In winter, I am going to Korean resort to learn skiing.


In winter, I am going to Korean resort to learn skiing.

You can learn to ski at the highone ski resort.

(Image courtesy of Tourism Korea) Fresh headlines This winter, you can live in a ski resort in South Korea, study the skiing path, and turn yourself from a rookie to a skier and start flying from the ski slopes.

銆€銆€琛岀▼浜偣 銆€銆€鍏ヤ綇姹熷師閬撴粦闆害鍋囨潙 銆€銆€鏈鎺ㄨ崘鐨勬粦闆绋嬶紝鏈€涓虹壒鍒殑鏄紝灏嗗叆浣忛煩鍥芥睙鍘熼亾鏈€妫掔殑婊戦洩搴﹀亣鏉戔€斺€斺€旀睙鍘熶箰鍥璈 igh1搴﹀亣鏉戯紝娓稿鍙湪SK I PESO R T浣撻獙瀛︿範婊戦洩锛岀幇鍦篢here are professional coaches who teach the skiing knowledge from the basic stage. The coach will teach the students according to the level when they give the skiing skills. During the stay, they will stay in the ski resort for 3 days. The tourists have a lot of personal time to ski.Have a good time, and there will be a variety of skiing competitions and opportunities to win great prizes.

銆€銆€According to reports, Gangwon Paradise H igh1 Resort is a comprehensive resort integrating accommodation, sports and entertainment.

The High1 ski area has a total area of 5 million square meters, with 18 ski runs, 5 chairlifts and 3 box-shaped cable cars.

The longest ski run is up to 4.

2km, the piste area is 920,000 m2, the average piste area is more than 40m, and the per capita area of the piste is the highest in Korea.

H igh1 resort’s in-house amenities are cool, visitors can experience golf clubs, ski in the summer, or visit the 10,000 m2 “Space Tour” theme park.

The “Yunyan Pavilion”, one of the shooting places of the TV series “The Diner”, is also a big attraction.

銆€銆€After the bloody outlets have experienced the skiing experience in depth, shopping in South Korea is directly fun for women. Men who go to Korea will be crazy, even more crazy than girls.

琛岀▼涓畨鎺掍簡鈥滈獖宸濷 U T LET S璐墿鍩庘€濓紝閭f槸闊╁浗鏈€鏂版渶澶х殑O U TLET璐墿鍩庯紝鏈塀urberry銆丏 unhill銆丆 K Jeans銆丯 ike銆丄 didas銆丟 U CCI绛?20绉嶅搧鐗岋紝閫傞€㈠湥璇濬estival and New Year’s sale promotions will definitely make every visitor fully loaded.

銆€銆€Tips traffic: Flying Southern Airlines / other aviation from Guangzhou directly to Seoul, flight time is about 3.

5 hours.

銆€銆€Food: Korean eating habits are very different from those in China, mainly kimchi, barbecue, and alternating oil and water.

The specialty foods are Han Ding, roast beef, and bibimbap.

銆€銆€Travel: South Korea’s winter road is slippery. Guangdong tourists are best to wear snow-slip cotton shoes or sneakers with rubber soles. Try not to wear shoes.

The skiing program is thrilling. Please have a coronary heart disease, a history of heart disease, and a careful selection of seniors.