There are several issues to be aware of when using mobile phones for health.


There are several issues to be aware of when using mobile phones for health.

When is the mobile phone the strongest?

銆€銆€When people use a mobile phone, the mobile phone transmits radio waves to the transmitting base station, and the radio waves are more or less absorbed by the human body. These radio waves are mobile phone radiation.

In fact, the mobile phone has less radiation during standby, and the radiation is larger when the call is made. When the mobile phone number has been dialed out but not yet connected, the radiation is the largest, and the radiation amount is about 3 times that of the standby.

These radiations may alter human tissue and adversely affect human health.

銆€銆€When you sleep, don’t put a pillow expert, mobile phone radiation penetrates the human head fracture, it changes the human central nervous system to cause functional disorders, causing headache, dizziness, insomnia, dreams and hair loss, some people, some peopleThe face will be irritating.

In the United States and Japan, too many people have suspected cases of brain tumors caused by cell phone radiation.

In July last year, a man with brain cancer in Maryland in the United States believed that he was infected with a mobile phone and caused a cancer. He filed a lawsuit against the mobile phone manufacturer.

Therefore, when people answer the phone, it is best to take the phone to a distance far from the body, and then put it in the ear to talk.

In addition, try not to use a mobile phone to chat, do not put your phone on the pillow while sleeping.

銆€銆€I don’t want to use my mobile phone as a chest. Many people like to hang their mobile phones on their chests because they are easy to use.

And mobile phone styles are becoming more and more fashionable, and many girls like to use mobile phones as accessories.

But studies have shown that mobile phones hang on the chest, causing a certain impact on the heart and endocrine system.

Even in a less dormant state of radiation, electromagnetic radiation around the phone can cause harm to the human body.

Cardiac insufficiency, especially people with arrhythmia should avoid hanging their phones on their chests.

Some experts believe that electromagnetic radiation will affect endocrine function, leading to menstrual disorders in women, will affect normal cell metabolism, resulting in potassium, calcium, sodium and other metal ions disorder.

Generally, the shielding device in the mobile phone can reduce the damage of the radiation to the human body, and the shielding device containing heavy metals such as aluminum and lead has better protection effect.

However, women who love beauty prefer a compact mobile phone. The protection function of this mobile phone may not be perfect. Therefore, OLs should not hang their mobile phones on their chests.

銆€銆€Putting it in a trouser pocket will kill sperm. Iraqi scientists have found that the number of sperm in men who regularly carry and use mobile phones can be reduced by more than 30%.

Medical experts point out that if the mobile phone is often hung around the waist or abdomen of the human body, the electromagnetic waves generated by the signal transmission and reception will radiate to the sperm or eggs in the human body, which may affect the user’s implant function.

The British experimental report pointed out that mice exposed to microwave radiation for 5 minutes will produce DNA bending; human sperm, egg penetration by mobile phone microwave radiation, may also produce DNA distortion.

銆€銆€Therefore, mobile phone users should try to keep the mobile phone away from the waist, abdomen, and do not hang the phone on the waist or in the coat pocket.

Some men put their phones in their trouser pockets, which is the biggest threat to sperm because the pockets of the pants are next to the plasma pill.

When the user is in the office, at home or in the car, it is best to put the phone aside.

You can put your phone in your bag when you go out.

Chinese medicine shows supernatural power, bloodletting therapy helps to lose weight


Chinese medicine shows supernatural power, bloodletting therapy helps to lose weight

Click on the picture to buy Chinese medicine to lose weight, let your body see red, not lipstick red, or even blood red in your body.

What is this all about, then you really need to take a serious look, this method is not necessarily used, but look at it.

What is the effect of bloodletting?

Now let’s find out for you. Bloodletting requires absolute professionalism and patience, because each acupoint treatment takes at least half an hour, and the person who is bled is fully exposed to bloodletting therapy. Worry or fear will affect the bloodletting effect.

Bloodletting is often used to treat sprains. Traditional Chinese medicine often uses bloodletting therapy. The main purpose is to pass the exclusion of trace blood by about 5?
10cc, to achieve the effect of “to suffocate and dissolve silt”.

It is often used in the treatment of bruises and bruises, and has nothing to do with weight loss.

“To suffocation” is a bloodletting cycle that eliminates edema, soreness, etc. caused by poor circulation in the body; desilting is the treatment of congestion caused by a sprain or impact.

Bloodletting has a cosmetic effect on bloodletting. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it does have a cosmetic effect, but beauty bleeding and general bleeding are different.

The principle of bloodletting to promote beauty is also based on the ability to promote facial blood circulation, thereby improving facial skin conditions; Dr. Zou Yulun said that people seeking beauty bleeding, acne and spots have improved.

Bloodletting is the use of very fine plum blossom needles. Take acupuncture at the acupuncture points on the face. Use a little force when pulling the needle. At this time, the acupuncture points may discharge a very small amount of blood, so it is also called bloodletting beauty.

Chinese medicine how to bleed the blood is generally blood collection, 3 face 3 edge of the triangular needle, or 5 fine needle a bunch of “Plum blossom needle”, acupuncture attending acupuncture points, such as “Quchi points” indication of neck and shoulders, skin, acupuncture pointsThe blood is used for therapeutic purposes; the acupuncture site is very small and does not leave scars; sometimes, in order to promote blood drainage, cupping can be caused by cupping before acupuncture, which is commonly known as “drawing a blood tank.”

For long-term relief of poor circulation, most of the recommendations for 1 week fixed bloodletting 2?
Three times is enough, but before the bloodletting, it must be diagnosed by a Chinese doctor. People who are weak or anaemic are not suitable for bloodletting.

It is a good idea to let your body see red.

If you are a person who faints when you see blood, don’t use this method; and people who are anaemic should remember not to use it.