Monternet Group (002123) Semi-annual Report Commentary: Cloud Communication’s Beautiful Performance, Fuxin’s New Business Development Smoothly Highlights

Monternet Group (002123) Semi-annual Report Commentary: Cloud Communication’s Beautiful Performance, Fuxin’s New Business Development Smoothly Highlights

Event: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved revenue in 19H113.

200 million, a decrease of 14 per year.

76%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

24 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.


Among them, the Monternet technology revenue of the main business of cloud communication business9.

7.3 billion, an increase of 19% in ten years, net profit attributed to mothers1.

15 ppm, an increase of 50 in ten years.


Opinions: 1. The expansion of the traditional power business has led to transformation, and the cloud communication business has grown beautifully.

The decrease in overall revenue was mainly due to the successive replacement of assets related to the company’s power electronics business in the past three years.

19H1 power electronics business revenue 3.

510,000 yuan, down 3.

8.1 billion; and the Monternet technology of the military cloud communications business continued to grow rapidly, with revenue growth of 19% in 19H1 and net profit increase of 50%.


The growth rate of cloud communication business’s net profit is higher than that of revenue, and the scale effect has begun to appear.

2. Traditional information continues to increase the city’s share and cooperates with twilio to further open international channels.

1) The company’s traditional SMS service continues to grow from 70 in 2012.

5.8 billion pieces have grown to 72.3 billion pieces in 2018, with a compound annual growth rate of 47%, and the market share has also increased from 1 in 2012.

78% increased to 13% in 2018, the market share has steadily increased, and the company has become a domestic third-party SMS leader.

19 years of high growth, 19H1 corporate SMS continued to grow by 40%.

2) On August 13, the company announced that it had won the bid for “China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. 106980095533 Short MMS and Overseas Short Message Sending Service Project”, indicating the company’s landmark breakthrough in the financial field, highlighting the leading position of cloud communications to further increase market share.

3) On June 6, the company announced that it had reached a “Cooperation Agreement” with Global Cloud Communications Taptwilio, agreeing that the two parties would cooperate in international text messaging, voice Sip chat, IOT Internet of Things, video, instant chat, notification, Flex contact center, etc.It shows that the company officially opened the international channel and went global.

3. Fuxin’s development is smooth and large-scale application scenarios are expected to gradually land. It is worth looking forward to in the 5G era.

While the traditional information business continues to increase the city’s share, the company focuses on the new business of Fuxin in the 5G era, and builds a new information service ecosystem 深圳spa会所 around Fuxin +.

Fuxin is a new communication tool for the internal and external customers provided by Monternet for the 5G era based on mobile rich media communication technology and mobile phone numbers.

In the 5G era, the content of communication between enterprises and users will inevitably become more accurate and diversified. In this case, Fuxin, as a new carrier, will gradually integrate the operator’s communication capabilities, terminal interaction capabilities, and application link capabilities.Form a cross-network, cross-terminal, and cross-application communication between enterprises and users to achieve full platform rich media communication.

Monternet Fuxin’s new business continues to develop rapidly: 1) Fuxintong 1 was released in October 2018.

0 products; Fuxin 2 was released in February 2019.

0 products; 2) Announcement on June 27 with Guoxin Electronic National Ticket information length “strategic cooperation agreement”, landing the first large-scale application scenario; 3) August 9-11, Monternet was invited to participate in Huawei Developer Conference, Become an important member of Huawei terminal developer ecosystem.

4. Release a new round of equity incentives, and work together to advance Fuxin’s new business and strengthen the company’s confidence in growth.

On August 5, the company released the 2019 equity incentive plan. According to the previous round of distribution incentives, the scale of distribution granted in this round, and also set a higher exercise performance evaluation target: based on 2018 Monternet technology revenue18.

5.2 billion) as the base number, and the revenue share of the four phases from 2019 to 2022 shall not be less than 40%, 80%, 120%, 170%, or 25.

93, 33.

34, 40.

74, 50.

USD 4.0 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 28%, exceeding the company’s revenue growth rate in 16-18 years (the annual compound growth rate of revenue in 16-18 years is 13).

6%).The implementation of the new equity incentive will further improve the company’s long-term incentive mechanism, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the company’s directors, middle and senior management personnel and core backbones, and effectively promote the development of cloud communications leading business.

Profit forecast and investment advice: The company’s strategic development goal is to become China’s and even the world’s leading large-scale cloud communication platform. It has now become a domestic third-party enterprise SMS leader and its market share has increased year by year.

Facing the 5G era, the company has released rich media information products. In the future, it will build a new information service ecological model around “FuXin +”. FuXin is advancing smoothly, application scenarios continue to land, and it is becoming a mobile terminal manufacturer represented by Huawei.Ecological partners are expected to open up new growth space.

We are optimistic about the development space of rich media cloud communication business for a long time, and we expect the company’s net profit to be 4 in 2019-2020.

0 and 6.

100 million US dollars, considering the company’s smooth development of Fuxin, space segmentation, according to our calculations we believe that the company’s reasonable estimate in 2020 is not less than 30 times, the target price is raised from 15 yuan to 22 yuan.

Risk reminder: Fuxin’s development fails to meet expectations, corporate SMS market gross margin decreases risk, and operator policy risks

Acupuncture works for functional non-ejaculation

Acupuncture works for functional non-ejaculation

Guide: Acupuncture treatment of functional non-ejaculation take Guan Yuan, Zhongji, Mingmen, Jiumen, Shenmen, Guangou (at the junction of penis coronal sulcus and dorsal penis), and Taixi, Sanyinjiao, Shenshu, ZusanliAnd so on.

Combined with the gate of the Shaoyin Heart Meridian, the Foot Shaoyin Kidney Meridian Taixi, and the traffic of the heart and kidney, conditioning the spleen and stomach, replenishing the qi and replenishing Qi and relieving the evil acupuncture at Zusanli, the treatment of functional non-ejaculation is satisfactory, generally 3One course can heal.

Functional non-ejaculation refers to the normal development of external genitalia, sexual excitement during sexual activity stimulation, normal penile erection, long-term intercourse, no ejaculation, orgasm and asexual pleasure cannot be achieved, but nocturnal emission occurs during sleep, or in awake state, Using stronger masturbation stimulation can trap the launching men with disorders.

Functional non-ejaculation is the most common type of non-ejaculation, mainly seen in young adults.

Etiology and pathogenesis of functional non-ejaculation Etiology and pathogenesis of functional non-ejaculation are mostly insufficiency of solid and solid, or inadequate congenital endowment, resulting in poor development; or weak body, lack of kidney essence; or lack of energy to agitate; orInternal emotional damage, blood stasis block; or panic injury to the kidney, impaired kidney qi, loss of fineness; or depression, anger, liver, liver loss, evacuation of the Qi, causing imperfections in the sperm; or anxiety to hurt the heart, spleen, qiInsufficient sources of blood fluid, resulting in deficiency of kidney essence; or delusional thinking, hyperactivity, hyperphagia, yin and yang disorders, and inability to close the essence; or genital trauma, internal blood stasis, and obstruction of the seminal tract; orReluctant to refrain from shooting during sexual intercourse, resulting in ingenious tricks; or diet insufficiency, feeling of evil poison, breeding of hot and humid, infusion of scorching, individual ingenuity; or frequent masturbation, damage to kidney qi, exhaustion of essence source, and ejaculation cannot.

Functional non-ejaculation treatment should promote blood circulation and stasis, dredge meridians, and nourish liver and kidney.

Pick Guan Yuan, Zhongji, Mingmen, Jiyu, Shenmen, Guangou (at the junction of the penis coronal sulcus and the dorsal penis), and Taixi, Sanyinjiao, Shenshu, Zusanli and other points.

Have the patient urinate and fully expose the acupoints.

First take the supine position. After routine disinfection, puncture Guanyuan, Zhongji, Zusanli, and Sanyinjiao respectively.

5 inches; Shenmen and Taixi each have an inch. After the needle is left for 30 minutes, the needle is switched to the prone position.

After routine disinfection, pierce the Mingmen with a needle, twice as many as the kidneys, and each with the Shenshu 1.

5 inches, leave the needle for another 30 minutes, twist the twist and fill the diarrhea, strengthen the technique every 10 minutes.

Teach patients the method of acupuncture in the coronary sulcus, so that at 8 o’clock every night, the glans of the penis and the coronary sulcus are exposed, and the lighted end of the moxa stick is aligned with the acupuncture point, and moxibustion is performed?
In 15 minutes, a deep red halo appeared locally at the place where the moxibustion was performed consciously, and the degree of warmth without scalding was the degree.

Once a day, 10 times is a course of treatment.

Rest for 7 days before proceeding to the next course.

No intercourse during treatment.

Guan Yuan is the meeting of the foot three yin and Renmai. Gongshan is good for replenishing vitality and guiding red Tonglin. Zhongji can nourish the kidney and revitalize the yang, pass through the menstrual cycle; Jiyu has the effect of nourishing the lower coke, strengthening waist and dampness; ShenyuyiKidney helps Yang, strong waist and water; Sanyinjiao is the acupuncture point of Zusanyin Meridian, which can not only strengthen the spleen and blood, but also regulate liver and kidney; Mingmen has an important effect on the sperm hidden in men, and the physiology of the five internal organs.The activity plays a role of warming, promoting and stimulating. These acupoints are the most commonly used acupuncture points for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction.

Combined with the gate of the Shaoyin Heart Meridian, the Foot Shaoyin Kidney Meridian Taixi, and the traffic of the heart and kidney, conditioning the spleen and stomach, replenishing the qi and replenishing Qi and relieving the evil acupuncture at Zusanli, the treatment of functional non-ejaculation is satisfactory, generally 3Heal in a single course of treatment.

Civil servants have high psychological stress, common depression and social horror

Civil servants have high psychological stress, common depression and social horror

This year’s examination of civil servants at provincial level, 18.

30,000 candidates, a net increase of 40,000 over the previous year, with an average application rate of 431: 1.

What can I worry about holding the “golden rice bowl” in the eyes of everyone?

One of the “Psychological Quality and Mental Health Projects” of Zhejiang University is the “Civil Service Psychological Intervention Plan” to be launched in the first half of next year. Zhao Guoqiu, director of Zhejiang Mental Health Association and director of Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital, said, don’t look at civil servantsOn the surface, the psychological pressure of this group cannot be ignored.

  Civil servants also have depression and anxiety. Why are social phobia civil servants stressed?

Zhao Guoqiu said that there are different views on the grievances of civil servants in the society, and some people think that they are “unknown in the blessing.”

  ”But I found in research that their stress does exist.

Zhao Guoqiu said that in the cases of civil servants he had contacted, there were acute psychological disorders, depression, anxiety caused by promotion issues; and social phobia because of just joining work.

  Zhao Guoqiu said that civil servants belong to those who are under pressure from work. Their overall quality is high and their ability to resist stress is better, but they have to bear more challenges from the unit system, mechanism, work tasks, family expectations, and their own personality; andBeing required to constantly acquire new knowledge and new skills, if the way to cope with stress is not correct, psychological problems will occur, and even mental illness will develop.

  Nowadays, the social security system for civil servants is not complete enough. Among civil servants with psychological problems, more than 90% of them will not go to see a psychiatrist and would rather endure mental torture, so their quality of life is relatively low.

  Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital released the results of the “Research on the Relationship between the Personality Characteristics of Civil Servants and Performance and Individual Well-being”.

This project surveyed a total of 94 civil servants, with an average age of 39 years old, of whom about 17% had psychological problems.

The survey found that the sense of loneliness and insecurity of civil servants is stronger than that of the general population. “Weinuonuo is dedicated” and he is often in a state of “psychological panic” at work.

  Family members of civil servants will also receive counseling. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the launching ceremony that “developing the psychological intervention plan for civil servants” is one of the main concrete measures for psychological quality and mental health projects in Zhejiang Province.

The specific tasks are as follows: establish a psychological quality training center for civil servants, carry out psychological quality training for civil servants; train and publicize knowledge of psychological assistance related to civil servants and their families; conduct assessments of psychological qualities and mental health of civil servants, and investigate the needs of mental health services;Based on the trials, combining them with each other, gradually promoting them, and carrying out psychological assistance for civil servants.

  Why should the family members of civil servants be counseled about psychological intervention?

Zhao Guoqiu said that because the family members of civil servants are an important moment to maintain the mental health of civil servants, “the psychological problems of many civil servants are actually pressure from the family. Nowadays, especially the family members of civil servants, the expectations of civil servants are too high.The method of requesting was wrong, which caused the pressure on civil servants to multiply.

The reporter also learned that the plan will classify and guide civil servants with psychological problems, and train them in psychological quality, psychological endurance, and ability to resist setbacks.

If it is possible to cope with stress training, it takes about one week, and if it is a cognitive structure adjustment training, it may take more lengthy.

  In addition to the “Civil Service Psychological Intervention Plan”, the Zhejiang Province’s Mental Quality and Mental Health Project also includes the following modules: Formulating an overall plan to improve the psychological quality of the entire population; establishing a monitoring and early warning mechanism for psychological stress in adolescents, and conducting psychological crisis intervention;Health and mental health services; strengthening the construction of mental health personnel, establishing a psychological crisis intervention network system; vigorously carrying out science education activities, and improving the mental health knowledge and mental health of the general population.

Be courageous in communicating with your boss

Be courageous in communicating with your boss

Although Xiao Wang’s performance is relatively outstanding, at the business meeting, the boss rarely praised him, but those colleagues with mediocre performance became the new favorite in the mind of the boss.
Xiao Wang wanted to communicate with his boss several times and asked his boss for his opinion, but whenever he wanted to knock on his boss’s office door, he hesitated again . until one day, before the company’s unified pay day, the boss wasHe was told to go to the finance department to receive his salary, and then he knew that he had been fired by the company.
Xiao Wang was puzzled.
  It turned out that the company leader heard that Xiao Wang was secretly working part-time outside, and he was suspected to be eating.
In fact, Xiao Wang was wronged. He did not work part-time at all. His colleagues were jealous of his outstanding performance and framed him with a small report.
If Xiao Wang communicates with his boss in time, things will not develop to this point.
  Why does Xiao Wang not have the guts to communicate with his boss?
This is due to the old concept of hierarchy.
The average employee always thinks that the communication is from the superior to the subordinate.
This prejudice jeopardizes the opportunity for employees to actively communicate with their superiors, and as a result, they cannot bear the heavy psychological burden and cannot extricate themselves.
Therefore, employees should actively communicate with their bosses boldly, solicit opinions from their bosses, promptly eliminate misunderstandings from their bosses, or understand their true intentions in order to work better.
  In this respect, Mo Zi’s student Ceng Zhu did very well.
During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, Geng Zhu was a proud disciple of Mo Zi, but he was always scolded by Mo Zi.
Once, Mozi blamed Gengzhu again, and Gengzhu felt very wronged, because among many disciples, everyone recognized Gengzhu as the best person, but he was often criticized by Mozi and made him lose face.
One day, Geng Zhu asked Mozi: “Teacher, am I really so bad that I am often scolded by your elderly people?
After listening to Mozi, he didn’t hesitate: “Suppose I want to go to Taihang Mountain now. In your opinion, should I use a good horse to pull the cart, or an old cow to pull the trailer?
Geng Zhu replied, “No matter how stupid people know, they need to use a good horse to pull a cart.
Mozi asked again, “Why not use an old cow?”
Gengzhu replied: “The reason is very simple, because Liangma is enough to carry the heavy responsibility and worthy of being expelled.
Mozi said: “You did not make any mistakes. I often scold you because you can bear the heavy responsibility. It is worthy of me to teach and correct you repeatedly.
Geng Zhu was relieved by Mo Zi’s explanation and put down his burden of thought.

Comfort children who have experienced injuries with a fairy tale

Comfort children who have experienced injuries with a fairy tale

When children grow up, they will always encounter the death of their loved ones, and the death of their pet will bring a strong inner shock.

When encountering such a moment, children often ask “Where has grandma gone”, and even ask “Am I going to die in the future”? Without knowing death, you cannot know life.

Many parents feel that their children are still too young to discuss this topic with their children.

But taboos are often identified as mysterious auras that only increase children’s curiosity.

Excellent picture books on this subject are the best textbooks, and although they are truly sad stories, they can comfort every soul that has ever experienced it.

  ”Goodbye, Grandma Emma” is a rare documentary book about death.

When a Japanese photojournalist went to the United States for an interview, she was taken care of by Grandma Emma for a long time, and after obtaining Emma’s consent, she used photos to record the life process of Grandma Emma one month before her death.

This process is calm and peaceful, without leaving any sighs and remorse, but leaving a lot of love in the world.

Her family said it was the “last gift” left to them by grandma.

  ”Gift’s Gift” is perhaps the best picture book on death.

The intelligent puppet left his body and left all the animal friends. Although he often told his friends before his death that he had only reached the other end of the tunnel, everyone should not feel sorry for him.

However, in the cold winter, everyone is very sad.

Until spring came, all the animals gathered together to miss 獾, talking about the things that 獾 had been with you before, everyone’s sorrow slowly healed.

Because although He left forever, the “gift” he left behind was like a treasure, always helping those in need.

  ”Grow up to be a good grandfather”, the little bear will go to see Grandpa every Friday. Grandpa likes to bring the little bear to the tree-top hut, tell stories to the little bear, and watch the scenery with him.

But one Friday, Grandpa couldn’t get up, and then he was admitted to the hospital.

The mother took the little bear to visit Grandpa, and the little bear told the story for grandpa, but grandfather fell asleep forever . Little bear went to the tree house with his mother, they cried and cried, and then little bear said to his mother, “When I grow up,I want to be a good grandpa too!

“Birds Singing” The frog Frog walked happily on the road, but found a black bird lying on the ground.

The bird was singing yesterday, but today it is dead!

Frog felt very sad. He buried the black bird with his friends, and realized the beauty and happiness of life even more in regret and nostalgia!

  ”The Cat Who Lived 1 Million Times” A tiger-striped cat that lived 1 million times and died 1 million times. His master loved him very much, and he cried for him, but he never cared.
Until he became a wild cat, until he met a white female cat . many years later, when the white cat died, he cried 1 million times, then died silently, and never lived again.

A life full of affection is far better than one million times!

Can salt wash my face? There are some benefits to washing your face with salt_1

Can salt be used for washing my face?

Looking at the pink and tender hibiscus muscle MM, I couldn’t help feeling envious.

Constantly wondering what good skincare products they used, they are so effective?

In fact, it is very simple. As long as you insist on washing your face with salt water, you can have natural hibiscus muscles as beautiful as them.

Now, what are the benefits of washing your face with salt water?

Let’s take a look . It is understood that the thickness of the bath salt has a relationship with the purpose and use method.

Bath salts are not necessarily used in baths. As long as some bath salts are taken in small amounts, they can be replaced in the basin and replaced with cleansers such as cleansers and cleansers, which is refreshing, clean, and simple; some need to be added to the cleansing milk.Skin cleansing and desquamation. Some are suitable for sauna, put the salt in the cloth bag and gently rub the skin to replenish the lost salt and clean the skin. Some are suitable for bathing. Put the cloth bag filled with salt and hang it on the shower head.In addition, some bath salts must be placed in a bathtub and immersed in water in order to eliminate fatigue and refresh the skin.

  One of the benefits of washing your face with salt: salt can brighten your eyes. No matter if you are actually bathing or enjoying bathing, you will agree that bathing can make people feel refreshed and tired.

Bath salts will moisturize and replenish the skin during the cleansing process, enhance the bathing realm, make you refreshed, and physiologically comfortable!

In this age of calling green and pursuing nature everywhere, you also try to be a beauty of a pot?

Bath salt beauty, trendy and cost-effective.

  After pouring warm water into the basin, add an appropriate amount of salt, melt it, and soak your face in salt water. At this time, open your eyes and roll your eyes subconsciously up, down, left, and right. The purpose is to let the light salt water penetrate into the eyes.Clean your eyes and stick to them thoroughly, and you will notice that your eyes become bright and energetic.

  Washing your face with salt has a good cleaning and decontamination effect. Mix a small spoon of fine salt with 3 to 5 drops of water, gently stir it with your fingers, and then move it from the forehead to the longer part.Gently massage for a few minutes until the alkaline salt particles are white powdery, and then wash with warm water.

  Benefits of washing your face with salt: Salt can effectively control the T-zone oil. Washing your face with salt, in fact, is anti-inflammatory and sterilizing the entire face skin, which can prevent the generation of acne. The chance of a large number of acne is naturally less.That ‘s it, like the adjacent acne, it also has a certain effect. When bathing, warm the body to open the pores of the body, then apply salt on the back and gently massage with a bath brush for about 1 minute.Then, use a soft object such as a sponge to soak it in saline solution and stick it on the back for 10 minutes, then wash it with water.

Cheers for your money-saving tips


Cheers for your money-saving tips

The beauty cheats of celebrities have always been what beauty lovers want to know. They always think they are mysterious, but they are not!

Even big-name stars can’t throw money into beauty care for no reason, in fact, they also have many good ways to save money.

This time we will give you all the money-saving tips from the stars, so that you can achieve the same beautiful effect with a small amount of silver.

  One replacement nail polish “If the nail polish in the bottle dries, you can replace some nail polish in it, but don’t be too right”!

Samir said.

  The trick of the second eyeliner. Actually, what brand of eyeliner is not very different, so if the stars do n’t account too much on this, why are you fighting?

  Three light up your smile with a toothpaste can also make you attractive, but also saves you a lot of time and money from the dentist, this is the solution recommended by Kristin.

  Four homemade moisturizing foundations If your budget for purchasing foundations is not high, you can use your newly purchased foundations with a little moisturizing cream.

“I promise that you will like your ‘new’ foundation, it will make your skin smooth, especially during the day.

“Sophia said.

  Five Make the Essence Best Use The cover girl’s spokesperson Molly Sims tells you: “With the painstaking weekly hair mask, it is better to let the essence in the hair every time I wash my hairMore minutes.

“Sixty-six said goodbye to acne, acne on his face?

The stars will do it too!

American idol Carrie Underwood said: “I will use toothpaste to get acne, it is best to choose that pure white toothpaste.

It really works. Toothpaste functions like a clay mask. Not only can it absorb excess oil, the anti-inflammatory formula inside it can make the acne red fade. ”

  Seven Hidden Wrinkles “In order to hide the small fine lines of wrinkles, I will use some vaseline on a wooden board,” Gabriel said.

This practice has been professionally recognized, and dermatologists said: “Vaseline oil is extremely powerful in moisturizing, which can increase the penetration of moisture around the eyes and temporarily relieve those dry lines.”

  Eight swollen eyes savior wet tea bag can deal with swollen eyes, which Samaire told us, “but make sure the tea bag containing caffeine, otherwise it will not work.”

  Nine extend the life of fingertip nail polish “whenever you do housework, you must wear gloves,” Heather Hidley tells you so.

  The top coat of the top ten nails “After making a perfect nail, when you return home, you must apply a layer of transparent nail polish, so that you can strengthen the color of the nail polish and make it last longer,” Heather said.

  Eleven hairstyles change infinitely Three hairstyles can be easily changed in one day?

Stephanie March said: “In fact, this is not difficult. When you get up in the morning, use a curler to curl your hair into large curls. When it’s hot at noon, put a high ponytail behind your head. If you want to attend a dinner at night, useThat kind of Japanese chopsticks is enough for winding up your hair, simple and beautiful! ”

  Twelve scarf styles play very late at night, get up early in the morning and have fine hair, what should you do?

Gabrielle Union does this: “I’ll tie my hair up with a beautiful silk scarf, so that it will not only save time, but also have a different style.”

  The hot and cold tone of Thirteen Hairs is not the only way to dye beautiful highlights in the hair salon. You only need to buy DIY dye creams in two shades (do not have too much jump between the two shades), and then dye them at homeYes: When dyeing, first extract a strand of hair to cool the color, and then extract another strand to dye the warm tone, so that your hair can have the most fashionable highlighting color!

  Fourteen hair color returns. The hair that has been damaged by long-term hair accessories will suddenly become dull and lack luster, and Zooey Deschanel tells you: “You can use 1/4 cup of white vinegar in the hair washing water.Shows the most natural shine!

Frail and cold eating sea cucumber tonic


Frail and cold eating sea cucumber tonic

Eat 1 sea cucumber for breakfast every day, sea cucumber can cut chopped porridge, this way of eating can not only make breakfast more convenient and nutritious, but also more conducive to the absorption of sea cucumber nutrition.

銆€銆€Before making sea cucumber porridge, first simmer the rice porridge. The porridge material is best broken rice, or ordinary rice glutinous until cooked.

Then put the chopped sea cucumber into the porridge, add a small amount of salt and sugar, the right amount of ginger, and then simmer for 5 minutes.

Sea cucumber porridge retains the nutrition of sea cucumber, adding ginger to the effect of warming the stomach.

This kind of eating method is more suitable for the elderly who eat sea cucumbers in peacetime. Not only is the nutrient absorption good, but the taste is softer and will not hurt the stomach. It is good for the frail and debilitating cold of the elderly.

For the postpartum weak maternal or the people who need tonic, the sea can be chopped into a small amount of fungus and put into the stirred egg steamed egg tart, which has a good effect of nourishing yin and nourishing.

銆€銆€If you want the taste of sea cucumber to be better, you can also choose cold salad, simmer the sea cucumber with hot water, season with Japanese soy sauce and mustard, sugar, etc. This way you will feel sea cucumber than other fish, meat.The taste is smoother and the taste is quite good.

You can also cut the sea cucumber into shredded dilute and mix it, add chicken essence or umami juice, add some vinegar, add chopped green onion and garlic, mix well and sprinkle with some parsley.

銆€銆€When sea cucumber is used as the main dish, people usually like to eat sea cucumber or crispy sea cucumber. In fact, these two methods are not very scientific.

The practice of sea cucumber promotes cooking and cooking in order to maintain the best nutrition of sea cucumber.

銆€銆€Use a warm water bottle to send sea cucumbers to the sea cucumber with a warm water bottle. First, turn into dried sea cucumber and soak in cold water for two days. After the sea cucumber is softened, cut the sea cucumber with scissors, remove the sand mouth of the sea cucumber head (the teeth of sea cucumber), and then rinse the sea cucumber.Cleanly add the prepared warm water bottle, add boiling water, 3?
After 4 hours, the sea cucumber can be made well, and the prepared sea cucumber can be refrigerated or frozen in the refrigerator and ready for use.

The sea cucumber produced by this method has high elasticity, is inevitably large, has a soft taste and the highest nutritional value.

銆€銆€Thermos bottles are generally available for one week at a time, which is very convenient.

Maintaining temperature is an important alternation in the process of making sea cucumbers, and the thermos can be insulated to the maximum extent.

In addition, the containers and water used in the process of production should not be contaminated with oil and salt.

The oil can melt the sea cucumber, and the salt makes the sea cucumber difficult to penetrate.

The pots and plates used in normal times will inevitably have certain grease or impurities, which will affect the quality of sea cucumbers.

If it is a steel vessel, it will affect the taste of sea cucumber.

The thermos bottle is usually not in contact with oil and salt, and the glassware is stable and does not affect the taste of sea cucumber.

Therefore, people who eat sea cucumbers often regard warm water bottles as the “best weapon” for making sea cucumbers.

銆€銆€The selection of dried sea cucumber has the first skill. The sea cucumber must be dry. The dried sea cucumber is easy to deteriorate, and because the price of water is actually much higher. Second, when buying dried sea cucumber, we must choose to dry it. Now there are a lot of illegal traders.In the processing of sea cucumber, in order to increase the weight of sea cucumber, the sugar is added to the sugar, the gelatin is even the staff, so the processed sea cucumber does not meet the product quality standards, but because the body is abnormally full, the color is also black and beautiful, to the consumer.It has great concealment. Thirdly, when purchasing dried sea cucumbers, do not blindly pursue the price, and combine the water rate of dried sea cucumbers for comprehensive comparison.

A pound of good dried sea cucumber can produce 10 pounds of water hair, while a pound of inferior dry water does not exceed 5 pounds after the hair, even broken and can not be eaten.

DIY fruit and vegetable toast breakfast keeps you thin


DIY fruit and vegetable toast breakfast keeps you thin

What to eat for breakfast during weight loss?

I believe that MM who is losing weight is very distressed. What should I eat for breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so be sure to eat well and maintain a balanced diet.

Xiaobian in order to help everyone solve the troubles, teach you to make a simple nutritious breakfast, then, DIY fruit and vegetable breakfast?

Here is a set of super love breakfast recommended for everyone!

The taste is fresh, refreshing, nutritious, balanced, simple and quick to operate!

If you want to lose weight, you may wish to give it a try!

銆€銆€Materials needed: toast, cucumber, canned sweet corn kernels, canned gold qiang fish, salad dressing, fresh seasonal fruits.

銆€銆€Production method: 1.

Cucumber washed and peeled diced; canned sweet corn kernels to remove the drained water, it is best to use the kitchen towel to dry the water; prepare the canned gold qiang fish.



Take a piece of toast and smear the salad dressing.


Spread cucumber diced, sweet corn kernels and gold qiang fish (drain water).

Of course, you can also put other fresh seasonal fruits.

The golden qiang fish on hand is spicy, with refreshing cucumber and sweet corn. Slightly stimulated in the fresh?
Tip: 1.

The moisture on the side dishes must be drained thoroughly. It is best to use a kitchen towel to drain the water.


Side dishes can be selected according to preferences, such as sweet peppers, ham and floss.


The sweetness of the cucumber and the musk of the corn, accompanied by the low-fat healthy golden qiang fish, accompanied by the salad dressing, with some thoughts and some embellishments and collocations, this breakfast immediately became rich and colorful.

銆€銆€The energy and toast of the slimming fruits and vegetables produced in this way are intertwined and changeable. You can replace other vegetables or meats according to the season and your own preferences, such as sweet peppers, asparagus, purple cabbage, ham, pork, etc., with fresh fruits.Eat, it is definitely a time-saving, but delicious and healthy quick breakfast!

銆€銆€DIY fruit and vegetable breakfast?

The above content is a detailed introduction made by Xiaobian for everyone, I hope to help everyone.

Want to slim out the slim body, choose nutritious and can lose weight is homemade breakfast, MM who want to thin, try it out!

How to eat a diet meal, recommend the most effective diet meal


How to eat a diet meal, recommend the most effective diet meal

Many girls have the same distress, that is, the lower body is obese, the thighs are thick, and the hips are surrounded, but often find a solution.

So today I am taking everyone to eat the obesity of the lower body in a month. Yes, you are not mistaken, we are eating obesity, not dieting, no need to cancel the exercise, maybe this is suitable for lazy you.
. first day: breakfast: a small bowl of melon shrimp porridge, boiled eggs, mixed with purple cabbage.

Meals: One orange and a few nuts.

Lunch: Half a bowl of rice, a portion of steamed fish, and a salad of broccoli.

Meal: A cup of yogurt.

Dinner: a small bowl of red bean rice, a small bowl of kelp tofu oyster soup, a few slices of lettuce.

銆€銆€The next day: breakfast: a small bowl of milk porridge, boiled eggs, a small plate of vegetables and fruit salad (purple cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, sacred fruit, papaya, apple, etc. are all good choices).

Meal: A quarter of papaya.

Lunch: Half a bowl of purple rice, minced tofu, and white kale.

Meals: a few nuts, one apple.

Dinner: a small bowl of white fungus lily porridge, a few boiled shrimps, and a mixture of cold fungus and spinach.

銆€銆€Day 3: Breakfast: a small bowl of red bean glutinous rice porridge, one boiled egg, and a cold radish.

Meals: half a papaya and a few nuts.

Lunch: A bowl of tomato noodles (mung beans or buckwheat noodles), a cold celery lily.

Meals: A cup of yogurt and a few strawberries.

Dinner: a portion of vegetable and fruit salad, 250 grams of soy milk.

銆€銆€Day 4: Breakfast: a cup of milk, a slice of tomato sauce, and an apple.

Meals: 2 small mangoes and a few nuts.

Lunch: Half a bowl of rice, a piece of yellow croaker with tofu, and a bitter mixture.

Meal: A piece of grapefruit.

Dinner: a small bowl of millet porridge, scrambled eggs with bitter gourd.

銆€銆€Day 5: Breakfast: A small bowl of red dates lotus seeds, a boiled egg, and an orange.

Meals: a few nuts, a few strawberries.

Lunch: half a small bowl of red bean rice, several steamed garlic scallops, a small bowl of small cabbage oxtail soup (no more than three small pieces of oxtail, mainly cabbage). Meal: a cup of yogurt.

Dinner: Steamed yam, mixed with a double flower (broccoli and cauliflower).