of clothing, food and shelter is strong, the resistance of the spirit is weak.

If the defending power is weak, the resistance is strong.
35 major illnesses, should not be washed and bathed.

36 Therefore, longevity is disease-free and often strong.

Want to strengthen the body, when the temperament.

If you want to adjust your spirits, you should refuse to disturb the thief.

If you want to get rid of this thief, take the first shot.

Want to take care of the heart, when the greed is ridiculous.

If you want to get rid of these three poisons, you must learn to stop.

However, it is not a good thing to say that you are open-minded.

If you want to open a wise, you must first decide.

If you want to be determined, you must learn to take a walk.

37 can be quiet, benevolent, and life is really happy.

38 All the self-cultivation methods, only two words: 鏇?put down, 鏇?look back.

Put down the butcher knife and set up the land to become a Buddha; the bitter sea is boundless, and the back is the shore.

As soon as you let go, once you turn back, the patient gets better, and the fans feel it.

This is really lifeless.

39 people who are overworked, heart-wrenching, heart-wrenching is too full of heart, not empty.

If the heart is full, then the fire of the liver (wood) will not be born, and the heart will not be the fire of the liver, then the liver will accumulate.

Liver wood soil, spleen and stomach disease, indigestion, nutritional deficiencies, sleepless nights.

Soil and grams of water, so the kidney water is a big loss, the lack of water is more prosperous, the heart and kidney are connected, the heart is weaker, the lung disease is ready.

Internally related, one move, and one disease.

The disturbed person is in the heart, so he is treating his illness in peace of mind, rest assured in peace of mind, and the interest is in the heart, and the heart is self-conscious, and the health effect depends on walking.

40 walking is the heart of the law, the heart is the gods, the gods are suffocating, the air is bloody, the blood is smooth, then the disease can go to the disease, the deficiency can be added, it is enough to grow.

Now the disease can go, the disease can be prevented in the future, and this small one is also.

The heart is the god, the god is the spirit, the quiet heart is wonderful, the machine is dialectical, extraordinarily agile, reasonable and reasonable, the matter is far away, the chaos is not shocked, the situation is not confused, all accessibility, self-subjective paranoiaThe disadvantages, but the big machine is big, first open 鐭?

41 people are most jealous when they are sick.

At this time, you must be safe and let your heart settle.

Then slowly adjust and health will recover quickly.

The peace of mind can be smooth, and the smoothness can remove the disease.

Otherwise, the heart is on fire, the liver gas is damaged, and the condition is aggravated.

The mind is a god, and the blood of the body can be fully played.

There are two kinds of hearts, one is sincere, the other is heart.

The heart is the water, the heart is the wave, the wave is the wind, the wind stops, and the water does not move.

There is no mind, no heart.

Insomnia in 42 children, kidney water will be lost, heart and kidney connected, water loss is hot, the most vulnerable to injury.

43 If you have a thought when you sleep, you can’t be safe. Don’t turn your mind on the pillow. This is the most expensive.

44 noon is a heart, at this time you can take a walk for a quarter of an hour, close your eyes and raise your spirits, then your heart is strong.

45 early in the morning, such as from 3 to 5 o’clock, at this time should not be anger, otherwise it will damage the lungs and liver, and hope to pay attention.

46 Everything in life is based on the spirit, and the decline of the spirit is strong and weak. It depends on the calmness of the mind and the heart, and a chaotic word that destroys all work.
47 life is mainly blood gas, qi stagnation can block blood, blood resistance can be poisoned as sputum, for cancer is a tumor, both are blood circulation.

Qi is the main, and the blood is smooth.
All diseases are caused by qi stagnation, qi stagnation inside, and liver injury.

The law of salvation is to get rid of it.

There are two things to be eliminated: the first is to find its roots, its roots are in the heart, and the heart is everything.

The second is to use medicine stone, massage to help it get rid of, help blood circulation.

48 nourish the disease and cure.

Because of the urgency of helping the fire, the fire is damaging, but not beautiful.

The other kind can’t be greedy, the greed is not constant and the temper is urgent. The situation is caused by greed, and it is no longer greedy to increase the suffering.

49 heart is a fire, kidney is water, heart and kidney are connected.

The fire should be lowered, the water should rise, and the water and fire should be combined.

The movement of the various parts of the body can be healthy.

This can be detected on the tongue.

If the tongue is waterless, it will not live, so the type of the word is added with three points of water.

The tongue can report the depth of various internal conditions to break life and death.

50 major self-help law: First, don’t be afraid of death, believe in my disease, not only can be raised, and the body can be extraordinarily healthy to ensure longevity.

Because of the unique ability in his body, it is not a comfort to empty words.

Second, I believe that without medicine or relying on any nutritious food, there must be a magical way to eliminate the disease.

Third, from today, I decided not to disturb my body again. I don’t want to think about how sick I am. I don’t want to care about it, I just have nothing to do.

Fourth, in this repair strength, do not miss the work, do not regret the loss of time and work, concentrate on the same, otherwise it is delayed.

51 Retreat method: sit down (sleeping) on the bed, put the body down, and melt yourself, not to use a little force, as if this body is not similar.

Breathing goes with the flow, and the heart does not allow it to use a little force. It is hard to use it together.

Put your heart on your foot, this is to ignite the fire, lead the water upwards, and naturally the whole body is smooth.

52 practice to swear: Silent photos of the silence, avoid using force to become a Buddha, no secret.

Specific requirements: Do not allow any part to use a little strength, including mind, breathing, limbs, to do: eye not to see, ears do not smell, nose does not smell, tongue does not taste, mouth does not accept, heart does not want.

This is the only condition.

If you think about it, you will use your strength, or even use your arm.

Breathing is slightly thicker, that is, using force.

Soon, the breath was natural and flat, and it seemed that it was not in the mouth and nose. In the 84,000 pores, there was an action, or Zhang or Yi. At this time, I was nothing, no heart, no heart, no natural heart.

The so-called ignited by the Yuan, also known as water and fire, is the total remedy for the treatment of all diseases.

53% of the people who died in order to maintain their health.

what happened?

It is because I love my body too much.

For this pair of stinky skin sacs, afraid of being humiliated, afraid of being favored, afraid of losing money, afraid of being fooled, looking forward and looking after, looking left and right, fearing, suffering and suffering., his heart shrinks into walnuts all day, like being repeatedly beaten by dogs, howCan not die.

The more afraid of death, the faster you die.

If you are healthy, you must not be afraid of death.

Only if you are not afraid of death can you surpass death.

Those who are not afraid of death will not encounter tigers when they walk, or they will not eat him when they encounter tigers.

If you can’t get a knife or a gun, you will encounter it, and the knife and gun will not hurt him.

Because he does not take death seriously, he is not afraid of death, and death will be impossible.

Health is not the purpose of monasticism, but the people who cultivated the Tao have already seen through life and death, so they are no longer afraid of death. Since they are no longer afraid of death, then death is no longer a problem.
What is the future of life and death?

Therefore, the person who cultivated the Tao can live forever.

I didn’t expect to live forever, but I could live forever.

Thinking about longevity, I die faster.

Longevity is not the purpose of monasticism, it is only an incidental phenomenon of monasticism.

54 people are sick, and people don’t think they are sick. This is the biggest illness of people.

How many people know that they are sick?

People who are still online on the 55th day and the third half of the night are themselves taboos for health.

This is also true of some so-called famous doctors.

Also, their heart is also a matter of care, ask such a person can not keep himself, how to treat people?

56 Don’t be greedy for that little cheap, don’t be greedy.

A greed is a curse.

Greed, suffering from loss can lead to heart disease.

Corruption, suffering and suffering are not natural expressions of Taoism.

57 Do not think about what to eat every day, what to eat aphrodisiac.

Remember, exercise can produce yang; walking can be yin.

Yin is the mother of yang, and yang is used for yin.

58 people can’t blindly qi when they are short of gas, otherwise it will affect their health.

If it is because of lack of blood, you need to first fill the blood, because blood is the mother of gas, otherwise it will become a dry burning utensil; if it is because of stasis, it can increase blood and blood.

This can achieve the effect of qi.

59 The environment is self-evident about the nature of human health.

This is why people in the deep forests of the fresh air will raise the truth of dysentery.

Because the subtle matter (negative ions) in the deep forests and old forests will be absorbed into the human body through the deep breathing of people in the relaxed state, thus nourishing the internal organs and rejuvenating.

There is also an important point that ordinary people don’t know. It is that people breathe through the mouth and nose. Every sweat pores of the human body can breathe, and it is they who absorb the essence of the heavens and the earth.

60 people in a relaxed state, slowly breathing deep can understand the exchange of human and heaven and earth: when inhaling, in addition to the lungs inhaling, the whole body is in the body’s longer gas, that is,The human breath is released to the heavens and the earth; while the lungs are exhaling, the actual person is absorbing the subtle gas of the heavens and the earth through the pores of the whole body.

This is probably what Lao Tzu said, “between heaven and earth, it is still awkward.”

There are two taboos in the movement of 61: one cannot exercise when the blood is insufficient; the other is that it cannot move in a dirty environment.

62 sports have two functions: one is to increase the speed of blood and promote the discharge of garbage from the body; the second is to open the pores of the skin and absorb the essence of the earth.

63 What is savvy?

What is wisdom?

Comprehension and wisdom are handled in the simplest way, looking at everything.

But some mediocrity people always see complicated things and complicated things.

Fan and Jane are actually one thing, two aspects of one thing.

The smart person sees the simple side, and the stupid person sees the complicated side.

The disease that 64 people can’t cure depends on the rule of God; the disease that God can’t cure depends on the rule of the Buddha.

What is Buddha?

Buddha is the heart.

65 Modern hospitals and courts are similar, and they have given death notices to patients.
In many cases, the death penalty is imposed on those who should not be sentenced to death.

Why do you say that?
Take “cancer” as an example, cancer is now in people’s mind = death penalty.

In fact, if we don’t call it cancer, then for the patient, it is equivalent to leaving hope to the patient, which is equivalent to leaving a vitality.

Therefore, I said that most of the cancer patients now are scared to death and are tortured to death by mental stress.

At the same time, he was tortured to death by the hospital.

Because once you are diagnosed with cancer, then you can deal with you without jealousy. If you die, it is your life, and you are dead because you are cancer.

In fact, there is no cure for the disease, but whether your heart can be put down, all diseases are born from the heart, and all diseases are treated from the heart.

As long as you are alive, you will have life.

Found this vitality, cure the disease and you will recover.

66 is now a competition, all levels are upset, and people are dating.

What is competition?

Competition is to make people date the world of greed.

You strike to promote competition, and reorganize and talk about rebuilding a harmonious society. Isn’t this a typical self-deception?

67 According to the principle of mutual yin and yang, clear and turbid attract each other.

Therefore, people who eat fresh things will be entangled with the dirty things in the body, so that they are excluded from the body.

68 The production of dirty materials is due to the ingestion of unclean food, but more importantly, too much food is ingested, and the body cannot be transported to cause food to accumulate into garbage.

69 Adaptation to nature is the highest state of health.

When he is born, his fate is basically fixed.

What should he do, what not to do, what to eat and what to eat, if he can do it according to his number of operations, it will be safe.

A savvy person will find out that he knows his own number of operations, knows what he should do, and should not do anything.

Therefore, health is definitely not a simple imitation, and people are clouded.

Don’t envy others, you must find your own understanding from your own heart.

So how can people find out if they are natural?

In fact, this is too simple, you are sick, you are not comfortable, you are not comfortable, then you are against nature.

To be able to follow the nature of nature outside, and to follow the nature of your inner destiny, these two are indispensable.

70 When many people hear that a doctor has declared that they have been seriously ill, they often appear innocent, hoping to remove diseases by cutting, cutting, poisoning, killing, etc. However, will the disease really happen without cause?

There is absolutely no such thing in the world that “there is a sudden illness.”

Take the cold as an example. If you really want the patient to reflect on yourself, usually the patient will say that he has been smashed several times before he catches a cold. Some people will say that they have recently blown cold winds and rained. Some people haveIt is said that the pressure of work is very high, often headaches and insomnia.

In fact, this phenomenon is a factor that causes a cold. It is said that if the patient’s sensitivity and alertness are sufficient, it is naturally possible to achieve the goal of “preventing the problem”.

71 What is true science?

It is the cause and effect report.

If you don’t believe in cause and effect, it is not true science.

72 is not afraid of losing heart, no heart that is cheaper than others.

For example, if you can suffer, others will want you to be willing to give up, you will give it to him, and you will not be cheap at any time, then your heart can still be uncertain?

Who can do it?

But the Buddha did it.

73 When people have mastered a healthy approach, they will really enjoy the confidence that they don’t have to worry about the disease at all. This feeling is very good, I hope you can have the same confidence as us.

74 Xueshen is deeply calm, and his heart is calm.

So for a well-behaved person, observing a person is not a very difficult thing, and it is also the result of a heart-to-heart relationship.
75 The so-called five desires are the most difficult to break, the color is second, the second is the second, and food and sleep are second.

The name is not dead, no way to enter.
At the beginning of 76 diseases, it began with the wind and evil.

If the body is weak, the camp is out of tune, or worries and panic, the wine is labor-intensive, the gas is consumed and the evil spirits are entered.

77 rule the disease of the five internal organs, Mo is the first to qi.

The kidneys are still awkward.
The qi is not tempted, the heart is the liver, the veins, the real water consumption.

The heart is a fan, the main is the wind.
The wind is hot, the fire is dry, and the water is dry.
78 For the doctor, the mind is determined by the heart, the person who is ruled believes that the heart is dedicated, the two hearts are in harmony, and can rule all diseases, all without effect.

79 From the case when Hitler bypassed the Allied strong defense line to capture the Maginot line, I realized that: To deal with some stubborn changes, we must not face the hard attack and break through other relevant aspects.

Such as the treatment of kidney disease, liver disease, these stubborn diseases, can be achieved by adjusting the lungs, spleen and so on.

80 Zhongyong is the fundamental principle of health.

The blood in the human body is also a pair of yin and yang, the blood is the yin body, and the gas is the yang.

Blood is the mother of Qi, and Qi is the handsome of blood.

Insufficient gas, easy to get silted diseases, such as tumors, blood clots, etc.; gas is too much, easy to get cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases.

Therefore, only when the blood and blood balance, people can be healthy.

81 people only know what is “natural”, it is worth it.

Knowing nature, and then letting nature go, this person is a man of God.

Knowing yin and yang, knowing how to go with the flow, you will definitely become a good doctor.

82 What is nature? Naturally, everything has both yin and yang. Everything has to go through the process of birth, long, harvest, and possession.

You follow this process, using the principle of five elements to adjust the balance of the patient, how can it cure the disease?

83 Simple and complex is a pair of yin and yang, the more complicated things, often solved in the simplest way.

Similarly, the seemingly simplest problem, you often solve it is not easy, you can not solve it with great efforts.

This is just like rigid and soft, and it is very soft and soft.

Therefore, we must have this idea when solving problems. If you encounter complicated problems, you should find a simple method to solve them. If you encounter simple problems, don’t ignore them and get enough understanding.

As Chairman Mao said, it is strategically despised and tactically recognized.

It is to give contempt for the problem and pay attention to the process.

84 Let us see if this is the truth in this world.

There are several people who can eat and sleep, and several people can follow nature.

You can’t obey, why?

Because it’s too simple, it’s too simple, so you can’t easily follow it.

This is dialectics.

85 What is balance?

Balance is the interdependence and interconnection of yin and yang, which one will lose balance if it is too much or too late.

How can it hurt, and losing balance is hurting.

Often in a state of balance, the vitality will remain good, and people will be slower.

86 The way of yin and yang is that the two opposites of contradiction are interdependent and mutually transform.

Any contradiction, if one party leaves the other party, is not pointed out by the other party.

Then it will disappear, and it will not be far away.
You see, in today’s society, leaders don’t like the above, like to be alone, go their own way, embezzle and accept bribes, and the results can be imagined.

This is the case with yin and yang.
In nature, the emergence of a race has always replaced the factors it produces, but at the same time there will always be another factor to cause it.

This is the reason that the five elements are born together, and that the yin and yang are interdependent and interrelated.

So the reason for health is also the same. If you are sick, there is always a factor that makes you sick, and there is also a factor that prevents it and makes your disease disappear.

Just as the poisonous snakes in nature exist, there must be a herb that has snake venom nearby.

87 What makes people smug?

He lost control and lost the yin of the yin, so after all, he was. and the same person could not just sink down. This is the loss of Yang’s alignment with him.

88 How to have great wisdom, no big mind, where is the great wisdom.

89 sayings, live to the old, learn to be old.

Learning should also be timely, at what age you should learn what he should learn at this stage, otherwise it is not doping when it is doping.

But look at our current education, from kindergarten to university, how much is learned what you should learn.

What should I learn when I was young, I should learn morality, learn filial piety, then learn literacy and then go to school to learn how to do things.

To the youth to learn how to give birth to eugenics, family happiness.

In middle age, learn the way to health.

When I am old, I will let go of my mind and enjoy my old age.

What to learn from continuing education is to learn this.

The correlation between 90 emotions and diseases is very serious. Some diseases are caused by emotions. If you use drugs to treat them, it is not good to cure them. For certain diseases, it is necessary to ring the bells.

Five ambitions can cause illness, and five ambitions can also solve diseases.

91 Health has a very important thing, that is, can not be afraid of death.

Afraid of the yang of the deceased, lack of yang, death will find you.

This is what Taoism says. The cultivator must have the temperament of a hero.

Ren, Zhi, and Yong are indispensable.

92 When you understand what learning is very simple and simple, then you really get the three of them.

If you still feel that she is so profound and profound, it is unpredictable. It is that you have not mastered her essence. It is only seeing the dense leaves, but not seeing her roots. At this time, you are still in the stage of “Yes”., did not reach the realm of “nothing”.

Everything cannot be separated from yin and yang, and everything can’t be separated from yin and yang.

This is simply yin and yang.

Know one, everything is complete.

93 condensed and calmed, and I forgot both.

— The essence of health.

94, the main Ming is down, so that health and life, life is not awkward, thinking that the world is Dachang.

If the Lord is unclear, the twelve officials will be ruined, and the road will be blocked and not passed. The shape is a big injury, and then the health is awkward, thinking that the world is the most dangerous, the ring of the ring!

The application of the five elements of the five elements: all diseases caused by the five internal organs can be treated by the five elements.

Similarly, any disease caused by the lack of five elements can be solved by the five elements.

This is the fundamental principle of using the five elements.

96 Modern people often work hard to improve material life. The consequences of this pursuit are terrible.

Be aware that people’s desire for matter is endless.

Once this desire is not controlled, then waiting for us is endless suffering.

In fact, the enjoyment that material can bring, the spirit can also; drugs can cure diseases, and psychological therapy can do it.

Therefore, we use our whole life to pursue wealth. It is better to use our life to cultivate a good attitude and let our spirit reach an extraordinary realm.
97 When people have mastered the concepts and methods of health, they will really enjoy the confidence that they don’t have to worry about disease at all. This feeling is really good. May we all have this confidence.

98 Our human body is a dynamic body. Our body has many “sentinel”: teeth, irises, flat strips and so on.
Once our body is abnormal (usually “getting angry”), these sentinels will immediately trigger a reaction to inform the brain.

Smart people should adjust their mindset at this time, reset themselves, and calm themselves down.

But what do our Western medicines do now?

You hurt, don’t you, I cut off all of you.

Now what is the case, invented an instrument, do you not have allergic rhinitis sneezing?

I burned the sensitive area of your nose, so that you won’t sneeze in the future if you stimulate it.

The consequence of Western medicine is that after we regenerate the disease, what we cut off is our internal organs.

99 Remember, we occasionally diarrhea, sneezing, coughing, fever, etc. are all our own body repair system at work, do not replace these drugs as soon as these symptoms appear, otherwise these drugs will destroy your own repair function, once yourIf the repair function is weakened or lost, then you will give your fate to these drugs.

Remember, as long as the symptoms are not serious, the best way is to calm down and calm down and let your own repair system to complete the repair of the disease.

Therefore, each of us must use drugs with caution and restore the function of our own repair system. This is the true way of health.

There are only one reason for 100 serious illnesses or terminal illnesses: hate.

When this hate is gone, the disease will disappear together.

The most difficult thing to understand in this world is the endless hate, the hate that can’t be solved, and the disease that can’t be cured.

There are several issues to be aware of when using mobile phones for health.


There are several issues to be aware of when using mobile phones for health.

When is the mobile phone the strongest?

銆€銆€When people use a mobile phone, the mobile phone transmits radio waves to the transmitting base station, and the radio waves are more or less absorbed by the human body. These radio waves are mobile phone radiation.

In fact, the mobile phone has less radiation during standby, and the radiation is larger when the call is made. When the mobile phone number has been dialed out but not yet connected, the radiation is the largest, and the radiation amount is about 3 times that of the standby.

These radiations may alter human tissue and adversely affect human health.

銆€銆€When you sleep, don’t put a pillow expert, mobile phone radiation penetrates the human head fracture, it changes the human central nervous system to cause functional disorders, causing headache, dizziness, insomnia, dreams and hair loss, some people, some peopleThe face will be irritating.

In the United States and Japan, too many people have suspected cases of brain tumors caused by cell phone radiation.

In July last year, a man with brain cancer in Maryland in the United States believed that he was infected with a mobile phone and caused a cancer. He filed a lawsuit against the mobile phone manufacturer.

Therefore, when people answer the phone, it is best to take the phone to a distance far from the body, and then put it in the ear to talk.

In addition, try not to use a mobile phone to chat, do not put your phone on the pillow while sleeping.

銆€銆€I don’t want to use my mobile phone as a chest. Many people like to hang their mobile phones on their chests because they are easy to use.

And mobile phone styles are becoming more and more fashionable, and many girls like to use mobile phones as accessories.

But studies have shown that mobile phones hang on the chest, causing a certain impact on the heart and endocrine system.

Even in a less dormant state of radiation, electromagnetic radiation around the phone can cause harm to the human body.

Cardiac insufficiency, especially people with arrhythmia should avoid hanging their phones on their chests.

Some experts believe that electromagnetic radiation will affect endocrine function, leading to menstrual disorders in women, will affect normal cell metabolism, resulting in potassium, calcium, sodium and other metal ions disorder.

Generally, the shielding device in the mobile phone can reduce the damage of the radiation to the human body, and the shielding device containing heavy metals such as aluminum and lead has better protection effect.

However, women who love beauty prefer a compact mobile phone. The protection function of this mobile phone may not be perfect. Therefore, OLs should not hang their mobile phones on their chests.

銆€銆€Putting it in a trouser pocket will kill sperm. Iraqi scientists have found that the number of sperm in men who regularly carry and use mobile phones can be reduced by more than 30%.

Medical experts point out that if the mobile phone is often hung around the waist or abdomen of the human body, the electromagnetic waves generated by the signal transmission and reception will radiate to the sperm or eggs in the human body, which may affect the user’s implant function.

The British experimental report pointed out that mice exposed to microwave radiation for 5 minutes will produce DNA bending; human sperm, egg penetration by mobile phone microwave radiation, may also produce DNA distortion.

銆€銆€Therefore, mobile phone users should try to keep the mobile phone away from the waist, abdomen, and do not hang the phone on the waist or in the coat pocket.

Some men put their phones in their trouser pockets, which is the biggest threat to sperm because the pockets of the pants are next to the plasma pill.

When the user is in the office, at home or in the car, it is best to put the phone aside.

You can put your phone in your bag when you go out.

Chinese medicine shows supernatural power, bloodletting therapy helps to lose weight


Chinese medicine shows supernatural power, bloodletting therapy helps to lose weight

Click on the picture to buy Chinese medicine to lose weight, let your body see red, not lipstick red, or even blood red in your body.

What is this all about, then you really need to take a serious look, this method is not necessarily used, but look at it.

What is the effect of bloodletting?

Now let’s find out for you. Bloodletting requires absolute professionalism and patience, because each acupoint treatment takes at least half an hour, and the person who is bled is fully exposed to bloodletting therapy. Worry or fear will affect the bloodletting effect.

Bloodletting is often used to treat sprains. Traditional Chinese medicine often uses bloodletting therapy. The main purpose is to pass the exclusion of trace blood by about 5?
10cc, to achieve the effect of “to suffocate and dissolve silt”.

It is often used in the treatment of bruises and bruises, and has nothing to do with weight loss.

“To suffocation” is a bloodletting cycle that eliminates edema, soreness, etc. caused by poor circulation in the body; desilting is the treatment of congestion caused by a sprain or impact.

Bloodletting has a cosmetic effect on bloodletting. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it does have a cosmetic effect, but beauty bleeding and general bleeding are different.

The principle of bloodletting to promote beauty is also based on the ability to promote facial blood circulation, thereby improving facial skin conditions; Dr. Zou Yulun said that people seeking beauty bleeding, acne and spots have improved.

Bloodletting is the use of very fine plum blossom needles. Take acupuncture at the acupuncture points on the face. Use a little force when pulling the needle. At this time, the acupuncture points may discharge a very small amount of blood, so it is also called bloodletting beauty.

Chinese medicine how to bleed the blood is generally blood collection, 3 face 3 edge of the triangular needle, or 5 fine needle a bunch of “Plum blossom needle”, acupuncture attending acupuncture points, such as “Quchi points” indication of neck and shoulders, skin, acupuncture pointsThe blood is used for therapeutic purposes; the acupuncture site is very small and does not leave scars; sometimes, in order to promote blood drainage, cupping can be caused by cupping before acupuncture, which is commonly known as “drawing a blood tank.”

For long-term relief of poor circulation, most of the recommendations for 1 week fixed bloodletting 2?
Three times is enough, but before the bloodletting, it must be diagnosed by a Chinese doctor. People who are weak or anaemic are not suitable for bloodletting.

It is a good idea to let your body see red.

If you are a person who faints when you see blood, don’t use this method; and people who are anaemic should remember not to use it.