Can white cabbage + rice vinegar really stovepipe?

Can “white cabbage + rice vinegar” really stovepipe?

In the summer, many friends plan to lose weight, in the hope of recovering their own body in the summer.
Folk rumors “cabbage + rice vinegar” is said to be able to achieve the effect of stovepipe, but also began to be excavated, making it highly visible.
銆€銆€Experts from the Health Care Association believe that cabbage is rich in vitamins C and E. Eating more cabbage can have a good skin care and beauty effect.
Cabbage is rich in nutrients, and its content of vitamin C and riboflavin is 5 times and 4 times higher than that of apple and pear respectively. The trace element zinc is higher than meat and contains molybdenum which can inhibit the absorption of nitrite.
The pectin contained in cabbage can help the body to eliminate excess cholesterol.
In addition, the cabbage itself contains very little heat and does not cause heat storage.
Therefore, middle-aged and obese people, eating more cabbage will not accumulate fat, but the cabbage itself does not have the effect of losing weight and stovepipe.
銆€銆€There are many arguments about the benefits of jealousy, such as jealousy to promote metabolism, eliminate fatigue, lower blood pressure, prevent hardening of blood vessels, adjust blood pH to prevent disease, help digestion, and even lose weight.
And these various health arguments lack scientific evidence.
銆€銆€Under normal circumstances, the human body’s blood is weakly alkaline (about PH7.
Dietitians pointed out that there have been a few studies in foreign countries that found that people with a blood-alkali body are healthier, while those who are too acidic have a higher risk of developing diseases.
Folks also have the saying that eating meat will make the body become sour, eating vegetables, fruits, drinking vinegar, etc. can adjust the body and return to the alkaline state.
Many Western nutritionists have pointed out that at present, there is no scientific evidence to prove this. Even Chinese medicine does not agree with this argument that diet changes the body’s pH value. Vinegar itself is less likely to have weight loss and stovepipe effect.
銆€銆€The folk recipe “cabbage + rice vinegar” can be appetizing, rice vinegar can help to burn delicious dishes and achieve a balanced diet.
However, folk remedies “cabbage + rice vinegar” can not be credible, so there is no need to expect too much from vinegar, let alone believe in remedies.
It is necessary to pay attention to the timing and weight of the rice vinegar added in the dish, and it is inappropriate to eat, but it hurts.

Chinese medicine shows supernatural power, bloodletting therapy helps to lose weight


Chinese medicine shows supernatural power, bloodletting therapy helps to lose weight

Click on the picture to buy Chinese medicine to lose weight, let your body see red, not lipstick red, or even blood red in your body.

What is this all about, then you really need to take a serious look, this method is not necessarily used, but look at it.

What is the effect of bloodletting?

Now let’s find out for you. Bloodletting requires absolute professionalism and patience, because each acupoint treatment takes at least half an hour, and the person who is bled is fully exposed to bloodletting therapy. Worry or fear will affect the bloodletting effect.

Bloodletting is often used to treat sprains. Traditional Chinese medicine often uses bloodletting therapy. The main purpose is to pass the exclusion of trace blood by about 5?
10cc, to achieve the effect of “to suffocate and dissolve silt”.

It is often used in the treatment of bruises and bruises, and has nothing to do with weight loss.

“To suffocation” is a bloodletting cycle that eliminates edema, soreness, etc. caused by poor circulation in the body; desilting is the treatment of congestion caused by a sprain or impact.

Bloodletting has a cosmetic effect on bloodletting. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it does have a cosmetic effect, but beauty bleeding and general bleeding are different.

The principle of bloodletting to promote beauty is also based on the ability to promote facial blood circulation, thereby improving facial skin conditions; Dr. Zou Yulun said that people seeking beauty bleeding, acne and spots have improved.

Bloodletting is the use of very fine plum blossom needles. Take acupuncture at the acupuncture points on the face. Use a little force when pulling the needle. At this time, the acupuncture points may discharge a very small amount of blood, so it is also called bloodletting beauty.

Chinese medicine how to bleed the blood is generally blood collection, 3 face 3 edge of the triangular needle, or 5 fine needle a bunch of “Plum blossom needle”, acupuncture attending acupuncture points, such as “Quchi points” indication of neck and shoulders, skin, acupuncture pointsThe blood is used for therapeutic purposes; the acupuncture site is very small and does not leave scars; sometimes, in order to promote blood drainage, cupping can be caused by cupping before acupuncture, which is commonly known as “drawing a blood tank.”

For long-term relief of poor circulation, most of the recommendations for 1 week fixed bloodletting 2?
Three times is enough, but before the bloodletting, it must be diagnosed by a Chinese doctor. People who are weak or anaemic are not suitable for bloodletting.

It is a good idea to let your body see red.

If you are a person who faints when you see blood, don’t use this method; and people who are anaemic should remember not to use it.

How to eat a diet meal, recommend the most effective diet meal


How to eat a diet meal, recommend the most effective diet meal

Many girls have the same distress, that is, the lower body is obese, the thighs are thick, and the hips are surrounded, but often find a solution.

So today I am taking everyone to eat the obesity of the lower body in a month. Yes, you are not mistaken, we are eating obesity, not dieting, no need to cancel the exercise, maybe this is suitable for lazy you.
. first day: breakfast: a small bowl of melon shrimp porridge, boiled eggs, mixed with purple cabbage.

Meals: One orange and a few nuts.

Lunch: Half a bowl of rice, a portion of steamed fish, and a salad of broccoli.

Meal: A cup of yogurt.

Dinner: a small bowl of red bean rice, a small bowl of kelp tofu oyster soup, a few slices of lettuce.

銆€銆€The next day: breakfast: a small bowl of milk porridge, boiled eggs, a small plate of vegetables and fruit salad (purple cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, sacred fruit, papaya, apple, etc. are all good choices).

Meal: A quarter of papaya.

Lunch: Half a bowl of purple rice, minced tofu, and white kale.

Meals: a few nuts, one apple.

Dinner: a small bowl of white fungus lily porridge, a few boiled shrimps, and a mixture of cold fungus and spinach.

銆€銆€Day 3: Breakfast: a small bowl of red bean glutinous rice porridge, one boiled egg, and a cold radish.

Meals: half a papaya and a few nuts.

Lunch: A bowl of tomato noodles (mung beans or buckwheat noodles), a cold celery lily.

Meals: A cup of yogurt and a few strawberries.

Dinner: a portion of vegetable and fruit salad, 250 grams of soy milk.

銆€銆€Day 4: Breakfast: a cup of milk, a slice of tomato sauce, and an apple.

Meals: 2 small mangoes and a few nuts.

Lunch: Half a bowl of rice, a piece of yellow croaker with tofu, and a bitter mixture.

Meal: A piece of grapefruit.

Dinner: a small bowl of millet porridge, scrambled eggs with bitter gourd.

銆€銆€Day 5: Breakfast: A small bowl of red dates lotus seeds, a boiled egg, and an orange.

Meals: a few nuts, a few strawberries.

Lunch: half a small bowl of red bean rice, several steamed garlic scallops, a small bowl of small cabbage oxtail soup (no more than three small pieces of oxtail, mainly cabbage). Meal: a cup of yogurt.

Dinner: Steamed yam, mixed with a double flower (broccoli and cauliflower).

In winter, I am going to Korean resort to learn skiing.


In winter, I am going to Korean resort to learn skiing.

You can learn to ski at the highone ski resort.

(Image courtesy of Tourism Korea) Fresh headlines This winter, you can live in a ski resort in South Korea, study the skiing path, and turn yourself from a rookie to a skier and start flying from the ski slopes.

銆€銆€琛岀▼浜偣 銆€銆€鍏ヤ綇姹熷師閬撴粦闆害鍋囨潙 銆€銆€鏈鎺ㄨ崘鐨勬粦闆绋嬶紝鏈€涓虹壒鍒殑鏄紝灏嗗叆浣忛煩鍥芥睙鍘熼亾鏈€妫掔殑婊戦洩搴﹀亣鏉戔€斺€斺€旀睙鍘熶箰鍥璈 igh1搴﹀亣鏉戯紝娓稿鍙湪SK I PESO R T浣撻獙瀛︿範婊戦洩锛岀幇鍦篢here are professional coaches who teach the skiing knowledge from the basic stage. The coach will teach the students according to the level when they give the skiing skills. During the stay, they will stay in the ski resort for 3 days. The tourists have a lot of personal time to ski.Have a good time, and there will be a variety of skiing competitions and opportunities to win great prizes.

銆€銆€According to reports, Gangwon Paradise H igh1 Resort is a comprehensive resort integrating accommodation, sports and entertainment.

The High1 ski area has a total area of 5 million square meters, with 18 ski runs, 5 chairlifts and 3 box-shaped cable cars.

The longest ski run is up to 4.

2km, the piste area is 920,000 m2, the average piste area is more than 40m, and the per capita area of the piste is the highest in Korea.

H igh1 resort’s in-house amenities are cool, visitors can experience golf clubs, ski in the summer, or visit the 10,000 m2 “Space Tour” theme park.

The “Yunyan Pavilion”, one of the shooting places of the TV series “The Diner”, is also a big attraction.

銆€銆€After the bloody outlets have experienced the skiing experience in depth, shopping in South Korea is directly fun for women. Men who go to Korea will be crazy, even more crazy than girls.

琛岀▼涓畨鎺掍簡鈥滈獖宸濷 U T LET S璐墿鍩庘€濓紝閭f槸闊╁浗鏈€鏂版渶澶х殑O U TLET璐墿鍩庯紝鏈塀urberry銆丏 unhill銆丆 K Jeans銆丯 ike銆丄 didas銆丟 U CCI绛?20绉嶅搧鐗岋紝閫傞€㈠湥璇濬estival and New Year’s sale promotions will definitely make every visitor fully loaded.

銆€銆€Tips traffic: Flying Southern Airlines / other aviation from Guangzhou directly to Seoul, flight time is about 3.

5 hours.

銆€銆€Food: Korean eating habits are very different from those in China, mainly kimchi, barbecue, and alternating oil and water.

The specialty foods are Han Ding, roast beef, and bibimbap.

銆€銆€Travel: South Korea’s winter road is slippery. Guangdong tourists are best to wear snow-slip cotton shoes or sneakers with rubber soles. Try not to wear shoes.

The skiing program is thrilling. Please have a coronary heart disease, a history of heart disease, and a careful selection of seniors.


Out of 3 news, the light bulb salary is not as good as the health brothers, the Rockets and other 6 teams offer Butler

These days, I believe many fans will see the news of Butler. After all, only Butler is coming to bring us news, bringing shock and bringing all kinds of uncertainty!

I believe that in the next few days, Butler and the Timberwolves will soon occupy the NBA news section.

Whether you like Butler or not, the butterfly effect of Butler’s exchange will inevitably affect your favorite team!

So, whether you like it or not, we don’t hinder attention. At the beginning of the new season, we have talks, and we can talk in front of the players!

This morning, the author brought you information about Butler and Durant. At night, the author found three news from the official media and foreign social networks. The first is that the salary of the health brothers surpassed Harden and Paul.The second is the first public appearance of TT after the suspected derailment. The third is that the Rockets and other six teams have offered Butler to the Timberwolves!

Health Care Brothers Salary Union second, actually super light bulbs are health brothers?

It is estimated that most fans can guess it, yes, it is Downs and Wiggins!

Of course, they did not have media or fans to call them health brothers before, and the author gave them nicknames!

I don’t know if you like it or if you have a better nickname!

How high is the health brother’s salary, do you know?

Wiggins 1.

4.8 billion did not, Downs 1.

A total of 900 million US dollars, a total of 3.

3.8 billion US dollars, converted to RMB more than 2.3 billion!

How many well-known listed companies do not have them high!

This salary ranks second in the league, the first is Wei Shao and George!

The total is 3.

4.2 billion US dollars, converted into RMB is also more than 2.3 billion yuan!

You said that horror is not terrible!

Paul 1.

$600 million, Harden 1.

6.9 billion (in fact, Harden has a total of 2 in 6 years.

2.8 billion US dollars, but because he had a contract for two months, he has already completed two years, and then renewed a four-year contract, so I can only count his four-year contract for the last four years.)The health brothers’ salary exceeds the bulb combination!

Unsurprisingly, not surprised, Vikings and Downs, who are raising the ball, actually earned the second place in the league, surpassing the league’s first and second combination!

(The combination of the light bulb and the Durant Curry, of course, ranks in no particular order. Some media believe that the first combination is that the bulb is considered to be Durant Curry, and the author does not make too many comments).

No wonder Butler wants to go, health brothers hold such a high salary, think about so much money, but what about people doing it seriously?

Raising health, making money, isn’t it?

Ok, of course, good, bless you, always a healthy brother!

TT hand in hand Ka Dian Shanshan knocked down the rumor TTTT was photographed late in the media to go to the bar, when it came out at 4 in the morning, next to 2 beautiful women, get on the bus together!

(Fortunately, at 4 o’clock in the morning, Kobe did not have a teammate with TT, otherwise he was crying in the gym) and TT was not the first time he was derailed. He has been caught by the media at least 3 times!

Before Kardashian chose to forgive him, this time?

Don’t worry, Kardashian still chooses to forgive.

(Of course, I don’t know if it’s forgiveness, or is it just a car pick-up service?

The author really admire TT, it is a life winner, Odum and Harden can not surrender Kardashian, even you are coached to obey the post!

Said that Kardashian is the best defensive player, I think we are all wrong, the best defensive player is TT!

The Rockets and other 6 teams quoted Butler according to WOJ broke the news, the Rockets, the 76ers, the Clippers, the Heat, the Nets, the Pistons officially quoted Butler to the Timberwolves!

I have to admire the Knicks!
Speaking of doing it, saying no to trade Butler is not!
It is estimated that Butler is faint!

The information that the author has learned is only the price of the rocket, and the Rocket offers the price of Gordon + Tucker!

It seems that the Rockets’ championship dream has been there, and the author is very admired by Morey’s courage.

(The specifics of the author’s previous article are introduced, and will not be repeated here.

Of course, my Lakers didn’t even quote, Ai, Jamba’s chances of joining hands may be gone!

Who will win the Butler?

What are their chips?

Will there be a new team joining the Battle of Butler?

The author will always pay attention to bring you the latest Butler news!

And you, what team do you think Butler will eventually join?

Summary For the Butler deal, the author wants to say is to join the strong team!

(Of course, don’t join the Warriors.) I hope to join the Rockets or the 76ers or the Lakers. I hope that a team can compete against the Warriors’ team. I don’t want to have a super-strong situation, which makes the game more suspenseful and makes the game more exciting!

Of course, the author does not think that the Warriors will certainly win the championship, in case it does not work?

Who knows?