[Can you eat papaya for a cold?

】 _Flu_Can I eat

[Can you eat papaya for a cold?
】 _Flu_Can I eat

Presumably everyone has eaten papaya. This kind of melon matures from September to October every year. It tastes very fragrant and is widely distributed in China. For example, in Jiangsu, Guangxi, and Guangdong, the crops are relatively high and they eat papayaThe benefits are many. Papaya is especially loved by women. It has good cosmetic effects when eaten. So can people eat papaya when they have a cold?

Can I eat papaya for a cold?
Papaya is one of the common fruits. It has a sweet and juicy flavor. When you have a cold, you will experience dry mouth and water shortage. You can eat papaya to supplement your nutrition and increase moisture.

Can you eat papaya for a cold?

Can I eat papaya for a cold?
Papaya can be eaten during a cold, which can help the body recover, but it is not recommended to eat it raw.

Generally, the appetite of cold patients is not very good, and the digestive function is weakened. Appropriate eating papaya can increase appetite and help digestion in the stomach. It can strengthen the body’s absorption of nutrients, and more common nutrients in papaya can enhance immunity to resistProtect against germs.

A cold is a common respiratory disease. Almost everyone has a cold experience, and the body is very uncomfortable when it is cold. Fortunately, the disease is easier to cure.

Cold diet is too much taboo, do not eat cold drinks and spicy food, and then smoking and drinking and treatment can be quickly cured with cold What is good?

1. Multi-grain congee: 14g each of black beans and black rice, millet, mung beans, red beans, barley kernels, coarse rice and 34g each washed thoroughly with water.

Soak the water for a long time, at least 4 hours.

Add water, boil over high heat, and cook on low heat.

5 hours.

After cooking, add the right amount of sugar and serve immediately.

2. Mushroom stir-fried heart: Wash 200g of mushrooms, remove the stalks, put them in a boiling water pot slightly, remove and drain them and cut them open; 200g of Chinese cabbage, remove the outside and take the heart, wash them and cut them into halfHot oil pan (with 20 grams of oil), add the right amount of salt, MSG becomes stir-fried and cooked thoroughly, line up the pan neatly on the plate; add 30 grams of hot oil on the hot pot, add mushrooms and stir fry for a while, add Shao wine,The remaining refined salt, the remaining MSG is burned to taste, drizzle with sesame oil, lift the lid and serve on the heart.

3, fried mushrooms with celery: 250 grams of mushrooms, horseshoe slices.

250 grams of celery cut into segments, pepper slices.

Heat the pan, stir-fry the ginger and garlic, and stir fry the mushrooms.

After the mushrooms are softened, stir fry the other ingredients until they are green.

Season the chicken with salt.

[Can you eat oranges in early pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can you eat oranges in early pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Can you eat

Pregnant women have strict dietary requirements. Some foods may be harmful to the baby in the belly if they are eaten by pregnant women.

Orange is a very refreshing and delicious fruit. Orange peel also smells very fragrant, which makes people’s physiology not only relax involuntarily, but also can effectively relieve nausea and nausea.

So, can pregnant women in the first trimester eat oranges?

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women ‘s friends eat some oranges, which can effectively regulate their appetite, because the early pregnancy reaction meeting place in the early stage of pregnancy, friends who are expecting pregnant women, there are some serious pregnant women, vomiting and vomiting may occur during the entire pregnancy.Nausea response. At this time, eating some oranges can improve people’s digestive function. The fragrance of oranges can also relieve the effects of morning sickness. Therefore, pregnant women friends can eat some oranges to improve their appetite, and from the diet.Get more nutrients.

Although it is said that oranges are very rich in vitamin c, eating some oranges properly can improve the immune capacity of pregnant women and is also very beneficial to the skin of pregnant women and their fetuses.

However, oranges are a fruit that is easy to get angry, so whether you are a pregnant woman or a pregnant woman in the middle or late pregnancy, you should pay attention to eating oranges, do not eat too much at one time, eat too much oranges,Obviously, some people are experiencing the symptoms of getting angry, especially those who are prone to constipation, so some people should control the amount of oranges.

In general, oranges can be eaten in the early stages of pregnancy. The vitamin C content and mineral content are very accumulated directly, which can allow pregnant women and intake to get enough nutrients. At the same time, oranges can also regulate appetite and promote digestion.For early pregnant women who often have adverse reactions, eating oranges is more helpful to increase appetite, but pregnant women should pay attention not to eat too much at one time.

[How to make fresh shrimp salad on toast]_Homemade practice of fresh shrimp salad on toast_How to make fresh shrimp salad on toast_How to make fresh shrimp salad on toast

[How to make fresh shrimp salad on toast]_Homemade practice of fresh shrimp salad on toast_How to make fresh shrimp salad on toast_How to make fresh shrimp salad on toast

There are so many men and women left in society today, and you are not married at the age of marriage, and the family must be in a hurry. So what do you do?

In order to find a better one, you will definitely wait.

But in the process of waiting, you do not hinder improving yourself, learn to make a few delicious side dishes to add points for yourself.

Let ‘s introduce the recipe of toast bread shrimp salad.


1 While cooking eggs, make the first lazy snack, take a slice of toast, squeeze an appropriate amount of mayonnaise, add two fresh shrimps, insert a small parsley, sprinkle with persillade or provence2.

2 Three eggs and cold water pan, boil for 5 minutes after boiling 3.

Make the first one, the eggs are not cooked yet, let’s make an avocado shrimp salad4.

From the beginning, it takes about 6 or 7 minutes to boil the eggs. Two snacks have been prepared when the eggs are cooked. Once the eggs are cooked, the third one can begin immediately.

Rinse the cooked eggs under cold water and peel and slice.

Then take a slice of toast bread, put an egg on it, squeeze an appropriate amount of mayonnaise, put two shrimps, plug in parsley, sprinkle persillade or provence grass to have a complete step and method of toast bread shrimp saladIt will be fully grasped soon.

At that time, you will surely be overwhelmed by your “performance”.

[How to make barley red bean soup]_Recommended diet

[How to make barley red bean soup]_Recommended diet

The red bean soup almost exudes the fragrance of red beans, the barley is chewy, and the taste and texture are better. The combination of the two can also play an active and effective role on the human body.

To a certain extent, it can also effectively eliminate human swelling, exclude toxic substances from the human body, and exert positive effects on human health development.

Especially for female friends, it also played a beauty effect.

Then let everyone know how to make Coix Seed Red Bean Soup, kill you and try making at home.


Wash the granulated high-quality barley kernels and red beans separately and soak them in water.


Add the washed coix seed and red beans to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil over high heat, then change to low heat.


After the red beans are boiled, turn off the heat and cook for a few minutes.


You can add an appropriate amount of honey or rock sugar according to your preference, and replace it after stirring evenly.

A proper amount of coix seed red bean soup can effectively eliminate the swelling of the human body, especially for friends who are susceptible to puffiness.

Moreover, to a certain extent, it can also have a positive and effective effect on weight loss.

Effectively eliminate toxic substances in the human body, promote gastrointestinal motility, accelerate human absorption and digestion, and help human health.

At the same time, in the process of discharging toxic substances, red beans can enhance the body’s effect of nourishing qi and blood. The combination of the two has rich nutritional value.

However, it must be placed in an appropriate amount and not overdose, especially for friends who have a bad gastrointestinal tract or a poor constitution, who believe that excessive repetition will cause human diarrhea, which is not conducive to the development of human health.

The above is the specific operation method of Coix Seed Red Bean Soup. The ingredients are simple, the method is not complicated and complicated, and you can try it at home.

You can insist on receiving a proper amount of Coix Seed Red Bean Soup every day. For female friends, it can also effectively exert the effect of beauty and beauty, and play a positive role on the human body, but you must remember not to overdo it.

[How to choose powder for lotus root?】 _How to choose_How to choose

鑾茶棔灞炰簬涓€绉嶅崡鏂圭編椋燂紝闅忕潃璐ц繍瓒婃潵瓒婂彂杈撅紝濡備粖鍖楁柟浜轰篃鑳藉鍚冨埌鏂伴矞鐨勮幉钘曪紝鍙笉杩囧洜涓哄彛鍛崇殑闂锛屽枩娆㈠悆鐨勪汉杩樺苟涓嶇畻澶鍦ㄥ寳鏂广€傚弽瑙傚崡鏂瑰湴鍖猴紝鑾茶棔鐨勬秷鑰楅噺鐩稿綋澶э紝鏈夌殑浜虹敋鑷虫瘡闅斿嚑澶╅兘瑕佸悆涓€娆★紝涓嶅悆浼氭劅瑙夊埌鐗瑰埆闅惧彈銆傛湁浜鸿鑾茶棔鏄剢鐨勶紝鏈変汉璇磋幉钘曟槸绮夌殑锛岄偅涔堬紝鑾茶棔鎬庝箞閫夌矇鐨劊胯幉钘曟€庝箞鐭ラ亾瀹冪矇涓嶇矇涓€鐪嬬湅灏辨槸鐪嬮鑹诧紝娣辫壊銆佹病鏈夊厜娉藉害鐨勶紝鐪嬩笂鍘绘湁鐐归粍榛勭殑灏辨槸绮夎棔;鑰岃〃鐨硾鐧姐€佹瘮杈冨厜婊戠殑锛屽氨鏄剢钘曘€備簩妯℃懜灏辨槸 鎽 歌 〃 闱  纴 鎽 歌 錉 鏉 ヨ Umbrella crepe 〃 闱 ㈢ 韖 Fifty 溴 杩 撩 钎 Ning Mi 潃 劅 璹 祹 卤 夤镄勶纴杩欎釜灏辨槸绮夎棔銆备笁鎺版幇鏄緢鍏抽敭鐨勶紝鎱㈡參鎶婅幉钘曟幇寮€锛屽鏋滄湁寰堝涓濊繛鐫€涓€鍧楁挄鍑烘潵锛岃繖鏍峰氨鏄矇鑾茶棔銆傚洓鎹忓洜涓烘穩绮夐绮掔殑鍘熷洜锛岀矇钘曠‖搴︿笉楂橈紝鎹忎笂鍘伙紝鐩歌緝鑴嗚棔浼氭樉寰楄蒋涓€鐐广€傚鏋滄槸鍚屼竴鏍硅棔锛屼腑闂村拰灏鹃儴姣旇緝绮楃殑閮ㄥ垎浼氭瘮杈冪矇锛岄€傚悎鍋氱叏姹わ紝锛岀粏涓€浜涚殑澶撮儴姣旇緝鑴嗐€備簲灏濈敓钘曟幇涓€灏忓潡灏濆皾锛屾穩绮夊鐨勫彛鎰熸订锛岃繖绉嶆瘮杈冪矇绯€傛穩绮夊皯鐨勫惈绯栧锛岀敓鍚冩瘮杈冪敎锛岃繖绉嶅氨鏄剢钘曘€傝幉钘曠殑钀ュ吇浠峰€?銆佽棔鐨勫惈绯栭噺涓嶇畻寰堥珮锛屽惈鏈夎緝楂樼殑缁寸敓绱燙鍜岃喅椋熺氦缁淬€?Do you want to go to the city and go to the city to go to the top of the city? B12?銆侀矞钘曞惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑閽欍€佺7銆侀搧鍙婂绉嶇淮鐢熺礌銆傚湪鍧楄寧绫婚鐗╀腑锛岃幉钘曞惈閾侀噺杈冮珮銆?The problem is that the insects are inseparable from each other, and they are separated from each other, and they are separated from each other, and they are separated from each other.湡璞嗙◢楂樸€?It ‘s not easy to find out what is going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?What are you going to do?  粨 璖 堬 纴 菴 茶 叾 庣 庣 庣 庾 庣 Jiang 揹 抹 銆 銆 銆 銆 銆 銆 銆 銮 茶 曔 涺 ソ 涜 ソ 涶?.姝㈣钘曡妭涓惈鏈夊崟瀹侀吀銆佺淮鐢熺礌K锛屾湁鏀剁缉琛€绠$殑浣滅敤锛岄矞钘曟€у瘨锛屽鐢ㄤ簬鍑夎姝㈣銆傚榧昏銆佸挸琛€銆佺棸涓甫琛€鑰咃紝鍙敤椴滆棔涓庨矞鐧借寘鏍规按鎴栫敓渚ф煆鍙剁厧鏈嶃€?.鍖栫榾鍙ょ睄璇达細銆岃棔姹侊紝鑳芥秷鐦€琛€涓嶆暎銆傘€嶆墍浠ュ皢鑾茶棔鐢熼鎴栨崳姹佸拰閰掓湇锛岃兘鐮磋鍖栫榾锛屾秷鑲胯В姣掋€備腑鍖昏涓哄叾姝㈣鑰屼笉鐣欑榾鐨勯鐤椾匠鍝併€?.幑 幁 嘃 铃 Hydrogen research and development of tea, tea, tea, wine, tea, sorrel, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow€佷笁閰哥敇娌硅剛鍜岃儐鍥洪唶姘村钩锛屼績杩涜偁锠曞姩锛岄闃蹭究绁曞強鐥旂柈銆傞矞钘曠敓濮滄眮杩樺彲娌荤枟鑲犻亾鐐庣棁銆?.琛ヨ鐢熻倢鑾茶棔瀵屽惈閾溿€侀搧銆侀捑銆侀攲銆侀晛鍜岄敯绛夊井閲忓厓绱狅紝铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€佺淮鐢熺礌鍙You can read the whole world and go to the next time. The chain of dramas and dramas will be full of dramas. You will be able to find out how to deal with these problems in the past.绫婚鐗╀腑锛岃幉钘曞惈閾侀噺杈冮珮锛屽洜姝ょ己閾佹€ц传琛€鑰呮渶閫傚疁鍚冭棔銆傝棔绮変负鍏婚槾琛ヨ涔嬩匠鍝侊紝鍙堝ソ鍚告敹锛岄拡瀵硅传琛€銆佹槗鐤插€︺€侀娆蹭笉鎸殑浜哄彲鏈嶈棔绮夛紝鏈夋姉璐銆佺敓琛€鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?

[Can Houttuynia cordata and Perilla can be eaten together]_ Dog Heart Grass _ 同 食

楸艰叆鑽夎惀鍏绘瘮杈冧赴瀵岋紝瀵屽惈澶氱缁寸敓绱犲拰鐭跨墿璐紝鍦ㄧ敓娲诲綋涓€傚綋鐨勫悆涓€浜涳紝鏈変竴瀹氱殑璋冪悊鍜屼繚鍋ョ殑浣滅敤锛岄奔鑵ヨ崏鍜岀传鑻忎篃鏄彲浠ュ湪涓€璧峰悆鐨勶紝鏈変竴瀹氱殑棰勯槻鐤剧梾鍜屾不鐤楃柧鐥呯殑鏁堟灉锛屼絾鏄湪鍚冮奔鑵ヨ崏鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鏇磋浜嗚В涓€浜涚蹇岀殑闂锛屽洜涓哄畠閲岄潰鍚湁涓€绉嶇墿璐紝杩欑鐗╄川濡傛灉椋熺敤涓嶅綋锛屽彲鑳戒細瀵硅倽鑲鹃€犳垚姣旇緝澶х殑鍗卞銆?It’s hard to get through it, it’s hard to get through it, it’s hard to get up and down, and it’s awkward. A: It’s awkward. It’s awkward.璐紝鍏锋湁鎶楄緪灏勶紝鎶楃梾姣掞紝鎻愰珮鍏嶇柅鍔涳紝鑳芥竻鐑В姣掋€佹秷鑲跨枟鐤€佸埄灏块櫎婀跨殑浣滅敤銆傛槸鍙互涓庣传鑻忔惌閰嶇殑锛屾湁娌荤枟鎰熷啋鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傞鐢ㄧ蹇岄奔鑵ヨ崏鏈€涓轰腑鑽夎嵂铏界劧鍔熸晥涓庝綔鐢ㄥ己澶э紝浣嗗畠鎬у瘨锛岃劸鑳冭櫄寮便€侀槾鎬у鐤¤€呬互鍙婃棤绾㈣偪鐑棝鑰呴兘涓嶅疁浣跨敤銆傛澶栭奔鑵ヨ崏杩樻湁姣掓€э紝铏界劧姣掓€у緢浣庯紝闀挎湡椋熺敤浼双重捐献It ‘s hard to find out what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?紩鍙戣繃鏁忔€т紤鍏嬶紝鐢氳嚦姝讳骸銆?楸艰叆鑽夊姛鏁堜笌浣滅敤 1銆佸寮哄厤鐤姏鍙寮虹櫧缁嗚優鐨勫悶鍣兘鍔涳紝鎻愰珮琛€娓呭瑙g礌锛屽悎鎴愰奔鑵ヨ崏绱犲彲浣跨梾浜虹櫧缁嗚優瀵圭梾鑿屽悶鍣兘鍔涘姞寮猴紝鎻愰珮浜轰綋鍏嶇柅鍔涳紝瀵规不鐤楁劅鏌撴€х梾鏈夎壇濂界殑鐤楁晥銆?銆佹姉鑿屼綔鐢ㄩ奔鑵ヨ崏鍙彁鍙栧嚭涓€绉嶉粍鑹叉补鐘剁墿璐紝杩欑鐗╄川瀵瑰悇绉嶅井鐢熺墿鏈夋姂鍒朵綔鐢紝瀵规憾琛€鎬х殑閾剧悆鑿屻€佹祦鎰熸潌鑿屻€佽偤鐐庣悆鑿屾湁鏄庢樉鐨勬姂鍒朵綔鐢紝瀵瑰ぇ鑲犳潌鑿屻€佷激瀵掓潌鑿屼篃鏈変綔鐢紝鎶楄弻鏁堟灉鏋佸叾寮哄ぇ銆?銆佺梾姣掍綔鐢ㄥ拰鎶楄弻浣滅敤涓€鏍凤紝瀹冨澶氱鐥呮瘨涔熸湁鎶戝埗浣滅敤锛屽瀵规祦鎰熶簹娲茬敳鍨嬫湁鎶戝埗浣滅敤锛屽苟鑳藉欢缂撳鍎跨梾姣扙CHO11鐨勭敓闀匡紝鎻愬彇姹佸彾杩樺彲鎶戝埗鍗曠函鐤辩柟鐥呮焨 醒 熸 煋 銆?4銆佸埄灏夸綔鐢ㄧ敤楸艰叆鑽夋彁鍙栫墿娉ㄥ皠鑳戒娇姣涚粏琛€绠℃墿寮狅紝琛€娑叉祦鍔ㄥ姞蹇紝淇冭繘灏挎恫鍒嗘硨锛屼粠鑰屽叿鏈夊埄灏夸綔鐢ㄣ€?銆佹姉鑲跨槫浣滅敤楸艰叆鑽夊彲涓€瀹氱▼搴︿笂鏉€姝荤檶缁嗚優鎴栨姂鍒剁檶缁嗚優鍒嗚鐢熼暱锛屾湁涓€瀹氱殑鎶楄偪鐦や綔鐢ㄣ€?

Mingtai Aluminum (601677): Significant increase in profits from high value-added projects

Mingtai Aluminum (601677): Significant increase in profits from high value-added projects

Event: The company released a 2019 performance forecast, and it is estimated that the annual profit for the mother will be about 9 in 2019.

US $ 3.9 billion, an increase of approximately 4 from the same period last year.

44 trillion, an increase of about 90%.

  Non-recurring gains and losses increase profits by about 2.

2.2 billion.

The report summarizes that the company sold the R & D office building, received the sales budget and included it in non-recurring gains and losses, increasing the net profit for the period by approximately 1.

50 ppm; government subsidies, wealth management and other matters increase the profit by about 0.

7.2 billion.

After subverting 武汉夜生活网 non-recurring gains and losses, the company’s 2019 net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies replacing non-recurring gains and losses is about 6.

160,000 yuan, an increase of about 2 from the same period last year.

22 trillion, an increase of about 56%.

  The product structure was upgraded and the production capacity was released, and the company’s performance increased rapidly.

In terms of production and sales, the company’s major projects continued to advance during the year, and more advanced equipment was put into operation. In the first half of the year, the company’s aluminum production and sales reached a record high, reaching 41 inches. We expect the company to produce and sell nearly 90 inches.

In terms of product structure, the extrusion production line 82MN, 60MN and 125MN extruder imported by SMS Germany have been installed and started trial production.Zhengzhou CRRC’s rail transit profiles can be approved to supply aluminum alloy rail car bodies to improve the profitability of rail car bodies.

In the first half of the year alone, the aluminum alloy rail car body delivered 94 knots. We expect the company to deliver 200 knots this year, contributing 0 gross profit.

600 million.

  The successful issue of convertible bonds helped the company’s next stage of development.

During the reporting period, the company successfully issued convertible bonds to raise funds18.

400 million, to save the company’s next stage of development.

According to the company’s plan, the raised funds will be used for “aluminum sheet production line upgrade project”, with a total production scale of 25 units / year, of which medium and heavy plate products2.

5 days / year, hot rolled coil products 10 days / year, cold rolled strip products 8.

5 years / year, cold-rolled sheet products 4 years / year, including: aluminum alloy pre-stretched plates, medium and heavy plates with higher requirements for production technology; aluminum plates for containers, aluminum plates for carriages, and tank trucksAluminum alloy sheets and strips for transportation, such as rolled coils; aluminum alloy building envelopes, tank cover ring materials, and aluminum alloy sheet and strip for mobile phone battery shells.

Among them, the medium and thick plate products are built-in ordinary medium and thick plate products.

The construction period of this project is 2 years. After the project is in production, it is expected to achieve revenue of 40.

800 million, net profit 3.


  Profit forecast and rating.

Maintain the company’s “overweight” rating, the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 1.

53 yuan, 1.

13 yuan and 1.

25 yuan, corresponding to the current sustainable PE is 7 respectively.

5 times, 10.

2 times and 9.

2 times.

  Risk warning: The profit of the investment project is less than expected, and economic growth causes changes in processing fees.

More than 500 semi-annual reports found a big secret-big funds layout these outstanding stocks

More than 500 semi-annual reports found a big secret: big funds to distribute these outstanding stocks

More than 500 semi-annual reports found a big secret: big funds have already laid out these performance stocks in advance. Data show that some listed companies with good performance have received continuous capital increase in institutional funds.

  After combing the current 500-year semi-annual report of the shareholder list, it can be found that whether it is warrants, Huijin, northbound funds through the Shanghai-Shenzhen Stock Connect, and insurance capital that is good at long-term holdings, all follow their investment logic and choose to increase positionsQuality stocks.

  And one of the salient features is that most of the companies that have been overweight are partially prominent in the industry, and their performance is also remarkable.

  Zhengjin Huijin: When the word of stability first enters the financial report disclosure season, the shareholders of a listed company in the quarter can always attract the attention of investors.

  A private equity person in Shanghai believes that, especially when the overall performance of the secondary market is weak, combing warrants, Huijin’s shareholding trends are easier to guide than usual.

  Reporters’ statistics found that among the listed companies that have published half-yearly reports, Zhengjin and Huijin held more than 100 stocks in the second quarter, of which Huijin held more than 100 stocks in the second quarter and Zhengjin held more than 40 stocks in the second quarter.Individual stocks (with overlaps with Huijin’s holdings).

  In terms of plate holdings, Zhengjin and Huijin currently hold a total of nearly 40 Shanghai Stock Market companies, about 30 GEM companies, 40 small and medium-sized board companies, and about 20 Shenzhen Stock Market companies. The style of the plate configuration is relatively balanced.

  In terms of industry positions, in the second quarter, the number of holders of Zhengjin Huijin was relatively concentrated in the computer communications, electronics, mechanical equipment, biomedical and chemical industries.

  Specific to the changes in positions, from a comprehensive point of view, compared with the first quarter, the position of Zhengjin Huijin constantly changes, and the overall remains consistent with the first quarter.

Times Publishing, which has disclosed the semi-annual report, Xishan Coal Power and other companies, in its shareholder list, the holdings of Zhengjin Huijin are roughly the same as in the first quarter.

  According to the disclosure, the current companies with changes in the holdings of certificate gold include CICC Environment, Lujiazui, Beijing Urban Construction, etc. However, after carefully reviewing the information of the shareholder list, the “addition of warehouse positions” in the quarter was only a “passive” move.

  Taking the CICC environment as an example, Zhengjin was listed in the top ten shareholders of tradable shares before the first quarter of this year, so it was 2249 in the second quarter.

480,000 shares appearing on the shareholder list will be mistaken by investors as new.

However, looking through the company’s Air Force shareholder list, the exact number of shares has appeared in the third quarterly report of 2018. Combined with the “gate information” of the top ten tradable shareholders’ list of the past three quarters, they are higher than 2249.

With 480,000 shares, it is known that Zhengjin’s recent holdings of CICC Environment have undergone excessive changes.

  In addition, the increase in Zhengjin’s shareholdings in companies such as Lujiazui and Beijing Urban Construction is affected by dividends.

  Huijin also has some.

The semi-annual report shows that its shareholdings in companies such as Industrial Wealth, Meihua Bio, Oriental Fortune, Fangda Carbon, etc. have all increased, but most of them were lifted by restricted stocks, dividends and changes in the “threshold” of the shareholder listDue to comprehensive effects.

  Social security, pension: the same fancy performance, social security funds, pensions, stock selection, style of building positions is often regarded by the market as a “vane.”

From the semi-annual reports of listed companies that have been disclosed so far, the two funds have increased their positions in some stocks.

  Ping An Bank’s semi-annual report shows that at the end of the second quarter, the social security portfolio 104 held the company 5516.

940 thousand shares, thus to 0.

The 32% shareholding ratio has stepped on the “gate biological line” to enter the list of top ten shareholders of circulating stocks.

Above that, the company ‘s circulated shareholder list, “Biology” at the end of the second quarter, was about 6 million higher than at the end of the first quarter.

  Looking through the Ping An Bank’s shareholder list, the latest social security 104 combination appeared in the circulation shareholder list in the 2015 semi-annual report, when the social security 104 combination held 40.1 million shares.

  Tongwei shares were favored by the social security 108 combination, which was terminated at the end of the second quarter and the combination held the company 4040.

970,000 shares, ranking the ninth largest shareholder of outstanding shares.

At the end of the first quarter, the portfolio had not yet entered the company’s shareholder list.

As such, the most recent shareholding data for the portfolio was less than 300,000 shares in the first quarter of 2005.

  The reporter found that the stocks of the Social Security Fund’s Masakura mainly had performance support.

  Tongwei’s semi-annual report shows that the company achieved revenue of 161.

2.4 billion, an increase of 29 a year.

39%; Net profit 14.

5.1 billion yuan, an increase of 58 a year.


In the context of strong overseas market demand in the first half of this year, the price of high-efficiency monocrystalline PERC cells remained high, and the company achieved net profit in the second quarter.

600 million yuan, an increase of more than 60% each year.

  The social security 503 portfolio was built in the second quarter of Hefeng Animal Husbandry, with 13.5 million shares.  The semi-annual report shows that the profitable white feather broiler market is booming, chicken prices have continued to rise and have remained at a high level, and the company’s meat and poultry industry chain layout has been further improved and other factors.

5.9 billion US dollars, a year of growth more than doubled, of which single-quarter profit growth reached 200%.

  In the second quarter of the year, pensions also showed a clear tendency to increase their positions.

  Taking Yilit as an example, the pension 804 portfolio entered the company’s circulating stock list in the second quarter with 488 shares.


In addition, in January of this year, the six-year-old pension portfolio that has already opened positions in the second quarter chose to continue to increase positions, increasing its holdings by nearly 3 million shares.

Not only pensions, but also the two social security fund portfolios, which took in company shares in the second quarter, totaling more than 10 million shares.

  In addition, the pension also entered the top ten list of circulating stocks of companies such as Gloria, Power Source, Antu Bio, and Shuangyi Technology in the second quarter.

According to the semi-annual report, the company as a whole has a good performance.

  Risk capital that is good at long-term holders also frequently moved in the second quarter.

  The Financial Street semi-annual report shows 成都桑拿网 that Great Wall Life Insurance Co., Ltd.-owned funds increased their holdings of the company by 2275 in the second quarter.

07 million shares, the proportion of total equity rose to 1.


  There is also Haige Communications. After two consecutive quarters of increasing holdings, Xinhua Life Insurance Co., Ltd.-Dividends-Individual Dividends-018L-FH002 Shenzhen significantly increased its holdings by 2185 in the second quarter of this year.


  Northbound funds: Running into the northbound funds was not idle in the second quarter, the old people did not go, and the new ones came again.

The reporter combed and found that through the Shanghai Stock Connect, the Northbound capital position of Shenzhen Stock Connect in investing in A shares has also improved.

  For example, Jerry shares, Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co., Ltd. began to buy company shares in the second quarter of last year, and entered the company’s top ten circulating shareholders list in the semi-annual report of 2018, ranking the fourth largest shareholder.In the semi-annual report, it has jumped to the second place of the company’s top ten tradable shareholders, with its shareholding ratio (accounting for total equity, the same below) from the original 1.

54% increased to 10.


In addition, the Macau Monetary Authority (own capital) has continued to increase positions after its debut in Jerry’s 2018 annual report, and currently ranks fifth in the company’s top ten circulating shareholders.

Similar to Angel Yeast, the company has also received the attention of northbound funds in recent years, and has maintained a relatively stable rate of increasing positions to increase its holdings of the company’s stock.

At present, Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co., Ltd. has become the company’s second largest shareholder with tradable shares, with a shareholding ratio of 12.


  In terms of industry, appliances and electronics are still highly sought after by northbound funds.

  For example, TCL Group, Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co., Ltd. increased their stocks in the second quarter of this year, and appeared in the company’s top ten list of circulating shareholders in the 2019 semi-annual report. At present, it holds about 1% of the company’s equity, ranking the first among shareholdersTen.

Similarly, Jiuyang shares were favored by northbound funds in the second quarter.

Looking at Shengyi Technology, Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co., Ltd. maintained the momentum of increasing positions in the first quarter in the second quarter, increasing its holdings by 1,487.


Overall, since the second quarter of 2016, Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co., Ltd. has maintained a clear rhythm of increasing its holdings.

  In addition, in the semi-annual report of this year, North International Capital, Kelu Electronics, etc. appeared on the company’s top ten shareholders list.

Some market analysts believe that the company has completed the transformation, the industry’s prosperity has increased and the business has ushered in an inflection point or northbound funds to increase the main reasons for the above companies.

  According to the preparation test caliber, TCL Group achieved net profit in the first half of this year.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 69 in ten years.


In April this year, the company completed the reorganization and replacement of smart terminals and supporting businesses, shifting from related diversified operations to focusing on the semiconductor display and materials industry.

In addition, in the first half of the year, the company also proposed a share repurchase program of US $ 1.5 billion to US $ 2 billion, which has now been completed.

600 million yuan.

  The continued improvement of industry fundamentals has allowed Shengyi’s performance to continue to increase steadily.

Against the backdrop of heavy communications high-frequency and high-speed business, Shengyi Technology ushered in a significant increase in profitability regardless of CCL and PCB during the second quarter of the off-season.The company achieved net profit in the first half of the year.

2.9 billion, an annual increase of 18.

02%, single quarter net profit increased by more than 30%.

China Construction (601668): Q3 performance growth rate increased by 19%, low valuation and low gain

China Construction (601668): Q3 performance growth rate increased by 19%, low valuation and low gain

Investment Highlights: Maintain overweight.

The company’s revenue from January to September was about 9736 trillion // 15.

8%, net profit is about 30 billion yuan / + 9.

8% is in line with expectations; maintain forecast EPS for 2019-21 is 1.



22 yuan growth rate of 12% / 10% / 9%, maintaining a target price of 7.

95 yuan, corresponding to July 2019-21.



5 times PE, increasing 南宁桑拿 holdings.

  The growth rate of Q3 net profit accelerated, and the asset-liability ratio decreased significantly.

1) Q1-Q3 revenue / net profit growth rates were 10 respectively.



6%, 8.



5%, Q3 speed-up due to the high growth of housing construction infrastructure construction / real estate sales increase / assets and credit impairment reduction ratio; 2) housing construction / infrastructure / real estate income ratios were 61.



9%, gross profit accounted for 32.



7%; 3) Gross profit margin 10.

43% (-0.

06pct), net interest rate 4.

52% (+0.

02pct); 4) Net cash flow from operations was US $ 106.7 billion (-65 billion yuan in the same period last year) due to net flow or net increase in the main construction business; 5) Asset-liability ratio was 76% (-2.

6 points).

  Q3 single-speed increase in the new millennium, real estate sales performance.

1) New chronic single 2 from January to September.

04 trillion (+ 9%), of which construction business1.

77 trillion (+6.

3%), a single quarter growth rate of 15% significantly increased (Q1 / Q2 is 9 / -2%); 2) Housing construction / infrastructure orders accounted for 70 of the total orders.


8% growth rate +17.

2 / -24.8%, infrastructure improved compared to the previous month (both H1 is +18.

9 / -37.

4%); 3) overseas orders 108.9 billion (-6.

8%) accounted for 5.

3%; 4) Real estate carbon dioxide increased by 30%.

4% / sale area increased by 16.

At the end of the third quarter, the land reserve was 96.95 million square meters (-1.


  The four-in-one is improved and promoted, and the transition and upgrade continue to advance.

1) Continue to build a four-in-one business model of planning and design / investment development / infrastructure construction / house construction engineering; 2) Deeply cultivate key areas to supplement shortcomings in infrastructure, deepen the layout of large-scale transportation infrastructure, and accelerate transformation investment / construction 杭州桑拿 / operation integration3) The overseas layout continued to improve, winning the bid for the Israeli subway project, etc. 4) The increase has been -5 since the beginning.

2% far lower CSI 300 (28.

4%); PE is predicted to be only 5 in 2019.

1x / PB (MRQ) is only 0.

9 times the lowest in the past 5 years.

  Risk warning: rapid growth in infrastructure investment, tighter real estate policies, etc.

Do not use foundation for half an hour after exercise

Do not use foundation for half an hour after exercise

People often feel that skin diseases and exercise are inseparable, but as long as you take the time to achieve a good figure and smooth skin, it is not difficult.

  National senior beautician Shao Miao told the Life Times reporter that at any stage before, during and after exercise, you must always remind yourself to take care of your skin.

  Female friends who make up must remove makeup before exercise and wash the face dirt with a neutral cleanser, otherwise it will cause pore clogging; male comrades should not remove body hair before exercise, because the skin after shaving is particularly sensitive and sweats during exerciseThe skin at these points is tingling.

In the process of exercise, you must choose a suitable exercise method.

Shao Miao said that aerobic exercise is best for the skin, such as yoga with a more rhythm, jogging and so on.

“After exercise, pay attention to keeping your skin clean.

Human sweat contains a large amount of harmful substances. If you do not take off your sweaty clothes immediately, the sweat will remain on the skin, and it is easy to develop acne. People with a lot of oil may even cause folliculitis.

Shao Miao pointed out that many fitness places now have shower facilities. It is best to wash a bathtub with warm water after exercise, but not longer than 5 minutes.

After washing, you can use a lotion when the skin is slightly wet.

But in half an hour because the top is still sweating, it is best not to apply heavy makeup, and not to use foundation, otherwise even if it is easy to get a face, and the probability of pores is very large.